Kitten in the Hot Tub

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Ass Fuck

I had been meeting him at the club, dancing with him a bit, seductively as I like to do. He was startling handsome, well dressed, and well over 6 feet, towering over me. Yes, quite sexy in every way was this new man of mine. And most exciting of all, he was bewitched by me, his hands never leaving my body as we danced, as we sat and talked, and, this night, as we left the club in his car.

The drive to his place was torture. I could not keep from kissing him, leaning to reach his cheek, his ear, his neck, anywhere my lips could touch his flesh. He struggled to keep focused on the road, one hand in my lap, rubbing whatever he could reach, making me catch my breath when it rubbed in just the right spot.

Soon he pulled his car into his garage and, killing the engine, reached for me forcefully, encompassing me in his arms. He kissed me hard and deep, as if he were starving and I were the feast. He pulled back long enough to catch his breath and gasp out, “Shall we finish this inside then, love?”

He took my hand and guided me as, on my knees, I scooted across the seat and out his door. As soon as my feet touched the floor, I was in his arms again for another soul-burning kiss. Leading me by the hand, he asked, “I hope you like hot tubs.”

I smiled at him as he turned to face me, walking backward before me. “Love them.”

“Mmmm, right this way then,” he murmured with the most mischievous smile dancing around his lips. He opened the door to a glorious bath with a large mirror-encased tub. As I looked about me, he let go of my hand and crossed to a control panel. Soon the tub bubbled to life and music seeped through the room, the same type of erotic music we were dancing to at the club.

I closed my eyes and began swaying to the music, feeling it warming inside me. Startled, I felt his hands on my waist and opened my eyes. He stood before me, his breathing uncontrolled and ragged. He reached down to gather my dress at my thighs and began to pull it up, over my hips, my stomach, my breasts. I raised my arms up over my head so he could slip it off completely. I stood before him in just black lace panties that left little to the imagination.

The hunger in his eyes was making me weak. His hand trailed down my sides, brushing the sides of bahis firmaları my breasts softly, forcing a moan from my throat. He hooked his thumbs in either side of my panties, and his hands continued their trail down my legs, taking the panties with them. As he reached my ankles, squatting down before me, I stepped lightly out of one side and then the other, hands on his shoulders. The panties joined the dress and high heels on the floor.

He stood up slowly, his eyes raking every inch of skin as he rose before me. He leaned back against the counter, taking my hands in his. He placed them on his chest and then encircled my waist with his.

As I opened the first button on his shirt, I kissed the exposed flesh softly, causing a sharp intake of breath from him. Moving to the second button, I repeated the gesture, blowing my breath lightly against his skin.

“You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen,” he whispered against the top of my head as I continued on to the third button. Soon his shirt was open. I traced my hands up his chest, over his nipples, making him catch his breath. I brushed my hands to his shoulders, pushing his shirt off his arms. He let it cascade to pool at his waist against the countertop.

I found my hands at his waist, reaching for the button of his slacks. Placing a kiss on his chest, I licked his skin. I felt him shudder as I flicked my tongue across his nipple. I gazed up into his face and smiled.

His hands joined mine at his slacks and quickly lowered both pants and briefs down his legs.

I began to kiss my way down his chest. I traced my tongue along the side of his belly button, dipping my tongue inside, then let my mouth wander lower until I could go no further as I encountered his erection pressed against his stomach, firm, rigid, perfect.

I slid my mouth over the tip of his cock as I dropped to my knees before him. I swallowed him into my mouth, to the base. He threw his head back and closed his eyes. I, too, closed my eyes, giving over to the feel of him, thick and muscled, in my mouth. His hands entwined in my hair, and he jerked my head back, forcing me to look up. He pulled my mouth away from his pulsating cock, fighting for control.

I stood back to my full height, gazing into his eyes, kaçak iddaa seeing my own desire reflected and staring back at me. Burning with passion, his eyes drank me in, heating me through.

