Just Across the Street

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Long before she actually moved into the new house across the street he knew that she was a widow and that she had a child. He had heard all about her one day at the town hall where he renewed his recycle id tag. At the post office he found out that she drove a blue car and was a social worker. Around Christmas time, he stopped by the hardware store and heard that she had been trying to put up Christmas lights and needed to be talked out of buying a long ladder to get up to the gutters. That made him smile.

His house was right across from hers but a little away from the road. He was hardly ever home since he traveled a great deal for the agency. Nobody really knew what he was doing, but everybody around him had been speculating for years. Anything out of the ordinary did not go unnoticed in this town. Ever.

The first time he saw her as he drove by to pull into his driveway, he saw that she was independent. Of course he had known that because not every widow with a small child just went out and bought a house on her own. But nevertheless he could see it at the tip of her nose that she was not only used to doing things her own way but that she liked it as well. He watched her carry in groceries before she stood by the side of the road to wait for the school bus, her long curly blond hair fluttering in the wind.

The next time he saw her was when he came out of the deli with a sandwich under his arm. She was walking by with her son, obviously explaining something of immense proportions because she used her arms to make a point. Her son was listening intently and then they both laughed. That’s when he knew she was proud.

Months went by and when spring came around, he gradually saw her outside more. One day he came home after a week in Florida and saw her digging a hole in front of her house. After carrying his bag inside, he watched her planting the evergreen tree she had bought last December. Trained to notice people and things, he could tell she was watching him closely whenever they were outside at the same time. Sometimes, she came home or walked out of the house when he walked onto the street to get his mail, and they said ‘hi’ casually, all the while knowing they did not feel that casual about it at all.

There was something about her that made him think about her a lot. Maybe it was her thick hair that he wanted to sink his fingers into; maybe it was her green eyes following him up the driveway; maybe it was her laugh that sometimes carried across the lawn and that was highly contagious. He could not figure it out, just felt drawn to her; knowing she was different.

It was 2 am when he came home one night from playing pool with some of his old friends. He pulled into the driveway, parked, got out, and was just about to turn around to unlock the front door when something across the street caught his eye. Hesitating only for a second, he made his way across the lawn towards the street to get a better look. Great, he thought, as he got close enough to make her out on the steps in front of her house in the darkness. She saw me coming towards her and now it is impossible to just turn around. He had not planned this and felt himself reacting to not look like an idiot.

So he crossed the street, walked up her driveway and sat down next to her on the front steps. ‘Must be nice to come home whenever you want,’ she said quietly, and even without looking at her he knew she had been crying. ‘To an empty house?’ he replied and wondered what made him say this. ‘It’s not much of a home.’ There was a long silence. Then, ‘Lonely?’ he asked and turned his head to look at her. She sat on the upper step with her back leaning against the wall of the house, looking up at the stars. The slight breeze moved her hair ever so lightly, and when she turned her head to look at him, there was no pity in her eyes. ‘Lonely always, but sometimes it just becomes unbearable,’ she said and she continued looking at him, trying to figure out if it was worth telling him the truth. He did not look away. ‘And what do you do then?’ he asked. ‘I go outside to look at the stars, spy on neighbors, and talk to myself.’

He couldn’t help but smile. She was beautiful and funny. He had also noticed that she did not wear any perfume and remembered walking by some women in the deli who said she never wore makeup and that she probably did not even comb her hair. To him, this was refreshing and made her even more attractive. ‘You don’t really have to spy – all you need to do is talk to the locals and you’ll hear more than you want to.’ They both laughed.

‘Yes, well, tell me then, Marc: Are you gay?’ She had caught him totally off guard and when she saw the shocked expression on his face, she laughed out loud, touching his shoulder through the thin cotton of his shirt for a split second with the palm of her hand. ‘Sorry, I shouldn’t have,’ she began but he interrupted her. ‘No, no, that’s quite all right. But why don’t you tell me first how much money you really have hidden away to afford this house.’ Her touch had been electrifying and his mind was racing as he bent his right knee to hide his growing czech first video porno erection.

