Little Secrets

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Have you ever secretly crushed on someone? I know you have, we all have at one point, and it’s all in how we capsize on opportunities that are in front of us, or do we let them slip through our fingertips? I didn’t want Alex to slip through…

We walk around and put on our best faces for our crushes and the men prop up their shoulders and walk bigger and taller for the ladies we’re trying to impress. And behind closed doors, we lust secretly after them, or like I said, for the braver ones out there, you go and get your prize. (I’m a little shyer with these things. – been used over and over by bad girls or the ones that just want to use you for your cock or money.)

But even with that last statement, and although I’m shy, I like all types of ladies, and I am kind of the “equal opportunity” type of lover. But I’m saying all of this to say that there was this girl I met that I couldn’t let get away.

I normally like shorter girls. I’m six feet- one inch, and I like girls who are short, athletic, preppy, and prissy, (aka high maintenance) ladies with brown, black, or red hair, and blue or brown eyes. And not to mention, submissive!

Alexandra was NONE of those things. She was dominate, and independent, with blond curly hair and bright brown eyes. She stood six feet one inch with out shoes on, and although she wasn’t any of the physical attributes that I “wanted,” she sure did have what a lot of the others didn’t have. Personality!

So to make a pretty lengthy story kind of shorter winded, I’ll get on with it. I shied away from Alex for the first couple of months that I knew her, because I didn’t think I needed to know her. BOY was I wrong!

If I didn’t already mention, I worked with Alex at a popular hotel chain and the more I worked with her, the more I wanted to see more of her. We started hanging out outside of work, getting dinner, drinks, etc, and I started to grow to like her. Really like her. Things weren’t serious at first, but all good things come to an end. They either get better or they come to an end. Well my situation got better and Alexandra got more aggressive in her chase and my crush developed.

Alex and I were out at a bar with other colleagues and because we were a couple years younger than the rest of our co-workers, we sat away from the rest of the group.

“So how many partners do you think you’ve had roughly? And be truthful, I can’t stand a liar…” she asked.

I thought for a second and then thwarted her question with another. “I would be inclined to ask a beautiful girl of your caliber canlı bahis the same question.”

“ha ha,” she giggled. “Nice try, don’t answer my question with a question and then hit on me in the same sentence. How many?”

Damn, she was feisty. “Fuck it, thirteen. You?”

“Whore!” she giggled. “I have only been with five and they were all boyfriends except for one drunken one night stand in college but I have since grown up.”

“Ooh, tell me about it!”

“Hell No! Maybe another day, but not now, that’s more of a rainy day story when I’m not trying to probe you for information.”

We went on asking the “21 questions” that sometime come with meeting a person for the first time, and then Alex got up to excuse herself to the bathroom.

“Where are you headed?” I questioned.

“I drank too many strawberry daiquiris if you must know. I’ll be back.”

Alexandra came back looking refreshed and sat down across from me where I was day dreaming. She sat there for a couple seconds and then waved her hand in front of my face where I was staring off into space blankly.

“Mission Control to NASA Space Launch Discovery,” she said, as I snapped out of my trance.


“What… Where were you? You still here with me?”

“Yeah, I was just day dreaming.”

“Really? About what?”

“Oh nothing, I’m sorry. So what else would you like to talk about?”

“What you brought up and placed on the table. What were you day dreaming about Michael?”

My body betrayed me and I started blushing. (Curses on my mother for being a black woman who could blush, she passed the trait to me!)

“Oh you really have to tell me now! What are you thinking about Rosie Cheeks?”

“I was thinking about you being impaled on my cock to the hilt as you rode me until we both shuddered in mind blowing orgasm!” I said, “Now who’s turn is it to blush?”

“Well you sure did make me blush, and you made me wet, damn you. Why were you thinking about that? And what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m going to…” my thought was interrupted by my coworkers leaving and speaking to the both of us. Once I regained my thoughts, I looked back at Alexandra who’s eyes were gleaming at that moment. “Well part of me wants to be the nice guy and keep courting you, but the other part of me wants to take you into the back room and challenge you to a game of pool.”

“POOL?” Alex almost choked on her drink. “What the fuck do you want to play pool for?”

“Is that a game or not?” I asked.

