Just in Case Ch. 03

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Nikki’s wild about it now

In Nikki’s first story, painful memories about sex led to becoming a Guest of the Practice. It was another significant change in her sheltered life. Naive about sex at 30 and about to marry, a painful teenaged sexual experience became a fading memory in her second story. Doctor Love and Maddisyn continue Nikki’s sexual awakening and treatment in her final story for ensuring an exciting love life with her husband.


I’m normally a conservative dresser. The Practice changed that, among many other things. I wanted something special for my appointment with Doctor Love. I finally purchased a lovely mid-thigh dress with a teasing amount of swish at the hem that showed off my long smooth brown legs. A loose neckline displayed some enticing cleavage with a glimpse of a white lacy bra. Maddisyn was right, white is perfect against the dark tan of my Caribbean skin.

I felt sexy and excited as I sashayed up to the Practice’s large stained-glass door, my white high heels striking the decoratively tiled path and the hem of my skirt flicking the cheeks of my backside. I smiled to myself at how far I’d come from a sexually naive 30-year-old to wearing lingerie, having sensational painless sex and experiencing my first orgasm. I have Doctor Love and Maddisyn to thank for relieving my sexual fears.

The Practice is an exclusive medical centre for women located in the historic Park Crescent area. It’s a beautifully renovated old terrace building and the period features just took my breath away. Every room is furnished with lovely antique furniture and furnishings. I felt overwhelmed at first and couldn’t have afforded it without my father’s inheritance.

That’s one of many changes I’ve had to get use to in the last year. I never really knew my father and only found out he died when contacted by the executor of his will. He left Mum and went back home when I was four. I’m West Indian and my name is Nikhila but everybody calls me Nikki. It’s always just been Mum and me and life was pretty routine and uneventful until my job changed six months ago. I’d been packing boxes at a warehouse since school until they moved me to dispatch. That’s how I met Jimmy.

It’s hard to comprehend really, a new job at work, dating Jimmy and getting engaged. Now I’m attending the Practice for treatment. I really have had a sheltered life and hated change. But I must admit the changes aren’t as bad as I first feared, changing my life for the better. Especially meeting Jimmy.

I rang the doorbell and couldn’t wait to see Maddisyn. ‘Hello, Nikki. Come in. I love your dress,’ greeting me with her lovely smile you couldn’t help but return.

I’m having such fun with Maddisyn, helping me with lovely clothing, lingerie and makeup and I’m learning so much about making love. That’s really why I registered as a Guest. I was worried about having sex. My only experience was as a kid at school. It was painful and horrible. I soon lost interest in sex and he soon lost interest in me. It sounds silly now, but I feared Jimmy losing interest. The Practice was insurance for it not happening again.

Maddisyn manages the Practice and only a few years younger. ‘Look at this,’ I grinned, my hem swirling around my backside as I span around under the chandelier in the entry hall.

‘Nikki, your legs look gorgeous!’ Maddisyn exclaimed, clearly excited at my performance.

‘And I’ve got a G-string on,’ I added in an exaggerated West Indian purr.

‘Nikki, stop. You’re making me wet,’ she laughed.

‘Me too,’ I giggled, sharing our little joke from last visit.

I almost laughed to myself at how Maddisyn showed me how playing with myself was better than personal lubricant. I said I was naïve. I couldn’t help but get excited learning intimate things from her. Maddisyn’s attractive and so lovely, with a caring and friendly manner and I trust her completely. I’d never shared such personal moments with another woman. There was no awkwardness, embarrassment or nervousness. Maddisyn’s just wonderful.

We went on through to the Sitting Room. ‘Would you like anything to drink?’ Maddisyn kindly offered.

It may have been my outfit or seeing Maddisyn again but I was feeling adventurous. ‘What about a glass of wine?’ Returning her smile.

Maddisyn’s eyes widened. ‘Certainly. What would you like?’ Her tone a combination of surprise and excited curiosity.

‘I don’t know. I’ve never had alcohol before,’ I answered, my grin turning into a soft laugh.

‘I have a Moscato. It’s sweet and tropical like you,’ Maddisyn smiled. ‘And low alcohol,’ she added.

‘Sounds lovely,’ I replied with a broad smile before Maddisyn left for the kitchenette behind her desk at the other end of the Sitting Room.

The room is gorgeous for relaxing before an appointment with Doctor Love. It’s not your usual waiting room, nothing about the Practice reminds you of a medical clinic. The old-fashioned furniture and furnishings are beautiful and I love the high ornate ceiling. I sat on fake agents porno one of the two luxurious couches in front of a white marble fireplace and beneath a gorgeous chandelier.

