Julie’s Asshole Is Used By Group

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I had known Julie as a friend for the last 4 years. Julie was a 29 year old, natural beauty. She was about 5’8″, with silky brown hair, blue eyes, slender body, which showcased her perky medium-sized tits and tight little butt.

One evening at a party we somehow got into a conversation about sexual fantasies. Julie was normally a bit reserved talking about sex since she always behaved as a “good girl.” But this night she was already sipping down her third Long Island ice tea and had developed a pretty good buzz. Without being to specific, Julie revealed that she had a fantasy of exposing her sexy body to a group of guys. At first I thought Julie was joking. But when I asked her for more details, Julie quickly became bashful about the subject. Julie’s alcoholic buzz had caused her to slip-up and reveal a deeply hidden secret.

A few weeks later I organized a little afternoon party at my apartment. I had sent out an email blast to all of my friends knowing that only a handful would show up. The party was very mellow as we enjoyed the food and caught up on the latest gossip.

After a few hours most of my friends had drifted off to other events leaving just Tom and Eric. Eric had started taking some photography courses and was showing off his new camera. We all were goofing off in front of the camera as Eric practiced his newfound art. Eric was still playing around with the various camera settings when the doorbell rang.

Opening the door I was a little startled to see Julie standing at my doorstep. Just the sight of Julie would liven up any party. In a cute, sheepish way, she apologized for dropping in so late. Walking into my apartment dressed in a little mini skirt and mid-riff blouse, Julie created quite a distraction.

Taking a seat on the couch, I handed Julie a drink as we watched Tom hamming it up for the camera. I told Julie that she should join them so that Eric would have something sexy to focus his camera on. Julie politely ignored my comment.

Soon the guys tired of their antics and joined us. The topic of conversation revolved around Eric’s upcoming photo assignments for his photography class. Eric mentioned that one of his upcoming shoots was to photograph a nude woman. Julie was a little shocked that a nude photo shoot would be a part of the class.

Thinking Julie was passing to quick a judgment on the artistic merits of photographing nude models, Tom made a brief remark that he thought Julie was uncomfortable with nudity. Julie glared at Tom and fired back that an accomplished photographer could be much more creative working with a model who was stylishly dressed.

At this point in the discussion my mind was twirling. To redirect the conversation I casually proposed that Eric should take some photos of Julie to see if her theory had any merit. At first Julie brushed off my proposal. But after a little taunting by Tom, Julie agreed to let Eric take a few photos. Throughout this whole discussion Eric had remain silent, probably thinking that he was ill prepared to create anything worthwhile since he was still learning how to use his camera.

Julie nonchalantly rose off the couch and asked Eric what type of poses he wanted. Eric hesitated, not really knowing what to say.

I quickly interjected that to do this properly; Julie would need some prepping before the shoot. First I suggested that Julie remove her hair clip so that her beautiful hair fell naturally over her shoulders. Then I told Julie that she would need a little oil so that her skin would glisten like a professional model. Julie gave me a somewhat impatient look as she removed her hair clip. I went to get some baby oil out of the bathroom.

Squirting some oil onto my hands, I had Julie face me standing up as I started to first apply the oil to her arms. Julie’s skin was silky smooth. Working my way slowly, I teasingly followed the edge of her mid-riff top. Next I started applying the oil on her exposed flat stomach. Julie let out a little giggle as my hands caressed her smooth sensitive skin. It was obvious that Julie was enjoying the experience from the sight of her ever-hardening nipples that were starting to push out against the thin fabric of her blouse.

The guys were also starting to enjoy the scene as their eyes soaked up the sight of Julie’s hot body. Julie was fully aware of the multiple sets of eyeballs that were focusing in on her. Having finished rubbing the oil on her sexy mid-riff, I moved down to her legs. A slight nervousness could be heard in her quiet laugh, as my hands started working the oil over the front of her long legs.

Julie’s pulse quicken, knowing that her sexy body was the center of attention. Slowly as my hands approached Julie’s sensitive upper thigh, I could feel her muscles getting a little tense. I knew at this point her head was swimming with conflicting thoughts. To break her momentarily apprehension I matter-of-factly requested that she turn her body around so I could finish the job.