Taking my hand, he urged me into the waiting hot tub, his eyes locked onto my ass as I climbed in. I settled down into the welcoming water and watched as he joined me. He engulfed me in his arms, pulling me tightly against him. The length of my body was pressed firmly to him as I entwined my legs with his. His lips searched out my own, so soft and eager.

Beneath the surface of the water, my hand sought out his swollen shaft, caressing and stroking. Hearing his sharp intake of breath, I smiled at him. I bit gently on his lower lip, sucking it into my mouth.

“God, kitten, the feel of you,” he whispered breathlessly against my lips. “I can’t get enough.”

His hands stroked down my back to rest on my backside, squeezing, rubbing, gently urging me. I let him guide me until I was astride his hips, my chest pressed to his, his hard cock between us, still in my grasp.

“Ride me, baby,” he urged pleadingly, reaching to suckle a breast with his lips.

“Mmmm, gladly, darling.” I guided his stiff cock eagerly to my pussy, rising slightly and then settling down upon it. I cried out as he filled me, watching the ecstasy on his face. I buried my hands in his hair as he bucked up forcefully into me. His hands grasped me by the hips, anchoring me.

Our movements settled into a passionate rhythm, thrusting and sliding together. His mouth closed over one nipple, biting gently, his tongue rolling it about. Then he moved to the other, sweetly kissing and sucking the taut peak. I threw my head back, gasping at the sensations he caused to dance across my skin.

“Yes, baby, fuck me,” I cried out. “Your cock feels so good inside me. Don’t stop.”

“I’m not stopping, kitten, ever.” His hands traveled up my back to my neck. With a hand on the back of my head, he forced my face back toward him, leaning to meet my lips. His mouth crushed against mine, his tongue probing and searching for mine.

As our tongues danced together, our rhythm increased beneath the water, his cock slamming so deeply up into my pussy. My inner muscles grasped at his plunging shaft, kaçak bahis searching, seeking the release I knew was lurking just out of reach. Passion rising, his mouth ravishing mine, I felt the first wave of intense pleasure tickling at my core.

“Oh my God, baby, I’m going to cum for you. Can you feel it?” I muttered into his mouth, gasping for air.

“I feel it, kitten, I feel it. Fuck me, baby. Your pussy feels so tight on my cock. Ride me, baby. Cum all over my cock. Yes, baby.”

Feeling him thrusting hard and deep into me with abandon, I lost myself to the waves as they exploded within me, crashing and drowning my senses. All I felt was concentrated on our joined bodies, his pulsating shaft buried inside my spasming pussy. I cried out, my hands pulling him tight to me, arching my back.

“That’s it, kitten, yes. Yes. Cum for me baby. Oh, so tight,” he gasped against me, lips pressing to my neck. “So fucking tight, baby. I’m going to cum. Yes…..” His head thrown back, he yelled out as he thrust deeply, exploding his seed into me. I cried out in response, feeling the warmth seeping within against me.

“Yes, baby, yes,” I cried out softly to him, rocking against him, gently gliding back down from my orgasm.

As I opened my eyes, I found his staring at me, his pelvis slowing its movements against mine. His hand reached out, brushing a curl from my forehead, and slid down my cheek. I turned my face into his palm, kissing it softly.

“You are amazing,” I whispered against his skin, feeling tremors still tickling lightly deep inside me.

“No, kitten, WE are amazing.” He smiled at me, pulling me in closely for a light kiss on my cheek, then my nose, then my forehead. “I hope you didn’t have any important plans for the rest of the weekend.”

Smiling back, I gently shook my head no.

“Good, ‘cause I’ve got plans for you,” he murmured, nuzzling into my neck, “and they involve not leaving this house.”

Laughing softly, I melted into his embrace as he splashed me over in the tub, leaning over me and smiling widely. “I love you, kitten.”

“I know.” I smiled, laughter shining in my eyes.

“You know? You know? What kind of a response is you know?” Laughter drowned us both as we tussled and tickled at each other in the water.

Gasping for breath, I whispered in his ear, “and I love you, darling, more every moment. Now, kiss me again.”

“Mmmm, with pleasure, kitten. I love making you purr.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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