Lost Inhibitions

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He rested his hands upon her shoulders, cupping them solidly, but hesitated just short of gathering her in a firm embrace. He looked down into her eyes, they glistened with tears as she stood before him. Here was her lover, not her husband, and she felt rippled by the emotions of wanting to have her true love and wanting to honor the vows she had already pledged to another. She could not have it both ways, and the decision shook her moral foundation as she withheld her feelings in the face of infidelity.

“I have to make my marriage work.” she whispered. “I have to at least try to make it work,” her voice had risen to a pleading, but neither of them were sure of who she was trying to convince. Her bottom lip quivered and she shuddered as she held back the emotions sitting on the edge of spilling over.

He could feel her pain, and he could feel her pity for him, but he dismissed it. He dismissed it because he knew–he felt–there was something much deeper. She held an intense love for him, although she defied its very existence at times. She was no more in denial about it, however, than animals were in hiding their natural instincts. He sought that out from within her and grasped onto it, and, in that very moment, he leaned down and pressed onto her an enchanting kiss.

Breaking all boundaries, all fears, all vows, they enveloped each other passionately. The taste of raw emotion wet on their lips, the pounding of their hearts beating at their rib cages, and all inhibitions were lost. Working his right hand around to the small arch of her back, he steadied her stance as his left hand wove through her hair to the back of her head. She did not casino şirketleri pull away, but succumbed to her own emotions and allowed them, and him, to overtake her. Every doubt she had, every second thought, had been instantly disregarded, and she found her hands pulling on the buttons of her shirt in a frenzied fury.

In a few swift motions they had undressed and were laying on the bed facing each other. The air is warm but her skin is taught with anticipation and bristled ever so slightly in its stark pale nudity. Her eyes diverted to his face as he gazed down, studying her, her body, the wonted desire to touch it written in his face and shivering from his hands. As his eyes mapped her body, he slowly brought them up to her face and locked eyes with her.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked. A few seconds rolled by and she bit her bottom lip. She knew the answer immediately, but still hesitated to reply. Slowly, she licked her lips, nods her head, and whispers, “Yes.”

He gathered her in his arms and brushed his lips against the tender skin of her neck, making soft pecks along the contour until he reached her nipple, and gently suckled on the tip, if only for a moment. She moaned softly, “Don’t stop.” He lapped it a few times, feeling her body heat rising, and her hips sway with desire, and moved on to the other breast. Her breathing grew shorter and sharper as he brought her body to full arousal. Intuition, and perhaps a faint, sweet aroma wafting from below, told him that she was past being.

Softly, his right hand touched her left forearm as he leaned in for a kiss. Her eyes closed in response as she felt him caress her arm, reaching casino firmaları up to her hand and holding it above her head, down firmly, but gently. Their lips touched, barely at first, grazed slightly in trepidation and hot with their breath before he plunged his tongue between them. She welcomed the affection openly and, in return, held his bottom lip for a lingering second before they continued.

He moved his right hand to her leg, massaging her inner thigh, and let it glide up towards the center. She was, as he had thought, ready to solidify the bond between them and create an unbreakable union. She brought her hand around his waist to his lower back, guiding his body closer, encouraging him to do more. He rubbed his hand over her clitoris a few times before splitting her lips apart with his fingers and penetrating her with his fingers just long enough to get her worked up, and then stopped.

He brought his hand up to the mattress and positioned himself, careful not to harm the delicate, petite frame below him. With one leg, he spread her legs wide enough apart to accompany him, as they obliged willingly, and brought his hardened member to the mouth of her moist, hidden enclave.

Many times he had dreamed of this, many times beyond. He loved her more than his physical body could endure. He loved her as deeply as he existed, and he prepared to show her, finally. If he had not already told her, he doubted she would know he was, in fact, a virgin. Without love, without the underlying connection, he would not have cherished the moment or the act as absolutely as he was about to now. When he entered her she broke the kiss and tilted her head back, güvenilir casino whimpered softly in pleasure, and bucked her pelvis up and into the motion.

The heat of her vagina was warmer than he had expected, and the initial shock was almost more than he could handle, but he withdrew steadily and began to pace himself. Breathing deliberately, he focused his attention on her movements and on her body. She was matching his rhythm and her breathing grew heavier and labored. Propping himself up on one arm, he let his free hand wander to her thighs, the round of her hips, her ass, her stomach, and, finally, up to her breasts. He cupped one in his mouth and eagerly leaned down to kiss it.

Her decolletage was stippled in sweat as her body let out a soft shudder and he felt a gripping on his cock. As she rode through her orgasm he quickened his pace and stiffened his thrusts until they were harder, a bit faster, and he felt his own impending ejaculation. He found her hand and clasped it firmly, fingers interlocked, as his own orgasm erupted within her and she let out soft cry. With each spasm he thrust deeper, and felt her grasp him with her hands and her precious, milking every ounce until it was entirely expelled and he collapsed on her chest, panting in exhaustion.

“Are you okay?” she whispered in his ear. He nodded his head and shifted off of her, and onto his back on the mattress. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her body up against his. Adjusting her chin, she rested upon his shoulder and lay her free arm across his chest, protectively yet lovingly, and felt it sink as he exhaled. The intimacy of the post-coital embrace warmed body and soul alike straight through to their cores. Slowly, he brushed her locks off her forehead, gazed down at her face adoringly. She was content, peaceful, and smiling up at him, and he gently kissed her brow before closing his eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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