Losing Control at the Lake Ch. 07

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With just a few days left, Jayme and I started getting careless. Derek already knew, and my parents were so clueless that it was tempting to just get caught and be done with it. Still, there was a sinking feeling in my stomach every time I thought of having that conversation with them. And Jayme and I were delirious with fever for one another. There was no cure. We just burned hotter and hotter for each other, a blaze with no break. No matter how many times a day I saw or touched him, it was never enough.

We had taken to crawling into each other’s beds at night and locking the doors. Those two or three forbidden hours had to tide us over until the next few forbidden hours, later in the morning, when we found a neighbor’s house to sneak off to, and then that hour or so had to tide us over once again. The whole day, every day, had become about marking time between making love. It was madness.

He would sneak into my room at 1AM, sliding into my bed, his hands in my clothes and his cock swollen to bursting. I’d wake up to his hands urgently exploring my body, pulling off my clothes, spreading me open. Once he was all the way inside me before I was fully awake , and I woke with his mouth on mine and halfway to orgasm. He, on the other hand, never slept soundly, so when I crept into his bed he was on me in an instant, his wiry body strumming with excitement, eager to be inside my mouth or cunt, breathing my name in a way that make me melt, every single time.

It was a mere four days until the end of our summer break when we found ourselves tangled up in my bed for what seemed like the millionth time that week. I slept in just a tank top and panties, and Jayme had come to me in just a pair of basketball shorts, hard as usual. He pulled the sheet aside and climbed in next to me, his mouth insistent on mine as he flicked at my nipples through the thin cotton. I moaned quietly into his mouth and he pinched one of them, not gently. He rolled it back and forth between his fingertips until I was writhing on the bed, my pussy dripping and soaking through my panties, but he kept tweaking my nipple until in frustration I grabbed his hand and shoved it between my legs, rocking against his fingers, trying to get myself off.

“My dirty girl,” he whispered.

“Your dirty girl needs to cum,” I whispered back. “Please, Baby, I need it!”

And just like that he was sliding down my body, his tongue tracing the outline of my navel before he buried his face between my thighs, breathing me in through the sheer panel that covered me, rubbing his face around in the wet fabric. He inhaled me as he washed his face with the soaked fabric, his nose bumping against my clit. It felt amazing and I could have cum that way if he hadn’t stopped to slide the panties off my hips. He was maddeningly slow, teasing me because he knew it would be hard for me to resist him when I had to be quiet. I held my breath and gripped the sheets as he inched them down to my ankles and then slid them off, tucking one leg up over his shoulder as he kissed his way slowly back up the inside of the opposite thigh. I wriggled to let him know I wanted him to hurry, but all he did was take his sweet time nuzzling and licking.

He stopped at the crease of my thigh, inches from my needy cunt. His tongue traced wet circles across my flesh, first my thigh and then my labia, until he took mercy on me and began flicking it against my moist, delicate lips. Jayme was gentle but I wanted it hard. I struggled to grind myself against his face, but he held me at bay. I was aching for his probing fingers, wanted him to suck on my clit while he finger-fucked me as he usually did, which brought me off so fast. But Jayme wouldn’t cooperate.

Finally he whispered, “You need to be preoccupied so I can spend some real time in this delicious pussy of yours.” And he rolled me on top of him, backwards, so that I was stretched with my cunt in his face and my mouth near that glorious hard cock of his, which was tenting his basketball shorts delightfully. In seconds my hands had sprung him free and I was swallowing him deep, wasting no time at all. I tasted the salt of his pre-cum as I took him as far as I could, one hand around the base of his shaft while the other reached to cup and stroke his balls. He groaned against me and I shuddered at the sensation.

He was still taking his time, swirling his tongue lightly across and around and between my labia, toying with my clit but never giving me the pressure I needed. I cried out in frustration and bore down on his shaft, hoping the greater pressure and suction would spur him on.

But he was right, it distracted me. I busied myself with his cock, devouring it without any delicacy. My hands were slippery with my own saliva and his leaking juices and I gripped him hard and jacked him steadily. He quivered under me and I could tell he was getting close, so I slid one slick finger halkalı escort down under his balls and tickled his ass, working the head of his cock in and out of my tightly pursed mouth. He finally started bucking and groaning and gave me what I wanted.