As bahis firmaları Julie turned and leaned against the wall, her beautiful long legs were perfectly on display. I started applying the baby oil on the back of her calves rubbing my hand in small circles. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started to move my hands up her firm legs. From my low angle I had wonderful glimpses up Julie’s sexy white mini skirt that barely covered her cute butt. The room grew very quiet as all the guys were glued to this increasingly sensual scene. Julie’s legs trembled a bit as my hands moved onto the back of her sexy thighs. The moment of truth was quickly approaching. Would Julie allow her little exhibitionist fantasies to become a reality? My hands had reached the bottom of Julie’s little mini skirt. It was now or never. In one fluid motion my hands glided up past her thighs and onto her ass cheeks. Julie let out a startled gasp as she realized that my hands had lifted up her skirt.

Julie’s sexy butt was now fully on display for everyone to see. Damn she had a firm little ass. Julie’s butt was almost fully exposed with just a little white thong panty that went up the crack of her ass. There was a moment of silence as everyone took in the view.

Julie’s face had flushed a bright red and her legs trembled slightly. Eric reached for his camera seeing that Julie’s cute ass would make a very sexy photo. Finally regaining her composure from the startling turn of events, Julie sternly told us that she was not going to allow us to photograph her butt.

I told Eric to put the camera away.

Having won this little demand, Julie relaxed a bit as my hands continued to rub oil on her sexy butt. I then casually asked Julie if she was upset that we could see her panties. In a slightly awkward response, Julie hesitantly agreed that she was OK with things as long as her panties remained in place. I quickly agreed as my oil soaked hands glided over her beautiful ass.

The little white fabric that went up the crack of Julie’s beautiful ass left little to the imagination. Though she feebly was still trying to maintain her “good girl” reputation, Julie had crossed the line. Julie’s breathing became a little heavier as her body started to react to her extremely compromising, but titillating situation.

At this point both Tom and Eric moved in for a closer view. We all started to give Julie compliments about how gorgeous her body was. Julie’s firm ass cheeks were now glistening in oil. Though her heart was pounding wildly, Julie was beginning to really enjoy all the male attention. I could sense Julie’s nervous excitement in having three sets of eyeballs within two feet of her almost naked butt.

Now that Julie had crossed one line, I decided to up the ante. Slowly I pushed her ass cheeks apart so that we could view the rim of her asshole that was peaking around her thong. Julie gave out a little whimper of protest, though she allowed her butt to stay within my reach. I continued to playfully jiggle her firm ass cheeks back and forth. This caused Julie’s panties to finally move over to the side allowing us a full view of her tight little asshole. Julie let out a soft moan as we watch the rim of her asshole tighten up in nervous anticipation.

I started massaging more baby oil onto Julie’s left ass cheek, as Tom finally worked up the courage to start massaging her other ass cheek. Damn this was fun. With an unusual air of confidence, I positioned Julie’s legs slightly apart and asked Julie to bend over more to give us better access. Hesitantly Julie complied with my request as she pushed her little butt higher in the air.

I continued to teasingly pull her ass cheeks apart so that her little thong panties drifted over to one side. In a slightly vain effort to maintain some modesty, Julie’s hand would occasionally reach around to adjust her panties so as to hide her little treasures. But as her fingers tried to locate the thin fabric of her panties, our fingers would teasingly brush up against her pussy and asshole. Julie let out another groan as our fingers continued moving, poking and exploring her private areas. During all this commotion I finally used one of my hands to push aside her panties so that one of my fingers could gently rest on the rim of her asshole. A ripple of tension moved over Julie’s body as she reacted to this new development.

Julie’s little asshole tightened in reaction to the gentle pressure from my finger. Both Tom and Eric’s eyes were glued to the erotic scene of my fingertip as it slowly made a circle around the rim of Julie’s tight asshole. Julie momentarily held her breath as her body froze in a slightly nervous state. God her asshole was a sexy sight. As my finger started around the rim of her asshole once again, I slowly move my fingertip to the rim of her asshole. I could feel Julie’s heart was pounding as she took a deep breath. Slowly my fingertip drifted over the rim and pushed ever so slightly into her tight little hole. kaçak iddaa A soft, deep groan escaped from Julie’s lips. Slowly, teasingly, I pushed my finger about an inch into her very tight ass. So much for Julie’s “good girl” image. Julie’s naughty little asshole seemed to enjoy having a bunch of guys watching as my finger slipped into her tight little butt.

