Little White Lies Ch. 05

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Hello, my little orgy of perverts!

A word of warning. Jessie will be revealing some of her past in this chapter. It will be clear when that occurs. The reason I say this is because the main story has stayed in a particular category. If the backstory part were to be published on its own, I’d have no choice but to put it into its own, separate category that totally isn’t this one.

I know that doesn’t really help, but if I tell you the category, it will give away the surprise.

Still looking for an artist. Get in touch if you have questions or comments!

Little White Lies

Chapter 5


Jessie smiled at Dex, her heart swelling with affection for him after his heartfelt confession. She turned and raised an eyebrow at Donna and then looked back at him.

“Now, do you wanna absolutely destroy that mouthy little cunt that’s been making me eat her pussy all night?” she asked.

He smiled slowly. “Damn right I do.” As one, they both turned and looked at Donna, who grinned in playful anticipation.

Dexter swiftly moved over as she, not fighting in the least, spread her legs and accepted his face and tongue in place of Jessie’s. “Fuck,” Donna mumbled, feeling Dexter going to town on her quickly.

Jessie giggled and then stood up on the bed. She was shorter than Donna by nearly a foot, and it seemed that she wasn’t going to have to crouch very far to achieve the position she wanted. Stepping over her roommate, she moved up and reached down to grab Donna’s hair, pulling upward and lowering her hips as she did so. Donna whimpered, her eyes rolling back briefly as she apparently enjoyed what Dexter was doing to her.

Jessie, though she’d enjoyed the slaps, was really excited to be able to return the favor, and reached down with one hand, slapping Donna across the cheek. Her green eyes shot upward, excitement clear on her face, mixed with a little bit of surprise and irritation. Jessie grinned and slapped her again before Donna finally acquiesced, her eyes rolling back again as she leaned forward and started to lick forcefully against Jessie’s pussy.

She smiled as she looked down and saw her roommate licking her, small whimpers of pleasure being moaned into her feminine folds.

“Fuck,” Donna murmured, not daring to take her lips away from, or tongue out of Jessie’s pussy. Her whimpers turned into a strangled cry of pleasure, and Jessie let her breathe for a second as an orgasm coursed obviously through her.

Smiling, she looked down and saw that Dex had slipped off the bed and was stripping down. He hesitated for a minute, looking down at himself and then held up a hand. Disappearing, he apparently went to their bathroom and turned on the shower. She giggled and rolled her eyes as Donna finished cumming, then reached down and slapped her face again.

“Eat it, cunt,” Jessie said, giggling. It was difficult trying to be stern and serious when she was having so much fun. She scowled, trying to look angry.

Donna growled angrily and threw her arms up, latching on to Jessie’s shoulder’s. Pulling down, she caused Jessie’s eyes to go wide and squeal in surprise as she was flipped onto her back, then further, her legs going into the air as the brunette followed through.

Giggling uncontrollably, Jessie looked up and saw Donna angrily munching at her pussy, still taking care not to hurt her of course. Both hands were up underneath Jessie by that point, propping her up as Donna licked and slurped from her pussy to her asshole and back.

Jessie groaned, pleasure from what her roomie was doing flowing from her pussy outward. She heard Dex get out of the shower and whimpered, wondering if Donna was going to let her up or if he was just going to come in and fuck her face.

He came in, still slightly wet from his rinse-off, and smirked, seeing the precarious position she was in.

“Help,” she moaned.

He smiled and shook his head, coming around to her face and stroking his cock.

“Oh fuck baby, please,” she moaned, opening her mouth. “It’s not fair that the other girl got to have a taste and you didn’t save any for me,” she said.

He smiled, shaking his head, and kneeled on the bed as Donna licked and sucked between her legs. She whimpered, feeling her roommate’s fingers probing down there, and then groaned lowly when she felt her push one into her ass. It was an interesting sensation, pleasurable, but in a different way than something in her vagina.

Still, it felt great and Donna loved to do it, so she wasn’t going to complain.

Her tongue and lips still furiously working Jessie’s slit. Donna started to generously pump her finger in and out of Jessie’s asshole.

She saw the huge head of Dex’s cock appear directly above her then, and smiled, opening her mouth to let him in.

He slid down into her mouth, causing her to whimper in pleasure as Donna’s ministrations drove her closer and closer to orgasm. His cock pushed her tongue out of the way and then went to the back of her throat where he thrust bostancı escort bayan repeatedly. She forced her gag reflex back and accepted as much as she physically could, the pleasure of the act filling her body.

