King of the Pack

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I am so in the mood for a quick afternoon fuck, that’s what you get for putting me in the mood today. How exciting it would be to run off into the arms of my sweet older lover at this time of day when the sun has reached its zenith and is now beginning to cast shadows on the ground. We could meet outside on your patio, when most of the neighbours are off to work or getting a nice nap. You could just kneel in front of me as I sit up on the wicker furniture on the patio and let you worship my breasts, rub your face all over my hard, extended nipples, lick my neck and touch me with those eager, beaver hands.

As I am vertical, the slime slowly oozes down into my seat, and I writhe in the sensation. You tilt my legs up and back and begin to lick me with that wonderful tongue, getting me nice and wet, turning me on to have your head under my wide skirt pleasing me outside with the wind sending a slight chill over my exposed breasts. I lean my head back against the chair, raise my pelvis slightly in the air, and give myself over to your ministering mouth.

Too soon I am clenching as the sweetness of a first volt hit me. But today I am not in the mood for long licks and sucking. I need to be filled by you and get back to work before too long. I take your position on the floor, kneeling on the soft rug, putting my head on the seat of the sofa, and bracing my arms on the frame. I look back at you with my ass turned up for your pleasure doggy-style, and ask you softly to fill me.

You never disappoint, oh my ancient lover, you bring to bear all the years of your vast experience to pleasure me beyond thinking. You stoop high above me, one hand spreading each ass-cheek apart, effectively opening my pussy up for your penetration. In one smooth, slow but forceful thrust, you enter my body, not stopping to give me time to adjust, not hurting me either, as you slowly sink each perfect inch into my center. I close my eyes and feel as well as see in my mind’s eye the picture of you penetrating me, joining us together, fusing our bodies. Reflexively, my cunt walls want to tighten around you as I engage canlı bahis my kegel muscles, but your hands pushing my cheeks apart stop this. Then you are all the way in, and you wriggle your hips around with a long sigh, enjoying the feeling of closeness and getting your cock acquainted once more with this pussy that yearns for you.

Pushing me away slowly, you manipulate my body until I am the one fucking your cock as you stand constant as a sentinel with hard lance, ready for action. The smooth backwards and forwards of you pulling on me makes me want to engage in a pagan dance as my pussy begins to fill up with slurpy juices. Your cock is enjoying the glide now as I get wetter and you begin to increase the speed of our fucking, now pinning me down as you begin to thrust. The force of your slams against my ass, your balls hitting on my pussy and clit from behind, jerks me with each thrust against the chair and elicits a guttural moan from me. I am surrounded by the sounds of our animal-like grunts and the hitting of our bodies as we copulate.

You begin to growl at me about the sweetness of my pussy and the wonderful afternoon treat we are giving each other, and how you love to feed and fill me in the early afternoon like this. Your voice and words penetrate my mind, as your lovely dick is piercing my pulsing pussy. It is enough to make me tighten and clench in rapid succession as I try to lock off your sweet cock inside my body, and I come sprawled over a chair in the open patio, where your neighbour could, if she happened along, look down from upstairs and see a small view of what is happening. I try to withhold the loud keen of my wails as I come on your insistent cock. Pushing back against your hips and riding the crest of my desire.

Pausing for just a moment so I can catch my breath, you pull me up from the ground and into your arms, kissing me full on the mouth. I smell the slight scent of me on your mouth but there is no taste of my pussy as your tongue enters my mouth. The feel of your lips soothing mine which are swollen with desire is so sexy. I open my mouth to take more of you, bahis siteleri to give you greater access. Using the tip of your tongue, you trace the outline of my teeth, tickling my gums with your butterfly touch in the process. You know that this makes me wild as I love to be kissed and have you take control of my senses by using your tongue in imaginative ways. My hips of their own volition begin to slowly gyrate, seeking the pad of your erection, and you raise me slightly in your arms so that your cock nestles itself between the vee of my legs, thereby giving stimulation to my wet clit.

We stumble a bit like this, and you guide us backward until I am pressed against the corner of the door and the wall. Your kisses become more ardent as I am now firmly anchored, as does your rubbing against my pussy with your cock. I am meeting you thrust for thrust in my wild gyrations, my senses drugged with the wonder of your mouth on mine, one hand firmly supporting my head and the other caressing my face as you suck the sweetness from my pouty lips. Oh darling, you entrance me until there is nothing that I would deny you in this world.

As you know it will, your rubbing against me soon has me ready once more to experience ecstasy, and as my moans grow more urgent, you suddenly drop your mouth and hand to my breasts, taking my hard nipple between your teeth to give painful but short love bites, just the way I like, whilst your hand grabs my entire breast and squeezes until my juices are squirting between us. You know full well that this rough breast play will catapult me over the edge, and my senseless body does not disappoint, as I jack-knife and in one motion expel a rush of liquid down my legs, and immediately my knees collapse.

Not giving me chance to ride this orgasmic wave, you stuff your super hard but well lubed cock into my mouth which has fallen almost level with your thighs as my legs gave way. Holding me under my chin, you feed me your entire length thrusting strongly into my throat as you tell me what a joy it always is to fuck me. Your cock is soaked from rubbing against my juices and it bahis şirketleri easily slides the length of my tongue and to the cave of my throat as you fuck my face, pulling away every so often so that I can breathe. My mouth leaves wet, sticky strands of saliva all over your cock each time you recede, and this trickles slowly down to your balls, which I reach up to spread all over them.

I am now rocking back on my thighs with one hand grasping my sweet, swollen cunt, trying to control the shivers. The sight of trickles of saliva dripping from your cock fucking my mouth onto my breasts makes me even wilder to be ravaged by that phenomenal phallus that leaves me pussy-wrecked. Giving you one more deep-throated suck that leaves you standing on tip-toes, I release you with a wet plop and ask you to fuck me again, to transmorgrify my pussy until I become some slavering Serval intent on milking you of every drop of your life fluid.

You sit on the sofa, pulling me to straddle your cock and sit on you so that I can ride your staff to a thundering crescendo. I do not disappoint. The blood surging through my veins and the apparent absence of air has me gasping for breath as I ride you like an odds-out filly among champions at a big race. My feet on the chair stamp like the hooves of so many wild palominos in the hills running wild and free and racing against the wind. Your hands hold tight to my ass as like a jockey I tilt up and down, using the force of my thighs to create greater and greater speed. The roar of the crowd is in our heads now, or is that our own voices yelling, as we see the finish line. With one last burst of energy we both renew our efforts to ensure that we cross first, beat out all comers, and on a triumphant roar, you spew waves and waves of come in me, pulling me down to take your final bursts and thrusts, as we slow our motions to a jog, coming back down to earth and leaving the stars and tiny lights that were before our eyes in the midst.

I collapse on you, a smile of contentment on my face, a lovely feeling of fullness in my womb. Once again, my champion steed, you do not disappoint. You are able to run a race with the best of them, and the heat of the day brings out the best in you, warming your experienced flanks and proving you are still king of the pack. Awwooooooohhhhhh!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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