Kumiko – Part 3: Midnight Snack_(1)

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Final Repost!

And the next part in the series is currently underway! It will be a bit different though.


Sorry that this took a very long time, but I finally found some inspiration to finish up this installment. As usual, please rate and leave comments and thank you to all the readers who were patient and waited this insane amount of time for the next installment.

But this is not the last story, I plan for there to be many more and to put the new relationship of Kumiko and Jake through some strain. It might get a little crazy.

Waking up again in front of a fireplace, Jake had to quickly gather himself and figure out where he was. Blizzard, Kumiko, Fucking, Girlfriend. It all started to come back to him as his eyes attempted to adjust to the smothering darkness which he found himself in. Just like the first time he woke up in front of this fireplace, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen was resting in his arm. It was almost like D? vu, but she was clothed this time. “Well, I can’t always have it my way, I guess.” Jake thought quietly to himself. He quietly wondered about what might be happening now if he hadn’t come over to check on Kumiko. He probably would not have been doing much, just sitting in his house reading or something. Jake silently thanked Kumiko’s parents for asking of him this very small service, since it had turned out wonderfully so far.

After taking a while to get up, since he was attempting to do so without waking up Kumiko, Jake realized that it was a very good thing that she and him were wearing clothes, since the temperature felt like it was in the high teens. Half the wood for the fire was gone and he had no clue whether the snow was even coming down still. Worry soon began to tug on Jake’s mind. What if the wood ran out? What if the snow was still coming down heavily? What if they were going to be stuck in here for longer than they could realistically survive? Jake was unsure of the answers to all those questions, but he felt that as long as he and Kumiko were together, they would be fine.

Like before, he went up the stairs and headed for a room near the front of the house. Jake quickly looked out a window and took in what he saw. The snow was still coming down, though it was much lighter than before. The one shocking aspect was that the snow almost covered the entire first level of the house. All he could see in front of him was a level layer of snow; no other houses were visible due to the precipitation that was still falling and due to the darkness, though he could see farther than he could the other time he checked. It was impossible to tell the time, but he thought that it must be around or past midnight during the second night of being trapped in Kumiko’s house. They had been sleeping for quite a while.

It would be some time before they had any help getting out of the house, though it did not bother him much, since it meant more time alone with Kumiko, his new girlfriend. If someone told Jake that the girl of his dreams would be his two day ago, he probably would have laughed in that person’s face, but how those table had turned. Jake certainly cared for Kumiko, but did he love her? This was a new question for Jake. He had never really been in a situation like this. Perhaps he did, perhaps he was just a horny teenager. Either way, he would have to carefully watch his emotions in the near future.

As he walked back down the stairs and saw her sleeping peacefully near the fire he felt a happiness overtake him. She was amazing. Perhaps she was not the nicest person ever, but maybe that was because he never got to see her softer side. Now she was all his. Jake felt as though he could not contain his joy whenever he saw her or held her or kissed her. “Perhaps this is love.” He thought to himself. “Or maybe it is just lust.” Only time would be able to tell which feeling was truly guiding this relationship, but after seeing the feelings he had after just seeing Kumiko, he was pretty much decided on the first one.

He figured that she would be hungry when she woke up because he was, so he set off to make some food for a midnight meal. After moving into the kitchen, he was suddenly happy to see a gas stove top. He checked his pockets and retrieved his lucky lighter. He lit a stove and then moved to get some water from the sink into a pot when he realized that the water pipes might be frozen and that there was little chance of getting water from the tap. There was, however, a large amount of bottled water in to panty which would work fine. Only thing left now was to figure out what he was actually going to make.

The power still seemed to be out, but since it was so cold, he did not feel bad about opening the fridge for a little. Glancing in, he saw the basics and grabbed the cheese, eggs, ham, and orange juice. Omelets would be the meal and Jake quickly decided that a skillet would work better than a pot. Opening the drawers under the stove, he quickly grabbed a large skillet and then went looking for a bowl, plates, cups, spatula, utensils, and salt and pepper. After finding his bounties, Jake glanced in the pantry and spotted pancake mix and maple syrup. Setting off on an endeavor to outdo an IHOP, he decided that he was going to make a large breakfast early as hell in the morning.

The actual cooking didn’t take too long and soon he was carrying a large amount of food to his lovely girlfriend asleep on the floor. Setting the food down, he waited for a few moments for the smell of pancakes and eggs to wake Kumiko up and it did the trick. Eyes opening slowly she saw Jake and smiled. Then she saw the food and had an even larger smile across her face. She quickly sat up and kissed Jake hard on the lips in thanks. Jake wanted urla escort bayan to continue kissing, but when one has food this warm when it is this cold, one should eat it quickly.