“God I love sucking cock!” she thought as he slid deep into her mouth again after letting her breathe for a moment.

Donna still hadn’t slowed down, her tongue whipping over Jessie’s clit as the intrusive finger plowed deeper and deeper into Jessie’s butt.

Whimpering, she felt the orgasm build to a dizzying intensity and knew that it would be a powerful one. Again and again, she cried out quietly around Dex’s massive shaft, feeling the building wave of pleasure almost crashing over.

“Fuck,” Donna said, feeling Jessie’s butt start clenching as she started to cum. Loud cries of pleasure flowed out from around Dexter’s shaft and he moved to let her breathe but she reached up and pulled against his butt as he started to pull out.

Practically screaming in pleasure, she looked up at him as he stared down, smiling, Donna still relentless in her punishment.

Finally, she went limp and Dexter chuckled, sliding out of her mouth and moving down to cradle her head. Her breath was coming in great gasps and she weakly pushed Donna away.

“Stop,” she begged. “Too much…”

Donna grinned and kissed her leg, then began running her fingers over Jessie’s body as she worked back up from the abyss that the mind-numbing orgasm had left her in. Eventually, she was able to slide upward and lean weakly against Dexter.

“I think we broke her,” he said, caressing her face. Jessie grinned weakly and shook her head, forcing her eyes open.

“You were supposed to break Donna, jerk,” she said, smiling affectionately at him.

“Oh, he will,” Donna said, reaching for his hand. He kissed Jessie a final time as she scooted over to lay down next to her roommate as she spread her legs.

Dex, his cock still menacingly erect, moved to kneel between Donna’s legs. Jessie moved up beside her to play with her breasts a little, and maybe rub a hand on her pussy when she could. Smiling, she leaned over and kissed Donna on the lips, drawing a wink as she did so from the brunette.

Dex was kneeling between her legs, his cock still thick and delicious looking. He smiled as Donna wrapped her feet around him and pulled. “Please,” she begged. He smiled, but didn’t relent, and Jessie figured he was having fun torturing her.

Donna had lain down on a pillow, and as such, she was looking down between her legs naturally. Dex’s cock looked immense as he gripped it with his fist, stroking gently and then laying it down across the breadth of her pussy.

“Ooo,” Donna said, eyeing it. He stared down at her and began to slide gently backward and forward across her presented pussy. His cock would start at the very edge of her lips, the bulbous tip easily covering the entirety of her damp folds. She had a very petite vagina, Jessie supposed. Her lips were naturally concealing in how they were constructed and kept most of the rest of her sex neatly hidden away. Only a small portion of her inner folds could be seen, and Jessie wasn’t all that sure it wasn’t Dex’s movements that were exposing it.

He would move from the very end of her vagina, barely touching before he slid forward, pressing down as he moved. The action would force her pussy lips apart as the shaft pushed against them and moved upward. The head would slide past the opening, sometimes even dipping enticingly in for a second before he would lift slightly and it would keep going, rubbing torturously against her clit as he smiled down at her. At the end of his stroke, he was fully extended, the entirety of his cock resting against the pubis, his balls hanging down against her folds. The great length would be laying across her lower stomach, looking terrifyingly huge. Jessie could only marvel at it and wonder what it would look like against her decidedly smaller body.

Donna whimpered, almost pleading at him after enduring a good minute of the tortured thrusting. She didn’t speak though and looked like she would let him continue to torment her for hours if he so chose.

Dex reached over suddenly and grabbed Jessie by the hair. She cried out in surprise and then giggled as he forced her over, pushing the tip of his cock in her mouth a few times before continuing on and pushing her face against Donna’s tortured cunt.

“God…” Donna groaned as Jessie obediently began to slide her tongue across the clit she’d been face-slammed into. She knew that he wanted her to get her slit wet as well, so she gathered some spit in her mouth and pushed it out with her tongue, slathering it over her roommate’s folds. She felt him lift her up then, gently pulling at her hair. Smiling, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she looked up. He leaned over and kissed her then, and she heard a low moan.

“Oh God, thank you,” Donna moaned, and Jessie could feel the two of them moving. Dexter still didn’t break ümraniye escort their kiss though, and she smiled as she realized that he’d started fucking her while he was kissing his girlfriend.

