Life of a Playboy Chapter 6

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The night of the party, I arrived suitably dressed in silk boxers and an overcoat. A fiery red-head in a lace teddy greeted me at the door and put away my overcoat, then rubbed my bicep as she guided me into the main living room. Two dozen people were already present, and only six of them were male. Already, the imbalanced ratio told me this was going to be a fun party.

A blue party cup full of some toxic mixture was handed to me, and then I joined the main group lounging on cushions and love sac bean bags around the floor. I recognized several people, and quite casually we all settled into a comfortable conversation.

An hour later, the party grew to 30, which was expected to be the maximum, and only 8 were male. The alcohol had kept flowing, there was a more decadent haze in the room from smoke that was not tobacco-based, and the conversation had taken a decidedly sexual tone. The music was pumping, a solid bass beat that had everyone’s heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

People were slowly grouping off, moving into more secluded corners to make-out and start feeling each other up. Now, an out in the air orgy was not planned, usually people would sneak away to quiet rooms. But I was already a little bit turned on by the feast of female flesh before me, beautiful women in all shapes, sizes, and cup sizes around me and doing their best to flirt and seduce. And my effect had seemingly already gone to work increasing physical excitement and reducing the Tri-Delt sisters’ inhibitions.

Heidi and Isabelle, both already familiar to me were leaning against my chest and shoulders, idly rubbing at my body while getting thoroughly drunk and antsy. I had one arm wrapped around Isabelle’s shoulders, the palm of my hand between her bra and a naked breast. My other hand was in Heidi’s panties, lazily tickling while we all kept up the conversation.

But one girl in particular had caught my attention. She was an athletic Amazon, at least as tall as me and built like a Greek goddess. Dark brown hair with natural curls fell over toned shoulders. Soft bangs framed her face and partially hid her brilliantly green eyes. Her limbs were quite slender but muscularly-defined, and her legs went on forever. In the middle, her large, full breasts were barely contained by a lace bodice, and she wore matching thong panties. Above all else, she possessed an exotically perfect face that would have put Aphrodite to shame.

This goddess was seated royally in an armchair above most everyone else, who were reclining on cushions closer to the floor. And despite her clear arousal she was still playing quite hard to get with any guy who approached her. When she did speak, her voice had a European accent which was at once intoxicatingly attractive and also threateningly bitchy.

Isabelle followed my gaze for most of the hour, and finally told me about her.

“That’s Kaia,” she whispered in my ear. “And forget about it. You’ll never get her.”

“Why not? Are you jealous?”

“No,” Isabelle giggled. “But she’s just a cocktease. She likes being in control, and I’ve never seen a guy actually bag her for as long as I’ve known her. She’d rather toy with them than actually fuck them.”

“Hmm.” I liked a challenge. Things had been altogether too easy for me lately.

I spent the next hour pointedly ignoring Kaia, enough so that everyone in the room had noticed. In the meantime, my arousal had only been building and building, and as I got hornier, so did every other female in the room. The music was seemingly louder, filling our ears as the world around closed in until there was nothing left but the lust, the music, and whatever gorgeous body was nearby.

None of the guys knew the truth about what was happening, but they certainly were enjoying the fruits of my labor. Two couples were clearly fucking not five feet from us, and I had already brought both Heidi and Isabelle to finger-licking orgasms. Other girls had split off into threesomes (foursomes!) or lesbian rug- munching fests. The conversation had died out, with pretty much everyone bursa escort heavily petting or blowing or sucking on something. There was nothing left but the symphony of an orgy set to a thudding bass soundtrack.

I was sitting on a nice cushion, leaning back against the couch while Heidi gave me an expert blowjob. I was rubbing at Isabelle’s pussy and nibbling on the back of her neck while my other hand palmed her swollen nipples and the two of us watched the scene unfolding in front of us.

Kaia was still in her throne, the fiery red-head sister eating out her pussy while she leaned back and simply enjoyed it. The only thing was that she looked rather unsure of herself as the lust flamed in her head almost out of her rigid control. Her eyebrows furrows as she panted and tried to comprehend why she felt so aroused.

Three different guys had propositioned her, but she shooed them away with the most careless of dismissals, still in control enough to be the Ice Queen. With other, more willing sorority sisters around, they were able to find new attractions. But now Kaia’s gaze was on me, watching me intently as if trying to figure out what was going on in my head. It was as if she could tell there was something very different about me from the other guys.

Heidi was doing her best to bring me off, but eventually she tired after almost fifteen minutes of my cock at diamond hardness and whined, “Dammit, come already!”

I grinned down at her. “Make me.”