“Ok, ok, eat up, baby.” Jake said.

“Ok Jakey.” Kumiko replied.

The food didn’t last long and tasted better than he thought it would have. Bother were equally satisfied by the bountiful meal and Kumiko quickly hugged to Jake and squeezed tightly. The combination of food and Kumiko squeezing him reminded him of something which he had been neglecting for nearly a day; bathroom. Of course he wasn’t even sure if the toilet was going to work so he thought before he spoke.

“Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“Yeah, I kinda need to now.” She said.

“All right, well, you go first and hopefully it will work.” Jake replied.

Kumiko went down to the bathroom and Jake was extremely relieved when, a few minutes later, he heard the flushing of a toilet and heard the shower turn on. He quickly put the idea away and decided that he did not want to move to fast incase it turned her off. Ten minutes later he saw his girl, looking as sexy as possible, walking down the hall towards him in a towel dripping wet.

Blushing slightly, she said, “It works.”

As she walked by he kissed her on the lip and she treaded up the stairs to change into clothes. Jake ventured towards the bathroom and quickly took care of business. Noticing two spare towels though, he decided that he might as well take a shower too and soon began washing himself off. The water, somehow still warm even though the weather was ridiculously cold, felt amazing on his skin and gave a small amount of relief to his back from sleeping on the floor. Jake stayed in the shower for almost 10 minutes just relaxing and enjoying the heat, but then decided that it would be a good time to get out and go back to Kumiko. He quickly got the two towels around him, but realized that he had nothing to change into. Having dried off as much as he could, Jake got out of the bathroom and went back to the fire were he saw Kumiko already waiting.

The fire was roaring after some new wood had been put in and there was a large amount of heat coming off it. Kumiko sat directly in front of it with her hair shimmering in the light. Jake didn’t immediately notice, but there was something different about her. It took him a few seconds but he soon noticed that her hair was in pigtails that went down to the middle of her back. She had applied makeup to her face and some red lipstick to her lips while shiny dangling jewels hung from her ears. The large blanket around her body hid her attire but something told Jake that he was in for a surprise as he held to towel taught around his waist.

She looked up at him and said, “I wanted to thank you for that wonderful midnight snack with a little snack of my own Master Jakey.”

With that, Kumiko let the blanket slip and Jake beheld the most breathtaking sight he had ever witnessed in his young life. There sat the girl of his dreams dressed in such a way as he had never seen before. Around her neck was a black choker with three dangling diamonds and around her torso and bust was a dark bluish corset which amplified her already impressive cleavage. Around her waist was a black garter belt connected to tight fish-net stockings which covered her mouth-watering legs. A pair of lacy, frilly, black silk panties was put on over the stocking. To complete the ensemble, she sported a pair of sexy, black, 3-inch high heels.

Jake was only able to stand there, mouth open and watering, and with a large tent being raised under his towel. Kumiko stood up and stepped towards Jake slowly so he could fully take in her sexy lingerie. She took his hand away from the towel and set it on her breast, loving the way he handled her soft flesh. His towel fell to the floor releasing his 7 and a half inch cock into the situation and she began to yearn for his dick. Kumiko then took the blanket that she had been holding and wrapped it around him, pulling him back towards the fire. When she felt that they were close enough, she stepped towards Jake and the two kissed passionately. Their mouths were as hot as the fire behind them and faster than a hummingbird’s wings. Each one treated the other like a necessity, like food, and they were both starving. Both Jake and Kumiko had placed air as a very low priority at that moment but soon had to break to catch their breath.

Kumiko laid her hands on Jake’s chest and leaned into him. Jake put both hands around his girl and held her close. He thought that nothing could rival this feeling, that this must be love, and he felt content. Jake now knew what it was like to no longer have a feeling of searching for that special someone. He had found her, and planned on keeping her.

Suddenly, though, Kumiko turned around and placed his hands on her massive tits. Half on the corset and half on her flesh, his hands began to knead he breasts as she began to grind her juicy ass into his hard cock. The soft feeling of her panties being pushed against his cock combined with the feeling of her soft ass had Jake seeing stars and growing harder. Jake quickly adjusted his hands and moved under the corset to caress her tender globes causing her to moan loudly. He tilted his head down and began to softly kiss her shoulder and eventually moved up to her ear. As he lightly pinched her nipples he whispered in her ear, “You are amazing. No one could be more perfect.

Due to the light kisses on her neck and the constant fondling of her breasts, Kumiko was already beginning to drench her panties when Jake reached down with one hand and softly rubbed the inside of her thigh. Kumiko began panting as he got nearer and nearer to her clothed mound and when he finally touched it she gave out escort urla a loud gasp. Jake immediately felt the wetness and smirked, knowing that Kumiko was hot for him and yearning for his cock. Jake pushed into the wet spot and received another gasp from Kumiko as he made contact with her hard clit.

