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“My pussy is so hot,” Kitty exclaimed. “I’ve missed you like you can’t even believe it!”

Kitty and I hadn’t seen each other in a few months. She had been working abroad and we decided to get together for a week’s interlude.

She was going to meet me on a business trip and then we were going to take a few days vacation on the beaches in the Hampton’s.

Prior to her leaving, I suggested to Kitty on the phone that we have a little warm up session when she was finished packing at her house. I said to her, “Are you in the mood to play a little now?”

“I think I might be – in a few seconds, Craig.”


Waiting for her at the airport the next day, I was thinking about our phone conversation the night before in exhilaration of her arrival.

Reminiscing, I recalled our phone sex.

“Good, Kitty – I’ll wait!”

When she was ready, I suggested to her a proposition of sorts. “How about if you slip a finger inside your ass and describe the feeling to me? I would like that a lot,” I manipulated.

My finger in her is good but I was not sure if she would let me go to the next step. But, I was trying to ‘loosen’ her up.

The story explained to me about anal play is that the butt opening and entry has nerves that are very excitable. After orgasming in the clit first is erotic; then with a little butt play and long penetration – a woman is supposed to be in heaven if she was sensitive in that area.

I thought it would be a great way to fuck at least once.

“Okay, Craig, I’ll lie on the bed and try.”

Kitty curled up on the bed in the fetus position reaching barely reaching her asshole.

When she did finally enter herself and moved her finger in and out, she said, “It is very erotic to me. Craig, but you are better at it, then me.”

“Kitty, some women really like anal stimulation and I think you are one of them. Make you butt hole dilate, relax and pretend like you’re summoning my dick into your cunt.”

I had such a hard on at that point. My dick was so swollen. I was tired of masturbating myself outdoors just for the thrill of it alone and wanton.

I had bought a butt plug for sex. I thought maybe Kitty wouldn’t know I was using it – till she came hard. It’s tapered, I thought and then if she likes it, I might …” I continued devilish thoughts to myself – or, I might dip my tongue in her ass to finish her off to ecstasy.

“I’m sweating, Craig, and it isn’t even hot in here. “It’s such a good feeling, as if you were fingering my ass instead of me.”

I could tell Kitty was getting heated up and balmy in the swampland of Houston.

“I’m relaxed all over. I can’t think straight,” Kitty said in a raspy, cumming voice.

“That statement makes me swell even more, Kitty. Continue, please,” I beseeched her.

“Me, too, Craig! I’m horney all over.”

“I may come soon,” bragged Craig.

“I don’t know what is going on,” Kitty said euphorically. “I’m getting my toy. Tell me what you’re going to do to me next.”

Kitty continued teasing her asshole with her finger. “It’s just a different feeling,” she said. “I’m starting to have butt spasms, or maybe it’s in the pussy or my clit. I can’t tell,” she panted ravenously.

“Is your toy in?” I pleaded.

“I’m squeezing my sphincter glands. Almost too hard,” she said as she was inhaling heavily by now and breathing bostancı escort loudly. I’m getting my toy and you keep talking to me, please, as I play?” Kitty entreated.

Kitty was getting breathless and I was losing her.

“I just came, honey. Keep going!”

I told her to, “Keep concentrating. Tell me how it feels! You’re quiet, that’s good,” I encouraged her. “Have some orgasms for me, as I listen.”

“Honey,” I asked. “Are you on the bed?” I didn’t hear anything else from her except one orgasm after the next. I stayed on the line for at least a half hour playing with myself with no relief.

I dropped into a slumber after her fifth orgasm, dreaming about her visiting me soon.


Thursday had been a really long day. There were meetings until 2 p.m. and then there was a ‘recreational period.’ When golfing was ended due to the horrid rains and the day was gone, I went to pick Kitty up at the hotel room for a formal company dinner.

The night comprised of the usual for a company function. We sat on the waterfront which was nice. But tonight, it was in the Florida Keys. So, we listened to the standard jokes and enjoyed the entertainment.

Indeed, Kitty looked beautiful. She had on a sexy red dress with a low-cut neck not too revealing and sophisticated. Her illumination was just enough to keep me hard most of the night. She stylishly wore her hair was up daintily. Classy and chic, she had on dangling diamond and ruby earrings I had given her for her last birthday. She cleverly wore no stockings in the humidity of the Florida Keys but beautiful high heals. I felt proud.

Kitty kept her hand on my thigh most of the night when no one was looking. Since, Kitty had arrived a few nights before; we had a chance to make up for lost intimate time we both lusted for. We had plenty of ‘room time’ after meeting and enjoyed experimenting a bit, if you know what I mean.


But, tonight, I was ready for bed and hit the hay within 45 minutes of the conclusion of the evening’s agenda.

I was tired and so was Kitty. In addition to our non-stop sex since she arrived wantonly, the previous two evenings in this hotel had been filled with interludes of its guests.

Firstly, there were the quick, almost incessant moves of other lovers rejoining themselves once again on this business trip as us. Then, (in addition to our lustful activities), others followed by the slow rhythmic strokes of people who have known each other for years fucking regularly to the wee hours of the morning when we all had to work the next day.

By night number three, I was getting somewhat tired and irritated. I am not 23 anymore. I looked forward to a night of great sleep just like the KITTY did.

Kitty and I tend to sleep head in shoulder as we did that night. The evening had been enjoyable and pleasant. Now, we were ready for a night of quiet and silence after our sex filled reunion the past few days.

Then, abruptly at about 3 a.m., I was annoyingly awakened by Kitty. She told me to be quiet and listen.

I could not believe what we were hearing in the room next door. It was in the hotel room adjoined to ours.

