Let’s Take A Ride

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We have waited weeks to get together, and it is finally going to happen. We agree to meet after work and you said that you want to take me somewhere so that we can just be alone. We don’t need to romance each other right now because we know what we want. And the only way I know how to describe it is to say we just have a carnal desire for each other and that is that.

So, I find myself sitting in my apartment awaiting the doorbell to ring. There it is. My heart is pounding now. When I open the door the first thing I notice is your great smile and those mesmerizing eyes. The kind of eyes that can look at you and get you to do whatever it is he wants. I said, “Hold on I just have to grab my jacket and I’ll be ready to go.”

As we are walking to your truck I am filled with excitement and curiosity. The truck begins to roar and off we go. We have been driving for about 20 minutes or so and we are in an area I don’t know at all. The houses are growing further and further apart from each other and I’m thinking to myself, “Where is he taking me?” The other thing I am thinking is, “I wish ataşehir escort he would hurry up and get where we are going, because the anticipation is driving me crazy!” I have waited so long for this!

All of our conversations have me wanting you more than I could ever say in words, so I think I will just show you. You are still driving and I lean over and start kissing your ear, your neck, and my hand is rubbing the inside of your thigh. You start to squirm a little bit. I have to be careful I don’t want to distract you too much. My hand moves towards the button on your pants and now the zipper reaching down inside your pants I see that your cock is getting harder by the second. Maybe you are feeling the anticipation I have been feeling.

You need to hurry up and find a place to pull over. I can’t wait much longer. Finally, you pull off onto this dark road only the headlights from your car are visible. No houses in sight. This has to be it. You need to stop now. You pull over and put the car in park. Reaching your hand up around my neck clenching a fist full of my hair kadıköy escort you pull me close and start kissing me. Our tongues intertwined and engaged in wet, deep kisses. I want you so bad! I want to feel your touch. The touch I have only dreamed of until now. I want to feel you inside of me.

I climb on top of you and we are still kissing. I can hear our breathing becoming heavier. Our bodies are in a constant state of movement. Your hands fall down and cup my ass. Feeling our tongues probing, lightly touching has me so hot for you. I love the feel of our bodies grinding against one another. Your cock is straining against your pants. Hmmmmm I think we need to take care of that. So, I climb off of you and pull your pants off. My hand reaches down and takes hold of your cock. I lean down and my mouth encircles your cap and your hand reaches under me and slides in my pants again. This time you can feel how wet she is for you.

You slide your finger inside of me while I am taking you in and out of my mouth. Your other hand is on the back of my head, guiding me. I keep alternating, bostancı escort bayan my warm mouth is gliding over your cock up and down and my tongue is licking the full length of your shaft. I can’t wait much longer to feel you so I lean back on the seat and you turn a little bit spreading my legs apart. Then pulling her lips apart you take your tongue and start licking her ever so lightly. Then you move a little more aggressively with your finger inside of my pussy. You stop for just a moment just long enough to slide your cock into my wetness. You are thrusting inside of me and sucking on my nipples. I’m thinking to myself that it is a little funny because you seem to know just what I want, but I suppose when you have the discussions like we have you start to have an idea of what makes me feel good. And I think you have made some good mental notes. You slide out of me and I turn around. You thrust your cock back inside of my pussy fucking me the way I dreamed you would.

I scream, “Please don’t stop now!” You suddenly feel my pussy tighten around your cock. You stay inside of me long enough to enjoy the feeling of her pulsing around you. And then you slide out of me and I turn around and take hold of you again. Looking up at you I can see you are about to cum. I can tell by the sounds you are making. Don’t hold back. I want to taste you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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