Jim , His Sister-In-Law Day 2

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Big Tits

Continued from Jim and His Sister-In-Law-Day 1


Monday my sister-in-law, Bea, and I saw Sally, my wife, and Jack, Sally’s brother/Bea’s husband, off at the local airport. Sally was to help Jack with a big business opportunity. They would be gone until Friday and Sally’s instructions to Bea were for her to take good care of me! For the rest of the day Bea did just that. Day 2 begins when I wake up in Bea’s bed but alone.

Day 2:

I rolled over, reached down and pulled my cum sticky balls from the vise formed by my legs. I hate it when they get stuck between my legs like that. Well actually I’m thankful for this pair of baseballs! Everyone that’s seen them tells me I have the biggest pair they have ever seen. I also get more than my share of attention because of the budge they make in my pants.

Dam I must have dosed off! Shit Bea will be pissed! The best fuck I’ve had in years and I fell asleep? Where is she? Fuck she left! Waite a second — In 8 hours of sex, she got off over six times and I delivered 4 loads before I passed out! Just where is she going to find a better man? Also how could she leave? It’s her house!

I smell coffee. Shit its nearly 8 O’ Clock. I slept the whole night and she is getting breakfast! I sure don’t understand my brother-in-law. How could he neglect a woman that fucks all afternoon and evening and then gets up early to cook breakfast. What a dumb fuck!

I slid out of the satin sheets to find a silk robe draped over the foot of the bed. This thing must have been stolen from the Playboy Mansion . Feels good on my shoulders, nipple tickling soft and ass tantalizing as well. Just one flip of the belt, no knot. I’m a fucking stud! Now for that coffee and some of that sweet sister-in-law.

Wow! There was Bea, her ass length auburn hair draped over one shoulder and flowing to the floor as she bent over the dish washer. She was sporting a pair of red silk panties peering out from under a very short and very sheer night coat. The cleavage between her perfect buns disappeared at a little white fuzzy hemline. A perfect three finger keyhole accented a mound of pussy filed red satin. Like a peeping-tom my cock stood at attention and peered from the front of my robe. With just couple strokes I’d shoot a load of cum all over her ass.

The event was short lived as she stood and turned to put some glasses in the cupboard. Well the “Ass Shot” was short lived! It was instantly replaced by a beautiful pair of tits, wrapped in soft red satin and teasingly cloaked by the sheer night coat. Satin so delicate that her nipples stretched the material like wet tissue paper. The white fuzzy on he house coat rounded the hemline, flowed up the front past a tiny string tie and framed the most perfect cleavage I’ve ever seen.

“Can I help you with that leak?”

Shit, my peeping-tom was leaking so much cum that it was ready to drip to the floor!

“Honey if you just stand there and jiggle those beauties he will waste it all over the floor!”

“Now we don’t want to waste it! Let your sister-in-law top off her morning coffee with that cream.”

Never waiting for an answer, Bea dropped to her knees and swallowed my six inch cock. She grabbed one of my balls and rolled it like a baseball pitcher as she sucked. It didn’t take much of that to get the cum flowing. By the time she switched balls I was leaking constantly. She never pumped my cock so I never fired a load. Instead she just kept rolling my balls until I had filled her mouth. Carefully she slipped it out, making sure not to let more than a sample, for my benefit, escape between her lips. Then, with her head leaned back she swallowed every ounce making sure to lick the overflow from her lips.

Now that’s what I call a blow job! There wasn’t going to be a limp recovery period either. She took all the cum she could handle and left me with a raging hard-on that was still ready for more action.

“Wow now that’s what I call topping off my coffee with cream! Now lets see if I can make you some breakfast.”

Bea stood and gave me a family type hug and a simple kiss on the cheek then pored me a cup of coffee. With my coffee in hand, I sat at the head of her dinning room table to wait but instead of the stove, Bea made a bee=line for the bedroom. She returned waving a big purple dildo!

“Can’t cook without the right tools!”

She stepped up on the dinning room chair and with her wonderful ass arched high leaned out over the table. Son-of-a-bitch my cock was leaking again! The leg bands of those red satin panties were pulled tight in to her legs and the soft delicate material between mounded with pussy. They were tight enough that they didn’t suck up into her pussy and loose enough to show an indentation between her meaty pudenda.