Maddisyn soon returned with the wine and a selection of cheese and fruit. ‘I thought you might like something with the wine,’ she smiled placing it on the antique side table.

‘Thank you. It looks lovely!’ I exclaimed, enjoying being a Guest.

Maddisyn smiled before returning a knowing gaze. ‘Would you like help with your hair and makeup?’ She offered.

I felt a trickle of arousal with the images of how much I’ve enjoyed her help. ‘I’d love it,’ I simply purred like a contented black kitten.

I tasted my wine and gazed at Maddisyn over the rim of my glass as she walked to her desk. ‘It’s lovely, thank you,’ I called out, causing her to pause momentarily and smile back in appreciation.

The gentle sway of her hips attracted my attention. My legs weren’t the only ones that looked gorgeous in a short skirt and heels. I love how Maddisyn dressed and she helped me buy my first intimate lingerie. I could imagine her being popular with guys but I couldn’t recall her mentioning a boyfriend.

I had a couple of counselling sessions with doctor Love before commencing sexual therapy. I’d been concerned about my love life with Jimmy. My first boyfriend was over 10 years ago and I’ve even forgotten his name. We were just kids and sex was painful and horrible. What really hurt was him losing interest in me when I lost interest in sex. It seems so silly now but I fearing disappointing Jimmy. Attending the Practice was my insurance for satisfying Jimmy, just in case.

Doctor Love’s been wonderful, so gentle and kind and easy to talk with. He’s about twice my age and in his late 50’s but appears much younger and there’s a definite connection between us. I love his engaging smile and the warmth in his voice made the conversations that much more comfortable despite our intimate discussions. I was a little stunned when he suggested sexual therapy. I may have been innocent about sex but it didn’t take much imagination to realise what was going on at the Practice.

What surprised me more was that I didn’t instantly reject the idea. Doctor Love is charming and handsome and I was enjoying his company. It wasn’t as if I needed to close my eyes and think of Jimmy. His explanation was so professional and caring as if nothing was inappropriate. I couldn’t pass up the chance for experience for when Jimmy and I have sex.

I finished my wine and went over to Maddisyn’s desk. ‘Thank you. That was lovely,’ I smiled, as she stood up to follow me through to the Guest Lounge.

The Lounge is a beautiful room off the Sitting Room where Guests can prepare for Doctor Love’s session. An antique dressing table has a large ornate mirror for grooming and makeup. There’s a spa bath set in a wrap-around window with a view of a secluded court yard garden and a separate room for having a massage.

I enjoy our time together before seeing Doctor Love. Sharing a laugh, giggling together and having a few intimate moments. There was a lot to learn from Maddisyn. She used the lovely selection of cosmetics available for Guests and did my makeup. I finally handed Maddisyn a tissue after blotting my lips.

‘What do you think?’ She asked, raising her eyes to mine and looking pleased.

‘Looks wonderful. Thank you for all your help. I’ve learnt so much, especially advice on making love. It means so much to me to make Jimmy happy,’ I smiled.

Maddisyn lowered a hand to my smooth dark thigh while holding my gaze. ‘Jimmy’s going to think he’s in heaven with those legs wrapped around his face,’ she replied with a coat of playfulness.

‘Around his face?’ I queried, my expression a mixture of surprise and curiosity.

‘Having oral sex,’ she clarified, still leaving me bemused.

‘Oh, I don’t think I’ve had any,’ I confessed quite innocently.

Maddisyn softly laughed to herself. ‘It’s hard to forget a mouth and tongue making love to your pussy,’ she grinned.

My eyes widened in amazement. ‘What’s it like when guys do it?’ I asked in an excited West Indian tone.

Maddisyn rolled her eyes and a wicked grin filled her face. ‘I don’t know about guys but it’s wonderful.’

‘But how do you . . .?’ I pause as the answer became obvious.

‘I’m gay, Nikki. Girls do it as well,’ Maddisyn interrupted.

‘I wondered why you hadn’t mentioned a boyfriend,’ I answered, maintaining a look of innocence.

A naughty smile creped across Maddisyn’s face. ‘I could show you if you like. You don’t have to be gay to have some girly fun,’ she suggested.

My dark brown nipples immediately hardened at the thought. ‘Does sound like fun,’ I answered, biting my bottom lip as I felt my pussy moisten.

The Practice seemed to bring the wildness out of me. I’d never done anything so naughty, ever. I was enjoying the throb of arousal and the wetness of my panties as Maddisyn asked fake angets porno me to I parted my thighs and lift the hem of my dress.

I leant back and Maddisyn gently lifted both of my legs over the arms of the chair. ‘Nice G-string,’ she teased, causing me to nervously giggle.