Eventually he had to break the kiss, and turned, focusing on Donna. Her legs were up and moved as far out of the way as she could get them, almost as if she were afraid that if they did get in the way, he’d take his cock away.

Sitting back, Jessie reached over and began to play and pinch at Donna’s breasts and nipples, then moved a hand down to gently rub against Donna’s clit.

Donna groaned and swore when Jessie touched her, her head pushing back into the pillow. Dexter was rhythmically sliding into her at an excruciatingly slow pace, his cock taking a few seconds to slide in completely.

“God, Dex, please fuck me harder,” she begged finally. “You’re fucking torturing me!”

He smiled. “Don’t be a mouthy cunt then,” he said, reaching down and softly pinching her nipple. She whimpered and nodded.

“Whatever you want,” she replied.

He chuckled. “Apologize,” he said, stopping mid stroke.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” Donna complained. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

He smiled and started to slide in and out again but didn’t increase from original speed.

Donna whimpered in mild annoyance, her expression changing from pleasure to pain to irritation and back. Jessie continued to gently rub her clit, watching with a wide smile as her boyfriend continued to torture her roommate.

“Apologize to Jessie,” he ordered.

Donna whimpered, resisting for a minute. Dex stopped moving and she cried out in frustration.

“Say, I’m sorry Jessie,” he said.

Donna turned a pleading look on her face. “I’m so sorry Jessie,” she said.

“For making you eat my filthy pussy,” he ordered.

“For making you eat my filthy fucking pussy,” she said. She looked back at him, almost pleading.

“Good girl,” he said, smiling. Immediately, he picked up the pace and started to fuck harder and harder down into Donna. She whimpered in pleasure each time he withdrew, and then cried out in ecstasy when he thrust inside.

“God, this is gonna be huge,” she whimpered. “Choke me?” she begged. He looked at Jessie, surprised. She shrugged and smiled, just as taken aback.

He leaned forward and gently slid his hands around her throat, tightening a little as he thrust.

“Harder,” she said, and Jessie saw him squeeze tighter. “Keep going, I’ll tap you when that’s enough… fuck…” she said, mid thrust.

Dexter did as he was asked, his cock never slowing as he squeezed Donna’s throat as she’d begged him to. He kept squeezing, tighter and tighter until he felt saw her tap his leg repeatedly. He let go, and she immediately started shaking her head.

“Hold it until I tap you again. Get back to that same tightness,” she whispered.

He nodded, thrusting deeply into her again.

“Oh my God,” she groaned, slapping the bed with her palm. “Your cock is…” she started to say but left the thought unfinished.

Jessie watched, her hand still rubbing her clit as he thrust in and out. She saw him tighten back again and Donna nodded when he reached the point she wanted. Fucking her hard, he groaned, obviously enjoying what they were doing to each other.

For nearly twenty seconds, he held Donna’s throat in a vise grip, her face turning red and tears starting to run down her face as he continued to fuck her. Jessie could almost feel him wanting to relent and was quietly grateful when Donna at last tapped his leg and he released his hold.

Blood rushed back into her brain and she gasped out loud, her expression going wide, almost like a look of fear. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she groaned gutturally.

“Fuck… me…” Dex said, his cock being forced to slow down by the apparently intense contractions she was having.

“You okay?” Jessie dared to ask, snaking her hand away from Donna’s slit.

“She’s contracting… so fucking hard… fuck…” he groaned.

Donna still hadn’t spoken and looked like she might actually be in another dimension from the pleasure coursing through her body. She went from frighteningly rigid to a quivering mess in a few seconds and managed to weakly push against Dexter so that he knew to withdraw from her.

Jessie slid over, cradling Donna’s head into her lap and brushing the hair away from her sweaty face as the brunette’s chest heaved with its renewed effort to breathe. Dexter relaxed, obviously feeling good about his performance as he slid from the bed and leaned against the dresser, watching the two.

After a good five minutes, Donna had finally recovered enough to pull Jessie down and kiss her. The kiss turned into something more though, and soon she had Jessie down next to her, their bodies side by side as Donna seemed to feverishly kiss her.

Eventually, she fell back, her breath still ragged.

“That was so fucking intense,” she said, smiling. “Where’s Dex?”

“I’m here,” escort kartal he said, humor in his tone.

