Jo and her girls.

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Jo is my neighbour, I moved in two years ago, she is forty with two daughters, Tori who is twenty and Zoe who is sixteen; all three are very good looking. Fortunately for me Jo’s husband walked out six months ago.
Late one afternoon Jo called me to help her move some heavy furniture in her bedroom. After lugging wardrobes around the room she asked me if I wanted a drink. Sat in the lounge she offered me a beer and sat next to me on the couch.
“Thanks Rich you really are such a help, I couldn’t have done that on my own”.
After a few minutes she kicked her shoes off and curled her legs under her, I couldn’t help noticing her pretty little toes; her legs were quite nice too. She then nudged me with her elbow and said.
“Still it’s not the way I wanted to get you in my room though”.
I looked at her quizzically and smiled, noticing not for the first time her nice tits.
“Yeah I’ve wanted you in there fucking me for a few months now”!
Then she leant over and kissed me passionately. As I pulled her close and kissed back she ran her hand over my hardening cock.
“Wow that feels nice and big, come on Rich fuck me and make me cum like a slut”!
She stood in front of me and pulled her shirt and trousers off, followed by her g-string; her tits were nice and big, with large nipples, my eyes went down to her pussy which was trimmed nicely; she ran her hands down over her tummy and began to rub her clit. She lay back on the couch and lifting and spreading her legs began to frig herself softly as she moaned.
“C’mon rich fuck me and make me cum; I haven’t had a cock in me in months”.
My shorts hit the floor as I moved forward and began to suck and caress her tits. As she moaned I moved down and began to lap at her sweet cunt. Her juices were flowing now. My cock was like an iron bar as I slipped it into her pussy watching her eyes widen.
“Oh fuck yeah, that’s it fuck me, I need a good hard fucking”!
I began to pump into her faster and faster as her tits wobbled on her chest.
“C’mon Jo cum for me, and I’ll fuck you again”.
“Oh fuck yes I’m cumming oh fuck yes”!
Jo sat up and pulled my cock to her lips slowly she swallowed it down into her mouth. At this point she went wild and began to bob her head up and down gagging on my cock; so much saliva was running onto her chin and dripping onto her tits.
“Oh shit baby I’m gonna cum in your mouth”!
After I filled her mouth with my seed she laid back and smiling she wiped her lips with her fingers and sucked them clean.
Cupping my cock she smiled as she said. “Mmmm so nice and tasty, but you gotta leave the girls will be home soon; but come round and fuck me soon and you can fuck my other hole as well”!
Smiling I pulled my shorts on. “Jo come round to my house soon and I will fuck you all afternoon hunny, I’m gonna fuck you till you scream, you’re gonna love my cock in your tight ass”.
I left after kissing her once more and strolled home, neither of us had noticed Tori had been spying on us through a crack in the door.
Three days later in the evening there was a knock on my back door. Tori walked in as I was sat at the kitchen table reading the paper as the kettle was boiling. She was dressed in a pair of tight shorts a tight crop top and bare foot; her toe nails were painted a sexy bright pink.
“Hi Rich how’s things”? She said as she sat down. Smiling she came right to the point.
“I watched you fuck my mom, it was fucking horny especially when you came in her mouth”.
I smiled at her as she continued.
“I told Zoe as well”.
“So what did she say”?
“Well she said. Good for mom. She asked me to tell her everything as she undressed. She got so hot and horny she lay on her bed and frigged herself right in front of me”.
“Wow what did you do”?
“I got naked with her licked her pussy till she came in my mouth, then I made her lick my cunt and ass and came in her mouth”.
This came as a shock to me thinking of these young sisters pleasuring each other thinking of me fucking their mom.
“We chatted after and we both want to fuck you Rich, Zo?ot really horny when I told her you were going to fuck mom in the ass”!
She smiled widely as she ran her foot up my leg. “I think Zo?ants to try a cock inn her ass, but she is a virgin still and I don’t think she could take it, she can barely take a big dildo in her cunt. So Rich did you fuck my mommy in the ass”?
I smiled at her and nodded my head. “Yes I fucked her upstairs in my bed. I filled her ass with my cock this afternoon”.