Sill higher un-contained by the nearly G-string material were her perfect and very firm ass cheeks. Looking between those carefully spread thighs, her DD tits hung outdoor sex porno down like inverted mountains, stretching the red satin bra to its limits. Her firm breasts gaped the bra open and looking right through between the mountains I watched her sucking on the purple dildo!

I couldn’t stand any more! I had to see her fucking pussy meat. I slid my hands under the house coat and laid my open hands on each hip. Getting no resistance I hooked the waist band of her panties with my little fingers and stripped them down to her ankles. She raised one foot at a time and they fell off the chair to the floor.

Dam,– what a pussy! Two large almost swollen mounds splayed open like a prime steak flayed for fast cooking. Her cunt was pure pink inside, with blushing red inter lips, brown pudenda and a beautiful hood bulged by a very large clit. My tongue was harder than my cock but for now I’d have to wait my turn because, guided by her skillful hand, the big purple dildo was searching for entry.

“Sit back and drink your coffee while I cook breakfast honey!”

“Mind if I watch?”

“Just what I had in mind baby —— and, when it’s ready —– breakfast is served!”

At first the dildo just teased. Barely penetrating her steaming love hole and then sliding up it rubbed her clit. My cock again playing peeping-tom pulsed with anticipation every time the purple head came close to penetrating her love hole. Soon the whole dildo was diving deep into her cunt then sliding out to nose her clit and then, back for another deep dive.

Her luscious breasts still loosely haltered in red satin swayed to and fro in unison with the dildo. I wanted so much to release them so I slid my hand up her back to the dainty little bow and pulled it loose. The satin draped off her breasts and became a backdrop for the two swaying beauties tipped with large brown aureoles and inch long pink nipples.

The best tit and pussy show of my life only lasted 5 short minutes and then shaking like a leaf in the breeze, she collapsed onto the table. Her tits spread out like pontoons in a pond of red satin along the sides of her slim body. Her pussy with trapped hand and dildo hung over the edge and her splayed legs drooped downward looking for support. She was cumming hard and I had to do something to help!

I shoved the chair out of the way, dropped to my knees, raised my shoulders up under her legs freeing her trapped hand. The dildo popped out like a cork from a champagne bottle and bounced off my forehead. She was still quivering with the diminishing orgasm when I grabbed her ass with both hands and pressed my face into her juicy cunt.

As soon as my tongue took the dive she was cumming again! This time I was in control and I wasn’t going to pop out like that silly dildo. I fucked her with my face through that orgasm and another before I let her pull away. She rolled on to her back, spread her bent knees and let me watch as the cum bubbled up and then slowly dripped to the oak table top.

It was only seconds later that I realized that I was jacking off. Too late to stop now! I stood up just in time to spray my load all over her beautiful cunt.

“Umm I love cooking for a hungry man!”

“Honey that was the best breakfast I’ve ever had! Can I have the same thing again tomorrow morning?”

“Honey the way you eat pussy I’ll feed you anytime on the other hand – You do under stand that I did love to watch you cum – but you must promise not to waste my lunch unless I give you permission!”

“Yes Mistr—- ess.”

With nothing more than a cake of glycerin soap and her turban toweled hair between us we shared a late morning bath that lasted nearly 3 hours. Although we hugged, kissed and played the whole time we both were spent and getting off again just wasn’t what we wanted. When I helped Jack install this monster world pool bath I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to use so much water to bath. Now as I sat there making waves in the tub and watching her naturally heavy breasts almost float in the soapy water it all became perfectly clear. Dam, this woman has nice fucking tits!

“Jimmy baby, ———— can we go shopping? I love to have a man’s opinion when I’m shopping. Please Jimmy, —- help me pick out a new outfit?”

“Sure honey. Anywhere you want to go.”

She floated her tits over to my side and slipped into my lap. I held her in my arms with my face smothered in cleavage while she whispered in my ear. “When we get back I’m going to fuck your brains out!” Then she took my water shrunk sack of balls in hand and squeezed just enough so I’d understand where my “brains” were!

Now I had to watch her get dressed. Watching all her goodies go into hiding was a true downer but just thinking of getting them back out made my cock tingle with anticipation. Jack always complains about Bea’s passion for shopping and now I was going to get my turn. Shit for a fuck like her, one public agent porno shopping tip wasn’t going to kill me.

