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Mr. Harold G. Wolfe was a fair man. He had a reputation as an old fashioned up standing man with high morals. He was harsh too. Harsh, cold, and, when he needed to be, cruel. Everybody knew this. Most of all though Jennifer Hall and Samuel Colbridge knew this. If you did your job he was good to you. He would look after you. If you did anything that he perceived to be detrimental to the company, the multi-million pound company that he owned and had built from nothing, then he was ruthless. There had never been any second chances for anybody who had crossed him.

Jennifer and Samuel also knew that there was a vacancy in upper management and as always Mr. Wolfe would promote from within. They also knew, as did everyone else in the office, that service was everything in Wolfe’s book, and Jennifer and Samuel were holding onto the two longest records. It would be one of them that would be promoted. One of them would, overnight, earn four times as much as the other. One of them would have the opportunity to travel the world on one of the most flattering of expense accounts in the industry. One of them, and only one of them, would have the best insurance, health care, and support that money could buy, because as everyone knew Mr. Wolfe valued his staff above everything else.

There had never been a woman in upper management. This was not because of prejudice on Wolfe’s behalf. He had always promoted the best candidate. He was too shrewd to allow petty outdated ideas cloud his decisions. Then again he would not promote Jennifer as some kind of token gesture either. It was quite simple. Jennifer and Samuel had equal lengths of service. Wolfe had his own criteria for selecting the right person for promotion that only he, and the selection committee, was aware of. They were both in with an equal shout just as long as neither of them did anything that he disapproved of in the meantime. It was a two horse race and there could only be one winner.

They were both good looking. Jennifer with her soft short brown hair, her all over tan, shapely figure, and beautifully round bust. And Samuel with his piecing eyes, his strong powerful voice, and his shock of blonde hair. They seemed to be so equal in everything but only one of them would emerge with the great new package that was on offer.

Jennifer and Samuel stopped their conversation for a moment and smiled at Mr. Wolfe as he came back from lunch at The Ritz. In a couple of days time one of them would be joining him. They watched him walk down to the end of the corridor and disappear around the corner on his way to his executive suite. Once he was out of sight Samuel resumed their conversation. “I’d like to say right now Jennifer that I admire your integrity. A lot of women, I’d even go as far as to say most women, would have brought their hem line up if they got even so much as a sniff of a promotion like this one. Not you though, oh no, there it is still just below the knee as it has been for the last five years.” He sniggered to himself and looked at her legs under the desk just to confirm what he had said. “And do you know something Jenny, sorry Jennifer, do you know something Jennifer it’s the exact reason why you’re not going to get the job. A good businessman, that’s right I said businessman, would use anything that he could to get what he wanted. Not you though eh? No you’re happy to cling to a set of outdated principles and blow your only chance of gaining any kind of advantage over me. Wolfe knows it. He knows that I’ve got that hunger, that will to succeed, but you… Come on why don’t you pull out and save yourself the embarrassment?”

Jennifer smiled at him. He was such a smug little shit. What did he mean by “save yourself the embarrassment” she wondered. She knew that there was something in what he was saying. But then on the day that they had given in their applications for the new post Mr. Wolfe had called them into that plush office of his (the one with the breathtaking view of the city from thirty floors up) and told them that any stunts they might try and pull would count for nothing. It was on their past records that he would make his decision just as long as they didn’t screw up in the meantime. “Yes well you’d only try and go one better wouldn’t you Sam? I couldn’t stand the thought of you walking around the office in nothing but a leather g-string, just for Mr. Wolfe’s pleasure. If I wanted to get on his good side I’d drop to my knees and go down on him like you’ve been doing for the past five years, she grinned back at him, “Go and sit back at your own desk Sam. You are disturbing me and I’m running out of patience with you.”

“That’s okay I was just leaving for lunch anyway. Of course in forty eight hours I’ll be lunching an hour earlier with the rest of the upper management team.”

