Late Night Visitor Pt. 02

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~~~~~~~~Author’s note: I’m changing POV for this story, hope that’s okay. I prefer writing in third person, but inspiration just struck me for that first chapter. Also, a niece and uncle sharing a person, NO touching between the relatives. This story is pretty much gratuitous smut, no plot here what-so-ever.~~~~~~~~~

The sun was rising higher in the sky when Cassandra felt something moving along her body. She swatted at it with an irritated sound and tried to go back to sleep. However, the thing that was touching her did not get knocked away, but instead increased its attentions to her body.

A gasp escaped her mouth when her clit was suddenly caught between two fingers and played with. Suddenly alert, Cassandra opened her eyes only to be met by Mikal’s smirking face.

“Glad to see that you’re finally awake. I was beginning to think that I had fucked you too much and you would sleep through the day,” his eyes twinkled as one of his thick fingers slipped inside her pussy causing her to cry out.

“Mmm, I still think that you fucked me too much, but I’m definitely not stopping you from doing it again,” she emphasized her words with a thrust of her hips onto his finger.

Mikal’s blue eyes wandered down the delicious curves of the woman before him. He leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He delighted in the way her back arched and she pushed more of her large breasts in his face.

He started licking a trail down between Cassandra’s mountainous breasts, down her flat stomach, around her navel, and to her sinfully smooth area between her legs that was already glistening for him.

Mikal flicked his tongue out over her clit while adding another finger to her dripping pussy. Her whole body was a shivering shuddering mess at this point, silently begging him to do more, to bring her over the edge. But he was not going to do that yet. He wanted to watch her come undone at his hands.

“Do bahis firmaları you have any toys?”

“What?” Cassandra’s hazy brown eyes opened in confusion.

“Do you have any toys that you use to play with?”

“Oh, oh yeah, in my dresser. I’ll go grab it.”

Reluctantly, Cassandra pulled away from his mouth and fingers and walked into her bedroom. A moment later she returned a something in her hands.

When she handed it to Mikal he chuckled, “A glass dildo with bumps and swirls, huh? Well, this shall be fun.”

Cassandra laid back down on their makeshift bed of cushions and pillows and waited for whatever Mikal wanted to do to her. A shout left her lips as the cold glass hit her heated clit and moved downwards to her pussy.

“You’re wet enough that it will just slide right it,” to prove his point, that is exactly what Mikal did; slid the entire length of the dildo inside of Cassandra making her buck up to get away from the invading cold. “Mmm perfect, you will warm that up quickly enough, but I needed to see how you would react to the cold of it.”

Tortuously slowly, Mikal started moving the slowly warming dildo in and out of Cassandra. Heat appeared by her face causing Cassandra to look over. Mikal’s cock was standing to attention looking for a place to go.

Twisting into an odd position she leaned over and took it into her mouth and started sucking, savoring the flavor. Bobbing her head, she started moving to the thrusts of the dildo inside her. Mikal ran the pad of his thumb over her clit and she felt her orgasm approaching faster and faster. She gripped the base of his cock and started stroking with more passion, wanting him to cum too.

Mikal was the first to cum, shooting his cum down Cassandra’s throat. He increased the speed of rubbing her clit and she saw stars, cumming all over the dildo.

As their breathing evened out, Cassandra saw that Mikal was still slightly hard kaçak iddaa and she was still turned on. She wanted him inside her again.

Mikal was sitting up against the couch when she moved and straddled his lap. Moving forward and pressing her large chest against his muscular one, she kissed him and moved her hips against his.

Mikal’s hands came to have a bruising grip on her hips as he moved her how he liked and continued kissing. Slowly, his cock grew hard again and started rubbing against her pussy lips.

Standing up, Cassandra and Mikal moved to sit on the couch. Mikal sat down first and held his cock tight and then Cassandra sat down carefully in his lap, facing away from him.

She started riding his cock for all she was worth. They worth both so engrossed in their fucking that they did not notice the time, or hear the key turning in the lock, or the footsteps coming down the entryway; but they did notice the startled gasp.

Both looking up, they saw Lisa standing by the light switch of the living room with wide eyes. Cassandra opened her mouth to say something but Mikal thrust up into her at the moment and all that came out was a moan of pleasure.

“Hello, dear niece, I was just getting acquainted with your lovely roommate here. You really should have told her I was coming over. I nearly gave her a heart attack last night,” Mikal stated calmly as though he was not fucking the life out of Cassandra.

“Huh, what,” Lisa was hardly paying attention to what her uncle said as she was too busy staring at her roommate sweat covered body. Cassandra’s large breasts were bouncing as she rode Mikal’s cock, which looked much too big to fit inside her in the first place, her big brown eyes blown wide in lust, and her head thrown back in ecstasy. It had been a while since she had gotten to see Cassandra orgasm, at least since they had gotten really drunk and were watching a movie with some steamy scenes in it.

She kaçak bahis was fairly easy to seduce after the much alcohol and lusty images.

“Hmm, well, I see we have an interest in a similar type of woman, dear niece. Come, why don’t you suck on her nipples or lick her clit while I fuck her. She’s been such a good girl, she deserves a reward,” Mikal said as he licked along Cassandra’s neck.

Before she even knew what she was doing, Lisa was moving forward towards them. She needed to taste Cassandra again. Sinking down onto her knees, Lisa moved forward and managed to get lick at the wet clit. Moaning, she dove in and started licking, sucking, and kissing every part of Cassandra that she could get her hands on.

Lisa slid both of her hands up Cassandra’s body and grabbed hold of two handfuls of breasts. Kneading them and pinching the nipples between her fingers.

Meanwhile, Mikal was sadistically laughing on the inside. Maybe Lisa and Cassandra had experimented in the past, heck, maybe Cassandra was Bi, but she definitely leaned toward taking cocks, especially his cock at the moment.

Mikal could tell that he was getting close, and he started thrusting his hips up harder and harder into the 23 year old woman in his lap. His finger turned into a bruising grip on Cassandra’s hips when he slammed her down one final time and flooded her with cum.

A few more licks from Lisa and Cassandra was thrown over the edge too; her pussy clamping down on the cock still inside it as she stilled and cried out.

Mikal lifted Cassandra off of his cock gently and some of his cum flowed out of her pussy, “Weren’t you wearing a condom, uncle?” Lisa demanded angrily.

“Apparently not this time; anyway, I think we ran out. It’s a good thing both of us are clean,” Mikal commented as he pushed first one finger and then two inside his tired younger lover. He moved them in and out for a couple of moments and then took them out of Cassandra’s pussy and brought them to her mouth. Still in a daze, she did not think about it, she just opened her mouth and sucked on the digits. “Mmm, I do believe that I am going to enjoy the two months of meetings.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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