With her hands at her waist, Kumiko hooked her thumbs into her panties and slowly brought them down her smooth legs. While pulling down her panties, Kumiko bent at her waist and Jake had to back up so he had a full view of her soft ass, her puckered hole, and her tight pussy. After she stepped out of her panties she turned her head to the side and looked Jake in the eyes as she slowly raised herself back up. Kumiko kept her back arched and her ass sticking out at Jake and quickly went back to grinding against his cock.

The contact of flesh on flesh caused a stiffening of his cock and caused him to squeeze her breast as she put a hand back against the side of his face. The space between her soft cheeks felt heavenly and Jake began to imagine penetrating her puckering rosebud. He quickly realized that he didn’t have any lube around and thought to save that activity for a different time. Jake was getting close to exploding from the constant grinding and decided to pull away because he wanted this experience to last lest it never happen again.

Kumiko turned to look at her lover and she grabbed her right tit and lifted it up and away from the corset and then the same with the left one. Seeing the object of his fantasies, Jake quickly grabbed her around the waist and began to suck on her gargantuan breast. Kumiko loved the feeling of his lips around her nipples as he would suck one into his mouth and then flick the tip with his tongue. As Jake went from nipple to nipple, Kumiko’s hands slowly crept down and grasped his elongated manhood.

“Ohhh, Master! I need some sausage to go with my breakfast. Can I have some?” Kumiko said.

Jake only stared for a moment, but quickly said, “Oh yes, you should have it while it is warm slave.”

The moment Jake called Kumiko “slave,” both felt a tingle crawl through their bodies. The realization hit Kumiko that she would do anything for Jake and that she was really turned on by being the slave now and not just pleasing Jake. For Jake, the control he felt over Kumiko added to his already mounting vigor. He did not feel like showing this in any physical attempt at abuse because he did not wish to harm a single hair on her head. Just the fact that she was willing to do all of this for him was enough to really get things going.

Kumiko fell to her knees and began to stroke her lovers cock. She had only gotten to do this once before and did not get as much of it as she wanted. Licking under the shaft, Kumiko followed every vane on his cock with her tongue and soon began to go at the head of his meat like it was a lollipop. His flavor was mesmerizing to her and she needed more of it. She began to take his cock into her mouth and salivated at the feeling. She slowly took him deeper and deeper but still couldn’t get as far as she wanted too.

Jake, meanwhile, did not think that she could do better than her first attempt the day before. He quickly realized that he was wrong and that she was a quick learner. She began to relax her throat more and took about an inch more than she had the first time. After she had pulled his dick from her throat she, having reached up, grabbed his hand and brought it to the back of her head. Jake quickly got the idea and began to pull her mouth towards him. He had never really thought of fucking her mouth, but now he fully intended to.

As the tip of his dick barely crossed the threshold of her lips he looked down into her eyes to see if this was what she really wanted. He saw only wanton lust and need and knew that she was as turned on as he was now. Jake pulled her head forward and put just the head of his cock into her mouth. He stayed there for a moment savoring the feeling and then pulled back out. He began to repeat and started to fuck her face quicker and quicker. The faster he entered her, the deeper he began to go. He felt the back of her throat and decided to slow down as he pushed against it. Kumiko relaxed and began to get throat fucked by Jake. He was careful to make sure that she didn’t gag, but constantly went deeper and deeper. When he got as far as he could he had about 2 inches left to go and knew that one day she would take it all.

Jake kept at her for at least 5 minutes and when he finally got close to erupting, he exited her mouth completely. His rod was now at full expansion and it was anxious to get back into her pussy. For Kumiko, the fucking that Jake gave her face had her dripping and she was anxious to be filled by his cock once again. No words were spoken because both lovers knew exactly what they wanted. Lying down, Jake grabbed Kumiko and pulled her on top of him. His cock was nestled right up against her pussy and she began to rock back and forth on it. Jake reached up and quickly began to fondle her luscious E-cup breasts.

Although the rocking felt good, Kumiko needed him in her now. Lifting herself up, she reached for Jake’s rod and positioned it directly in facing her swollen lips. She was about to have him for the first time as a couple. The idea made her drip even more than she had been before and sent a chill throughout her body. Their eyes met and again Jake only saw wanton lust and need as she lowered herself onto his shaft. Kumiko’s cunt was extremely wet by this point and she got him half way in with no problem.

Her mind quickly flashed back to the first time he had penetrated her tight pussy. She had wanted it that time, though she was unsure. But now she wanted it in a drastically different way. Now, she needed it and she needed him. Desire, urla escort lust, perversion, wanton abandon; she did not know what to call it and she did not care. All that mattered to her at that moment was having Jake inside her, filling her up. He was already half inside her but she needed all of it. Kumiko closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and then slowly sank down a few more inches, going as far as she could.

