Long forgotten Love

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Long forgotten Love
Angelo was born in the phillipines at a young age he knew he was supposed to be a girl. His mother worked as a whore to the sailors who made port. Hence he was a product of his mother’s career choice. He never knew his father, not even his name.

Angelo was his mother’s only c***d since she got her tubes tied after having him. Years later she was still a whore. Angelo pretty much raised himself. His mother walked around their house completely naked, American and Canadian soldiers would walk In and fuck her all day and night. He would hear her moaning and sometimes crying through the night.

His mother only supplied a roof and food for him nothing else. After he hit puberty he made a plan to change himself into a female and move to America. He knew it would be a long hard road but he was determined.

Angelo took odd jobs, savings everything he earned. He needed a few thousand US dollars to get his breast implants. The little jobs weren’t cutting it.

Luckily he started growing his hair out at a young age. By this time it was past his shoulders. He always wore it in a ponytail cause people would mistake him for a girl all the time, but that’s what he really wanted. He let his hair down and looked in the mirror. He smiled.

A soldier walks in and greeted his mother, they negotiated. The soldier noticed Angelo. How much for her?
His mother laughed that’s my son!
She pulled the soldier in her room and Angelo listened at the door, hearing his mother moaning, he peeked through the door. Seeing his mother on all fours, her little tits bouncing back and forth as the soldier slammed his cock into her. Slamming so hard her ass cheeks rippled. Angelos cock grew in his pants. He wasn’t excited seeing his mother but excited at seeing the man, he knew he wanted to be her. After they came out the man paid his mother a stack of bills.

Angelo knew how to make the money he needed. He went into his mother’s closet. Pulling out panties and dresses he ran back to his room and got dressed. Angelo from then on would be known as Angel.

Ladyboys were nothing new in the phillipines, and it was well known that the soldiers paid them. Angel stood outside the base. A soldier approached, hey why you standing out here all alone?
I’m working, you want me? He was a large black man, standing over 6’5 covered in muscles.

Walk with me he said. They started down the street and walked into a motel. Once in Angel stripped. Her soft bald cock hanging between her legs. Oh your a ladyboy he grinned. Angel was nervous and shaking.
Is this your first time honey? Yes she stutters . So you never had anal sex, sucked a dick? No sir.
Why are you doing this? Sit down. Talk to me.
Angel sat with the stranger telling him everything. Ok if this is what you want I’ll help you he smiled.

He reached in his pants pulling out his 8” cock. She stared with her mouth wide open. Time to learn how to suck cock baby. He laughed. She gagged over and over, he directed her how to do it. Soon she was looking him in the eyes sucking like a whore. He pulled her up as he didn’t want to cum.

Bend over the bed Angel, ass up. The man lubed her innocent asshole, he slid a finger in. She yelped . Relax your body. And casino siteleri breathe in your nose out your mouth. That was only my finger. He took his time with her. He was a man of great patience. She moaned as he had 3 fingers in her. He knew how to stretch her properly. He lubed his cock. Breath Angel and relax. The tip of his cock slid in, omg she yelped. Breathe baby!
She listened to his advice and he slid balls deep. Omg I feel so full! She moaned.
Does it feel good yet baby?
Omg yes!
His black cock slid in and out slowly. She moaned louder. She looks back at him, her long hair over her face, he reached up moving her hair. You are beautiful he smiled. Her eye contact made him fuck faster. She licked her lips and moaned oh god yes! She bit her bottom lip. He held her hips tightly and he pounded away at her bottom. His balls slapping hers . She never looked away from him. Just moaned . He grabbed her hair. Pulling her back to his chest. He grabbed at her chest squeezing the skin and rubbing her hard nipples as his pelvis slammed against her ass cheeks. She turned her head. I need to see you she moaned.

He laid her down and rolled her over to her back. Her cute cock soft . She pulled her flexible legs back. Her feet next to her ears. His cock slid in and she moaned softly. He leaned down and sucked her nipple aggressively. Omg yes! she moaned . His tongue navigated from her tit to her neck, sucking and biting as his cock slammed in and out of her ass. He licks up her neck stopping stairing into her light brown eyes.
She leaned up and kisses his lips. He kisses her back and they begin making out. His cock still slamming her. He kneels back up. Holding her thighs he fucks her his hardest. Her tiny cock flopping around starts leaking cum all over her belly. Omg I’m cumming she screamed. The black man pulls out and slams deep letting out a roar! His cum shoots her insides. Omg that feels amazing she moaned. He pulled his cock from her asshole and tells her to suck it. She cleaned him up.

They sat there talking for hours, they came to a agreement. She will get a regular job and be his whore on the side. She wasn’t allowed to whore to anyone else. He pulled out his wallet and handed her $150. She was shocked.

Angel got a job washing dishes at a small restaurant. She met with the nice black man multiple times a week. He paid her $150 each time. Her money was adding up quickly. A few months passed and she has enough money , but continue to save instead of getting the surgery and being out of commission.

A full year after. The man and her fucked over and over for a full weekend. He kissed her softly. I will always remember and love you Angel. I got new orders to Japan. I’m leaving.
Sad from the news, Angel cried. I fell in love with you. I’m sorry baby, listen it’s your time now get your paperwork In order get your surgery and make a new life in America!
He handed her $1000 . Take this! And he walked out the door forever.
She sulked for a weeks time. Her mother tried pimping her out. She packed her things and left. She took the mans advice and got her paperwork done. She rented a small room next to the surgery office. She checked in. After her surgery she rested casino oyna in the room ordering women’s clothes to her door.

