Lottery Price Pt. 05

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Jane was with me in the back car seat and we were all over each other. Rosie observed us in a rearview mirror. I took off her panties and toy and start to lick her pussy. I knew that is what she was missing whole evening and moment later she was naked and her pussy on my lips.

“Eat my pussy dear! I really need that!”

“I’ll lick you whole night if you let me!” I answered and pushed my long tongue deep in her flower.

I did lick her all the way always stop before she could finish. We parked and she left car naked, horny as hell and her wet flew from her pussy.

We went straight to the shower. Water flew over girls bodies while they washed me together. Then Jane sends me out to the living room and orders me to wait for them.

They walked in and out from rooms and I was not allowed to watch. Finally, they did call me to Rosie’s room.

When I came only a small light was on and few candles. And girls, girls were there just like they read my mind in a club. Naked with just those shoes we bought. Our toys were waiting beside a bed.

I wanted to get to the girls but Jane said, “No! Take a camera as first you will watch!”

Rosie started the music and they began to dance. What a dance!!

“I want to see you two girls kissing and play with each other!”

“You will get all that you need! Be patient my dear, be patient!” answered Jane and pressed her sturdy breasts on my face.

“You smell so great! Like I candy that waits to be eaten!”

Rosie took Jane’s hand and pull her away from me. They danced like two angels. The most beautiful view on two excellent bodies. Shoes just make that picture complete. I raised the camera and start to take photos.

Jane took a bottle of oil and started to oil Rosie’s body while kept kissing her all the time. She moved on her side and hers one hand travel on the front while the other on a back side of Rosie’s great looking body. She reached down to her wet and ready to fuck pussy and the same time on back to her ass. All that did not let me stay cool and my dick really felt uncomfortable in my pants.

Rosie started to moaning from a joy produced by Janes’ finger fucking her both holes. She raised one leg on a bed to make it easier for Jane. They played like that and I enjoyed watching and taking photos. Rosie returned her and start to oil Jane. I could not stop watching the dance of love they performed.

Jane went on her knees and start to eat Rosie’s pussy and still fuck her holes with fingers. Jane was aroused perhaps even more than Rosie as I saw the wet from her pussy was dripping on the floor.

Rosie holds her head and pulls her to stand up and into a deep kiss. Then she took a strap on dildo.

“Sis I want you to fuck us!” she said and put her hand on Janes pussy. “You are also ready to be fucked! I know you are!”

She moved the inner part of the dildo over Janes clit and pussy lips. It slides kartal escort bayan into her and Rosie started to fuck her. Janes breathing becomes more intensive as she speeds up her moves.

I could not watch any more. I put the camera away and step to girls.

“Sit back!” said both girls almost same time and Rosie pushed my hand away from her pussy where I put it.

“O.k.! O.k.! I’ll sit back!”

I sit and took the camera to make more photos. Rosie fixed the dildo to Jane and then came to me. She took off my shirt and my pants but still asked me to sit and take photos. She kissed me and start to jerk my dick. She bands in front and offers her pussy to Jane to fuck it with a dildo while suck and jerk my dick.

“I can’t take photos like that girl!”

Rosie moved the head and whispered into my ear, “You must or I’ll stop doing that!”

Meanwhile, Jane approached and started licking Rosies pussy and ass. A few moments later she stands up and aimed dildo in her pussy.

“Ahhhh!” said Rosie when dildo stretched her.

Jane fucked Rosie and played with her ass while she jerks and sucks my dick whole time. I tried to take photos, really tried to take a photo of dildo fucking both girls same time but It was hard as I really was at the limits.

Suddenly Rosie stopped and moved away from me. She took Jane with her to a bed. Rosie set herself on all four and aimed Janes dildo to her ass and the other dildo in her pussy. Jane starts to fuck her, start to fuck them both.

I zoomed to see more clear how one side of the dildo fucks Janes pussy and the other Rosies ass. Great positions, great photos. Great scene. I never saw girls having sex like that, but that’s life everything is one time first.

“Fuck me Jane!, Fuck my ass sis! Harder! Yesss!! Fuuuuuuck me!!”

Jane fucked Rosie with energy and passion until Rosie finished and collapsed on her belly. Jane laid on her pushing dildo deeper into her oiled ass.

“That was amazing sis!” said Rosie and kissed Jane.

Jane opened straps and came to me. She grabbed my dick that was really as hard as could ever be.

“You like to watch how I fuck sis, don’t you?”

“Yes, baby you two are amazing!”

I kissed her and try to leave the chair.

“No, no! Still not your time dear! You and your dick need to wait for a little more! Watch now as she will fuck me now! Don’t you want to see me being fucked by a girl? You said you dreamed about that.”

“Yes I did, just did not think it would be your sis sweetie, but true I want to see how she will fuck you!”

“She will fuck me better than any other would! She will fuck all of me, dear! All of me!” she returned and went back to bed.

She laid on her back and opened legs. With her fingers, she opens her flower, wet and horny, pussy that really needs to be fucked hard.

“I see you are ready!” Said Rosie and escort maltepe slipped in Janes pussy with fingers.