Since Julie was willing to let my finger invade her asshole, I was pretty sure that she also would allow us to explore her pussy. Hooking a finger around the fabric of her panties I pulled them aside to fully expose her cute little pussy and asshole. Julie gasped again as her legs and butt shuddered nervously. Both of Julie’s tight little holes were now fully on display. Julie was starting to breath more rapidly as her sexual excitement started to build. I could see little beads of moisture were starting to form around her pussy lips. Julie’s secret little exhibitionist fantasy was now becoming a reality.

Both Tom and Eric’s hands were now starting to roam all over Julie’s sexy body. Julie did not protest as my hands started to pull down her panties. Tom helped by removing Julie’s small blouse and mini skirt. Julie’s apple sized tits popped out in delight exposing her hard little nipples. Julie was now standing stark naked in front of us. Fuck she was a sexy sight.

A wicked little grin came across my face as I thought of one of my own little fantasies. Before I lost my nerve, I told Julie I wanted her to lie down on the couch so that we could play a little “doctor.” Looking back at me with a wicked little gleam in her eye, she asked if she was the “patient.” Wow, how the tide had turned.

Sitting in the middle of the couch, I had Julie lay her naked body across my lap. Positioning her cute butt in front of me, I now had easy access to all of her private parts. Julie nervously giggled as I playfully rubbed my hands across her firm ass cheeks. I asked Eric to go get the thermometer that was in the bathroom. Julie let out a startled chuckle as she thought of where that thermometer might go.

Julie’s suspicions were confirmed as I spread apart her ass cheeks and started applying oil around the rim of her asshole. Tom also joined in the fun as we prepped her beautiful little asshole for the examination. Tom suggested that we probably should squirt some oil into Julie’s tight ass. I agreed. Tom pushed Julie’s ass cheeks apart as I placed the tip of the bottle of oil at the entrance to her little asshole. Julie let out a sexy squeal as her asshole contracted in nervous anticipation. God that was sexy. Tom spread Julie’s ass cheeks a little wider allowing me to easily insert the tip of the bottle into her tight asshole. With a little squeeze, cool oil flowed into Julie’s very hot ass. Julie moaned in delight.

Giving Tom the thermometer, Eric took a front row seat. Building up the sexual tension, I playfully rubbed some more oil around the rim of Julie’s asshole. I then asked Julie if her asshole was ready for its little examination. Julie giggled as she teasingly wiggled her butt on my lap.

Julie let out a little moan as Tom placed the tip of the plastic thermometer at the entrance to her sweet little asshole. The rim of Julie’s asshole contracted slightly as the cold thermometer touched her very private area. Tom started playfully teasing Julie’s asshole with the thermometer, pushing slightly in then out. A deep moan escaped Julie’s lips as she let the thermometer explore her tight little hole.

What an awesome sight. Our eyes feasted on Julie’s tight little buns framing a cute sexy asshole along with the enticing folds of her pussy. I gently rimmed Julie’s ass with my fingertip as Tom started to push the thermometer deeper into Julie’s ass. Julie’s asshole quivered a little with all the attention. Eric slipped a couple fingers up Julie’s pussy to explore her other hot hole. Using both of my hands, I pulled Julie’s ass cheeks further apart so that everyone had a great view of the thermometer being inserted into her little asshole. Julie squealed in girlish delight.

We all took turns pushing the thermometer into Julie’s tight asshole. Teasingly we kept telling her we needed another “reading” since we were new at this. Julie’s asshole seemed delighted with all the activity as the thermometer and an occasional finger were inserted into her ass. Julie’s oil slicked asshole allowed us easy access into her tight little bum.

After having made 8 or 9 thermometer readings from Julie’s hot little asshole, I decided her puckered ass could still use a more extensive examination. Coating my finger with oil, I slowly pushed my fingertip into Julie’s tight little asshole. Julie moaned as she focused on the erotic sensation of my finger in her ass. The rim of Julie’s asshole contracted playfully around my finger. Fuck she had a tight ass! With a devious little smile, Julie looked back at me and asked if she was being a “good” patient. We all laughed. Tom responded first by telling Julie kaçak bahis that she was lucky she was such a good patient otherwise we would be putting other things into her sexy little ass. I playfully gave Julie my answer by wiggling my finger in her tight little anus. Julie gave me a sexy moan in response.