He shot another grin at her. He had the face of a fashion model and the body of an athlete and he knew it, and maybe more importantly he knew how to use it. He had fucked just sexmex porno about all of the girls in the office at some time or another and his wife was, as Jenny had once overheard some of the guys in the upper management team describe her, a walking wet dream. There were a lot of advantages to the company if they, that is Mr. Wolfe, picked Sam. He was popular and his wife would be such a hit at all of those in company dinner parties, not to mention her role in wooing the heads of corporations that they did business with. Jenny was not married and wouldn’t be in the immediate future either as far as she could see. Mr. Wolfe liked his staff to be married. He’d talked about his wife enough for her to know that.

She wondered why she was doing this to herself. She knew that Sam was only trying to wind her up but he was right. What chance did she really have? Mr. Wolfe had had plenty of opportunities to tell her one way or another, but then she had never broached the subject. She had not wanted to appear mercenary and she hoped that Mr. Wolfe understood that. But then how could he know how much she wanted this promotion if she had never told him.

Jenny threw her pen down. What was the use she asked herself? It was time for her lunch too. Maybe she should buy a shorter skirt not that it would make any difference to her application but it might just unnerve Sam. She considered this as she picked up her coat and made for her favourite coffee shop.

Sam was actually skipping lunch today as well as a date with that new hot little bitch secretary from accounts with the big bimbo eyes and the stand up and suck me tits. Instead he was making his way across the city to a photography studio run by one of his old school friends. If the pictures came out right, as he wanted them to, then he would soon be sitting in the lap of luxury in an office like Wolfe’s with a full view of the city below and the comings and goings of the vermin they called the workers.

He had dreamt about this moment. Now he could almost smell it all, the Champagne and Caviar, the fresh leather seats of the Jag he would ask for, the sweet perfume of the air hostesses in the first class section of the plane, and the musk of the impressed beautiful women who would be more than happy to open their legs for someone earning so much money. He was not going to let prissy Jennifer Hall fuck it up for him. And so he had waited and waited and then about two weeks ago his opportunity finally fell into his lap.

He had been friends with the security guard Bill Houston for quite a while. Occasionally he’d drop by to say hello, either morning, lunchtime, or when he was leaving at the end of the day. It depended on which shift Bill was on. Two weeks ago Bill showed him something very interesting, a video recording from one of the office CCTV cameras. He had not recognised her at first. It was obviously a woman getting changed but the lights were dim and it was difficult to make anything out. It seemed like a laugh, a little bit of homemade pornography of the kind that he was partial to himself. Then she stepped into the light for a moment. She was a fantastic looking specimen Bill had said and he was right. She was wearing a see-through black dress that finished at the top of her thighs. Underneath her pert firm breasts were held in the skimpiest of black bras and the tiniest of tight black panties covered her crotch. She stooped to zip up a pair of black knee high Cuban heeled boots that all the teenagers seemed to be wearing at the moment and then she finished this all off with a slim black mask decorated with sequins which covered her nose and eyes.

Sam and Bill watched open-mouthed as she walked away from the camera down the corridor. “Can we follow her on another camera?” he had asked Bill. It was no problem and now they switched to a shot of the hall and watched her long legs and perfectly formed ass move elegantly as she made her long strides. They then watched her take a key out from under the elastic of those panties. Sam thought, as she reached down, that she was going to take them off and could feel his cock throbbing in his trousers. She took out the key though and opened one of the upper management office doors.

As she disappeared behind the door Bill turned to him. “She’s something isn’t she? What I’d like to do to a woman like that. Yes she really is something special.” Sam had an idea. “Rewind, right back to the beginning. No stop it on the bit with the mask maybe we can freeze it, get a look at her face.” Sam did not recognise that figure and he had bagged just about every woman of note in the office at some time or another. He was getting excited maybe; just maybe, it was her, his rival Jenny. The video recording on second, third and fourth viewing confirmed his suspicions. It was perfect. Fate had finally shone on him.

A quick discussion with Bill and a glance at other recordings showed him that she was careful. The first little bit of footage stranded teens porno was the best they had got. He needed better evidence if he was going to take it to Wolfe and the partners in upper management. If the evidence wasn’t indisputable it might look as if he were purposely trying to blacken her name, which of course he was, but Wolfe didn’t take kindly to in house fighting.