“Fuck me well! Now it is your turn to fuck sis!”

Rosie started to eat her pussy. I saw her taking the biggest dildo she had there and I knew she never had something so big in her pussy. But I was sure she can handle it and Rosie knew that also.

“Aaaaaagh..that feel so good!! Ah.. sis, yes, do that!” said when dildos head entered her.

Rosie licked and fucked her pussy while finger fucked her beautiful ass.

“Faster! Stronger! Fuck me, girl, yessss!”

Rosie fucked her until she finally finished. For few moments girls were resting, touching and kissing each other and I kept taking photos sitting on a chair naked and with hard dick.

Then Jane slowly got to me and kissed me deep and passionate.

“Now it is your turn!” she said and took my hand.

Rosie took a camera and set it on a tripod. Flashlight showed that auto shot is set up to take periodical photos.

“Lay on your back dear!” said Jane and I followed her order.

She took a rope and tied my arms to the bed.

“I dreamed that also.” I said and smiled.

Jane returned a smile and tied my legs also.

“But I’ll spice it a little!” she said, took a scarf and blindfold me.

“Hey, I want to see!” I said but the truth is blindfolding me worked very stimulating.

They start to kiss me, their oiled hands travel over my body and jerk my dick every now and then. I noticed movement and in next moment I felt wet pussy on my lips and hands that aimed my dick. Both girls lowered same time, one on my tongue and the other on my dick.

“Uuuuugh! ” Was the only thing I could say when my dick slid into hot and wet pussy. I did not know which one I eat and which one rides my dick. And I did not care. A feeling was amazing.

Jane said I need to tell when I will need a pause as I’m not allowed to finish yet.

“Yes, my mistress!” I said.

Girls exchanged every few minutes riding my dick. I felt that they kissing and play with each other all the time. I asked for pause and riding girl went off while the one I was licking still kept it right on my lips. I licked her and fucked deep with my lounge. I licked her ass and all around. God how I am grateful for fibre rich foods and enema.

I knew girls was changing as actually they did not taste the same.

“Can we ride you now? Have you rest enough?”

Before I could answer dick was in some girls mouth. She licked and suck it really good. Then she took it in and start to ride like crazy. The other girl kept her pussy open with her fingers so I could lick it really good.

I can say that I did not fuck at that time, I was fucked and I was fucked per excellence.

Finally, they took that scarf away. Jane was riding and Rosie’s beautiful pink pussy was there for me to lick it. pendik escort

Jane turned to my legs and reached for my ankles and start to move front and back. Rosie took a smaller dildo and set it so that every time she moved back Jane got it in her ass.

“Ugh.. that feels good!” said Jane and moved a little faster.

I somehow managed to release my hands and I start to finger fuck both Rosie’s holes. She repositions herself to make it easier and a few moments later she passed to me her dual dildo.

“Fill me with that! And eat my pussy, slave!” she said with such a sparks in eyes that she could burn a flame with them.

We all enjoyed our little sexual triangle. The camera was still taking photos and I knew they will be excellent.

Girls moaned louder and louder. Then Jane stopped and turned back to Rosie to get a kiss.

“I like how you two fuck me!” she said and get her face down between Rosie’s legs so I could give her a kiss also.

She moved back and start to play with her pussy.

“I’m so wet!”

She offered her wet fingers to Rosie to lick. She sucked them like she would suck some great, big dick.

“Use that wet to ride my dick!”

“Yeah, I’ll ride you until you beg me to stop!”

She raised her body over my dick and set it on her ass. I felt the pressure just before her ass gave up and my dick head slid into.

“Ahhhh! I like how you fill my ass! Rosie, fuck my pussy!” she said while move her body back to make access to her pussy.

Rosie took I think the biggest dildo we had and start to push it in. Jane lower her body right to my balls while she got a huge dildo in her pussy. She starts to move up and down her ass over my full dick length. Every now and then she took it out and reenter. Rosie fucked her all the time and I fucked Rosie. We fucked faster and faster.

“Ooh, that feels so good! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck me!”

Like before I felt like we are one like we fuck each other the way only we can. Janes tight ass, a dildo that was stretching the whole area to maximum, flow from Rosie’s pussy that literally covered my face, dildo that was filling her pussy.. all that for the final finish.

“Aaaaaaaaaaa!” screamed Jane when orgasm passed from her pussy to the last hair on the head. She did not stop her movements, she was riding on a wave of repeating orgasms. Her ass, pussy, her whole body pulsed and I just could not hold anymore.

“yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I said and filled her ass with my cum. I lost dildo from my hands that I used to fuck Rosie with so I start to finger fuck her.

Jane was resting with dick and dildo still in.

Rosie began to scream, “Harder!, Stronger! Fill my horny puss!”

I add finger after finger and soon I was pushing my hand into her flower.

Damn what I ride! I fisted her and finger fucked her ass with another hand. She did not need to long to finish. She fell on my face and that was the end of that sex round. We needed pause and we needed a drink.

The clock showed almost 2 in the morning so we already entered last day of holidays. One day and one night. I wonder If I can survive that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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