Last Minute Prom Date

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Melina Winslow knew her emotions weren’t right, it wasn’t right to dislike your own daughter, but she did. Melina thought her daughter was becoming a selfish, spoiled brat.

She knew it wasn’t entirely Helena’s fault. Her over-indulgent father spoiled her rotten and had gone overboard since their divorce 2 years ago. Whenever Helena would bat her soulful brown eyes at her daddy and give him that puppy-dog pout, Doug would give her anything she wanted. Her latest request had been for the money to go on a back-packing tour of Europe. Helena had left yesterday and wouldn’t be home for a month.

Normally, all that would have been fine with Melina. Helena was a straight-A student and could afford to miss the last week of school; she had no final exams and was graduating with honors. What bothered Melina … a lot … was the fact that she had not bothered to call her boyfriend Chase McCloud and let him know she was canceling their date for the Prom. It was too late for Chase to get another date now, which was a damned shame as far as Melina was concerned. Chase was one of the truly good guys out there, beautiful manners, hard-working and as far as Melina knew, he had not pressured her daughter into having sex. Not that Melina had any illusions about her daughter being a virgin, she was sure Helena had taken care of that a while back.

Melina brushed a stray blonde forelock from her blue eyes as she waited for Chase to arrive. He had called last night to make final arrangements with Helena for when he would pick her up. Melina didn’t know how to break it to him, so she told him Helena was out … true enough … and asked him to stop by today. He’d be here any minute. Just at that moment, the doorbell rang.

She answered the door and gave Chase a welcoming hug. At 6’4″ with dark, wavy brown hair and broad shoulders, Chase was a real catch. He was going to medical school and the McClouds, while not rich, were well-off and prominent in the community. Chase wouldn’t lack companionship for long if he dumped Helena and after today, Melina knew that was certainly in the offing. The 20-year old could do far, far better than her self-centered offspring.

“Please Chase, sit down,” Melina offered. “May I get you anything? A Coke? A beer?”

“No, thank you very much, Mrs. Winslow,” Chase smiled. His teeth were even and straight which made sense, his father was a dentist. “Is there something you wanted to talk to me about? Where’s Helena, isn’t she here?”

Melina knew the best way to tell the young man was straight out. “No Chase, I’m sorry, but she isn’t. She left yesterday for Europe and won’t be back for a month. I’m sorry she didn’t have the courtesy to call and tell you, I didn’t know until you called or I would have insisted.”

Melina saw from the look on Chase’s face he was genuinely stunned and hurt. She took his hands and gave them a squeeze. “You’re a very lovely young man and if I’m being honest, I think you’re too good for my daughter. She has far too much of her father in her and that isn’t a good thing.”

Chase nodded. “If I’m being honest, I never cared for Mr. Winslow. I think he’s a cheat and a con artist … sorry, but I’m speaking my mind. Not only that, but what man in his right mind would leave you? You’re the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen, sometimes …” Chase took a deep breath “… sometimes when I’d see you out by your pool in a bikini, I’d be looking at you and not at Helena.”

Melina laughed. “Goodness, how flattering that such a handsome young buck as yourself should be looking at an old woman like me,” She smiled. “I’m completely flattered, thank you.”

“You’re not old, I happen to know you’re 37 and you don’t look even that. You have a beautiful face and smile, a sexy body and stunning eyes, great legs and …” Chase stopped himself before he made a fool out of himself. “Even what you’re wearing today looks great on you.”

Melina felt enormously flattered at the attention of this handsome, rakish young man. She was wearing a pleated skirt and gauzy top, lacy lingerie underneath. As she had been outdoors most afternoons enjoying the sun and swimming, her skin was nicely bronzed. Daily swimming had trimmed off any excess flab; her body was in the best shape of the past 20 years. She crossed her legs and soaked up Chase’s subtle flirtations.

“I think I would like that beer now,” Chase smiled at her. It seemed to Melina that he didn’t want to leave just yet which was fine with her, she enjoyed the company. She went into the kitchen and brought out two chilled mugs and poured beer into both with a small amount of head. “I worked in a bar when I was first married to Mr. Winslow,” Melina explained.

“Thanks, Mrs. Winslow,” Chase said as he took a mouthful of beer. “I still say Mr. Winslow’s an idiot.”

“Please stop calling me Mrs. Winslow, I’ll be going back to Charteris in a few months,” Melina explained. “Call me Melina or Mel, if you like. Cheers,” She clinked her glass against his.