Maddisyn’s hand cupped my mound and discovered how wet I was. ‘Who’s a fucking horny bitch?’ She softly teased, caressing the sodden fabric.

‘Maddisyn, language please!’ Playfully admonishing her crudeness.

‘A little dirty talk can spice things up. Guys love it,’ she softly laughed, raising her eyebrows.

I moistened my lips and my heart was racing as Maddisyn dropped to her knees. ‘Really?’ I gasped as she kissed an inside thigh.

Her lips felt soft and moist against my naturally tanned skin. ‘Yeah, turns girls on as well,’ she breathed, momentarily lifting her eyes to mine before her lips drifted up my thigh.

My eyes lit up with a naughty thought. ‘I hope you like the taste of wet pussy,’ I panted, overwhelmed with a hit of adrenaline at saying my first ever dirty words.

Maddisyn raised her gaze to mine, slowly licking her lips. ‘Nikki, language please!’ Her teasing laugh turning to a wicked grin as she lowered her face.

I breathed in sharply as Maddisyn’s long and slender fingers slipped under the flimsy fabric clinging to my pussy. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ I gasped as she peeled it aside to reveal a freshly shaven mound.

My whole body was trembling as Maddisyn’s fingertips parted my dark crested folds exposing the slick internal red flesh. Her eyes looked up my body to mine as she ran the flat of her tongue through the pooled moisture.

‘Uh, uh, uh,’ I gasped, adjusting to the sensation of her inquisitive probing.

‘Too much for you?’ She mumbled into my pussy while managing to hold my gaze.

My head fell back with eyes closed and mouth wide open. ‘Fuck no,’ I softly moaned as Maddisyn lapped at my pussy.

Moans and sighs escaped me as she delicately licked and sucked on my intimate moist flesh. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as Maddisyn sucked my sensitive folds into her mouth.

‘Oh God,’ I gasped as her tongue suddenly delved deep into the slick red cavern.

‘More?’ Maddisyn simply moaned, holding my gaze.

‘Fuck yes!’ I cried, arching my back and grinding my pussy against her playful mouth.

My clit throbbed and swelled in anticipation as Maddisyn’s tongue circled the aroused flesh. ‘Oh, fuck yes. That’s it.’ I moaned as her lips sucked the throbbing dark pearl into her lips.

I moaned and writhed under her mouth. ‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!’ I cried, her tormenting tongue flicking across the sensitive coloured flesh.

I moaned and trembled as I felt my orgasm building. ‘You’re going to making me cum,’ I gasped, fingers locking into her long-flowing dark hair.

Maddisyn sudden lifted her face from between my thighs. ‘You want me to stop?’ She muttered, a look flavoured with genuine concern and disappointment.

I was desperate for release. ‘Oh, no. Make me cum. Please make me fucking cum!’ I cried rocking my pussy into Maddisyn’s mouth.

I gasped for air, my heart pounding in my chest as Maddisyn’s mouth and tongue pushed me to the edge. Suddenly my breathing became a series of desperate short gasps as spasm after spasm surged through my convulsing body.

I clutched Maddisyn’s face against my pussy, squeezing her head between my thighs. ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ I cried out in pleasure until the orgasm subsided and my legs dropped lifeless onto the chair.

It left me purring, savouring the wonderful warm afterglow of a satisfied need. ‘That was amazing,’ I sighed at Maddisyn, tenderly sucked and lapped at my moist folds.

Maddisyn lifted her gaze to mine, lips glistening with slick nectar. ‘Told you it’s wonderful,’ she smiled.

‘I’m sorry about the obscene language. I’ve never been so . . . wild,’ I apologised with a naughty grin.

‘Oh Nikki, just let yourself go with the passion of the moment. Mention pussy and cock with some moaning and begging for what you want and you’ll drive Jimmy insane,’ she grinned back.

Maddisyn continued sharing advice on talking dirty and oral sex while we cleaned up and she touched up my makeup and hair. ‘You’ll be sucking cock next. But I’ll leave that to Doctor Love,’ she smiled, raising her eyebrows at my reflection.

Maddisyn started to leave for the Lounge. ‘Thanks again. It was wonderful,’ I smiled.

Maddisyn paused at the door with a lovely smile. ‘I enjoyed it as well,’ her smile turning a couple of shades wicked before she left.

I used the side door that opened to the main passageway. It led to Doctor Love’s suite at the back of the building. I couldn’t wait to join him. I’m amazed how much I’ve changed, dressed in a sexy outfit with heels striking the polished floorboards and a moist throbbing need between my thighs. Doctor Love’s sexual therapy is so amazing.

