Lori and Daddy Ch. 07

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This is a continuation of the story between Lori and her family, so it will make more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

All characters are of legal age and are totally fictitious. Please leave as much or as little feedback as you want. All is welcome.


The next day Lori was more than happy, she was in heaven. She still felt great after having fucked her daddy senseless the day before, but to top it off her mother, Beth, had gone back to work meaning her and daddy would get another opportunity to fuck again that night due to Beth’s long hours.

When Lori got home from school she could already feel herself getting wet with anticipation. She ran in to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Stripping naked she admired her young body as the water heated up. She squeezed her large firm breasts, although she was 18 they were still growing much to Lori’s happiness. She slid her hands down her flat toned stomach and stroked them over her bald pussy. Turning around she looked over her shoulder at her cute round butt, which she knew turned the heads of all the boys at school.

Lori stepped into the shower and shaved her long slender legs before washing her hair. She wanted everything to be perfect. After her shower Lori went into her room and pulled out a box from under her bed. Inside was lingerie that she was going to save for a boyfriend, but had decided that her daddy deserved it so much more. It was a black lace bra with thin silk draping down from it forming a transparent dress that barely covered her ass.

As she lit candles around her room Lori decided to wear the thong that came with it, it tied up at the sides so it wouldn’t be on for long she mused to herself.

“Lori?” she heard her daddy call when the front door opened.

“Up here daddy.” She called back, “you’d better not be dressed when you come in!”

Lori heard her daddy enter his room, then seconds later he was at her door totally naked and holding his growing cock.

“My god you look sexy baby!” he said in a deep tone. fındıkzade escort Walking straight up to her he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly. As he did so he started stroking her arms up and down slowly getting closer to his daughter’s breasts. Before long Lori was breathing heavily as her daddy fondled her large breasts and tugged on her nipples through the silk. Lori was tugging on her daddy’s stiff member trying to get one hand around the circumference and failing.

“Oh fuck this” she groaned out getting on her knees and stuffing her face with as much cock as she could. “You’re so big daddy I love your cock!”

“It loves you too baby especially when you do that.”

Giving up from trying to get it all in her mouth Lori sucked down as much as she could and pumped the rest with her hands. It was enormous and the more she did the bigger it seemed to get. “How can mummy not want to fuck this all the time?” Lori asked before filling her mouth once more.

“I don’t know baby it seems the only thing that gets her going these days is that damn medication. Well when it doesn’t put her to sleep.”

“Well I’m going to show you a good time tonight!” Lori replied upping her pace on sucking her daddy’s cock. It was slick with her saliva as she started pumping it in both hands sucking on her daddy’s heavy balls as she did so.

It wasn’t long before she felt the balls tighten and she quickly took her daddy’s cock back into her mouth and sucked hard. Lori groaned as her small mouth was flooded with her daddy’s hot thick cum. She swallowed and swallowed trying to get it all, but there was too much and some escaped out the corner of her mouth. Even after her daddy had finished Lori continued to suck. She felt his cock soften slightly, but only a little and it was hard again almost instantly.

Her daddy pulled her up, ripped off her thong and sat her on her bed. Kneeling down he started to lick out her bald young pussy.

“Screw that! Just fuck florya escort me daddy PLEASE!” Lori cried. She was already wet and gagging to feel her daddy’s cock filling up her pussy. He didn’t disappoint and drove his long thick shaft deep into his little girl, burying the whole lot in one go.

Lori screamed with pleasure gripping her duvet tightly as her daddy fucked her hard thrusting in and out of her tight wet pussy like an animal possessed.

“HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER DADDY!” Lori cried to her daddy who did so. Grunting loudly he slammed his cock into his daughter as hard as he could. Lori’s breasts were spilling out of her top, rolling wildly on her chest as her daddy pounded her pussy. He never let up and Lori lost count how many times she came, almost passing out through the sensations of ecstasy surging through her young body.

“Oh shit! Here it comes!” her daddy groaned. He ripped off her top and Lori felt another orgasm hit her as her daddy unloaded his balls deep into her pussy. Lori felt the first two spurts deep within her then the sensation of emptiness as her daddy pulled out and shot the last of it over her. The first shots hit her large full breasts and then he finished by shooting over her tummy and squeezing the last drops onto her pussy.

He stood back and looked at his little girl. She looked so sexy; she had the body of a goddess and had a sweet look to her a face contrasted by her massaging his cum into her skin all over her body.

Lori scraped up as much cum as she could and sucked her fingers clean Then got under the covers.

“Hold me for a bit will you daddy…” she said sweetly pulling the duvet away.

“Well… what if your mother…”

“Forget about her. Just for a bit daddy. Please…”

He couldn’t resist and got into the bed with her spooning up behind her cuddling her with his strong arms. Lori let out a sigh of pleasure and wiggled her ass back into his crotch. It wasn’t at full length, but his cock was still quite göztepe escort big and firm and digging into Lori.

“Well I can’t be comfortable with that digging in now can I daddy?”

“Sorry baby. Should I go?”

“Oh no!” Lori quickly replied, “Lets just reposition it…” Saying this Lori parted her legs and gripped her daddy’s cock. She slid the head into her wet pussy, closed her legs and ground her ass into her daddy once more easing his softened cock into her.

“Mmmm that’s better” she cooed

Exhausted they both drifted off to sleep.

A couple of hours later Lori’s daddy woke up. Planning on leaving to go back to his room before his wife returned home he shifted his position slightly forgetting that he was still inside his daughter. Lori moaned in her sleep and pressed into him. He couldn’t help himself and his cock grew hard again inside Lori.

Lori moaned again in her sleep as her daddy’s fully erect cock moved around inside her. Still asleep she started grinding herself back and forth on her daddy’s large cock. He let out a groan of pleasure as his daughter’s young tight pussy slid up and down on his large member. His penis took over and he started thrusting back meeting Lori’s movements.

Lori woke up from her dream of getting fucked to find it a reality. Her daddy was moaning behind her and she felt her pussy being filled by his dick.

“Oh daddy!” she cried and rolled them over so she was sitting on his cock facing his feet. Lori leaned back putting her hands on her daddy’s shoulders and ground her pussy down. Bending her knees Lori bobbed up and down on her daddy’s cock, squeezing it with her pussy until she felt his warm cum shooting up inside her. Lori continued to fuck her daddy until he groaned at finally emptying his balls. There was so much and it had mostly leaked out and over her daddy’s sac and legs.

Lori got up, her daddy was exhausted, but before she let him go she licked up all his cum from his body really liking the taste as it was mixed with her own pussy juices.

“I really should get back to my bed now baby girl” he said heading for the door.

“Ok daddy. Until next time” Lori replied with a wink. As she heard her daddy’s bedroom door close she heard the front door open and her mother return home.

“That was close” she smiled to herself before rolling over and drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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