She grinned bornova escort bayan back as her foot rubbed along my thigh. “So was it good, did she like it, and was her ass nice and tight”?
I reached down and started to rub her sexy little toes. “Yes it was good, and she screamed the house down as I filled her ass with cum, she dipped her fingers in and licked my cum off them”.
Smiling as she rubbed her foot over my cock. “Mmmm that feels nice and big, do you want to push that into my tight young cunt, do you want to fuck me and make me cum screaming”?
I stood up and walked behind she leant her head back and smiled as I ran my hands over her young tits, they were firmer than her moms, oh god they felt good in my hands. I pulled her top up and began to caress her nipples as they got hard. Her legs dropped open and she began to rub her pussy through her shorts. She began to moan softly and whispered.
“C’mon Rich fuck me, take me to your bed and fuck me make me cum like you did my mommy”!
I pulled her up and kissed her as I led her up the stairs and into my room. Laying her on the bed I pulled her shorts off revealing her young shaven pussy, her lips were glistening with her sex juices her hands came down and began to stoke herself as I stripped off my clothes revealing my nice hard cock to her. She smiled as her eyes widened.
“Oh wow that is fucking big, do you think it will fit in my young cunt, oh fuck Rich let me suck it; I wanted to taste your cock in my mouth. Please let me suck your cock and cum in my mouth”!
I pulled her up and began to rub my cock along her lips as her tongue flicked out over my helmet I grabbed two bunches of her hair and slowly began to push my cock into her sweet young mouth thinking to myself how I was fucking her mouth just hours after I had sodomised her mom. I watched her gagging on my cock saliva running down her chin onto her tits. As she rubbed it in I began to cum, filling her mouth with my seed.
“Oh fuck baby swallow it all down, oh you dirty bitch take it and swallow it”.
She grinned at me as she licked her lips. “Mmmm tastes so good, c’mon fuck me now fuck my young cunt, it needs your big cock, c’mon fuck me hard, fuck me and make me cum”!
As she was saying this she brought both of her feet up to my cock and began to rub it softly with her sexy little toes. I grabbed her legs and pulled them wide open looking at her all the time.
“Baby I’m gonna fuck you nice and hard but first I want to lick that cute little pussy”. Lowering my head I began to lick along her slit with my tongue as I slipped a finger inside her, she began to moan as I moved my tongue to her clit which was standing proud.
“Oh fuck that’s so good lick my cunt make me cum, oh fuck yes make me cum”!
Pulling up I watched her fingers flashing over her clit, I edged forward and slowly pushed my cock just inside her cunt. I looked down at her angelic face and with one hard thrust sank my cock deep into her hot wet slippy cunt.
“Oh fuck yeeeeeeeeeeessssss that’s fucking good, oh fuck yes, yes, yes. Now fuck me as hard as you can make me cum”!
I began to pump in and out of her pussy feeling her muscles gripping onto my shaft as I pulled out, she was getting so wet her juices were leaking onto my balls. After a few minutes I rolled her onto her hands and knees and began to do her doggy style, managing to go deeper into her as she pushed back onto my cock. Her moans were getting louder now.
“Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, oh god make me cum”!
I gripped her hips and buried myself deep inside her as she went into a prolonged orgasm.
“Oh fuck, yesssssssssssssssss oh fuck yesssssssssssss”!
I felt her cum all over my cock, her cunt going into spasms of pleasure. At this point I began to run a finger around her asshole, but she reached back and moved my hand away, looking over her shoulder she whispered.
“Just fuck my pussy, mommy might love it there and Zo?ight want it there but I don’t, ok”!
I just winked at her and rolled her onto her back and began to tease her pussy with my fingers as she again began to rub her pretty little toes over my raging hard on.
“Tori do you want me to fuck you again”? She smiled sweetly and nodding her head said.
“Oh my god yes fuck my tight cunt, make me cum like a fucking bitch”!
“Well you have to do something for me then”.
“What? Not my ass though, anything else just not my ass”!
I passed her the phone and told her.
“Phone Zo?ell her what escort bornova we are doing and see if she wants to come and play”!
She smiled sweetly and made the call as I sank deep into her pussy again, I began to suck on her toes as she began talking to her sixteen year old sister.