Four weeks later she stepped off the plane in Dallas Texas. She walked through the airport. Glowing.
5” black heels , Golden tan long legs to a pink mid thigh skirt fluttering as she walked, her soft tanned belly exposed. Her new breasts supported by a black bra and covered with a black lace see through long sleeved half shirt. A silver beaded chain with a black soldiers dog tag hanging between her breasts. Her hair dark brown with blonde highlights. She also got her lips done making them more supple. Her light brown almond shaped eyes outlined in black mascara, fake eyelashes and charcoal eyeshadow fades to pink to match her glossy pink lips. She also had enough money for a butt lift, her ass is firm her body is a hour glass shape. She’s 19 years old 5’ 7” 125 pounds
34-24-34 a nice perky B cup. Her cock lays a mere 1.5” soft. 7” hard. Her skin is completely hairless by way of waxing. She’s soft to the touch and she’s on a mission.

She left Texas and ended up in New Jersey. When she filled her paperwork out to move to America she lied about her age, she knew you had to be 21 to work at bar. Angel got a job as a bartender. She was amazing at her job and the patrons loved to look at her and ask her out so she made a ton of money, saving every penny. She never dated anyone. After work she would go home pull out her black 8” dildo and ride it remembering her lost love. She came every time. She went to bed satisfied.

For her 22nd birthday (really 20th) some of her girl friends through her a small party. They were her closest friends but had no idea she had a cock. They partied all night.

Nina was a little Italian slutty girl. She stood 5’2” a average body, her tits also b-cup she had a small belly and a nice ass. She was hammered drunk at the end of the night. They got back to Angels house and the rest of the girls went home. Nina was passed out on the couch. Angel slipped Nina’s heels off noticed her cute toes French tips matching her hands. Nina has a skirt on that was hiked up a bit. Her tiny white panties covered her moist pussy. Angel stairing at the wet spot in her panties. She looks her up and down. Noticed her tucked cock growing hard. She laid a blanket on Nina and went to her room and locked the door. She stripped and rode her black cock, but her cock was hard, really hard. She never gets hard when she’s getting fucked. And she couldn’t cum. Frustrated she went to bed. She got up in the middle of the night to pee. And went back to bed.
3am she feels something touching her and rolled over. Gina why are you in my bed?
Gina sits up and turned the light on. I’m not drunk I was acting she says. Her firm tits stairing angel in the face.
I know Angel!
Know what?
Nina laughs. Do you like my tits?
Pulling the blanket away showing her bald clam. Or my pussy? Oh how about my asshole? I bet you like that she giggled.

Angel sat there confused.
Angel are you hard yet? Gina smiles.
Gina grabbing the blanket pulled it off Angel. Her cock hard as a rock.
God damn that’s hot! Gina grinned
Omg Gina wtf is wrong with you?
I think your hot and I want kaçak casino you to fuck me!
Stop go to sleep!

The next morning Angel woke up to a empty bed. Walking out in the kitchen, Nina stands there drinking coffee naked. Angels cock grows in her loose pants.
Nina hands her a cup of coffee. They sit down and started talking. Angel pleads with her not to reveal her secret. Oh I’d never tell anyone Nina tells her. Angel tells Nina her entire life story. After Nina says so you never used your cock? Nope ! Can I be your first? They walk to the bedroom.

Making love for hours, Nina taught Angel how to please a woman. Sucking and licking and kissing for hours on end. Nina came over and over from Angels touch. I never had anal Nina laughed. Be my first and cum in me? She trained Nina how the black man trained her. Finally filling her bowls with her first cum shot. They laid in each other’s arms. Giggling and playing.

Will you fuck me? Angel asks
With what?
Angel goes to her closet and bring back the black dildo and a harness. Holy fuck that’s big! She laughed. She puts it on.
Angel laying on her back her legs behind her head. Nina slides in. Slowly she fucks her ass. Angel looks Nina in the eyes fuck me hard! Ok she picks up the pace . Harder Angel moans. She pounded over and over till she was exhausted. Angel tells her to lay down and she straddling her drops onto the cock . Mmmmm Nina moans as the cock rubs her clit. Angel bouncing up and down fast and hard. Nina looks in amazement. The silicone base grinding her clit she screamed I’m cumming! She watches as Angels tiny cock flops around. Mesmerized by her cock. Angel bangs harder. Omg ! Nina screams your fucking cumming! Holy shit. Angel moans as her tiny cock flings cum everywhere. Squeeze the bulb Nina squeeze it hard. She moaned. Her ass lifted and slammed down hard onto the black cock, Nina mashed the bulb at impact. Angel fell backwards laying on her back the cock slipped out exposing her gaped hole. Fake cum rolled from her used hole.
Nina wiggles from under her. Her face looks into Angels closing hole. Is this stuff edible? Yeah Angel gasps. Nina’s tongue slides in her asshole. Mmmm it taste like cum. She rims Angel over and over . Omg Nina! She moaned.
What? She giggled
Nothing continue she laughed.
They lay there in each other’s arms. Angel looks into Nina’s eyes and smiles.
You still looking for a place? Yeah not having much luck though.
Wanna live here?
Where will I sleep it’s 1 bedroom.?
With me of course, Angel smiled.
Like a couple? Lovers?
Yeah baby..
fuck yeah!

Nina lived with Angel for 4 months, then ended it on good terms and remain friends.
Bored with her job she looked to get into porn, Angel started videoing her dildo slamming. She got bigger dildos and slammed harder. She was noticed. She made a few porn movies over a year. And started doing some modeling. She made great money and had a fun life but there was something missing.

One day I was on a porn site and I see this beautiful Asian woman slamming her ass on a big black dildo. The camera pans to her face. Omg !I thought. it’s Angel! My search continued into the night. I finally found her. I called the movie company and got her address. I showed up at her door a week later, holding flowers. And rang the bell.

The door swung open and Angel jumped in my arms crying. . I set her down got on my knee and asked her to marry me. We’ve been together for 6 years today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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