He pulled me down tight on his face, gripping my ass cheeks hard in his hands while he feasted on me. His nose rubbed against my asshole while his tongue sped its pace and finally he drew my clit between his lips and sucked it like a nipple. Now I was thrashing on top of him, desperate for my climax, moaning around his cock as he licked and sucked and feasted. I was shaking and whimpering but I was still working his cock, and suddenly he thrust wildly in my mouth, a strangled moan my only warning before he tensed and erupted in my mouth.

Jayme never stopped his assault on my clit, even when he was cumming, and as I drank him down my own orgasm hit me. I cried out with my mouth full of his spunk and clamped my thighs around his face, trapping him there. I felt him chuckling as he released my throbbing bud to plunge his tongue into my nectar, laving it from my still-spasming core. I was paralyzed with pleasure as he licked me clean.

We fell into a breathless heap and slept for too long. When I woke, the sun was coming up and Jayme was pulling on his shorts and tossing me a bathing suit.

“Are we going swimming?” I murmured groggily.

“We’re late,” he whispered, kissing me gently. “We need a cover for when your parents wake up.” I nodded and we slipped out the door and down to the lake.

We were careful of where we went on the shoreline. Some of the stretch was visible from our kitchen window, and the last thing I needed was my mom or dad looking out at the view while they were brewing their morning coffee and seeing us in the middle of a forbidden fuck.

But even if we hadn’t been doing anything, it was how we were together when we were alone that was the giveaway. We didn’t stop touching. We frolicked and grabbed each other and tickled each other. Jayme gave me piggyback rides and I whispered dirty things in his ear until he tossed me into the frigid water and dove in after me.

This morning, though, we merely strolled along, hand in hand.

“Soon we can do this every day,” I sighed happily, wrapping my arms around his lean frame and resting my head against his shoulder.

“We’re really telling them?” He looked surprised but excited, really excited, like a little kid.

“I mean…” I frowned. “I try not to think about it. We will, we totally will, but I guess I’m not ready yet.”

“Not ready to tell them or not ready to do it at all?” he flared.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I snapped.

And just like that, we were shouting at each other so loud the entire neighborhood (had anyone still been there) could have heard us. He called me immature and said I was scared of my parents. I called him a fucking shithead and told him he was pressuring me. And then he told me to go fuck myself and I burst into tears and threw the nearest thing I could find – which happened to be an empty plastic water bottle – at his head.

“Really making the case for maturity, Skinny,” he called over his shoulder as he stalked away from me. I sat right down in the sand and cried hot, angry tears.

Back at the house we were frosty. My dad remarked about my stony silence at lunch and I burst into tears. Derek made some crack about me being on my period and I slapped the back of his head and ran out of the room and up to my bedroom, almost taking the door off its hinges as I slammed it behind me. Jayme hadn’t even looked at me and I was seething. I was so furious with him.

That night I locked my bedroom door.

I laid in bed for an hour, waiting for him to come and try the door so he could find it locked and I could have the satisfaction of hurting him a little. I had never refused him and knew it would twist the knife.

But as if he knew, when he came he scratched on the door without even checking the knob. I was unlocking the door and pulling him inside within seconds, tears spilling down my cheeks as I rained kisses all over his face and whispered that I was sorry and gripped him like I would never let him go. He peeled my tank top and panties off and drove me up against the wall, sliding eagerly inside my slick, hot tunnel, pinning me to the wall with his cock. And then we crashed into the bookshelf and fell back on the bed, and he slid my knees up around his ribs and churned himself inside me. It had been all day and I was so hungry for him that almost at once I felt my body start that deep buzzing tickling ache. He fucked me deep and slow and I was almost there, almost there, panting and clawing at his sweaty back and digging my heels into his sides when we heard my parents in the hallway. haramidere escort

“It sounded like it came from one of the kids’ rooms,” I heard my mother say in a worried tone. My dad rumbled something in return, and their footsteps came down the hall.

