Juicy Eileen #2

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Juicy Eileen #2
Juicy Eileen – Chapter 2

As we often do on Saturday evening, we went to a fancy restaurant in the village center, and went directy to bed right afterwards. My wife was a little tipsy from the prosecco, and when my wife is a little tipsy she spreads her fine, long legs willingly. I hadn’t washed after the earlier encounter with the horny granny just a few blocks away, and was determined to let my wife have a taste at the foul member. It’s was going to be easy, since Annemieke, my 29 year old second wife, was desperate for sexual release. Hopping up the stairs as I followed in her footsteps, I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties under her frilly, summer skirt. Her plump ass wobbled (her ass is the only beefy asset in her fabulous body) as she walked up the stairs, and I could resist a few slaps and pinches. She was naked on her back in bed in no time, legs spread and knees bent, her slit glissening in moisture and anticipation.

“Fuck me, now.” She demanded.

I rubbed my hard-on on her snatch a few times, refusing to penetrate her humid hole, and said:

“Suck me first.”

“It’s not clean.” She protested mildly. But she was so horny by now that her protest held no substance.

“It’s clean enough”, I said, and pulled her head to my throbbing manhood. Now, I am well güvenilir bahis above average in both girth and length, and my mighty member always stirs the passion of my beautiful woman. The red mouth sucked the soiled penis way inside. I relished the feeling of my cock, smeared with the cunt moisture of my aging neighbor, slowly being cleaned by one of the prettiest and most talented tongues in the Netherland.

“It smells strong, but sexy.” said my wife after releasing my truncheon from her mouth. “Now put it where it belongs…”

In it went with a shudder and a thud, the penis head bashing her cervix time after time, rhythmically, until the explosion came without a warning after a mere few minutes of brutal fucking. “Arrrgh.. arrgh…” she orgasmed, pushed me off, and turned to her stomach, her broad derriere ondulating with passion. “You can finish now anyway you want. I want another one of those in the morning.” She said.

“I want to come in your mouth.” I said.

“Not now, liefje, I am sleepy. Fuck me from behind.” Now fucking a snoring woman is not a big turn-on for me.

At that moment my phone dinged. I looked at it: Message from Eileen. “Do you want to come over?” I texted back: “15 min”. Then said to my sleepy beauty: “I need to take Rex for a night walk. Be back in a perabet giriş jiffy.” Rex is our dog.

“Alright, don’t be late. Let’s fuck again in the morning.” Before I had my clothes on, she was already in dreamland, dreaming about juicy peckers thrusting up her vagina, her mouth and her plump buttocks.

I took rex and ran the short distance to Eileen’s. 3 minutes later my cock was inside the granny’s mouth. Her eyes sparkled and she took it out, saying “Did you fuck her just now?”

“I sure did.”

“Did she come?”

“Like a missile.”

“She tastes so nice.” That’s true, Annemieke tastes wonderful down there.

“In my fantasy, you are going down on her.” I suggested.

“You are a pervert.” The images of the old Eileen licking my wife’s young twat invaded my thoughts.

“Have you ever sucked a cunt?” I asked her.

“Never. Never had the opportunity.” Rex was licking my bare soles. I pushed him away, and turned the aging granny onto her stomach. I gave her old bubble butt a few slaps and opened the cheeks to view the crack in all its glory. She has a very nice asshole indeed, for a woman her age.

“Are you going to fuck me already or keep me in suspense? Enough teasing,” she complained.

“First, you are going to tell me how old you are. And don’t lie.”

“What difference does perabet güvenilir mi that make? I am old. Now fuck me.”

“No. Tell me first.”

“Alright, I am 67. Are you satisfied now?”

“Not yet, my dear. But soon.” A shoved my prick into the 67 year old gray cunt and kept thrusting. Her sighs and grunts were so sexy! Her bubble ass rattled with every thrust. I opened the cheeks of her buttocks. No wrinkles whatsoever anywhere near this wonderful ass! Nor any on the toned thighs. Like a body of a 40 year old. A little softer and more tender than that of Annemieke, but considering the age difference! 38 years difference! I hope Annemieke would look so young in 40 years from now. I wet my thumb and rubbed it on her back orifice.

“Hmmm…” She responded. She liked that.

“Tell me when you are ready to climax. Tell me when I can push my thumb into your ass.”

“Push.” She said. My thumb went all the way up her aging anus.

“I like that. Move your thumb very gently.” I did.

This time, it took her longer to achieve the climax, but climax she did! And she was so vocal that Rex ran scared out of the bedroom. Her butthole clipped my thumb in several contractions. This response triggered my own delayed ejaculation. With a violent heave I stuck into the marvelous female apperture and spilled my gooey stuff into her sacred orifice.

She stayed in bed, I kissed her lightly on the lips and took Rex for his nightly walk, returning home to my sleeping wife. In the morning, Annemieke is going to have another taste of Eileens stench on my cock!

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