“Hey Zo?guess where I am and guess what I’m doing. No not that, I’m in Rich’s bed and he’s fucking me nice……… oh fuck yes deeper….. Nice and hard on his bed. Yes it’s fucking great, oh fuck oh, oh, oh, yes……… Oh and guess what he fucked mommy’s ass right on this bed a few hours ago. Ummmm yes I did tell him, no don’t be embarrassed I think he wants to fuck your ass for you, no I wouldn’t…. oh yes, yes, yes make me cum…. no not in my ass. I wouldn’t let him, ok. Rich she wants to speak to you”.
I took the phone off of her and pulled her up and pushed my cock to her mouth. As s he began to blow me Zo?egan to speak.
“Hello, are you really doing it to my sister”?
“Oh yes she fucking loves it, she is sucking my cock hard right now, where are you Zo?You’re on the back of the bus. Are you alone? Good what I want you to do is play with your pussy then when you get home come right in and show me your wet pussy”.
“Ok Rich I’m touching myself through my pants, oh my pussy is so wet, are you gonna fuck me, oh god yes please fuck me hard I’ll do anything for you, I want you to take my cherry”.
“So you little slut you’re a virgin”?
“Yes I’ve never had anything bigger than a finger and a small dildo in my cunt”. She began to whisper huskily. “Please fuck me and take my cherry, and then fuck my bum like you did to mommy, I think it looks good, it felt good when I fingered my ass last night”!
My heart began to race as this sixteen year old began to talk dirty to me, I couldn’t wait to get my cock in her virgin holes”.
“Get here quick and I will fuck you till you scream”!
I pulled out of her sister’s mouth and turned her over again then began to fuck her pussy nice and slow as I massaged her ass cheeks. Five or ten minutes later I heard footsteps running up the stairs. The door burst open and in walked Zo?ressed in her school clothing. Dark pants a white blouse and a dark blazer. Dropping the blazer on the floor she smiled at us and said.
“Wow its fucking true then. Wow Tori you look like you’re enjoying that her trousers were off in seconds leaving her in her bra and a very small g-string. She leant over and watched my cock going into her sister’s cunt, I felt her hand reach down and cup my balls. Looking up she smiled and said.
“Let me taste her juices on your cock Rich”!
I took a handful of her hair and guided my cock into her mouth, she struggled a bit at first but began to get used to it quite quickly, and then she began to suck my cock, with pure abandon.
“Oh fuck” she said as she took it out and guided it back into her sister. “That tastes so good”.
Moving to Tori’s head she kissed her softly then pulling her g-string off she spread her legs in front of her and whispered.
“Tori suck my cunt make me nice and wet, c’mon sis, make me cum like you always do”!
Tori’s head went down as she began to lap at her baby sisters pussy, it might be wrong watching this incestuous act but fuck me my cock got harder watching Tori pleasure her little sister. I couldn’t hold back and again filled her up with my seed making her cum again and moan loudly into Zo? young pussy.
I pulled out and offered my cock to Zo?o lick clean once she had done this she smiled and quickly rolled Tori onto her back and then lowered herself onto her face.
“Oh yes Tori lick my clit, I’m gonna eat all that lovely seed out of your pussy”. She smiled at me and began to lap at her sister’s pussy greedily sucking the juices out of her.
I sat back and watched them doing things to each other that sisters shouldn’t do, but fuck me it was so fucking hot my cock was getting harder by the second.
Tori looked at my now hard cock and smiling as she fingered her sister said. “Zo? think he’s ready to fuck you now”.
Zo?lanced over and with a grin a mile wide and her face covered in a mixture of pussy juice and sperm said.
“Oh god yes please fuck me take my cherry make me a real women”!
I moved behind this young girl looking at her slim hips and firm little titties, her pussy like her sisters was shaven bald. It looked so small and tight like a fresh rose just beginning to open up. I rubbed my cock across Tori’s lips making her open up.
“Get me nice and bornova escort slick for your little sister Tori”.