Jayme hadn’t stopped moving inside me and just as I thought they would come through the door the colors bloomed in front of my eyes and I bit down on his shoulder to keep from crying out as my orgasm betrayed me in spite of my fear. I shook with spasms even as Jayme was losing his erection, whispering, “Oh, we’re fucked…” Somewhere in the haze I heard Derek’s voice and then my parents were in his room.

Jayme’s heart was pounding out of his chest and I was still quivering beneath him in the wake of one of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever experienced. It was surreal. I heard Derek saying he’d heard something in the back of the house, maybe raccoons had been on the roof and were in the trash cans. He cautioned my parents not to wake me since I’d been so grumpy earlier and would likely drive everyone up a wall. And miraculously, my mom went back to bed and I heard my dad head down to get the flashlight and check out back.

“What the fuck,” Jayme breathed. “I think my heart actually stopped for a minute. Did you actually just cum?”

“Like I never came in my whole life,” I confessed. “And I was sure we were caught.”

He rolled off me and got up to check the door. Sure enough, he had never locked it.

We had come incredibly close to my parents finding out in the worst way. And the only reason we hadn’t been caught was Derek.

We resolved to be more careful, but within hours we were in a neighbor’s boathouse, hidden but noisy. My cries of ecstasy echoed off the walls as Jayme fucked me hard and fast, finally covering my mouth with his own and devouring my telltale sounds. Later my father remarked that he had heard cats fighting that morning and wondered if some of the summer people had left pets behind to form a feral colony. I couldn’t look at Jayme at all, and even Derek snickered, knowing what my dad had really heard. Luckily, my naïve parents were none the wiser.

The next morning I woke at 8:30 and realized Jayme had never come to me. Confused and surprised, I got dressed and went downstairs to see Jayme and my mom crying and hugging each other. For a brief moment I thought he had told her, but the way my mom was crying I knew it had to be something different. My dad pulled me aside and told me that my grandmother had had a bad stroke and that my mom and Jayme were going to leave and fly out to her. They’d been trying to sort it out all morning, ever since they’d received the call at 5AM. My dad thought we should all go ahead and get packed up and going since he’d have to take them to the airport on the way home. So I went to my room and started throwing things in bags.

When he finally came, he was a mess. His eyes were so red he must’ve been crying for hours, and he was rambling and clearly in shock.

I hardly knew my grandmother, since she had struggled with alcoholism her whole life and had a contentious relationship with both my parents. My mom’s relationship with her mother was a sore point in our home, and I know she wished it could be better. Now it looked like that might never happen. The stroke was severe and her prognosis was uncertain. Jayme seemed resigned to his mother’s death and it shook him to the core.

He held me fast and buried his face in my neck and I crooned soothing things to him, telling him I loved him and I would be there for him. I kissed the tears from his eyes and he just went limp. It was scary to see my uncle and lover, who was usually so self-possessed and laid-back, lose himself so fully to grief.

And selfishly, very selfishly, I wondered how long I would have to be away from him.

The first few days were hell. We texted like crazy and talked often, but he was sad and distracted and often abrupt. I got more information from my mom than I got from Jayme about what was going on. After the week passed it was the start of the semester. I reluctantly packed for school and left without Jayme, who I thought would be going with me.

In the second week my grandmother passed away. I found out from Derek, who called me after my dad told him. We all flew to the funeral from our separate corners. Jayme looked even thinner. He’d cut his hair and shaved for the funeral and it just accentuated the sharp angles of his face. He was sad but selfishly I couldn’t take my eyes off him in his black suit. He walked by me with his mother’s casket on his shoulder and all I could think about was fucking him. It was depraved.

But I wasn’t the only one who was depraved. He sent me a text message at 3:00AM that said “I need to fuck you” and when I groggily opened the door he pushed ikitelli escort through it and pinned me to the bed, telling me that he was going to abuse my pussy until breakfast. He might have been a bit drunk, but I didn’t care. I was gushing for him, my entire body humming because I was near him again. He held my wrists over my head with one hand and yanked my panties aside with the other, impaling me around the twisted, sopping fabric. And then he impatiently tore them off, flinging them aside and burrowing deeper into me. He shoved my tank top up over my tits and bit at them roughly, slapping them a little before taking each nipple into his mouth and suckling it. I was gasping and whimpering and trying to take his cock as deep as it would go, desperate for release. My hands clawed his back, grabbed at his ass, tried to pull him deeper.

