Lisa Gets Laid at Work Pt. 02

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Big Tits

As Michael kissed Lisa deeply he was turned on at the thought of French kissing and tongue swirling with the same tongue that had just given so much pleasure to his hard throbbing cock and nut sack. He could taste a faint flare of his pre-cum in her mouth and his cock twinged at the thought of her swallowing his salty juices.

Once again he reached down between Lisa’s legs to feel her hot pussy, he pushed two fingers inside her tight cunt and was amazed at the amount of juices inside her, his fingers glistened with her fluids when he pulled them out and he knew that she was turned on beyond belief, dripping wet and ready to take this to the next level.

He reached for his jacket and laid it on the floor to give her a little comfort from the dank, musty concrete floor. He told Lisa to lay down on her back for him which she willingly did, he nudged her legs and she spread herself wide open. Lisa closed her eyes as she felt Michaels beard tickling the inside of her thighs. He started tenderly kissing her inner thighs, her outer pussy lips and then her stiff, swelled clit. It was at that moment that she thought she could almost faint from pleasure as she felt his hot, wet, hard tongue start to swirl around her pussy lips. He was so skilled in the oral arts and she could tell that he had much previous practice with other partners but none of that mattered, at that time all she wanted was to feel his wet mouth between her legs!

Michael licked up and down the length of her lips, teasing each side, flicking his tongue on her pink meat was intoxicating for him. He gently touched her clit with the tip of his tongue and started swirling it around while she squirmed with delight. He alternated between flicking his tongue on it, kissing it, and then sucking it into his mouth. Her clit and cunt lips were swelled up almost three times their normal size, absolutely engorged from the things Michael was doing with his mouth. She reached out and put her hands on the back of Michaels head and began to grind her cunt into his mouth, riding his face with her hot soaking wet pussy, forcing her meaty lips into his mouth where she could feel his hot, wet tongue deep inside the walls of her wet hole! He licked her snatch for at least 15 minutes and she was enjoying having her hot hole licked out so much that she felt herself starting to tingle and burn inside and knew that she was beginning to orgasm. Luckily, Michael was at the point where he couldn’t stand it any longer and was dying to slide inside her.

He came up from her pussy and positioned his cock between her legs. He started rubbing his cockhead up and down her cunt lips and on her swelled clit, coating his shaft with her wet juice and lubing her lips with the pre-cum oozing out of his piss hole.

Before he pushed inside he was reminded by her fingers displaying her wedding rings that she was a taken woman. He was gentleman enough to ask if this is what she wanted, giving her a second to change her mind if she bostancı escort wanted to. “I want you inside me” was her reply, which was a huge relief to Michael, he wanted her so bad and had wanted her for months. With a home situation like she had who could blame her, any girl who was in a loveless, sexless marriage would jump at the opportunity, and Michael was just the guy to oblige her!

Lisa was ecstatic with the thought of being fucked, she had secretly wanted him from the beginning but now, as her fantasy was becoming a reality she was nervous but incredibly excited at the same time. Yes, she had always wanted to fuck him, but she didn’t know he had such a huge cock, she was scared that it would hurt and didn’t know if she could take such a big cock in her small cunt, especially since she hadn’t had a cock of any size for quite a while.

Michael spread her cunt lips wide apart and positioned his cockhead between her fleshy folds. He slowly pushed his dick inside her until the head disappeared inside her cunt canal. He thought that she must not have gotten laid much at home because her pussy was so incredibly tight that he had a hard time easing inside and had to take it very slowly at first. Little by little and very slowly, he worked his swollen shaft inside her until he almost had his entire length inside her tight snatch. The combination of her wet juicy pussy and his pre-cum was a huge help, he definitely needed lube to get inside this tight hole!

Lisa laid back, eyes closed, in ecstasy, taking his huge cock deep inside her. At first she didn’t think she could take the whole thing, but Michael persisted, sliding in and out of her very slowly, pushing just a little deeper every few minutes, she gasped when she could finally feel his balls on her cunt lips knowing that her greedy wet hole had taken the entire length of his 10 inch cock! Michael was also in heaven, he was dying to get in her pants since he first laid eyes on her, she was a huge fantasy of his and now she was spread open on the floor with all 10 inches of his cock deep inside her stomach!

Once she was ok with taking his entire length he started speeding up the pace a bit. He went from fucking her slow and gentle to a little faster and deeper, feeling the ridges of her flesh gripping around his cock like a tight glove milking his dick. He came up from the lying position and brought her legs up as far as he could to her side, he could watch his cock sliding in and out of her hole that way, he pulled her hips up off the ground a bit so Lisa could watch his meat sliding inside her as well, she was mesmerized with the sight of his huge log pumping in and out of her hot cunt. Her lips would grip the sides of his shaft and stretch out when he withdrew and then come back when he slid back inside. She loved watching his huge wet cock slide in and out of her taboo married hole, she smiled and thought only if her husband could see her now!