I hadn’t had sex in over fake cop porno ten years and was dreading the thought of it again after how horribly painful it was. I didn’t need to worry about it again until Jimmy asked me to marry him. I smiled at the thought of sharing with Jimmy what I’ve learnt about sex, my nipples hardening to stiff peaks as I sashayed into Doctor Love’s suite and shut the door.

Doctor Love was sitting at his desk and got up, meeting my gaze. ‘Hello Nikki. I love your new outfit and it looks gorgeous on you,’ he complimented.

I inwardly sighed and my heart raced as his warm sensual eyes subtly stripped me naked. ‘Thank you. You’re such a charmer Doctor Love,’ I purred as he approached.

His gaze travel from my face to my heaving breasts and over my hips to my long-toned legs, pausing at my white high-heels. Warmth surged into my cheeks and I licked my lips, dry with arousal. The wet heat between my legs throbbed against my moistened panties. I was literally melting with need.

His eyes finally lifted to mine and a gorgeous knowing smile formed. ‘Please, let’s take a seat,’ he offered directing me to one of the two luxurious couches nestled in front of a white marble fireplace.

Doctor Love’s suite is just as lovely as the other rooms with its high ornate ceilings, decorative cornices and a lovely chandelier suspended from a ceiling rosette. Several pieces of period furniture with table lamps added to the intimate atmosphere and a beautiful antique desk and office furniture are at one end of the room. A bedroom and its ensuite are off the suite and so convenient.

Doctor Love sat opposite and I crossed my legs, my dress riding up to display my toned thigh. ‘Maddisyn loves my dress as well,’ I smiled, feeling the heat of his gaze on the naturally tanned flesh as I pulled the hem slightly down.

‘How have things been at work since we last met?’ Doctor Love commenced.

‘Really good. The warehouse manager will be retiring in six months and they’re interested in me,’ I mentioned excitedly.

I explained they were happy with me helping out in dispatch occasionally and impressed I asked for more responsibility. I smiled to myself seeing Doctor Love’s familiar smile when his suggestions worked out. They wanted to give me experience in other areas of the business and even send me on some short management courses.

‘How did you feel about that?’ he prompted.

‘Nervous at first, as usual. But the more I thought about it, the more excited I’ve become. A bit like sex really,’ I added, offering Doctor Love a cheeky smile.

Doctor Love laughed, almost to himself at my humour. ‘I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully. You pick things up so quickly,’ he smiled back.

I was enjoying the constant state of arousal, maybe too much. ‘Just like when we fuck?’ I playfully teased, loving the naughty hit of adrenaline.

Doctor Love’s eyes narrowed during a silent awkwardness that I’d never experience with him before. ‘Nikki, please. It’s sexual therapy. I’ve prescribed it to heal the memories of your only painful sex and give you experience and confidence in your new sexual relationship with Jimmy,’ his tone turning more professional than I’d ever known before.

Silence still lingered in the air as I considered my reply. ‘I’m so sorry Doctor Love. I’m just excited about our therapy and Maddisyn mentioned how talking dirty can be a turn on,’ I finally offered, deciding not to mention how incredibly horny I was.

Doctor Love quietly cleared his throat and discreetly moistened his lips. ‘I’m also pleased with the therapy,’ his circumspect reply making me smile with amusement.

‘Some couples find talking dirty stimulating and leads to more enjoyable sex but it can be a real turn off for some. I’m sure you and Jimmy will find what’s comfortable,’ he added.

I wasn’t that naïve anymore. Whether it was sexual therapy or professional sex, I wanted more. ‘Can we start the sexual therapy?’ I ventured hopefully.

‘Yes. I suggested something a little more adventurous last visit,’ Doctor Love calmly replied, surprisingly showing little emotion as we made our way to the adjoining bedroom.

The room is lovely and just perfect for some sexy fun. The period furniture is gorgeous and there’s a wonderful ornate marble open fireplace. Velvet drapes and fine lace fill the bay window and beautiful lamps on the cherrywood bedside tables provide an intimate setting.

I entered the bedroom and my pussy clenched and moistened with anticipation as I passed the king-sized bed. ‘I’ll use the ensuite while you get ready,’ I smiled.

An assortment of cosmetics is arranged on a white antique dressing table. The white roll-top bath with vintage brass fittings is gorgeous and there’s a double shower. I slipped out of my dress and sat at the large mirror feeling like a very naughty Guest as I touched up my hair and makeup.

I stood to checked out my look in the mirror and rolled my eyes. My ballooning breasts were straining against the fabric of my white lacey bra and the tiny wedge of fabric clung to my pussy leaving little to imagination. I turned around and smiled at my reflection seeing the cheeks of my ass and the string of my panties in the cleft of my backside. White was definitely my colour against my brown Caribbean skin and not a tan line to be seen.

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