Heidi took on a bold look in her eyes, and returned to my rod with new aggressiveness. But then I noticed that despite the red-head’s expert girl-loving, Kaia had not let herself orgasm either. I started staring her down, Kaia returning my gaze coolly. Finally, she called out “Jamie!”, and then a sandy-blonde California girl came around.

“Jamie, do me a favor?” Kaia asked, fighting past a soft moan. “Make that boy lose it. I just don’t think he could handle a challenge from you.”

Heidi got up and moved out of the way as the gauntlet had been thrown down, and I moved myself into an armchair directly opposite Kaia.

I caught Isabelle’s attention, who was relaxing after I’d brought her to two nice orgasms, and asked her if she could help me out with Kaia. With a devilish smile, she moved over to take the red-head’s place between Kaia’s thighs.

Jamie sashayed over to me, already naked from a previous encounter. She had a clean, California girl face and some of Beverly Hills’ finest breasts ever created over a silky smooth bare pussy. She straddled me, rubbing her soft vaginal lips along my wet prick while pressing those perfectly round breasts into my face. Then she slid lower, my shaft trapped between the folds of her pussy while she glided backwards, dragging her tits down my legs until my erection was held in the cleft between her heavy boobs.

I watched as Jamie tit-fucked me, opening her mouth on the downstroke and licking me for several seconds before gliding up and then returning back down, my rod encased in her warm flesh.

When I looked up and over, Isabelle was Frenching Kaia pleasantly while she stripped off Kaia’s bodice and then rubbed their boobs against each other. Eventually, she lowered herself down and began to lap at Kaia’s wet slit.

Meanwhile, Jamie was very, very good. In just a few short minutes she had picked up on my natural signals and figured out how to maximize my pleasure for rapid release. I felt my control slipping away from me as my balls started boiling, threatening to burst despite my intentions.

I turned my focus onto Kaia’s face, channeling all of my lust for her the way I would fixate myself on Mrs. Robinson or any other gorgeous woman I set my sights on. I watched Kaia’s upper torso as she jiggled and twitched in pleasure, my ?-pheremones now focused in on one girl.

Another sorority sister came and started rubbing my shoulders while nibbling at my ear and whispering dirty thoughts to me. Heidi went over to Kaia and started caressing Kaia’s large breasts and tickling any sensitive nerves she could find. Then another bursa escort bayan sorority sister came and rubbed at my chest, then directed my gaze to watch her tongue battling with another gorgeous woman, a vision that sent my heart racing even faster.

Picking up on the challenge, one of the males joined my team and went to Kaia, massaging her neck and shoulders, and the others in the room slowly split off to choose their sides or stay in the middle and watch.

Eventually, both Kaia and I had been fighting to hold back our climaxes for over a half an hour despite swarms of fingers, lips, and tongue stroking every inch of our bodies. Jamie finally just got up, shoved her round tits in my face, straddled my hips, and buried my cock into her wet snatch. I nearly lost it right then and there as I felt the warm wetness envelope me, and biting down on my teeth I blocked out the pleasure, squeezing my own inner muscles until I felt shooting pain inside my balls while fighting to hold myself back.

By now, everyone else had stopped their activities completely. The sorority sisters were still buzzing with sexual excitement, but the main event was the duel of control between Kaia and me. Everyone formed a circle around us, cheering drunkenly.

Jamie rode me powerfully, bucking like a bronco in my lap while rubbing her big tits against my cheeks. But I was on a mission that ego would not let me waver away from. I clutched Jamie’s body to my chest and looked beyond her to Kaia’s sweaty form, flushed red with arousal and trembling from pleasure overload. I willed her to climax in my mind, straining my brain even as the male massaged her neck, Isabelle rubbed at her breasts, and Heidi had most of her hand embedded deep inside Kaia’s pussy. And then at last, my mental power won out as Kaia’s emerald eyes flew open, her body went rigidly still, and then the earthquake blasted through her body as Kaia climaxed harder than she’d ever done in her life.

Every nerve ending in Kaia’s body was twitching and she shuddered so violently that everyone momentarily lost their grip on her. I was surprised she didn’t sprain something.

Just moments after I realized my victory, my muscles relaxed and immediately the dam burst inside of my balls, and my cock erupted inside of Jamie’s warm cavern. There was so much built-up pressure that I poured out in what felt like a single massive cannon blast, and Jamie visibly flinched when she felt the wave slam against her insides. And with my hands on her ass and my hips grinding against her clit she tripped over into an orgasm of her own, the hot blonde’s body quaking against me even as my entire body trembled against hers with the force of my ejaculation.