I will warn you now that your privacy stays at the front desk. It’s a good thing after what we had seen and listened to this week.

We started listening to the two young girls next door ümraniye escort bayan whom had obviously picked up some guys at the bar downstairs after the dancing had begun and the heavy drinking.

The foursome seemed to get down to business fairly quickly. We were curious about the arrangements since it was probably the girls’ room.

‘I’ was somewhat surprised at how fast the noise in the room changed. I wanted to go to sleep badly.

Kitty, on the other hand, said we should continue to monitor the events we were embracing. She was always right and intuitive.

We propped ourselves up on the pillows and heatedly threw off the sheets. I clicked on ESPN. My attempt was to keep us from paying any real attention to the next room’s activities surrounding us.

Fortunately, Kitty had not lost her interest in the spectacle. I was sitting there in an exhausted and tired daze when Kitty clicked the volume on the TV to mute.

There was something I needed to hear, she explained.

We listened intently as the initial sounds of the pickup fuck unfolded. After about two minutes of what we assumed was kissing, a new sound entered the arena.

It was the sound of a blowjob … fairly strong suction was in our mist, I believed.

Like I said, I was very tired. That equates to my penis laying off to the left and pointing down towards my feet.

However, the sounds of sucking combined with the soft gentle touch of KITTY titillating the bottom side of my balls redirected my interests.

I started rising to the occasion as you may expect. Four people in one room and wondering the arrangements, I became suspicious.

Miss Kitty was navigating my bundle while having a firm grip on the controls.

We listened for several minutes more as the party next door ensued from oral fun to right out and out fucking.

One of the girls sounded as if she was trying out for the choir! I think she made it.

As I said earlier, Kitty and I had planned on having quiet and relaxing night to wake up to in the morning. That means no fluid exchange! But, by now it began to feel like things were bound to change.

As we listened to the one girl getting drilled next door, Kitty started really overshadowing my hard cock with her widening mouth. She is a petite and seductive girl.

The way Kitty liked to kneel sucking my cock was with her ass pointed off to the right side of the headboard. She presented me with a target pointing out what I couldn’t refuse to embrace and enter rapidly.

As I was sitting up and enjoying both the blowjob and the sounds exuding from the fucking in the room next door, it occurred to me that I should be more hands on.

Kitty was on her knees angling down towards the end of the bed now. I took the middle finger of my right hand and slid it up her pussy. As wet as she was, it hardly registered to me because I was so inflexible.

As Kitty was very engrossed in sucking me hard, I slid my finger in her asshole. She let out a deep sigh and started sucking me even more if that is possible. My finger had made barely a dent in her hole so I pulled my hand out another finger and added another it to my anal task in mind.

Kitty seemed very interested as she kept sucking me hard, more and more enthusiastically. The asshole titillation seemed to help wonders. I was enthralled getting kartal escort the best blowjob she had ever given me.

We entered back into a rhythm that soon would make us both cum.

The sounds of the pickup fucks taking place next door only added to our excitement. Well, all is fair in love and war. Since, our neighbors caused the whole activities we were implementing; it was time to keep them awake.

I spent the next minutes with me masturbating her pussy and ass as she consumed my dick in her mouth. She was pretty hot and bothered by now.

Kitty bucked back towards my hand so impressionably that I thought that I would slip myself in her up to my elbow. I am not so sure that that she would think it was that fun.

My balls were fully loaded in spite of our relentless triumphs in the days before. A new feat was about to be embraced and exploited by me. I felt encouraged and brazen at this point.

Kitty swallowed me on purpose that night or perhaps without her cognizance. Generally, history would dictate that after our previous dalliances, my load would be somewhat less in quantity than earlier.

Kitty had anticipated the same this night but, we were both wrong.

I probed her ass opening more incessantly. I went in deeper and deeper. As I did, her sighs became increasingly louder, almost louder than our neighbors next door.

Soon I came and my cum was the consistency of cheap cake icing … it stayed where it was applied. Kitty had swallowed at least four times to ingest my sperm as she was gagging for relief from her orgasm.

She had already cum hard on my hand. So, when I shot it warmly in her small mouth, it was her turn, so to speak. I felt the liquid pumping out of me into her mouth. It felt like much more than it should have been.

I wish I could deliver such a large load every time but the climax was even better.

As Kitty struggled with my dick throbbing in her mouth, catching every drop, she still had my dick in her mouth like a vice grip.

As I had one finger in her pussy and other one in her ass, her pussy was now gripping my fingers like a vice grip. She was moving her cute ass up and down, forwards and backwards to my delight and her ecstasy.

First, her pussy orgasmed again as she gasped.

But, the surprise and most wonderful part of the early morning was that she climaxed all throughout her pussy and ass yelping the loudest orgasm I had ever heard from her. She was spasming and moaning like a wild woman in heat and wonderment amidst a fog of pleasure and satisfaction.

As the noise stopped within our bedroom, there were more releases of pleasure coming from the room next door. I think, we had then been offered a standing ovation to our exploitations and antics.


I wanted to thank the folks next door for their adventures the next morning, but, we never saw them again. I am sure that we came a lot better than they did though with our combination of competition, heat and love towards one another.

Kitty left that afternoon for the Hampton’s. I was going to meet her later. She called me shortly after she got to the hotel room. She asked me to hang on. When she came back, she said she wanted me to hear some things. “I went shopping today for a few new toys. I think this will bring back a few memories,” she said surprisingly.

I listened to her have eight more orgasms, one after another. I could hardly contain myself thinking I had brought out the beast in her I always yearned for.

With animal lust, I hoarsely said to her, “I’ll be there to meet you tomorrow.” I cut my meetings short and was a plane that evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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