Just Two Sexual Animals

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That is me in heat. Like the male dog I am – looking for my sweet girl dog to come into season that I may mount her from the rear. You walk into the room and immediately your sex permeates the air – warning me that you are hot and ready. Your juices flowing – soaking your panties – sliding slowly down the inside of your thighs.

I pull you toward me and lift your nightgown over your head. Sitting on the couch, I reach forward and, inserting a finger in the waistband of your panties – on either side of your fleshy hips – I pull your soaking panties down past your knees that you may step out of them.

As you step out of your panties – your knee bends and your sex opens – those fleshy wings open to allow me to see the wet juicy peach inside – allowing me to see into your depths – to see the juices freely flowing out of your hot pussy. Your labia are red and swollen indicating your arousal. Grasping your hips, I pull you toward my face and, as your sex nears, I stick out my tongue and lick your sex from the lowest point upwards toward and past your hardening clit – flicking it lightly in passing. You are moaning now – your hips rotating – thrusting them toward me – bending backwards to open your sex more fully – holding the back of my head as you pull me forcefully into your hot juicy pussy.

I continue to lick – pulling back occasionally for a quick breath of air – then plunging in again for you are hot and don’t want my hard tongue to leave you for a moment. I suck in your clit – biting and sucking on it causing you to moan even more. I take one of your labia into my mouth and bite it – causing you to yelp with pain – then moan as the pleasure you receive from it. Then the other – back and forth – biting and licking – working you into a frenzy – your knees are buckling and your thighs are trembling with the onslaught of your orgasm. You cum. Long and hard – moaning loudly now – almost grup sex screaming – you cum – holding my head so tightly against your sex that I cannot breathe.

I bite down HARD telling you to release me and you do. Turning you, I seat you on the couch kissing your lips – forcing you to lie back and open up to me. My cock is so hard and swollen. My cockhead is a huge purple plum – so big and hard. I must have you. I move between your fleshy thighs, caressing and kissing you as I work my way toward your sex. You are trying to pull me into you. I remove your hands and, placing one on each of your inner thighs, I tell you – open yourself for me.

And you do – gently with your fingers on each of your labia – you spread your sex – showing me that hot wet inner hole that is mine to claim. I place my cockhead at your entrance. Slowly – ever so slowly – I ease my huge cock into you – slowly allowing your copious juices to lubricate the way – slowly sinking my cock into your velvet sheath – allowing your softness to caress my hard cock – until my crotch is firm against your sex – totally within your hot pussy.

I withdraw – even more slowly than I entered you – pulling back until just my mushroom cap is within you – then easing forward again. Pull out and plunge – slowly at first – for 6 or 8 strokes – stoking the fire within your pussy – massaging your g-spot with the ridge of my cock with every passing – further exciting you – your moaning is a continuous wail now. I increase my speed. Quickly now – faster than that male dog in heat getting a fine piece of ass – I continue slamming my pile driver ass forcing my huge cock past your cervix – bottoming out with each plunge – almost leaving you on the outstroke.

We are no more than two very sexual animals in our passion – your head thrown back – eyes shut – you don’t see me coming. I lean forward and, taking your ear latina fuck tour porno lobe in my mouth begin licking and sucking your ear lobe – your neck and that special spot of yours. Your body begins to spasm – cumming for what must be the 6th or 7th time. Suddenly you freeze – holding the movement – allowing your orgasm to wash over you. Then you collapse – your legs drop off my waist where they have been – pulling me inside you – as we rest. My hard cock still inside you – not deflating one iota – your sex was so hot.

Kissing and caressing you – pinching and pulling your huge nipples – squeezing your creamy white mounds – and you respond. Your pussy muscles begin a milking action on my cock – as though a red-hot mouth was sucking the juices out of me. I can feel my ball sack begin to tighten. I stroke a few more strokes – you push back at me – pussy muscles sucking my sock into you on each inward stroke – holding tight on the outward stroke – not wanting to let me go.

My cock swells – signaling that my cum is immanent. I feel my ball sack further tightening – the cum rushing up that little tube – swelling my cock even more – cum rushing out of my little pee hole in the end as I hold firmly inside you and not moving – as my cum washes the insides of your hot pussy. Spurt after spurt, my cum filled balls empty their creamy essence into you while your pussy continues its gentle massage – further emptying me until I am exhausted.

We rest – me still lying on top of you – kissing and cuddling – stroking and fondling each other – never quite getting enough of touching each other. My cock has not deflated one bit. I begin to move it in and out of you again – hearing the squishy sounds of our mixed juices in your pussy as we begin, once again, this ancient ritual of making love. I decide it is time to move to the bedroom.

Picking you up lezbiyen porno – with you wrapping your legs around my waist to hold on, I walk us to the bedroom – my cock never leaving your pussy – exciting you as it rubs back and forth with my efforts. I lay you on the bed. Withdrawing from you – I go to the kitchen for a kettle. Filling it with warm water – I get a washcloth from the bathroom. Using the warm water and washcloth – I clean your sex – removing most of the traces of our lovemaking until you begin to respond again from my ministrations and your sex begins to juice up again.

Glancing down you see that my cock has maintained its initial hardness. Knowing full well that my excitement comes from exciting you – knowing that I stay firm as long as you are being pleased by my fingers and mouth. I lean over and place a sucking kiss on each of your red swollen labia – for your sex has maintained that blood flowing passion throughout. Sucking and licking you – I find your tender clit – because now – after a marathon of sex – it is just that – tender to the touch – yet still hardening from my ministrations. I lick and suck gently on your clit as I ease first one – then two fingers into you – searching once again for that special spot – your g-spot – gently massaging it – gently making you cum again with an intensity rarely felt.

I lie on the bed and pull you on top of me. As you rise – I search for your sex with my cockhead until I feel it at your entrance. As you begin to slowly sink on my hard cock I take your hips in my hands. Thrusting hard into you as I pull down hard on your hips – burying my cock deep into you. Releasing your hips, I allow you to take charge. And you begin to ride the white pony – rising then slamming yourself up and down on my cock – moving your pretty butt around in the circles you desire for maximum stimulation until, once again, we both reach the pinnacle of love – and we cum. Not earth shattering but a soft gentle cum.

Exhausted now, you rest on top of me for a few moments – then roll off to the side so that we may cuddle in post coital bliss – snuggling against each other – gently kissing and caressing as we come down off our sexual high. Then we sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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