Slowly pulling my finger from her little asshole, I playfully gave her a little slap on her butt. I now responded more fully to Julie’s question by telling her that while she was being a good patient, it was her little asshole that was being very naughty. Julie let out a little giggle upon hearing this. Taking the bait, Julie suggestively proposed that maybe her asshole needed to be taught a lesson. Fuck this conversation was getting hot. We all pondered what kind of “lessons” we could provide for Julie’s sexy little ass.

Eric went to the bathroom to get a pan of warm water and some washcloths. We needed to prep Julie’s sexy butt for its first lesson. Soaking the towels into the warm water we playfully washed Julie’s hot little butt. Julie moaned in delight whenever one of our fingers pressed up against her cute asshole. Julie’s deliriously lustful state brushed away any of her normal inhibitions. Julie breathlessly taunted us with comments about how horny it made her feel to have a bunch of guys looking at her ass. We happily complied by spreading her little ass cheeks apart allowing us all to gaze longingly at her little puckered asshole. Julie moaned in satisfaction.

Julie’s little asshole definitely needed more than our fingers to be taught a real lesson. I had Tom go find the tube of KY jelly that was in my bedroom. Upon hearing this, Julie’s asshole contracted in nervous anticipation as she realized that we might be considering using her asshole for some anal sex. Eric started to rub Julie’s clit and pussy so that our super horny patient would be properly ready for her naughty lesson.

Tom came back with the tube of KY jelly. I told Julie that to show us that she really was a good patient, she needed to relax her little asshole for our examination. Julie let out a little moan of agreement. Squirting a glob of jelly onto my finger I pushed my finger up into her tight hole. Julie trebled in delight the moment the cool jelly invaded her narrow passageway. Observing the fantastic sexual charge that the cool gel had on her as it made contact with her hot anus, I continued applying more jelly onto my finger and pushing it up into her asshole. Julie began to groan with intense pleasure as her pussy started to gush with her natural juices. Damn she was fired up.

I then decided to see what would happen if I squirted the tube of jelly directly into her hot little asshole. Tom pull Julie’s ass cheeks apart to give the tube of jelly unrestricted access to her tight little hole. Julie moaned loudly as the cool tip of the tube of jelly touched the rim of her asshole. Slowly I inserted the tip so that it slightly penetrated up into her ass. Sensing what I was about to do, Julie started moaning and squirming with a concentrated sexual urgency. With the tip of the tube firmly planted inside her asshole, I slowly started to squeeze the jelly into her puckered anus. Julie let out a very loud moan as the cool gel pushed into her tight hole. Julie’s body trembled with pleasure. The cool jelly invading her hot little ass was pushing Julie over the edge. I gave the tube one last squeeze. Julie squealed in ecstasy. Then without warning, a louder groan escaped from Julie’s lips as her body started shaking with an intensely powerful orgasm. Fuck she was hot. I pulled the tube out of Julie’s butt as her little asshole started to pulsate with waves of sexual energy that were surging throughout her body. Our anal vixen had hit nirvana.

Julie’s pounding orgasm had caught everyone off guard, including Julie. We had just witnessed a mind-blowing display of feminine energy that had exploded from within Julie’s sex craved body. Slowly Julie started coming back down to earth as we gently caressed her sexually charged body. Minutes later, Julie’s asshole was still pulsating from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Damn, what a fucking awesome sight!

Once Julie had rejoined our world, Eric teasingly suggested that we should give her a “full” examination. In a coy, sexy voice, Julie asked what a full examination would entail. Eric informed her that we would need to carefully examine every square inch of her body. We would have to explore all of her curves, crevices and holes in intimate detail. For the examination to be complete, we needed to watch her nipples, pussy, clit and asshole in various phases of sexual arousal.

Following Eric’s instructions we started to playfully massage and fondle Julie’s entire body. We had 6 eager hands moving over her legs, arms, neck and back. It did not take long before Eric started his careful examination of Julie’s apple-sized breasts. We could all see her little nipples become firm as they poked into the air. Tom started his examination of Julie’s wet cunt as he gently caressed the folds of her pussy lips and clit. My fingers had drift over to Julie’s asshole again. Spreading her ass cheeks apart I could look right up her tight anal canal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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