“I love your bahis firmaları name, it’s so unusual and elegant,” Chase told her.

“You don’t stop with the flattery, do you?” Melina sighed. “It’s rare to find someone so attentive.”

“It’s not hard to pay attention and be attentive if you care about them,” Chase told her. “It should work both ways, of course. I can’t believe Mr. Winslow didn’t treat you with the care and kindness you deserved.”

Some wild inspiration clicked on in the recesses of Melina’s brain. She finished her beer and looked over at Chase. “Listen Chase, what I’m proposing might be totally insane, but what if I was to be your date for the Prom? I know I’m older than you, but I could get a nice dress and we could go to dinner and I’m a good dancer. No one there would know me and I could be your `mysterious older woman’. What do they call a woman like me these days? A MILF?”

“Oh, you’re definitely that Mrs. … Melina. I’d be thrilled to have you as my date, but you don’t have to do this, really,” Chase said as he finished his beer.

“I know that I don’t but I think I want to. I could use a night out with a handsome young man and I’d like to see if I’ve still got it. Come on, let’s cause a scandal, what do you say?” Melina grinned.

“You’re on,” Chase said as he got up. At first, he shook her hand and then he kissed her cheek. “We’ll go to dinner at 7 and the Prom starts at 9. Have I given you enough notice?”

“Plenty of time. So, I’ll see you here tomorrow night at 6:30, will that give us enough time to get to the restaurant?”

“Yeah, not a problem. This is going to be a blast, see you tomorrow night.” Chase hugged her and Melina felt a thrill go through her she hadn’t felt since her days in high school. She cleaned up a bit and got on the phone, she wanted her hair done and a manicure and pedicure and new dress and new shoes, she had to hustle. It was the most excited she had felt in years.

When Chase arrived the following evening for their date, Melina hoped that she’d brought her A-game to the table. When the doorbell rang at 6:30 on the dot, she opened it. All Chase said was “Wow”.

With her hair beautifully styled to frame her lovely face, diamond earrings handing from her ears and her face made up, Melina stunned. Her toned and tanned body was clad in a clingy, powder blue evening dress that was floor length, but cut low. She was also wearing a diamond bracelet and choker. Melina could see the admiration in Chase’s eyes as he tried to pick up his jaw from the floor.

“You are quite possibly … no, I take that back … you ARE the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life,” A tuxedo-clad Chase smiled as he handed her a dozen long-stemmed, red roses.

“Prettier than Helena?” She teased as she put the flowers in water.

“Oh God, yes, you are,” Chase said and then laughed at his own humble attempts at flattery. It wasn’t insincere; he truly had never seen anything so exquisite in his entire life. Melina moved so well in the dress and as she put on her coat, all he could think of was spending the night dancing with her and in her company would be something he would never forget.

Dinner was at a local French bistro where Melina charmed the staff by speaking near-perfect French. Everything about her impressed her young date and in the candlelit room, she was even more stunning.

What Chase didn’t know is how into him Melina truly was. She found him suave, debonair and not at all full of himself, rare for someone so young. If her husband had been this gentile and considerate, she wouldn’t have divorced him.

When they walked into the large hall where the Prom was being held, everyone gasped. They certainly were the most controversial couple in the room.

“Did you see who Chase came with? Where’s Helena?” One young man said.

“Who cares, his date’s smoking hot!” Another youth exclaimed.

“Yeah, but she’s like, old,” His date said. “She’s got to be at least 30.”

The last comment made Melina smile. She didn’t even feel 30, she felt young and alive and as the music started and Chase swept her to the dance floor, she just enjoyed the feelings.

Melina noticed something immediately. “Chase, you’re a wonderful dancer!” She told him as they moved on the dance floor.

He grinned at her. “Thanks. I took dance classes for the past few years to prepare for this.”

Melina gritted her teeth. “I’m just sorry that Helena stood you up. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

Chase grinned again. “Don’t worry about it; it certainly isn’t your fault. Besides, have you heard me complaining about the substitution?”

Melina and Chase spent an entire evening dancing and laughing. He was a lovely, attentive date and got her drinks, made sure she wasn’t tired, he complimented her at least 3 times on how beautiful she looked. She was happy that she’d chosen to do everything right this night, the package had been expensive, but Chase was making her feel it had kaçak iddaa all been worthwhile.