‘Are you working for the FBI?’ she asked into his thoughts on how a simple and innocent touch could have such an effect on him, a 35 year old man who did not get excited about anything too quickly. ‘Yes, I am,’ was his simple reply. ‘And how come a gorgeous guy like you hasn’t had a relationship in five years even though every woman in this town and the ones in a ten mile radius want to go out with you?’ Apart from being independent, proud, strong, and beautiful, she also was honest, funny, and very direct. ‘You say every woman – does that include you?’

She was taken aback – but only for a second. ‘Would it make a difference?’ she came back and he had to smile once more. Her directness and taunting provocation had him in a stage of ambivalence that he neither had expected nor felt in years. He decided to take the plunge. ‘Yes it would,’ he said and was surprised that there was no ambivalence whatsoever in saying that. He looked at her, waiting for a response but none came. She simply sat there staring at him. What the hell did I just do, he thought to himself. She shook her head and then they both started to laugh. ‘Wow,’ she said after a while. ‘Not bad for someone sitting on her doorstep at 2 in the morning.’ He smiled. ‘And neither for a guy who has not had a relationship in five years.’ He bent his knees some more.

‘But you have had sex?’ she inquired and blushed at her boldness when he looked at her from the side. But he shrugged his shoulders. ‘Yes, a quick fuck here and there, nothing earth shattering and certainly nothing that makes you feel warm all around for days to come.’ He paused, half wondering why he was so honest and talkative, and then continued, ‘I haven’t had sex in about a year.’ He wanted to add more when he saw a car approaching slowly. ‘There comes the couple from across the street. We’re going to be in the papers tomorrow.’ He was surprised when he felt her hand once more, on his arm this time, urging him to get up. ‘Come inside,’ she said as he stood.

When he closed the door behind him she was already standing at the top of the stairs. Barefoot, wearing a tank top and shorts, she looked down at him without saying a word, and he took off his shoes before he followed her, feeling her touch still on his arm.

‘Touch me again,’ he said quietly, standing in front of her, barely a foot apart. ‘When you touch me it’s like I am on fire and I haven’t felt like this in ages,’ he murmured as he watched her hands rise to his shoulders. He continued watching her hands gliding down his arms slowly, barely touching him. He shuddered involuntarily. When he felt her hands next to his own, he took them into his and closed his eyes to take in the sensation of her warm hands and then her fingertips against his skin as they made their way up the inside of his arms. Palms pressed against his chest, her hands traveled down across his flat stomach, took a hold of his shirt and pulled it over his head and off him after he had willingly raised his hands over his head.

She looked at him almost in awe, touching his now bare chest and muscular arms with her soft hands, driving him insane with desire. ‘You are so beautiful,’ she whispered, looking up at him. ‘I am afraid I will wake up any second.’ He smiled at her, somehow unable to move. ‘Baby, I am real and right here for you if you want me.’ At that, she embraced his face with her hands. ‘I want you,’ she whispered before she moved her hand to the back of his head to pull him closer to her. Fighting the urge to pinch herself to realize this was not real, she pulled his face to her until his lips touched hers lightly and tentatively. She hadn’t felt a man this close in so long that her senses were on overload as she felt the tip of his tongue creating sensuous trails on her bottom lip.

She couldn’t get enough of the texture of his hair, the warmth of his skin, the look of his muscular chest and arms, and the scent of his body. Opening her lips slightly to his playful tongue, she expected him to deepen the kiss. Instead, he backed away and started to plant little short kisses all over her face. She giggled. ‘You smell and taste so good,’ he said between kisses of her eyebrow and the tip of her nose. ‘I am going to kiss and taste every inch of your body!’

It might have been his deep throaty voice. Maybe it was the pure confidence in his voice; or maybe it was her pussy that started to ache when he talked of kissing and tasting. She didn’t know, but she abruptly ended the series of short kisses by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling down his head until his lips were pressed onto her mouth. And once his tongue met hers, nothing else existed.

It was pure fire; fire that extended from her mouth to her tits and pussy and made her moan against his lips. Tongues playing, bodies touching, closer and closer still, and when she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his hips to feel his hard cock against her pussy through the material of her shorts, they both moaned czech gangbang porno loudly. ‘My bedroom,’ she managed to say, ‘around the corner!’ He carried her down the short corridor, into her room, and shut the door with his back. Her window was wide open, the soft breeze moving her curtains.

