Lindsay and the $400 Shots

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Lindsay and the $400 Shots

Lindsay quickly shut the front door and the blinds all over the house, put down her bag, and pulled out a decorative wooden box. The box was really old and worn; she found it in the basement and thought, it would hold what she just bought nicely. She was wearing a sweatshirt and under that was a tank top and some yoga pants. Lindsay was 17 years old, 5 foot 9 with dark hair she had with blond highlights. In it she had brown eyes. She was not super popular in school, but she was not a loser by any means. She was pretty, had c-cup tits and a nice ass that guys always looked it. She had had a few BFs that didnt work out. She fucked two of them and they had dumped her not long after she put out, so she was done with guys. She tried girls, but they all seemed like they were not really into girls, and they where just doing it for attention, so that didn’t work out either. She did go all the way with one of the girls, but she was more of a close friend and stayed that way. Lindsay had always wanted to be a dominant but when she explained this to her, she thought it was a joke and didn’t see how she could be a dominant. Lindsay didn’t like that her friend thought so, so she had a plan starting with this box she had.

“$400 for this.” Lindsay said. “It better work.” Lindsay reached into her pocket and pulled out her small key for the small padlock on the box. She put the key in and turned it. With a soft ‘click,’ the lock was open. She flicked open the latch, and opened the box slowly to reveal the 4 small bottles the size of shot glasses. They had a small cork in the top sealing the blue liquid inside. Lindsay took one bottle of the stuff out and inspected it. Looking at it in the light she said:

“This better not be just blue kool aid.” She pops the top off and says, “Bottoms up.” She downs the liquid and sets the bottle down firmly.

“Oh fuck! That taste like vinegar!” She stands back and closes her eyes. a few seconds pass then thirty seconds. “Well that’s that, I guess. I am out $400 on 4 Oz of blue vinegar. I knew it was too good to be true.”

Lindsay then took 3 steps and then felt a huge cramp in her gut. She grabs her gut and screams, “OH FUCK!” She then feels her shaven pussy start to tingle and grow hot. She grabs her crotch and feels that the crotch of her pants are wet. She feels something moving through her pussy; then pokes her hand. She bahis firmaları screams as she pulls her hand away, and steadies herself on the kitchen counter. Moaning and groaning and gasping in pain, her yoga pants start to make a tent in her pants, and the fabric starts to rip and tear and out comes this cock from her pussy. It slides out, and as it stops growing in length, it starts to bend up and out in front of her, and with one final scream, two balls fall out of her pussy and hang there under that massive cock that just sprouted from her pussy. Breathing heavily, Lindsay opened her eyes and stared at her crotch that had a huge dick now. It was wet and shining in the light, it had to been 10 inches long. She reached out and grabbed it; she gasped with shock when she touched it.

“HAHA! Yes, it’s true. I can feel it and everything just like he said,” she exclaimed. With further inspection she found the balls.

“OH SHIT! I have balls too. haha. This is great.”


“Oh fuck! Who’s that?”

Lindsay went to the door and opened it slowly just so she could see who was there and not enough for whoever it was to she that she had a huge hard cock right now.

“Oh hello Ms. McDonnell. How are you?”

“Are you alright? I heard screaming,” she asked.

“Oh ummm. It’s hard to explain Ms. McDonnell,” Lindsay said, red-faced.

“Oh I see you’re on your period. Do u need a tampon?” Ms. McDonnell said.

“What! Oh yes. Yes that’s it. Um, no. I am ok. I have some, Ms. McDonnell. Good bye, Ms. McDonnell.”

“No, no. I should come in,” Ms. McDonnell said, pushing the door open. Lindsay pushed back holding it where it was.

“Oh, no need for that Ms. McDonnell. I will just have some sprite and lay down,” Lindsay lied.

“Are you sure, Lindsay? I could come in and-”

Lindsay cut her off, “Oh no. I am ok Ms. McDonnell. Really. Don’t worry about it,” as Lindsay closed the door.

“Well if you need anything, you know where to find me,” Ms. McDonnell called out. The door clicked shut.

“That was close,” she thought. “Now it’s time to test this thing out see what it can do.”