She raised a hand and beckoned him over. He obliged and the two girls made room for him between them. He smiled and kissed Jessie, then turned and kissed Donna, the two of them snuggling up underneath his arms.

“Wait,” Donna said, sitting up after about twenty minutes of resting. “You didn’t get to cum, or more accurately, Jessie and I didn’t get your cum.”

He smirked. “I already came earlier,” he said. “Remember?”

“So what,” Donna said. “Don’t you want another?”

He chuckled and shook his head. “I’ve got to get going soon. I’ve got work in the morning and it’s past 1:00 AM.”

Donna frowned and looked over at Jessie. “Make him stay,” she said.

Jessie giggled and shrugged. “It’s not like you’re not going to see him again, slut.”

Donna frowned but then smiled. She turned then and moved to her knees. “Thank you guys,” she said. “Thank you so much for letting a kinky tramp like me into your sex lives.”

Jessie smiled, touched by her gratitude.

“I know what a big thing it is for someone to be as understanding about things as you two are, and I’ll never forget it.”

Dexter smiled and pulled her back down on top of him. His erection had subsided by then, so Jessie didn’t think they’d start fucking, but she could be wrong.

“You’re worth it,” he said, kissing her softly on the lips. He pulled Jessie up then, and the three exchanged a slightly awkward triple kiss before they started giggling. Donna moved over and started to softly kiss Jessie for a few moments before finally sliding from bed and waving.

Jessie smiled and waved back, watching her leave. Turning, she smiled at Dexter as he pulled his arm under his head and looked at her.

“I told you she was a freak,” she said, grinning.

Dex laughed. “Yeah, but I had no idea…”

Jessie giggled and looked down. “Are you okay with everything? I’m sorry you were worried about me being upset.”

He shook his head. “I should know better by now,” he admitted. “We’ve had this talk, but I just… I love you, you know. I don’t want to lose you.”

She felt her heart melt a little and said, “Aww, baby. You’re not in danger of losing me. I love you.”

He smiled and pulled her back down, kissing and holding her for a few more minutes before finally announcing that he had to get going.

“Yeah, I better get to sleep too,” she said, sliding from bed to walk him out. He got dressed quickly and gave her a few more kisses before they walked to the door, Jessie still nude as the day she was born.

He opened the door and playfully dragged her outside, giggling as he pulled her into a kiss.

“Rotten,” she said, playfully shaking her head at him. He smiled and kissed her again, then playfully pushed her back inside.

“Night baby, love you,” he said, turning and walking down the stairs.

“Night baby. I love you,” she replied.

Turning, she went inside and promptly crashed into bed, sleep finding her quickly.



The next day, Dexter awoke a little later than normal, and had to rush to get to work on time. He was still only technically an intern since he was still going to school. Sure, they paid him, but during the coming school year, he would be allowed to be late while attending class. Still, he wanted to make a good impression 100% of the time.

Once he arrived, he immediately went to his desk and started on work. It wasn’t too much later that he got a message from Nicole on his cellphone.

“Hey there. How did everything go with the girlfriend?”

He smiled, his mind immediately remembering the fun night of sex and fooling around with Jessie and her roomie Donna. The fresh memory of the way it felt to be in both girls flooded back to him and he sighed in happiness. He shook the memory away and focused, looking back down at his phone.

“I went over and told her what happened. She thought it was hilarious,” he replied.

“That’s quite an understanding woman you have,” she sent back. “You really do need to let Vicky explain. Let her and her husband take you to dinner tonight.”

He sighed, rubbing his temples for a moment. “Okay,” he said. “If they let me bring Jessie, then I will.” He felt like any further interaction with Vicky should be around his girlfriend at least.

“And don’t worry, her husband is a very understanding guy,” she replied.

After a few more banal messages back and forth, Nicole thanked him for the show and then told him she had to get some work done.

“You’re welcome,” he said.

Vicky, unlike Nicole, seemed to prefer face to face contact. Right before lunch, she came over to his desk and smiled sweetly.

“Hey,” she said, smiling at him. He smiled back, unable to resist inhaling her potent perfume. It made him a little light-headed for a moment and he lost focus.

“I’m just wanting to apologize again,” she said. “I want to sit down and explain it to you with my husband there. Can we take you to dinner tonight?”

Dex nodded and tried to make her feel at ease. “It’s okay, really,” he said. “I’m happy to go to dinner with you and your husband. I just don’t want you to feel like you need to explain. Things happen.”

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