‘Lock the door!’ she whispered, and he turned around to do as she asked. When he looked back onto the bed, she was kneeling in the middle, her arms crossed in front of her belly, her fingers gripping the edges of her tank top and pulling it up and over her head. In the back of his mind he knew this was the time to take off his clothes, to leap onto the bed, to take what was so obviously presented to him. But he stayed where he was, watching her naked tits move gently up and down under her breath. ‘Do something, damn it!’ a voice said inside of him. ‘You look like an idiot who has never seen a naked woman before.’ But he stayed where he was.

Her eyes were locked onto his as she hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her shorts and pulled them down slowly. She could swear his heart was beating at the same alarming rate as her own as she got up from the bed and walked towards him, now only dressed in skimpy purple cotton panties. His eyes scanned down her body and then returned back to her eyes as she touched his chest with her hands again. Her touch felt like fire on his now heated skin, traveling downwards until her fingers reached his button fly.

His cock, rock hard in his pants, lurched upwards when she unbuttoned his pants. She was standing so close now that her erect nipples brushed against his chest. He sank his fingers into her thick hair and kissed her deep at the same time as she pushed his pants over his hips and closed her hand around his thick cock. The loud moan he made against her lips as she began to stroke his cock surprised him. He needed to touch her, but when his fingers brushed against her tit in a first light touch, she pulled his hand away and kissed down his chest and belly instead.

Her lips left a moist trail on his skin while she kneeled in front of him, and he leaned back against the bedroom door. He desperately needed something to hold on to as he watched her face getting closer to his rigid cock. He grabbed her hair when she touched his cockhead with her tongue, tentatively, teasingly, before she planted short kisses on the inside of his thighs. He groaned. ‘Let me feel your lips on my cock again, baby,’ he moaned, his voice deeper than usual. He was rewarded by her full lips closing around the head. ‘Oh God, yes, put more of it into your mouth. You’re so hot baby!’

She licked the underside of his cock with the tip of her tongue slowly while she listened to his moans, thoroughly enjoying him being so vocal. ‘You drive me insane, baby,’ he made, his one hand closing around the doorknob. Gently, she licked around his balls and then took one into his mouth while she stroked his large cock with her hand. Sitting up on her feet and her thighs spread, she looked up at him as she closed her lips around the head and sucked half of his cock into her mouth. Building up a rhythm between her mouth and her hands on the lower part of his cock, she could tell he was getting close when his grip tightened around her head.

She let go of his cock and stood up, smiling at the frustration in his eyes. ‘I want you to come inside of me,’ she said, pulling him to her bed. ‘And I want it to last.’ He laid down onto his back and pulled her on top of him. ‘Then you better be on top,’ he said, smiling at her while raising his arms over his head. ‘And you should tie me up before I lose control and ravish you like there is no tomorrow.’ She returned his smile, taking off her panties and then placing her knees to either side of his hips. ‘I don’t even know if the condoms in my drawer have expired or not,’ she said, bending over towards the drawer to pull one out, accidently brushing against his hard cock with her pussy. They both moaned.

‘I can’t wait to be inside of you, baby!’ he said while he watched her breaking the foil. ‘But maybe we should wait until tomorrow. I’ll get some condoms at the store and have the whole town in an uproar of gossip in no time.’ He thought for a second. ‘I could mention your name somehow.’ She shook her head, smiling, rolling the thin plastic down his thick cock. ‘I agree we need better condoms but this will do for now. I will not wait a second longer to feel you deep inside of me.’ He laughed, feeling the condom to see if it was stretched far enough down his shaft and then took a hold of her hips. ‘Then ride me, baby. Do as you want with me.’ Placing one hand on his chest, she parted her pussy lips with the other, surprised by how incredibly wet she was. Feeling the head of his cock brush against her inner lips made her moan and then she let her body sink lower onto his hips, taking his cock in inside of her, and she let her head fall back and touched her tits with her hands.

‘Oh baby, you are incredible,’ he moaned, covering her hands with his, guiding her hands on her tits. ‘You are so beautiful!’ brazzers porno Not able to stay passive any longer, he sat up and pressed his face into the mold between her breasts while she moved her legs into a more comfortable position and let her hands roam over his back. The first touch of his tongue on her nipple sent sparks of electricity through her body and left her pussy even more sensitive. She closed her eyes, taking in the incredible sexy feeling of a thick cock filling her and a moist tongue increasing her arousal. She pulled his face closer to her tits.