When she could comfortably ümraniye escort bayan take his entire length Michael started fucking Lisa deep and fast. He held her spread legs and pumped his rod in and out of her at a brisk pace while watching her tits jiggle back and forth, at times he would lean over and suck her nipples which got hard and tiny, every mans dream! Lisa could feel the insides of her pussy starting to tingle and burn and knew she was going to cum quickly. She wrapped her legs around Michael and pulled him inside her even more than he was already, her legs started to buck and quiver as she felt an incredible orgasm rip through her body. She kind of went cloudy in the moment of intense pleasure but when she regained her senses Michael was holding his hand over her mouth to muffle her moans but continued to deeply fuck her wet cunt. Most women would ask for a break for a moment as things get sensitive after an orgasm but Michael was having none of it, he literally held her on her back and fucked her for over an hour before he stopped to let her stand for a moment. When she caught her breath Michael came from behind her and guided her to a shelf to steady herself, he told her to slightly bend over and hold on.

Michael entered her from behind, he loved the feeling of sliding his cock between her ass cheeks and could feel them on his balls when he was deep inside her, and she loved the feeling of being filled with huge thick cock while being bent over and fucked deep and hard! Michael picked up the pace and soon was fucking her hard and deep from behind, watching her tits flop around while he slammed her hot cunt from behind was absolutely incredible. He fucked her hard and deep in that position until she couldn’t take it any longer, she could feel his hard meat so deep inside her that she thought she’d pass out, he was literally slamming his cock as deep inside her as he could, holding her in place by her shoulders so that she couldn’t squirm away he was grinding every inch of skin that he possibly had deep in her gash. She was in heaven being so stretched out and filled up by his big rod that it was no surprise as another orgasm started shuttering through her abdomen, she was in pure and certain bliss and collapsed into Michaels arms as he gently lowered her to the ground. Lisa had to ask for a break to catch her breath for only a minute, after she caught her breath Michael was already positioning her and getting ready to violate her hot hole again.

This time Lisa got on her hands and knees doggystyle, Michael came from behind, spread her ass cheeks with both hands and slid his massive pole deep inside her cunt once again sliding it all the way to the balls on the first stroke. The hardest thing for Lisa to do was not take his massive rod to the hilt of her cervix, but to be quiet while doing it. Michael pumped her married cunt like a whore, her juices were running down her legs and his also.

While pumping her doggystyle he kartal escort spread her ass cheeks apart so he could penetrate her with every fraction of his shaft. With his thumb he rubbed the outside of her soaking gash to get it wet and then started rubbing her puckered asshole. She immediately felt uncomfortable and told him No, but he held her in place and continued. He spit on his thumb to get a little more lube and started to push his thumb inside her anus. She tried to pull away but he held her tighter and pushed his thumb deeper in her asshole. He held her in place while hammering her cunt with his long cock and he pushed his thumb as deep into her bowels as he could. This felt incredible to Michael as he could feel his own cock sliding in and out of her cunt against his thumb which was just separated by a thin layer of her skin. This was finally a little more than he could take and he felt his balls starting to churn with a burning feeling that he couldn’t stop. He told her he was going to cum and asked if he could cum inside her. She told him Yes cum inside me! With that cue he started to shutter and buck and grabbed her forcefully as tight as he could. He pushed deep inside her as far as he could as his cock exploded, started pulsating and pumped a huge load of hot white semen deep inside her ravaged cunt hole. When he pulled out his cock it was shiny and covered with her juices and his. Her lips and clit were swollen to the point that she wondered if they would return to normal size and his load was already running out of her wet slit. He fell on top of her, and held her as they took several minutes to catch their breath and get some kind of comprehension as to what had just happened.

They finally caught their wind and started getting dressed. Michael told her how incredible she was and she told him she felt the same, that she couldn’t remember ever having sex that good. He told her he was glad that she was on the pill because he wanted to cum inside of her badly. She smugly looked at Michael and said I’m not..but it’ll be ok. He was a bit bewildered and had to just hope that it would be ok, it would be a little embarrassing to explain that to her husband but she didn’t really care.

After they were dressed they kissed several times and he mentioned that he hoped they could have a repeat performance, Lisa agreed and told him that she would be ready whenever he was!

She still had to work for a few hours so she went into the ladies room to wipe Michaels cum out of her panties, she was amazed at the amount of sperm that had seeped out of her pussy, she was thinking that he hadn’t cum in a year by looking at the load he left in her!

When she was finally off work and driving home she continued to feel his juice oozing out of her well fucked pussy. She reached down her pants and felt her still swollen clit, she was sensitive beyond belief but had to run a finger inside her wet hole to feel her soaked hole to remind herself that it wasn’t a dream. She absolutely could not wait to feel his massive cock inside her tight cunt hole again! And as far as feeling guilty?, Well, if the husb was too busy partying with his buds she could definitely find some incredible meat to stuff her hot hole with, the hell with him!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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