Very upset, bahis siteleri Jessica Rabbit got up from her seat, straightened her red dress out and waited for me to rise from my seat to take her to the billiards room. It was off to the side of the rest of the bar, kind of secluded, and it didn’t get used much. The pool table was kind of new though and we went in and set our drinks down on the high top.

I could tell that Alex’s facial expressions weren’t those of a happy camper, but I had a couple tricks up my sleeve.

I put the quarters in the machine and slid the balls down through the channels to rack them on the table. After racking, I checked the pool sticks, and placed one in her hand. “You can break.”

Alex leaned over the table and lined the cue up with the ball and scattered the billiard balls to all ends of the table. Once the balls stopped moving, I cleared three solid balls off of the table and missed at my fourth.

This time when Alex bent over the table, I slowly walked up to her and ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, and as she went to shoot at her ball, she missed. “Really?” she cooed. “You want to play games?” she said as the fire returned to her eyes.

“Shoot again Miss, you clearly missed your shot.” I said to her as I got extremely close to her, and reached around to cup her round melon ass cheek.

“No, it’s your turn, I missed fair and square.” She said as I set up to shoot my next ball.

I bent over and lined up a shot, only for a hand to reach up under my waist and sneak itself into my jeans. I stood up straight so the hand could travel down into the center of my pants and find my hardening cock. “So now what?” I asked.

“Make your move, you’re up to shoot!” she shot back.

I placed the pool stick onto the table and swung Alex’s body around me until we were face to face with her back to the pool table. I hungrily kissed at her mouth as we tried to devour each other’s lips. I grabbed her by the waist and placed her on the table top, and spread her thighs and stepped into her body.

My cock was hard and ready, and I could tell by the familiar smell of sex that was emanating from her hot box, and the radiant heat that I could feel through the fabric of my pants that she wanted me. My hands groped up and down her sides, I gripped up the back of her head and pulled her face in closer to mine, and I stepped into her center with a caged cock that was ready to plunge into uncharted territory.

I pulled her panties to the side, and ripped my pants open and pushed a hard cock bahis şirketleri into her wet warm pussy. She was like molten steel inside there and was so wet and sloppy that I almost lost my load. I pushed into her over and over again and as I did, I pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders so I could get better access to her small but ample tits.

I pushed her backwards onto the pool table and pulled her ass closer to me and plunged into her over and over again. I loved the feeling of this girl and her long legs wrapped around my mid section and pulled me into her if I slipped out too far.

The pool table lights were bright on the both of us, and warm. Sweat beads formed on my forehead as I pushed into her over and over, and then started rolling down my forehead as I continued to plunge into her for all it was worth.

I slipped out once fully when Alex’s legs broke apart, and when I lined the tip of my cock up at the entrance of her tight puckered asshole, all Lex could do was put both hands onto her face covering her eyes.

“Are you ok?”

“If you’re going to do it, don’t talk about it, just do it!” she said quietly.

I obliged her and slowly pushed my cock into one of the tightest rosebuds that I had ever encountered.

The guttural growl that came from the center of Alex could most definitely be heard in the main room of the bar, and I was shocked that no one came to see if she was alright, but once I was fully engulfed in her asshole, it didn’t take long for her to recover.

While I plunged deep into her bowels, Alex moved her hand to her clit and rubbed in circles and occasionally inserted a few fingers into her swollen wet pussy, and she finger fucked herself as I got close to orgasm.

I could tell she was close too because her stomach muscles were contracting rapidly and her moans were getting shorter and louder. “Come on baby, Cum in me!” she moaned.

I pushed in a couple more times, and at about the same time that I exploded into her, an earth shattering orgasm over came her and her tight ass muscles contracted around my cock as she shook.

“Next time you’ll keep your day dreams to yourself now won’t you? …fucking in public and shit; what do you have me doing?” Alex said wiping the sweat from her forehead and mine once she sat up.

“No next time, I’m going to dream about you and I in a thunderstorm on top of a complete stranger’s car.” I said pulling my pants up and buckling them.

Author’s Note:

Sorry to those of you that read the beginning half of this when I originally wrote it. I figured if I ended it differently it wouldn’t be the same story, but I think I like this version better!


Dedicated to N.A.S.

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