A few beers with Bill and he soon got the tip off on where he could get hold of clandestine movement activated cameras and a voice-activated tape recorder. All he had to do was set them up in the office and wait. The next day he took in a whole series of ornaments all with built in lenses that would take great pictures in the dark. Two nights ago Bill had spotted her again. Off she went again in that black sequinned mask, those long black boots and a kind of tight black mesh body suit with nothing underneath. Only she was more careful and stayed out of the light and the focus of the camera. Her identity was still inconclusive. Her presence though would have set off the cameras and the tape recorder. The pictures should be ready today. The tape recording he had already listened to. There were two voices one male, one female, and they were distant coming from the other end of the corridor:

Man’s voice: Goddess Gaia holder of the magic of the earth and everything on it how may I serve you tonight? Please inform me of my task. Your beauty blinds me and your power in this realm makes me nothing by comparison. Instruct me so that I may worship you with my service.

Woman’s voice: Get on your knees man. You must be taught to show respect. No man may address this Goddess without first bowing his head.

Man’s voice: Forgive me Goddess Gaia. I beseech you to show mercy.

Woman’s voice: Forgive you! Why should I? It is not for you to ask of me. You must earn forgiveness. Remain on your knees and when I approach you show me your apology with that lusty tongue, put it where I like it to go. And then afterwards if you beg I may consider forgiving you, but then again probably I won’t.

It was pretty serious stuff. She was using the offices to turn a few tricks, make a little extra on the side. Sam didn’t blame her the money they were on just wasn’t enough but Wolfe would not tolerate prostitution, especially not on the company premises. She was shafted. Sam laughed it is little joke. He was going to be doing a lot more laughing. He’d got her now just as long as the photographs had caught her. The tape was a good back up but the voices weren’t clear enough and most of the conversation was inaudible. All that he needed was one good face shot and he had her right where he wanted her.

Jenny put down the bag from the boutique where she had just bought that skirt that Sam had suggested to her. It was pale indigo satin and finished above the knee. She had a great pair of high heels to go with it. She crossed her shapely tanned legs as the charming Benito brought over her favourite espresso choc. She stirred in a spoonful of sugar and regarded the handsome Benito for a moment. He was dark and brutal looking but with a warm smile and hairy bullish chest that seemed to pop out from whatever he was wearing. She knew that he had his eye on her and had for some time. She liked the attention and crossed her legs over in the other direction whilst pretending to read the paper. Benito almost jumped out of his pants. She smiled and sipped her coffee.

A group of young girls came in all fawning over him. They called him over to their table and made lewd suggestive comments to him. He joined in their banter after all it was good for business. The girls obviously appreciated him and made remarks about his bum as he walked back to get their order. Jenny could tell though that he was keeping one eye on her.

He took the girls order over, two cappuccinos, an espresso, and a herbal tea, and then he stopped by her table with a small delicate looking pastry topped with fresh cream cinnamon. “Please for you, with the house.”

“You mean on the house,” she smiled.

“If you like on the house!”

“Thank you Benito,” she rolled his name on her tongue and gently parted her lips placing a small thumb nail size piece in her mouth. “Oh it’s exquisite.”

“Is a gift for being good customer. If you like maybe you order next time.” He leaned over to her closer than usual and then closer still. She could feel her heart beating faster and faster in her chest. “I’m glad you like.” She did like and she liked the feeling of all this attention. She saw the look in his eyes, the want, and she imagined his brown hands running up and down her legs, across her bare back, and the hairs on her sweet mound being parted by his long cool fingers. “Anytime for you,” he smiled, waking her from her daydream, his tone suggesting that he was referring to the images in her head rather than the pastry. She too watched his bum as he went back behind street blowjobs porno the serving bar before going back to pretending read the paper.

He had it. It was perfect. He had almost hugged his old schoolmate but instead invited him to lunch at The Ritz in a week or twos time. It was almost too good to be true.