“Fucking beautiful slut,” he growled low in my ear. “Why does being inside you make everything better?” He panted as he drove into me over and over, bringing me closer to climax as his cock tapped every sensitive place inside me. I couldn’t even respond with anything more than ecstatic mewling as I thrashed beneath him, never wanting it to end but desperately needing release.

And then I was cumming, crying out his name as he relentlessly fucked me through wave after wave of tortured bliss. He wasn’t far behind, and with a strangled grunt he pulled out and shot his cum on me, emptying his balls with obvious relief. He knelt above me, smoothing my hair back while his sticky load cooled and dried on my skin. He held his softening cock out to me and wearily I licked it clean, tasting myself and him both.

We were twined together within moments, whispering to each other and temporarily sated. We slept a bit and then I woke a little after 5. It was still dark out, but I could see Jayme through the glow of the street lights outside, looking harder than he ever had but still there, still him, still the love of my life. He lay on his stomach, one arm flung across the bed, the taut slope of his back meeting the tight curve of his ass and continuing down the line of his lean thigh. Everything else seemed completely insignificant – college, my grandmother’s death, my problems with Derek, even telling my parents. It was only Jayme that mattered. I thought of what he’d said earlier, how being inside me made everything better. And it was the same for me. When he was with me and in me the rest of the world melted away. And maybe that’s how it was supposed to be.

He stirred and rolled to his side, and I whispered, “I love you” and tucked into him, my back pressed against his front. Half-conscious, he drew me closer, cupping my tits and breathing against my ear. I felt him thickening against my ass and my stomach did flip-flops. It was incredible how that still happened, even after so many times together.

This time he took me slowly, his cock slipping easily into my lubricious heat. He pulled my thigh back over his and lazily stroked me as he sunk into me. He barely moved, and I savored the feeling of him filling me up while his fingertips danced on my clit. He nibbled my shoulder, then sunk his teeth into the back of my neck and began to really rub me, even though he was still barely pumping me.

It didn’t take much for me to get close. I was still making up for lost time, and he knew exactly how to touch me. But just as I was on the edge, he pulled his hand away.

“Fuck, Jayme, please!” I begged.

“That wasn’t convincing,” he whispered, stuffing my fingers into my mouth so I could suck them clean of my own juices while he picked up the pace of his hips. I gasped as he pulled his wet fingers out of my mouth and pinched my nipple, just firm pressure that buzzed straight to my cunt. He was really fucking me now, picking up speed. And then he groaned and rolled me onto all fours so he could plow into me in earnest. He twined one hand through my hair and yanked it back while his other hand paddled my ass. The stinging blows kicked my desire into overdrive, and I rocked back against him enthusiastically, feeling my pussy respond to the pain by flooding around his thrusts. And then his thumb was probing my asshole, massaging my puckered entrance even as his cock wallowed in my tight cunt.

I moaned softly and he chuckled. “You like that, my dirty little slut?’

“Yes,” I breathed, my words overtaken by little moans as I got closer to my orgasm. His thumb’s violation combined with the hair-pulling had me ready to cum. Jayme was murmuring a stream of curses under his breath, calling me every filthy name, telling me my cunt was his and my ass was his, too, and he was going to fuck that next. And I couldn’t help it, I broke, spasming around his cock and his thumb and collapsing onto the bed as he pinned me there, his shaft still buried inside me, and fucked me furiously into the mattress. He came just a moment later, shooting a second substantial load inside me this time, and then flopping down next to me.

“I missed you, Skinny,” he whispered in my ear.

“I missed you, Uncle Jayme,” I whispered back, and he laughed.

“We have the most fucked-up family ever,” he mused.

“Pretty much,” I agreed, and nestled into him for another sticky nap.

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