The night ended far too soon to suit Melina. She intended to do something about that. Chase and she walked into the moonlit night, it illuminated her face beautifully. For a moment, she thought Chase was going to kiss her, but he didn’t. She intended to do something about that as well. She pulled him close, spun him around and kissed him, with passion that had been building throughout the night. Chase began to kiss her back and as expected, he was also a wonderful kisser. Was her daughter out of her fucking mind?

“There’s more where that came from if you’re interested in the full Prom experience,” Melina said as she finally broke their kiss. “Take me home and I’ll let you see what’s under this dress.”

“Melina, are you sure?”

She nodded. “If you don’t want to, I understand.”

“Are you insane? You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with, of course I want to. My family’s out of town, we could go to my place,” Chase suggested.

“I can be more creative in my own bed,” Melina purred, running a finger across his lips. “Let’s go, handsome. I’ve been waiting all night and I don’t want to wait a minute longer.”

Melina was glad that Chase was a sensible young man or else they likely would have broken speed limits getting back to her home. Once inside the door, any pretext of subtlety went out the door. She dropped the dress to the ground and stood in front of Chase clad in sexy mauve and black lingerie, her body on display in that and heels. She walked towards him again and kissed him, hard.

“Take me upstairs and fuck me, Chase. Make me yours, even if it’s just for tonight. Do whatever you want, I’m not a good girl in the bedroom,” Melina growled.

He looked at the beautiful, sensual blonde with the smoky blue eyes that were staring at him intently and he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She stretched seductively out on the bed, waiting for sex she had anticipated all evening. Helena’s loss was her gain; she was going to give Chase a fucking he would never forget.

When she finally saw Chase naked, she was so hot for him she couldn’t control herself. She pulled him to the bed and pounced on top of him. Melina saw his cock jump and then she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it. She could feel it pulsate underneath her fingers and then she took it in her mouth.

Chase’s cock was like the man himself, big and strong and handsome. It filled her mouth well but Melina enjoyed oral sex and as she loved it so much, she was very good at it. She throated his cock right to the base and back up again, fondling his meaty balls as she did so. Chase groaned and Melina took that as a sign of encouragement. He was every bit the stud she had expected him to be.

“Damn Mel, that’s so fucking good!” Chase groaned. She giggled, it was the first time tonight he’d been informal with her, he was relaxing and getting into the sex. That suited her just fine!

“You like how Mel’s sucking your dick, stud?” She hissed before going back down on him again. His groans certainly implied that he did.

“Holy fuck Mel, can’t you tell?” Chase groaned again. Melina came up for air and raked her nails across the broad expanse of his chest.

“You have a fucking gorgeous cock, baby,” Melina told him. “I’d suck that for you any old time.”

“I might just take you up on that, gorgeous,” Chase laughed. “I hope you like getting as much as you seem to enjoy giving, because I love to eat pussy. I’ve been fantasizing about you ever since last night.”

“Oh, have you now?” Melina giggled. “How do I measure up to the fantasy, tiger?”

“There’s no comparison,” Chase smiled.

“Well, I’m not a fantasy. I’m very real and very horny, so come and get me, I’m all yours,” Melina said as she stretched out her arms. He held her in his arms for a minute before lowering her on the bed. He slid the tiny panties off her legs and only stockings and heels removed. Her patch was shaved bare.

“I did that for you, lover,” Melina told him. “Like?”

“Let me show you how much,” Chase told her as he spread her labia wide apart and began licking. She pulled her bra down so that she could bare her breasts; Melina pinched her nipples until they were stiff.

“Oh fuck yeah, eat my pussy, like my pussy, lick that cunt, you motherfucker!” Melina groaned. Her lewdness, her ability to let go in the bedroom, certainly seemed to be spurring Chase to greatness. He had a wonderful tongue and his touch was just right, not too strong, gentle with just the right amount of pressure. There were more stars in Melina’s head that night than there were in the sky. Chase didn’t miss a beat as he kept licking and stroking her pussy with his seeking tongue.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!” Melina screamed as her young lover made her body shake. She arched up on the bed and he held her with one arm as he moved up to kiss her lips. Melina tasted her own kaçak bahis pussy on his lips, how kinky!

“Wow” was all either one of them said. Melina knew it, the two of them had incredible sexual chemistry and they’d only just started.