Lindsay got some lube out and sat down on the couch in the living room she had plenty of time till her mom got back so the house was to herself. She put some lube on her dick and hand and started to stroke her new cock slowly. She sat there admiring what a masterpiece kaçak iddaa it was. She noticed it was cut which was strange considering it wasn’t there to be cut when she was born “but it was also strange that a huge cock just grew out of her pussy,” she thought, so she just continued jacking off. “Oh man this feels good. It’s just like masturbating with my pussy; just this is on the out side. The faster I go, the better; it feels… hmmm…”

Looking at her cock and how long it was a wonderful idea crossed her mind. What if she sucked her self off? “That would be so hot!” she thought, so she opened her mouth and took it in and sucked on it like it was guys dick, and man, did it feel good! She sucked and jacked it off till she came hard, and when she did, lots of hot cum poured out and in her mouth. It tasted sweet. Unlike her ex BFs cum, hers was sweet. She swallowed all she could (some leaked out) and she cleaned up all the cum she could find.

“Mmm wow that was amazing and it tasted so good!” her cock was now starting to grow soft now she walked over to the old box where there was 3 remaining bottles and one empty from when she drank it. There was a piece of paper that read:

Ins-ta dick

You can now have a big dick girls! Yes! One bottle of this stuff and you will have a massive cock to do as you please! The cum that shoots out of your cock is real cum, so girls can get pregnant from it you can have your own kid now, you crazy lesbians. But the cum can not get the user pregnant so no worries if it gets in your pussy when your done. The effects of this will last for 6 hours and during this time you can get hard and cum as many times as you like but after 6 hours your cock will go back where it came from. If you want a cock for longer then take 2 for 12 hours of a huge cock and this works for the more you take it will last for another 6 hours. Well that’s it from us! Have fun with your new cock!

“6 hours!?” Lindsay said. “Miranda is supposed to be here in…” she looks at clock. “Oh shit! 10 minutes!”

Lindsay quickly tried to clean up the ripped yoga pants and cum on the couch running around her dick flopping side to side. Miranda was her best friend they had fooled around with each other before (experimenting) and she was the one that suggested that Lindsay try dating girls.

Lindsay managed to clean everything up and locked the box shut, running upstairs to hide it in her kaçak bahis closet and put some pants on. She quickly put on some skinny jeans and after they were on, she realized that was a bad choice of jeans although her cock was soft it would still show if she put it all in her pants she was about to change when the doorbell rang and Miranda walked in:

“Lindsay? Hello?”

She couldn’t not reply or get new pants on fast enough so she just called out,

“Up here!”

“Oh there you are.”

Miranda was wearing a skirt and a t-shirt which didn’t make sense. It was the beginning of December; it was freezing out there. Miranda didn’t have much of an ass to look at and had a sized tits barely noticeable but she had a good face she had blond hair.

“What’s up?” Lindsay asked

“Not much today. Why couldn’t we meet right after school?”

“Umm I had to pick up something.” Lindsay said nervously.

The girls talked for about an hour and Lindsay thought it was going good until Miranda dropped her phone and bent over to pick it up. When she did so Lindsay could see right up her skirt and to her surprise she wasn’t wearing underwear and she had a dildo in her pussy. It must have been there all day” Lindsay thought. “That’s so hot!” but right after she thought that she felt this filling feeling in her pants. “Oh no!” her dick was starting to get hard from seeing her friend’s stuffed pussy and no underwear. Lindsay started to fidget trying to cover her hardening cock. Miranda saw this and asked if everything was ok.

“umm Miranda. Why aren’t you wearing underwear?

“Oh you saw that. Well, I ran out.”

“What about the dildo?” Lindsay asked readjusting her seat.

“Oh do you like that? Hot isn’t it?”

“Umm yea.” Lindsay said, trying to forget it in hopes her dick will stop growing.

“Here. You want to try it out?” Miranda said pulling out the dildo.

This was too much for Lindsay. The button on her pants shot off, and her pants unzipped and her dick came falling off half hard now. Miranda stared at her friend.

“Wha..what is that?” Miranda stammered.

“I.. I can explain.”

“Ohhh, this will be a great post on twitter.”

Lindsay broke out in rage. “NO YOU WILL NOT TELL ANYONE.”

“Oh yea who’s going to stop me?” Miranda mocked.

“I am.” Lindsay said seriously. She garbed Miranda by the neck and threw her down on the bed and got her duck tape out and taped Miranda down. She wasn’t going anywhere.

to be continued

let me know how the story is

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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