Her mouth opened and engulfed my cock she began to gag and spit onto it when it was nice and slick she pulled herself up and rolled Zo?nto her back. She began to kiss her face lingering to give Zo? sexy French kiss, her hands began to move down her young sisters body caressing her firm little tits; as her lips moved slowly down her chest and began to suck her nipples Zo? legs dropped open revealing her sweet little pussy, it was shaven bald and opening up like a flower, her lips were glistening with her pussy juices. I knelt between her legs and began to slowly rub her clit making her moan softly; I slipped a finger into her tight little pussy as Tori’s mouth reached her pussy. It was so fucking horny watching these two sisters incestuous behaviour. I pulled Zo? feet up and began to suck on her sweet sexy toes, eliciting another moan from her. Tori by now was sucking and fingering her sister making her pussy really slick.
“Please fuck me make me a woman, c’mon fuck me and please fuck me hard”! As she moaned I moved up and began to rub my cock along her slit, I slowly pushed into her going in about an inch.
This made her moan even louder. “Yes, oh yes, more give me more, c’mon please fuck me”.
I looked at her pretty little face and gripping her thighs pushed deep into her in one long thrust. This had a massive effect on her. Her mouth went wide and the breath left her body in one long whoosh.
“Ooooommf, Oh fuck yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss”!
I held still deep inside her for a second as Tori leant back and began to frig herself, I then began to fuck Zo?ice and slowly. I pulled out and pushed right back into her watching her face as a look of pure ecstasy passed over it.
“Oh Jesus that’s so good, c’mon fuck me make me cum”.
I began going a little faster as Zo?ulled her legs up and rested them ankles on my shoulders allowing me do fuck her a little deeper.
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh fucking god yes, that’s so good, oh fuck yeeeeeeeeeeessssss”!
Zo? pussy was leaking like a broken faucet, dripping her juices onto my balls; her sweet pussy was so tight it felt like I was being held in warm velvet vice.
“Oh fuck yes Zo?ou’re so fucking tight, do you like my big cock in your tight young cunt”?
She smiled up and nodded as she continued to moan loudly. “Oh fuck yes, fuck this young slut, fuck me hard and fast”.
I began to pump into her harder and faster as she thrust up to meet me. Her pussy suddenly clamped down on my cock as she arched her back and shouted loudly.
“Oh fuck yes, yeeeeeeeesssss, I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cuuuuummmmmmmmmmmming”!
I held still deep in her young pussy as she convulsed in orgasmic pleasure on the bed. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.
“Mmmmmm that was so fucking good, oh god I feel so good”. She reached over and pulled her sister to her and kissed her sexily the whispered.
“Rich hasn’t cum yet, let’s suck is cock till he cums on our faces”. I leant back as they crawled over and began to caress my genitals. As Zo?rabbed my cock and moved it to her elder sisters mouth and rubbing it along her lips, smearing her lipstick she grabbed Tori’s hair and said.
“Lick my pussy juice off, c’mon slut lick it off”. Tori opened her mouth and slowly licked along my shaft as Zo?orced her face onto my cock, though she was four years younger she seemed to be the dominant sibling, Tori began to smile as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft.
“Mmmmmm Zo?our juices taste so nice on his cock”.
As these two girls began to work my cock I could feel the seed rise.
“Oh fuck girls I’m gonna cum, oh shit I’m cumming”.
Tori gripped my shaft and began to rub me off. “Open up Zo? want him to cum in your mouth, you little slut”.
Grinning Zo?pened wide and pushed her tongue out just as I began to cum, the first shot hit her on the nose and eyes, then she moved her mouth closer and I filled her mouth up with another three shots. She leant back and opened her mouth to show her sister. Zo?ushed Tori onto her back and grinning she grabbed her tit and squeezed it till her mouth opened up; slowly she dribbled all my juices into her sister’s mouth with a final kiss she smiled.
“Tastes’ nice doesn’t it now swallow it all down Tori”.
As I sat there she continued to kiss her then got Tori to lick her face clean.
As they were dressing both girls kissed me then Tori said. “We have to do this again”.
Zo?rinned and said. “Oh yeah, and maybe we can get mommy to join in”.
My cock twitched as Tori grinned widely as she contemplated this.
Grabbing her school bag Zo?issed me and thanked me then they both ran off home.

this is my first attempt

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