Sam checked the pictures again when he got back to work. There had been about sixty shots in all, two thirds of which were useless. Of the remaining twenty about half did not include a facial shot. There were nine that were okay-ish but there were three in particular that were just perfect.

One of them showed her in her underwear with the black mesh body suit in her one hand while her other hand was about to remove her sensible but comfortable work panties. It was a three-quarter shot that was unmistakably Jenny. The second shot showed her applying lipstick in a small round personal mirror. Her eyes were wide and her lips puckered. But the third was the icing on the cake. She was sitting at her own desk this time, something that the CCTV camera had missed. Jenny’s feet were up on the desk, those high Cuban heels of her boots resting precariously, inches from the edge. The body suit was unfastened at the crotch and there was a silhouette of a man between her thighs tasting her nectar. Jenny’s head was thrown back in ecstasy, her short delightful brown hair imperfectly ruffled. She was holding a long cone shaped joint and had obviously just puffed out a great cloud of smoke. Her breasts were shaded seductively by the tight black mesh. Wolfe would hit the roof and Sam knew it. Drugs, even grass, were a big no no to a stern moralist like him. Not only would she not get the promotion but also she would probably, no definitely, get the sack.

Samuel considered this as he looked at this photograph, A4 size in black and white, the enjoyment of cunnilingus etched on her features. He sat alone in the locked cubicle admiring her stunning good looks and that taut looking supple body. Another thought came to him as he unzipped his fly and took out his heavy fat cock and began to stroke it up and down while concentrating on that beautiful photograph. He had plans for Miss Goddess Gaia. He rubbed himself up and down his entire length and imagined her curvaceous legs wrapped around his body, her hot breath on his shoulder, while he put himself hard and sharp into that most desirable of all soft places. He began to rub himself harder as he imagined walking into the office right now and throwing her across her desk, lifting her skirt up, and hammering his stiff cock into her cunt. How she would plead for more, give herself up to him; beg him to be more forceful with each stroke of his length. He dropped the photo to the floor as he clenched his eyes shut and imagined the look of sheer pleasure on her face as he shot his desire into her body. The closed eyes, the open mouth, and the fast heavy inviting breathing that he imagined her to present to all her lovers sent him over the edge, and he ejaculated his victory into the air. The thin white streamers of come were celebrations of the homage that would be paid to him for this master plan.

Jenny checked her e-mail when she got back from flirting with Benito. She ran her well-manicured nails through her short brown hair and moved the mouse impatiently. The thought of Benito had aroused her and the last thing that she wanted was to spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening in the stuffy office. Worse luck there was an e-mail from Sam, no doubt another juvenile attempt at winding her up.

She clicked for the message to come up.

Dear Goddess Gaia of the earth and everything that stands upon it,

I thought that you’d appreciate me showing you the picture below before I send a copy to the upper management team. You’ve really blown it this time. It’s a really great picture. You ought to try your hand with magazine photo shoots, the up-market ones of course. All of which begs the question how much do you charge? How much did you charge that guy? Not as though I’m going to be paying you understand. I just thought it’d be nice to tell Wolfe and the rest of the selection committee whether they’ve got a high-class hooker on the pay roll or just some common slut.

I’m playing squash after work tonight at the company’s sports centre. My opponent doesn’t like to hang around after so why don’t you join me for a drink? Don’t worry I’ll be upstairs in the bar that sells alcohol (I thought that you’d need a drink) none of those health freaks go in there so we’ll have the chance to discuss the situation alone. Look forward to seeing you. Love Samuel

P.S. Do you realise that I’m only one button away from circulating a copy of this picture to everyone in the firm? Well you do now.

He had scanned the photograph in. She had no idea how he could have taken the picture. It was certainly a beautiful picture of her. In fact in different circumstances she would have been quite proud of it, her total beauty and her abandonment of everything but the moment was more than artistic, it was erotic. She was in big trouble though, and she knew it, this could be, would be, the end of her, let alone her chances for promotion. If this got out…

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