Library After Hours…

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Erica knew she had to leave and the hour was growing late but she just had to get this assignment turned in before the library closed. She was so engrossed in her typing she hadn’t heard the last announcement the librarian made for final checkout.

“Done!” she exclaims.

Then quickly looked around to see if she’d disturbed anyone with her outburst.

“Hmm, that’s strange. Am I really the last one left?”

Erica then realized the lights were being turned off section by section. She scrambled to pack up her books and laptop and haphazardly shoved them into her bag. She noticed she’d shoved a library book into her bag she hadn’t checked out.

“Crap! I’d better put this back before I go.”

She turned and headed down to the non-fiction section and hastily returned the book to its proper place. As she started to retreat she heard a vacuum cleaner come to life in the next aisle.

“Good grief I’ve got to get out of here! They’ve already started cleaning.”

Erica headed back to the individual cubicle she’d used to retrieve her things. Just as she turned to go a man appeared in a drab olive green cleaning service uniform. He stood so close she could see the company’s name, “Chad’s Cleaning Service” was embroidered on his left shoulder.

“Um, Miss do you know the library’s now closed? I hate to be the one to tell you but those doors won’t open again for another 8 hours, at the end of my shift. The Librarian comes in about 7 a.m. to relieve me. The employees and my boss are the only ones with the security access codes.”

Erica looked at the guy like he was insane. Is he serious she thought? 8 stinky hours stuck in the library! I mean who’s the dork responsible for making sure all the patrons where gone? It wasn’t completely her fault she didn’t hear the closing announcement. Well ok, actually it was partly her fault but hell, didn’t someone always go through the place kicking people out?

“That cannot be the only way to get out of here Mister. You’ll just have to call one of the employees or your boss and get the code so I can get out of here.”

Just ataşehir escort then she noticed the cleaning guy looking at her ample cleavage which was clear from her scoop neck t-shirt she’d hastily thrown on this afternoon. She’d made the unwitting judgment call of going it 70’s style without her bra. She liked the feeling of being free. Even though her girls were just D cups she still got her fair share of hoots and hollers with or without her bra. As proven by the cleaning guy’s lack of attention to her face. She also realized her nipples had peaked but wasn’t sure if that was due to the cool air controlled temperature of the library, or Mr.Clean’s rapt attention to her tits. Embarrassingly, this turned her on. He couldn’t seem to look away. Was he that desperate or were her tits that fabulous he just couldn’t help himself. She was hoping for desperate. She could work with that. Been a while since she’d been laid anyway

“Hey Sir, I have a proposition for you.”

“Uh, a what Ma’am?”

“A proposal, an idea that will perhaps help us both get what we want tonight.”

Just then, Erica ran her hands slowly over her ribcage, gliding upwards towards her breasts and gently palmed both luscious caramel lobes. She slowly kneaded and massaged them right before his eyes. The cleaning guy shook his bald head as if he were waking from a dream.

“Do you like what you see?” Erica whispered.

He began to raise his hands toward her breasts. He suddenly stopped as if having second thoughts and stuttered.

“Uh, uh, ma, ma’am I don’t think this is a good idea. What if my boss finds out or comes in? I could get fired.”

Still massaging her luscious tits and now pinching and rolling her nipples through her t-shirt, she realized he needed a little more incentive to help her out. Her hands slid to the edge of her shirt and pulled down the front of her tee. Her breasts spilled right out of her top. His eyes grew large as saucers, and Erica noticed the bulge in his pants had grown as well. She lifted her head just in time as it would’ve collided with his. He backed her up kadıköy escort against the desk, lifted her ass to rest on the edge and latched on to a hard chocolate nipple. He was suckling her with the ferocity of a hungry pup. Sucking and nipping her nipples as he squeezed them both at the same time. Erica’s head lolled back on her shoulders as the suction of his warm moist mouth sent fiery sensations of pleasure straight to her throbbing cunt.

As his mouth alternated from one nipple to the other, he ground his pelvis into her moistened silk clad mound. This was when she realized her denim mini skirt had risen up her hips exposing her red thong. The friction from his grinding created an exquisite sensation causing her sensitive clit to stiffen, and her pussy to moisten even more. Erica was caught in a wickedly delightful maelstrom of sensation. She felt Mr. Clean pull aside her thong, glide up and down her slit with the knuckle of his finger, causing her juices to coat the digit in creamy slickness. He slowly inserted his finger into her tight pussy and she gasped at the initial entry. Erica ground her hips into his hand to deepen the contact. Rotating her hips to simulate the fucking she so desperately wanted. His moans were a sign that he was just as affected by the contact as she was. Tightening her feminine walls around his finger urged him to insert another. He was now fucking her with his thick thrusting fingers. Erica felt her cream flow, coating his fingers, and onto the desk below as the surface became slick. Lubrication was never a problem for her.

He felt her cum drench his fingers and became desperate to taste the source. He dropped to his knees and began licking her from the crevice below her slick mound straight up to the tip of her sensitive clit. He sucked her throbbing nub, and inserted his tongue like an eager cock hell bent on drilling for white gold. His tongue action was so intense Erica began to feel the beginnings of her first orgasm of the night. The cleaning man must have felt how close she was because just then he stood and began unzipped his fly. Out popped bostancı escort bayan the thickest cock she had ever seen. Considering her ex-boyfriend of 2 years had been her 4th lover, she hadn’t seen many. The veins were thick and pulsed angrily. The mushroom like head was oversized and looked an angry red in color as he stroked himself preparing to enter her glistening core. With a grunt he began to work his way inside her tight pussy. It was a deliciously snug fit as he thrust his way into her tight canal. Thankfully she was so aroused and wet he didn’t have long to work his way inside of her.

Balls deep flush against her pussy he took a minute to latch onto a chocolate nipple. Erica moaned from the dual sensation of being filled full of dick and her sensitive nipples being sucked and pinched. It didn’t take much thrusting from her lover before she found herself on the brink of orgasm. It ripped right through her with a savage fierceness. She screamed “Fuck yes!” as loud as she pleased since they were the only ones present. He began to ease up off her tits as she could see the veins bulge from his forehead as sweat dripped onto her breasts. He was close. His thrusts picked up speed and his moans became growls. Erica could see their reflection in the glass encasement which surrounded the cubicles and the sight of her outstretched legs resting in the crook of his elbows was hot. Even more so was the sight of as his ass muscles as they flexed on every upstroke. This drove her to the edge again. His face contorted as he growled one last time, slammed into her drenched mound and froze as he released steamy stream after stream of hot cum into her pulsing cunt. As he emptied the last of his spunk into her, his upper body collapsed onto her breasts. After a few minutes, Erica could feel his deflating cock slide out from between her soaked lips. As he staggered back and rested against the glass and pulled his dick inside his pants, he grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“Ma’am I forgot to mention the alarm on the back door has been broken for over a month now. Odds are it’s safe to leave that way.”

With that said, he adjusted his pants, turned and left to resume his vacuuming. Erica slid down off the desk with a satisfied smile on her face nonetheless. Who was she to complain, she’d gotten her work done and her pussy worked. Seemed like a win-win to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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