Long Days

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Sometimes the long days and nights pay off.

My name is Nick and I am a 33 year old delivery driver for a commercial bakery. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and have become friends with some of my customers along the way. So when I ask them how they are doing its because I genuinely care about their family or their health or whatever we happen to talk about that day. I’ve had hundreds of customers and less that a dozen have become what I consider a friend. There is one though that has become a bit more. I’m not quite sure how to describe that relationship so maybe I’ll just describe her.

Let’s call her Katie. Katie is in her mid 20’s, 5’9″ and about 130lbs with a build somewhere between slim and athletic, favoring the athletic side. While her body is fantastic it’s her smile that steals the show. God, that smile is a gift to the world, and when it’s pointed your way it just melts the day away. I’m not sure whether she knows what affect her smile has on me but it always seems to be on display. I guess it could just be her personality, but I would rather believe that she puts that particular smile on just for me.

Katie is funny and silly and smart and a bit nerdy. A combination of traits I didn’t know to look for as a young man. These traits that deserve their own reward. She’d be worth slaving at work for all week just to afford a sexy dress worthy of her and a night on the town to show her off. I’ve never seen her dressed up but I get the feeling she cleans up better than those snotty ivy league girls. For those of you reading this whom care about these things, she has a beautifully perky escort bostancı B cup and the ass of a collegiate sprinter.

Let’s get back to the story of how I found out where our relationship stood.

One day in particular I found myself running behind. Some of it my fault and some of it not but I was running way behind. One of my last stops is the little mini mart Katie works at. I figured she wouldn’t be there since she works mornings and I am just pulling in at dusk. I unload the miscellaneous loaves onto my cart and pull it through the entryway. The place appeared to be empty, not a customer or employee to be seen. I begin to load the shelf from my cart glancing around here and there. “This place is kind of spooky this time of day with no one in it,” I thought to myself.

I finish stocking the shelf and start looking for someone to sign for the delivery. As I walk into the back of the store I smell smoke. There is smoke billowing from a pizza oven on the counter in back! I yell,”fire!” as I pull it’s plug out of the wall and scan the room for something to pick it up with.

Katie bursts out of the office and says, “What’d you do?” (I could tell that she had been sleeping by the faint lines imprinted on the side of her face.)

To which I reply, “I didn’t do anything. Where are the oven mitts?” She points to the rack above the oven and I grab the mitt up there along with an old towel from the counter. I tell her to open the back door as I lift the small oven off the counter and out the back door. I do my best to not drop it in the grass but the smoke is burning my eyes ümraniye escort and my grip slips. The oven hits the ground and the charcoal flavored pizza tumbles out and into the grass. My eyes still stinging from the smoke are closed tight. I rub them trying to shake it off when I hear.

“Um, Nick? The grass is on fire.”

I ask Katie, ” Is there a hose or something you can take care of that with?”

I hear her run off and then back again. Followed by the hiss of the hose quenching the fire. The sting in my eyes is subsiding and I begin to Crack them open. Katie’s blurry silhouette comes into view. “What are you still doing here?” I inquire.

To which Katie replies, ” The girl who works second shift is sick so I had to work a double today.”

Trying not to miss an opportunity to be clever or charming, I say with a smirk, “Is she sick from eating your pizza?” Katie’s respond was to give me a quick shot to the face with ice cold water from the hose. It turned my smirk into smile. It also helped to clear my eyes so I was finally able to take in the sight of her. She was just as breath taking as ever, even in her work uniform. Tight fitting khaki colored jeans that lightly hugged each cheek of her tight round ass. Topped with a black company issue Polo that did all it could to hide her amazing form.

My gaze ascended her body to that gorgeous face and there it lingered. I was stuck on the way her dark blonde shoulder length hair and delicate jawline framed those deep, caring eyes and heart stopping smile. We just stood there smiling at each other. I couldn’t tell you whether kartal escort bayan a second passed or an hour. I’ve only ever had brief moments of time with her but those tiny moments have always made me want more. If a few minutes makes me feel this good, what would an hour do? How would I feel after a day with her?

Katie broke the silence with, ” You should probably go clean yourself up.”

“I was just going to finish the day like this. Maybe the rest of my customer won’t be mad if they think I’ve been through the wringer,” I said with a grin.

Katie countered with, “While that is a good look for you, it doesn’t exactly say professional and besides, you always look like you’ve been through the wringer.”

My smile turned to blank stare as the word “touché,” leaves my lips. We leave the oven outside to finish smoking and walk back into the mini mart. I felt guilty for the effect she had on me. We were both in relationships with other people and I don’t think either of us was looking to change that. Besides I don’t even know that I am worthy of her. I just wish there was a way to show or return to her this joy she causes inside of me. I know however that the best thing I can do for Katie is nothing. She has a good, stable and happy life of her own and I should be considerate of that fact. Though in her company I will greedily soak in every curve of her body, every bat of her lashes, every playful laugh, every whiff of her scent and line from her smile.

We walk into the back room together from outside. She says,” I’ll grab you some paper towels. I don’t think there are any in the bathroom.” She takes a turn between two sets of storage shelves and I follow. I catch a whiff of her hair as she retrieves a roll of paper towels from a top shelf. I can’t take it anymore. My selfish urges have pushed my reason aside and as she turns and our eyes meet…….

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