She donned a tight T-shirt with a low cut neck line over a white lacy bra that pushed her breasts together into real cock park of deep cleavage. Her jeans were so tight we had to pour her into them.

With arm dressing like her I was the envy of every man at the mall. There wasn’t a soft cock in the house after she passed by. First stop was a small upscale women’s dress shop. Thirty minutes later she had an arm full of garments and was headed to the fitting room.

“Come with us Jimmy. I want your opinion.”

The cute little sales gal gave me a shit-eating gin that said ‘I’d fuck you if you’d buy me some of that stuff. The bulge in my pants is normal little girl. Maybe next week honey but not today. That lovely piece of ass with the three finger wide keyhole entering the dressing room was all I needed this week!

Bea soon walked out in a short red dress that would have looked better on the petite sales girl but not on a real woman like Bea. Being married to Sally for over 30 years I was wiser than the guy next to me that was shaking his head “No” to his girl while she was telling him she liked it. I smiled and carefully avoided the I don’t like it node until she shrugged, turned, wiggled her sweet ass and reentered the dressing room.

The girl next door grabbed her man, threw that sweater he didn’t like on the counter and waited for him to get his money out! 5 or 6 years and lots of dollars later he’ll be a lot smarter! In the meantime Bea had donned a nice looking two piece that made good on her hour glass figure. It pleased me but Bea tugged at the skirt turned slapped her ass as if it made her look like a battleship and disappeared again.

Six outfits later and she strutted out in a smart looking red jacket over a sheer smoke colored blouse and a short, very short, black skirt! She had removed her white bra so it wouldn’t show. She must have pulled her panties up the crack of her ass because as she the pirouette to show me the back her ass cheeks were well below the hem line. My smile told her all she needed to know.

To the dismay of the sales girl Bea grasped the open jacket, parted the opening wide and showed us her tits through the sheer blouse. Pink nipples, dark brown aureolas and all. The sales girl feigned a gasp and my cock nearly jumped out of my pants!

“I’ll need a bra won’t I?”

Then she turned, bent down and grabbed her ankles and there in our faces was her perfect bare ass and in the keyhole her brown pudenda separated by a band of pink pussy lips! The sales girl nearly fainted.

“Oh and I’ll need some shoes, high heels I think.”

“And, – some fucking panties too!” the sales girl mumbled as Bea strutted off.

Bea turned to the sales girl. “Oh, Fay, is it? – I’ll just wear these home. Would you be a dear and cut the tages out for me?”

The girl huffed and followed her into the dressing room. Fay came out doing her best to hide the panties and bra in Bea’s T-shit and jeans. I payed for the outfit with my check card and we headed down the mall. I hung back for a few seconds to check if Bea was showing anything important. She knew what I was doing.

“Just my cheeks honey, but I need something more like a ‘G’ string than those full cotton panties in the bag. Oh – baby look there they are perfect! Come on.”

Like a little kid outside the toy store, Bea ran to the window of the shoe store. She bet over and pointed into the window. I’ve not a clue what she was pointing at because her pussy was all I was looking at!


“Come on! They’re perfect.”

I followed her into the store where she almost tackled the sales lady, Linda!

“Sure Ma’am. Just have a seat and I’ll bring out a couple pair. 8 maybe 8 and a half red you say?”

Bea and I had a seat. Linda soon returned with two boxes, pulled up a service stool, spread her legs and straddled the stool and proceed to remove a pair of red spikes from one of the boxes. Fuck this Linda’s panties were sucked up into her pussy spreading her beautiful lips wide!

When Bea saw them Linda turned to me. “Oops!” I looked at Bea and she smiled as she lifted her leg and sat her foot on the service stool! Linda gasp as she stared into what must have been Bea’s gaping love hole.

“He’s taken — Linda.”

Linda just closed her legs and with out a word proceeded to fit the shoe. While Bea got up and walked around Linda flashed me again but as soon as Bea returned closed up again. With Bea in the second pair Linda again spread her legs and whispered “I’d be interested in a threesome if she goes both ways!” I just shook my head then watched her pleasant smile disappear.

“Linda, I’ll take these! Can I wear them home?”

“Sure Ma’am, just let me pack up your sneakers. Sir I’ll take you at the register!”

