Late Seven

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Late Seven
By Systematic

Sandy wanted to get laid. I could tell from the looks he was giving me, his body language. It had only been a week since our sleepover, but he was getting impatient. He was giving me all the signals, and it was Friday, so it looked like it was time for another sleepover. Sandy was too polite to suggest it, so I did it for him. He almost hugged me right there in the classroom.

Edie had been watching. When Sandy had left, she looked at me, then after him.

“What?” I said.


“We’re going to play video games. You want to come?”

“No, no.” She shook her head. This was strange. Edie is shy and withdrawn and awkward, but right then I got the idea she knew something I didn’t. What it could be, I wasn’t sure. I eyed her thoughtfully, and she started turning red. Sandy came back into the room, and she moved away. I stared after her.

“What is it?”


“What’s with you and Brett?”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s been acting funny around you,” Sandy said.

“So what? He wants me dead.”

“I’m not sure he does.”

When I got home, Red was waiting for me. And she had that look in her eye. I reminded her that I was injured, and she backed down, but only reluctantly. It felt like I barely had time for a nap before Sandy showed up. I pretended not to notice the way Red’s mouth watered when she took his coat. She was just full of kinks – a budding masochist, and now a thing for pretty boys.

We ate dinner and traded gossip. Sandy was asking me about the family the was staying in the house next door for the week, and he didn’t believe me when I told him that I didn’t know if there had been any erotic escapades over there. I didn’t know because I hadn’t looked. I hadn’t looked because I wasn’t interested. It’s one thing when these situations fall into your lap, but it’s different if you go looking for them. That’s creepy.

Soon we were in my room. I was at the desk, and Sandy was pacing around with the tablet, reading my latest.

“What country were they from?” he asked.

“I don’t know.”

“How can you not know?”

“I never heard them speak. Someone said they were foreign.”

“I wish I’d seen çeşme escort bayan that.”

“It was kind of weird, because they were into each other too much for sisters. Weird.”

“Twins can get away with anything. It’s hot.”

“I guess.”

Sandy wasn’t going to let me fritter away the evening without anything happening, like I had done several times before. He wasn’t wearing his pajamas this time. Now it was short cotton shorts that hugged his bottom, and a light yellow shirt with long sleeves that clung to his slender chest. His hair was still damp from the shower, and I could smell the body wash on him from across the room.

He was getting restless, and I needed to get away from Oracle’s forum posts before they gave me high blood pressure. I looked over at Sandy, who was at the window, looking down at the yard, probably imagining the scene I’d described in my story.

“Have a seat,” I told him. He brightened and came over to perch on my lap. Just like last time, it was stimulating, but he wasn’t taking the lead tonight. I was injured, so we were going to do things at my pace. I pulled up Oracle’s newest story. “Have a look,” I told him. He leaned forward, knowing the effect it would have on me, and started to read. I opened the desk drawer and took out a box.

“What do you think?”

He licked his lips. “Not bad.”

“I like this one,” I said. “She’s branching out.”

“So do I.” I could tell by the way he was shifting around. I opened the box. “What’s that?”

“It’s a sex toy.”

“What?” He looked down on it.

“An artificial vagina.”

“Where the hell did you get something like that?”

“I didn’t get it. It was a gift.” It had turned up on my desk a few days ago. I knew Red had left it there. I didn’t know why. I guess she was determined to make our relationship as unprofessional as possible. “You’re going to use it.”

“What? Have you used it? What’s it feel like?”

“Of course I haven’t used it. That would be weird.”

“I wouldn’t care.”

“That’s because you’re a pervert,” I told him, pouring lubricant into the device. I switched it on and it started to heat up.

“What’s it do?”

“It gets warm and vibrates escort çeşme and squeezes and stuff.”

“That’s fancy.”

“Isn’t it?” I reached around and put my hand in his lap. Sure enough, he was hard. So was I. I couldn’t have him in my lap and not be. “It’s still warming up. Keep reading.”