Rocking back and forth they found a steady rhythm while exploring each other’s bodies. Her nipples were swollen and erect from his sucking, and he loved the sight. He couldn’t get enough of kissing her swollen lips and playing with her tongue while the slow pace of pumping his cock in and out of her pussy drove both of them crazy. ‘Lay back, baby!’ he said after a while. ‘I want to see your pussy!’ Laying in front of him and pulling on her nipples with her fingers, she watched him gazing over her body and she could tell he liked what he saw. Slowly, she let her hands travel across her belly to her thighs hugging his waist and then back up to where their bodies were still joined. She parted her outer lips with her fingers.

There was a sudden intake of breath as he watched her exposing herself to him. He bent over and reached for a pillow to prop up her head. He wanted her to see what to him was the most erotic act ever. They both watched as her fingers explored her pussy and showed him how she liked to be touched. His cock lurched inside of her when she circled her clit with one finger. Her swollen inner lips surrounded his cock like a flower bud, and she was so wet that even her trimmed bush glistened with her cream.

‘Baby, you have the most beautiful pussy,’ he said, his voice shaking. ‘You have no clue what it does to me to see you like this.’ He pulled his cock out of her wet hot pussy until only the head remained inside, and when she said ‘Fuck me, Marc! Fuck me hard!’, he let himself go. Taking a firm hold of her hips, he plunged into her to the hilt, watching her moan before him. She was so beautiful with her tits swaying from side to side as he fucked her. He could feel her vagina clench around his rigid cock when she tensed in anticipation of her first orgasm. Closing her eyes, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down to her as the first wave of her orgasm made her moan loudly. ‘Oh, God, yes…’ she screamed against his shoulder, locking her legs around his waist.

Her tightening pussy milked his cock, and he could feel himself going over the edge as he buried his face in her hair, his hands grasping her ass as he lifted her up off the bed and turned around with her, pushing up into her in an ongoing orgasm that made him cry out loudly before she fell down on top of him, their skins heated and covered with a thin sheet of sweat, their breathing ragged, their combined juices running down over his softening cock and balls. He put his arms around her and felt her nuzzle up to him, her head resting on his chest. He closed his eyes.

It was time to get up and leave. He had had a better orgasm than usual. He should leave it at that. But he did not move. He raised his head to kiss her hair on top of her head. Then he reached down between their bodies and pulled the condom off of his cock. He dropped it on the floor. He had violated a rule: He had slept with someone he could not just turn away from and never see again unless he moved to another house. Now, he had violated another rule: He had already stayed much longer than he usually did. She stirred on top of him, trying to slide off his body, but he held her close. Feeling his firm hug, she sighed contently and stayed where she was. Violation number three: He had just thought about eating her pussy.

‘I guess this is about the time for me to say that you were terrific,’ she said into his thoughts, her head still resting on his chest. ‘That would be a lie,’ he answered, his voice deep and calm; his fingers drawing slow imaginary patterns on her back. ‘After I eat your sweet pussy for as long as it takes you to have five intense orgasms you can call me terrific,’ he added, putting rule violations out of his mind and letting his desires take over. ‘Is that your usual quick-fuck experience?’ she asked casually, still enjoying his hands on her back and his body underneath her. ‘Hell no,’ he said promptly. ‘A quick fuck means fucking only, little to no kissing, and definitely no pussy eating.’ He laughed a sarcastic laugh as he listened to his own words. ‘And of course I would be out the door within two minutes after cumming.’

She lifted her head to look into his eyes. She had gone to bed with a complete stranger. Even though she had seen him on occasion for the last half year, she had never known his eyes were of such a dark blue until this instant. She had tried to not make any assumptions about his character and had focused on his tall and muscular body instead. She had no reason whatsoever to believe he was a caring and compassionate guy, and yet his cold and sarcastic words seemed to be in direct contrast to what he had given her minutes ago. ‘You are free to go,’ she said quietly. ‘No hurt feelings, no questions asked,’ she added before a smile appeared on her face. ‘And no stalking, either. Promise!’ She held up her hand in a gesture of honesty that made him laugh.

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