Lesson Learned

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At 18 I had very little experience with other guys, I had played with a buddies hard cock once but that was it. So one day I worked up the nerve to go online and join the chatroom for guys looking to hook up. I started to chat with a guy named Eric. He was 26 and very fit. Told me he had an average cock and was up for anything. He asked what I was looking for. I told him I had very little experience with guys so I was not sure. I told him that I always wanted to suck a guys cock but so far have not done so.

He remarked about a fucking a virgin mouth, using me as he saw fit. I was a little uncomfortable with how he started talking but at the same time, I couldn’t help but to keep responding. Finally he sent me his address and told me to come over in an hour.

His apartment was only a short way away so I headed right over. I was almost shaking by the time I was standing at his door. I just stood there almost turning to walk or run away but I mustered up the courage and knocked on the door.

He opened the door wearing only sweatpants that had been cut off just above the knee. He looked me up and down checking me out from head to toe, then stepped back and let me come in. I just stood there maybe six inches from his bare chest as he reach around and shoved the door close. The sound of the door slamming shut made me jump I was so tensed up. He smirked at my discomfort.

He just stood there for what felt like hours I was too nervous to even move or to look him in the bahis firmaları eyes. I just stared at his bare chest. He took a step back and gave a look and just nodded as if to say “well what are you waiting for?”

I pulled my shirt off and stood there not sure what to do next. He reached up and put both hands on my shoulders. His touch was like electricity pulsing through my body.He gently but forcefully push me to my knees. I was staring at his crotch just inches away. Slowly almost by their own my hands raised up to the waistband of his shorts. Slowly I started to pull down his shorts. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face.

He let up on me and placed his strong hands over top of mine at his sides and slowly pushed my hands down taking his shorts down as well.

As his shorts fell away I was face to face with his semi hard cock. It was all ready 7 inches and massively thick. I just stared at it. Awe stuck. My mouth dropped open on it’s own. I almost did not feel his hand on the back of my head. His other hand grabbing his cock at the base. I leaned forward slightly when he thrust his hips forward driving his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat in one shot.

I choked gagged tried to pull away from him but he held me in place. He just stood over me holding my head still as his cock fully stiffened in my throat. I struggled and tried to pull back fearing I would not be able to breath, but his hands held me firmly in place.

Much to my kaçak iddaa relief, he started to pull his now rock hard cock out of my mouth. It just kept coming more and more of it hard as steel. His cock must be over nine inches long and thicker than anything I could imagine.

Just as the head of his cock pulled back to my lips he slammed it back down my throat. Choking I felt drool running down my chin and even my chest. Again he rammed himself deep, pulling back half way and slamming back in. His thrusts were becoming faster and faster. Tears were running down my face. I was gasping for breath only to be choked on his cock and drool flowing out of my face.

Slamming his cock deep down my throat he held it there. I started to struggle to breathe. I started to gag so hard I thought that I would puke. He held my head tightly so i could not move. My face pressed into his crotch, unable to breathe or see anything fear was starting to take hold. I was in full panic when he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I quickly gasped for a few breaths. His hands then pulled me toward him again. He did not drive his cock as deep but rather started to fuck my mouth. After a minute or two he started driving deeper and harder into my mouth. Pulling my face hard onto his cock. I started choking again. Drool now covered my bare chest down to my waist.

His thrusts got deeper and harder. Tears were streaming from my eyes as he started to grunt. A deep animal like growling started to come kaçak bahis from him. He was pounding my face so hard it was like being punched with every thrust.

Without warning he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved me backward towards the front door. I lay up against the door, he takes a step towards me. Strokes his cock a few times and shots. His cum shoots through the air and lands on my chest. He keeps cumming five or six spurts of cum hitting me mixing with all the drool and slobber that covers me.

He steps back pauses and takes a few deep breaths. Looks over and picks up my shirt throws it at me and speaks for the first time.

“Ok you can go now.”

I just sit there for a minute not sure what I should do. He just wants me to go. I’m covered in spit and cum. His cum and he wants me to go.

He grabs the doorknob and starts to open the door. I jump up looking at him confused. I pull my shirt over my head and walk out the door to my car. By the time I get to my car, I don’t know what to think. Part of me is so humiliated by the way I just got used, raped even. Another part of me was really turned on by it. I climbed into my car wet with drool and cum from my neck to my cock. My short were wet. I felt dirty.

My cock was rock hard. I just sat there confused and super horny. Next thing I know I’m pulling my shorts down to my knees and I start jerking off right in the parking lot in broad daylight. It only takes a few strokes, I pull up my shirt just in time to shoot my load on my chest. It mixes with the drool and Eric’s cum running down my chest now pooling in pubes.

Later that night I get a message from Eric telling me I should contact him when I want more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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