We hit the mall reality kings porno again! With the heels Bea’s cheeks were really showing below the skirt. Next stop was Victoria Secret’s. It took almost two hours but she found a sheer ‘G’ string and bra set that matched the blouse perfectly. The sales lady tried to get her into a less reveling set of black lace with full panties and garter. Bea loved the sheer panties and bra but took the black lace garter belt and a pair of black nylons with lace tops . Once I payed for them Bea begged to use the back room to put them on.

The one guy at the register offered to let me go back and help but I had to turn him down. Shit, I was so hard that I would have fucked her as soon as I got back there! When she came out she modeled the complete set for me.

Holding the jacket open her nipples were almost hidden by the blouse and bra combination. From the front the Nylon tops and the garter snaps were barley hidden but would show clearly with every step. From the back the garter snaps were fully exposed as was both her bare ass cheeks. She was the best dressed slut I have ever seen.

At the men’s store she bought me a black suit, white formal shirt with ruffles, silk boxers, and a pair of black shoes. It was when she demanded that I wear them home I that figured she had a plan. Yea a plan–dinner and dancing.

Unlike my wife, Bea loves to dance and in this place we weren’t a bit over dressed. In fact Bea was almost conservative. About 2 hours and 4 or 5 drinks I bumped asses with a cute black woman. It turned out that Bea knew her and so we exchanged introductions.

“Dorothy, this is my brother-in-law Jim, Jim Beam! Jim this is my friend Dorothy!”

“Nice to meet you Jim. They call me Dolly, Chocolate Dolly. Bea, just where have you been hiding this pair of balls? “

I followed her eyes to my budging crouch. Now for sure this is the first woman I’ve ever known to recognize the difference between a big cock and big balls while they are still in my pants. “Nice to meet you Dolly. Sorry about the bump.”

“My pleasure Jim! How about a dance?”

I looked to Bea and got a reluctant node. “Remember Dolly, Jim is with me.”

As we danced Dolly told me that I was lucky to be with the second best “Fuck” in the room. Her short skirt and low cut blouse with no bra told me who she thought was the best fuck. Firmly in my hands, she had a nice tight ass too. Just as the music ended she grabbed my balls and with a sweet smile responded. “If you want some chocolate to fuck your brains out you can find me here every evening.” Then, for the second time today I was reminded just where my brains were as she squeezed one firmly.

“Be sure, Mistress, I’ll be back and looking for you!”

We got home around 2AM, that’s about 6 hours since my rocks started aching! I think she loved every second. Some where on the dance floor we shed our jackets and never put them back on. I gathered the stuff from the car and by the time I got through the door I was following a the trail of shoes, blouse, skirt, garter belt, bra and panties. At the end I found Bea splayed naked, except for the lace toped nylons, on the creamy satin sheets of her bed.

“Come on Jimmy boy. Your sister-in law wants to fuck your brains out!”

I stripped off what was left of the $400 suit and straddled her belly wearing only my new silk shorts. Through the shorts Bea teased my aching balls. My cock soon found it’s way through the front and she motioned for me to move forward. I laid my cock on her chest and she squeezed her tits together. I pushed up so my balls were tight to the bottom of her tits. Now all I had to do was let her breathing do the job. It took about 5 minutes and my cum was rumbling at the base of my nuts!

“Mistress, Please?”

“Yes Jimmy boy! Let me have it! I want you to cum all over my tits!”

I never heard the I want part. The cum shot from my cock through her cleavage to the base of her throat! She let go of her tits and as her wonderful natural DD’s spread wide open the cum ran out ward in both directions. She took my cock in her hand and finished pumping every last drop onto her chest!

“Don’t let it run off boy! Rub it in.”

All the time I rubbed my cum into her tits she was jacking me off. As soon as I was hard again she begged me to fuck her from behind. Now that she was on her knees I couldn’t resist a little teasing. First I took time to roll her nylons, like removing a condom, down each leg and off her toes. While she watched between her legs, I dropped my drawers then, just like last night I clasp her mound in my hand, slipped my thumb deep into her pussy, pinched her clit between two fingers and rubbed the button with my middle finger.

She hiked her ass up forcing my thumb to bottom in her cunt. Seconds later her pussy clamped my thumb and her orgasm started.

“Now! Now! Fuck me now!”

I pulled my thumb out making a loud popping sound and mounted her like a fucking dog. My cock bottomed to my balls and I held it there letting her contracting cunt supply all the motion. Several minutes later her orgasm subsided and we rolled on to our sides and fell asleep doing what we both love best, Fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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