“Some of her characters remind me of people from school.”

I knew what he meant. Oracle’s characters did seem familiar, but I wasn’t sure how. Sandy spontaneously leaned back and kissed me, and I kissed him back. The toy was about ready, so I fondled his erection over his shorts for a moment, and he got the idea. He levered his bottom off my lap long enough to slide his shorts to mid-thigh, revealing his hard penis. I was only wearing boxers, and as he lowered his warm, bare bottom back to my lap, I know he could feel me between his cheeks.

I offered him the toy. He looked surprised.

“You’re not going to do it?”

“You do it.” I put my arms around him and rested my chin on his shoulder.

“I can’t tell if you’re being romantic or lazy.” But he was too turned on to care. He looked down at the toy. “I just put it in there?”

“Unless you have a better idea.”

Sandy gasped, and I felt his body shudder as he pulled the toy down onto his shaft. “Oh God,” he said, eyes closed. “It’s warm. And it’s moving.”

“It’s supposed to.”

Slowly, he pulled it up, then pushed it down again, sucking in a shuddering breath. “Wow.”

I hadn’t counted on how this was going to feel for me. His lower body was unconsciously active. As the feelings of pleasure spread through him, his buttocks quivered and tightened, and I was afraid I was going to have a repeat of last week’s mess in my shorts.

He wasn’t able to read the story and use the toy at the same time. He was leaning back into me with all of his weight now, and moving the toy up and down his erection more rhythmically.

“My God, Late.”

I nibbled his ear, and he made quiet sounds of pleasure. I slipped my hand into his shirt and rubbed his hard nipples. It was funny to me that his squirming around like this was going to get me off faster than his lapdance had. But I wouldn’t cum before he did. I grabbed his wrist çeşme escort and held it, preventing him from lowering the toy. He let out a moan of frustration.

“Not cool,” he panted, turning his head to look at me. We kissed, and I ran my finger along his exposed shaft, which was slippery with the artificial lubricant that had come with the toy. It trembled when I touched it.

I wasn’t really out to torture him, though. I let him go, and he resumed. I was getting close myself.

Sandy stiffened, his entire body going taut and rigid. His breath caught, and I could see the base of his penis contracting. His hips thrust upward, out of his control, with every spasm as he emptied into the toy. It was too much for me too, and this was the second time he made me cum with no hands. My boxers became a hot, sticky mess, that I knew Sandy could feel on the skin of his backside.

He sank back into me, the toy still firmly impaled on his penis. “Technology,” he gasped, grinning at me. Now I was kind of curious to use it. But not tonight.

Later, Sandy was on his back on my bed, his legs over my shoulders, and I was slowly and gently pushing into him. It was all I could do with my ribs this way. He put his arms around my neck, and I kissed his throat.

“Edie,” he said, his face red, and his voice very breathy. “She’s acting strange.”

“I know,” I replied, and he bit my shoulder on a deep stroke.

“I saw her eating lunch with Kylie,” he panted, then moaned as his erection was briefly pushed against his body, leaving slippery pre-cum on my abdomen.


“Kylie,” he gasped.

“They’re not even in the same class.”

“I know. More.” His breath was hot on my face. “I thought maybe she’d, oh, she’d let her read one of your stories, or,” he paused to whimper, “…something.”

“She’d better not have,” I said, speeding up despite my ribs.

“Oh God. Kiss me.” He pulled me down without waiting for an answer, and tightened around me. I came again, stronger this time, releasing four long contractions’ worth deep inside. I felt his penis jerk against me, and hot semen splashed over both our chests.

I couldn’t hold myself up any longer, so I let myself down to the side, and he snuggled up to me. I put my arm around him. “Kylie hates you,” he purred into my neck. “Edie loves you. If they’re hanging out, it’s got to be trouble.”

He was right, but we didn’t talk about it anymore that night.

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