The feel of Kumiko around his rod was amazing for Jake. She was not fully on his manhood yet, but he thought that it might take a few more attempts before she was stretched enough. Kumiko began to rock back and forth on his manhood and eventually began to ride her man up and down. “Her man,” Kumiko thought. The idea had not really occurred to her yet, even though they had already agreed to go out. He was her man, just like she was now his girl. This thought brought more arousal and happiness to Kumiko and she leaned down and began to kiss the lips of “her man.”

Jake moved his hands down to her hips as they kissed and began to move her up and down on his cock. A load moan breached their kissing and Kumiko was having trouble keeping her mouth and Jake’s. Jake also began to thrust up into Kumiko as he brought her down, making each thrust even more powerful. Wanting more freedom to move, Jake lifted Kumiko off of him and set her down on her back, with the robe she wore between her and the floor.

Now, truly face to face, the two lay and Jake, with both his arms around Kumiko’s head looked at her and kissed her deeply. Kumiko wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. As the two made out, Kumiko slowly parted her legs and Jake shifted his cock to her entrance. As he plunged into her, a gasp escaped her lips and they stayed still for a moment, enjoying each other. Jake lifted himself up on his arms and began to thrust in and out of her soft, tight cunt. He glanced down and saw her large tits bouncing up and down her chest as he thrust forcefully into her. The sight of her tits after a few minutes gave Jake a new desire.

“Here, get up slave,” he said to her.
She got up and he motioned her against the wall with her back facing him. She put her arms against the wall and arched her back while sticking out her rear. Jake positioned himself behind her and pushed in. After reaching both of his hands around to grab her ample chest, he began to thrust away into her. The feeling was incredible for both of them and Jake knew that he could not last too long. Felling even more adventurous, Jake rubbed a finger along her cunt while he was fucking it and got it wet with her juices. He placed that finger at her small rosebud and began to massage her other hole.

“OH MY GOD!” Kumiko screamed as she erupted into orgasm upon the penetration of her ass by his finger. She had never before thought of that area at all in a sexual way, but the finger now partially stuck in her ass was engaging her mind in pleasurable sensations and also making her pussy squeeze Jake’s cock even more. Perhaps one day she would take that in her ass as well. The tightened pressure was also too much for Jake and he found himself nearing the brink.

“I’m gonna come!” Jake yelled.

Kumiko dropped to her knees, turned around, and said, “Please, I need it on my face, master!”

Jake looked down and saw the pleading look in Kumiko’s eyes. He could tell that she wanted to please him but there was something more there. She really did want to feel his cum all over her face. She had loved it the last time and loved the feeling of the hot liquid splashing across her face. Jake stroked his cock and pointed it right above her open mouth as she knelt below him with her arms on his thighs.

His cum erupted from his cock and the first bit splashed across her nose and her left cheek. Jake aimed up for the next shot and splattered in on her forehead. Kumiko still had her mouth wide open and he placed the remainder of his load between her lips. The whole time Kumiko was moaning and playing with her tits and cunt, savoring the feeling and the flavor of Jake’s orgasm. After Jake had finally finished stroking his member, Kumiko looked up into his eyes, smiled, and said thank you as she scraped the rest of the cum into her waiting mouth.

Jake lifted her up to him and kissed her deeply on the lips. She was perfect. He didn’t know if he loved her, but he sure thought he did and told her so.

“I think I love you, Kumiko.” He said as she looked into his eyes.

Kumiko then looked down at his chest and began to speak. “We have watched each other for a long time, haven’t we? In elementary school I would always see you and think about how you were always there. It was the same in middle school. I would always see you and that would make me comfortable even though I tried not to show that to anyone. I wasn’t sure what it meant so I tried to ignore it and ignore you, but I still saw you all the time. When we started high school we were forced to spend more time with each other and I really can’t remember a happier time in my life. Everything I think about always leads to you somehow. If you left all of a sudden I don’t know what would happen. It would be like taking out the foundation of my life.”

“I think I have loved you for years, Jake.” Kumiko said quietly.


A dull thudding awakened the couple as their fire was slowly dying down. Jake looked out into the hall and at the door. He almost thought that he was imagining the sound until a second thudding began and Kumiko looked up as well. They looked each other in the eye, smiled, kissed, and went off towards the door.

Before they had gone to sleep, the pair had put their clothes back on to stay warm and were now thankful for that fact as they reached the door and gave it several strong yanks to get it fully open. The temperature had risen and rescue crews put blankets around them and handed them warm beverages as they held hands walking out of the house and onto the rest of their lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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