We were all done, the room silent as everyone rested in the aftermath of such explosive orgasms. Jamie toppled off of me to the floor, and a sorority sister went to lick and suck at her worn body. But the lust in me burned even more intensely than before. I knew exactly what I wanted, and who I wanted this very moment. The intense, raging desire felt like it formed a halo of flame around my body, radiating out into everyone in the room.

A chorus of female moans shattered the still air as my arousal slammed into them invisibly, and then I was out of my chair. Kaia lay limply against the cushions of her chair, still in shock at the force of her climax. But then I grabbed her inert body, ferociously yanking her out of the chair and planting her face-up on top of a wide suede bean bag. Kaia’s back was arched over the curving cushion with her head hanging off the far end while her ass perched on the nearer edge. I lay flat atop her, crushing her upright tits against my chest while I held her head in my hands and kissed her fiercely.

She managed to return my kiss with equal fervor, unable to put up any resistance to my blazing lust that filled the room and permeated every female, especially the one beneath my body. The harmony of moans spun into a melody of sex as a fresh full-blown orgy newly got under way, girls attacking anyone within reach.

I leaned escort bursa back for a brief moment, staring into Kaia’s green eyes that were wide and liquid and staring right back at me. I could see her desperate desire for me, and my muscles were filled with a rush of power. I had THE power, and the cacophony of wet meat slaps with groans and whimpers and cries of “fuck me” would be the soundtrack of my life.

I placed my new erection into the folds of Kaia’s bare-shaven pussy, and she merely spread her legs and crossed her heels behind my back. In one powerful thrust, I speared my way inside of this goddess, burrowing past her extreme tightness. She gasped at my penetration, but the silky wetness of her insides let me glide all the way down slowly until I was embedded completely.

She let her head fall back, feeling the blood rush into her brain while I drew myself back, and then thrust in again. And again. And again. I suckled at her nipples and bit down on her neck, leaving my mark for all to know and remember: I had conquered the Ice Queen.

Kaia had two powerful orgasms, my effect helping her enjoy the best fuck of her life while she screamed at me to split her open and fuck her even harder, completely submissive to my will. Finally, I filled her twitching pussy with my creamy load, and then I was straddling the bean bag and her torso while she sucked my deflated pecker and massaged my wet shaft with her breasts.

Jamie parked herself between Kaia’s legs and was slurping out our mingled orgasmic fluids, and even licked Kaia to a fresh orgasm while Kaia’s lips clamped down almost painfully about my re-hardening rod.

When I’d attained sufficient hardness, I stood up for a moment to survey the scene around me. Every single person was engaged in a sexual activity, the girls still buzzing with arousal and all males had dicks embedded in wondrous pussies or wet mouths. I had my pick of 22 different women, but my focus was all on ravaging the goddess beneath me.

I flipped Kaia’s body over, my eyes trailing down her spine to a narrow waist and an ass so tight I could barely dent her skin with my fingers. We were both hot and sweaty, our skin slick with moisture and my erection soaked and dripping saliva. I pinned Kaia down and spread her asscheeks wide for me, and with a loud scream from Kaia I pierced her asshole and sank my dick deeply into her rear chute.

Kaia howled with mixed pain and pleasure as I reamed her out. I was damn certain to give the Ice Queen the fucking of her life that she would never ever forget. I lifted her hips until she got to her hands and knees, precariously perched on the bean bag while my hands circled her hips to massage her love button. Her entire body shook forward with each impact, her tight asscheeks doing little to cushion each crash of our hips.

Kaia had one loud, screaming orgasm before the she finally decided she’d had enough of being the submissive one. She was still turned on beyond belief, but she was used to being the Queen and took charge of our fucking.

Kaia pulled me out of her ass and then before I could react, shoved me onto my back across some cushions on the floor. Then pivoting, she straddled my hips and carefully guiding my erection, sank my cock up her back door once again, watching my face the whole time.

I lay back and groaned at the tight, dry heat surrounding my sensitive flesh, and enjoyed watching Kaia’s perfect breasts bouncing up and down with every thrust.

Kaia had a new orgasm before she really started to ride me, squeezing her butt muscles tightly until I couldn’t handle it any longer and came, geysering my fluids up Kaia’s ass. She howled excitedly as she felt each spurt splash against her bowels. I had waited over 35 minutes for my first orgasm, but now I had shot twice into Kaia’s body within the last 15.

Kaia leaned down to rub her nipples against my chest and kiss me while my cock slowly deflated inside of her ass.

She motioned to a few of her friends, until I was surrounded by four gorgeous sorority babes who were all rubbing at my chest and arms and cooing in lust for me. Kaia whispered, “Let’s get you rinsed off. And then? There’s a hot tub out back I’m sure we could make good use of.”


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