“What next?” Chase asked her as he reached out and caressed her naked breasts. She removed the bra to give him full access.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?” Melina said as she sighed. Even just his gentle caress felt so, so good.

“I’m not afraid to let you take charge. Sex is an equal partnership and it’s worked out pretty well so far,” Chase grinned at her.

“Fair point,” Melina laughed, kissing him. “Okay handsome, on your back. I want to ride you like a bucking bronco. Give it to me and don’t worry about hurting me, I’m one strong filly and I can take all you dish out. Fuck me and fuck my brains out, got that?”

“Got it,” Chase said as he rolled on to his back. She saw the way he was looking at her and it made Melina feel warm inside, she was almost melting. As she climbed aboard his turgid pole, she thought that she could certainly get used to this.

“Oh shit Mel, what a …” Chase stopped himself.

“What, lover? Say it, I told you, I’m a very naughty girl in the bedroom,” Melina giggled as she began to roll her hips.

Chase groaned as she began to fuck. “I was about to say what a hot, tight fucking pussy you have,” Chase said to her as he reached out to fondle her ample tits. “Fuck, you have gorgeous everything. Great tits, great legs, great ass and you’re so fucking hot!”

“There, was that so hard?” Melina grunted as she thrust herself against him. “Thank you, baby. I love being a woman and it’s nice to be appreciated. You’re pretty damned gorgeous yourself and FUCK, what a thick cock, it feels so goooddd!!” Melina groaned.

Her body began to rock back and forth and she was thrilling to each sensation. His hands were so wonderful on her tits and he was now kissing her dark nipples, that felt wonderful too. This young man was the best lover that had ever shared her bed.

Chase was pulling her up and down now; he was certainly an active participant in their sex-play. She watched his eyes dancing as she screwed him and she was thrilling to his mouth and hands. He didn’t stop for a second, Chase wasn’t content to just lie there and take it, he wanted her to experience pleasure as well.

Melina groaned as her body was on the precipice of orgasm # 1. She just let it sweep through her and she felt her juices flow, but Chase still didn’t let up. He just kept moving his cock inside her depths and using his hands to please her body.

She extricated herself from his cock and got on all fours. “I want you to fuck me this way lover, give me a strong, solid fucking and squeeze my tits. I want to really feel you inside me, fuck me like I’m your slut!”

“The lady gets what the lady wants,” Chase said as he moved behind her.

“In this bedroom, I’m no lady,” Melina snarled. “I’m your fuckin’ whore!”

“All right, gorgeous, here I come,” Chase grunted as he sunk deep inside her cunt. He fucked her exactly the way she wanted and his hands were really squeezing her tits, he picked up on her cues wonderfully. As he fucked her, she hoped he could stay for a few hours more. Sex this good didn’t come along every day!

“Cum when you like baby, cum in my cunt or on my ass or in my mouth. I’m on the pill, so I’ll take your load wherever you want to give it!” Melina groaned. After another 20 minutes of savage fucking that left her panting and out of breath, Chase finally came inside of her cunt. It felt so hot and delicious and after that, he still wasn’t idle. He caressed and kissed her until she had yet another orgasm.

The two of them spent the night screwing and she told him nothing was off-limits, not even her ass if that’s what he wanted. Chase held her as they slumbered and he even made breakfast in the morning. He had a strange expression on his face as they ate and she needed to know what it was.

“You’ll think I’m an idiot,” Chase sighed.

“Well, we won’t know until you tell me,” Melina prodded him, nudging him gently. She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him. “After last night, I think you’re entitled to tell me anything.”

“It’s just that … well, I’d like to keep seeing you,” Chase said, his face turning red.

“For sex?”

“Yes. No! The sex was terrific, but I enjoyed everything about last night. The entire evening was amazing and I’ve always wanted to connect with someone like I did with you,” He told her.

“What about Helena?”

“Fuck her! Sorry, I know she’s your daughter … and you’d have to make your own decision about how to handle that … but she didn’t care about me and I’m crazy about you, dumb as that sounds,” Chase finally finished.

Melina kissed his lips and began nuzzling his neck. “I don’t think it sounds crazy, I think it sounds wonderful. We can discuss it, but I’ve finished breakfast. Would you be interested in going back upstairs and convincing me that this would be the right move for us?”

Chase reached out and fondled one of his lover’s soft breasts through her robe. “Woman, you’re insatiable!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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