Jezebels Ch. 2

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Asian Cute

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Hello, Dear Readers, This is another story written under the name Ezra Zane for Ruthie’s Club and published by it last year. It was edited by that wonderful lady, Ruthie. I do hope you enjoy it. E.Z.

Becky wore the sleep shirt and a pair of jeans. When we got into the truck, she slid to the middle and put that seat belt around her. Her hand was on my thigh as I drove to my townhouse. When I stopped in the driveway and turned off the engine, Becky looked serious and a little sad.

“What’s wrong?”

She spoke softly and with deep feeling. “My name’s Rebecca Anne Morris, and Anne is spelled with an ‘e’. I have an older sister, a younger brother, and my parents are divorced. I haven’t seen any of them since I left home at seventeen. I’ve got a BBA in accounting and that’s the way I earn my living. I’m five feet eight and half inches tall and weigh one hundred fifty-one pounds. My eyes and hair are brown. My measurements are 42DD – 32 – 43. I’ve got a little girl but I’ve never been married. I don’t know who her father is because I slept around. To be honest, I’ve lost track of the number of men I’ve screwed, but I’d be faithful for the right man. I like relaxed, happy times like the water park today, and I’d rather stay home than go out to a bar or nightclub.”

For reasons I didn’t understand, my response was of primal importance to her. She was on pins and needles as she studied my face.

“You’ve left out a few important things,” I said. “You’ve got a heart as big as all outdoors. You love giving to people important to you. You’d do anything for them. Let me take an educated guess about the sex. You love it, but at this point in your life you want intimacy more.”

That delicious, passive, sexual twinkle appeared in her eyes again. “That’s the reason you’re such a successful ladies’ man. You read us like a book.”

“Come on, Rebecca Anne with an ‘e’ Morris. I want to make love to you.”

I held her hand as I led her to the bedroom. We undressed and slipped between the sheets to cuddle and talk. Face-to-face and belly-to-belly, we talked and touched and kissed until she lay back.

“You’re a good man, Jack Williams,” she said gently. “I like you.” Her hand found my cock. I kissed her as I moved on top of her. When we fucked, she didn’t close her eyes until near the end and she didn’t make a sound other than little gasps or an occasional moan. She felt good under me. Her wide hips and giant breasts were soft, but the muscles underneath were hard. She had rhythm and grace.

When I was close to coming, I pinned her wrists beside her head. She locked her ankles behind my back, matching me thrust for thrust. Her pussy massaged my cock when I came, but I thought she faked her orgasm.

“Mary’s right,” she said as she put her arms around my neck and held me close. “You are a good lover.”

She slept pressed next to me and awakened me at dawn with coffee.

“Let me know when you’re ready for sex,” she said as she sat cross legged on the bed beside me. When I indicated I was, she smiled and said, “Lay back. I want to be on top.” She saw my expression. “Don’t you let the woman get on top?”


“Have you ever let a woman tie you down?” Her eyes were twinkling sexily. She perched on my midsection, wrapped her fingers around my wrists, and slowly pushed my hands back by my head. I wrenched my hands away.

“No,” I said forcefully.

“Why not?” I didn’t answer. “Are you too macho for that?” she teased. Again, she wrapped her fingers around my wrists and pushed my hands down on the bed. I jerked to get away, but her fingers held me like a vise. I had a moment of panic, which made her laugh devilishly. “Let me tie you down sometimes, Jack. I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

“I tie the woman down,” I said.

“You don’t need to tie me down, but if you want to, go ahead. For now, let me pleasure you.” She kissed me hard, sat back, and released my hands. “Don’ t move them,” she murmured.

She tantalized me slowly, dragging her breasts over my body, kissing and nipping with her mouth, massaging and caressing with her hands. She had me flying in no time as every square inch of my body seemed to be an erotic zone for her to stimulate. I was twitching like I had palsy when I grabbed her to roll her over, but she shushed me and gently pushed my hands down. She held them there and let our organs find each other. She eased down and stopped with my cock all the way in her.

“Move,” I said.

“Shhh. Let me do it.” Her nipple brushed my face. “Suck me, Jack,” she whispered. I suckled her nipple as she rocked gently on my cock. I don’t know how long we stayed that way as if in suspended animation, like floating on a salty sea. Suddenly, she quivered and thrust harder.

“Oh,” she moaned. “Ohhh. Oh, Jack, Ohh. Roll naughty america porno me over. Fuck me hard, Jack. Please. Now.”

I rolled her over and her legs tightened around me like a vise. Her arms were around my shoulders.

“That’s it. Fuck me good. Oh, God, Jack, Oh, God, Oh God. Jack. I’m going to cum.”

I thought she was going to crack some ribs as she tightened her legs around me, arched, and dug her nails into my back. She sobbed and tears flowed down her cheeks, but her pussy kept tightening until she giggled and relaxed when I shot my load into her wetness.

We rested before making breakfast. After we did the dishes, she led me back to bed. I flopped down. She knelt demurely beside me. Something was bothering her. “You haven’t had my bottom yet, Jack. Most women don’t like anal sex, but I do occasionally.”

“Thanks, Becky. I’d like that, but let’s do it some other time. Come cuddle with me.”

“I need to tell you one more thing.” She looked apprehensive, maybe even frightened.

“What is it?”

She took a deep breath. Her eyes begged me not to be angry with her. “I danced in a gentlemen’s club.” She wasn’t finished talking, so I waited. The words were hard to let go. “And I had sex for money.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I danced for about two years. You’ve been to a gentlemen’s club, haven’t you?”

“A few times.”

“It’s a good way for a woman to make good money. I needed the money because I had a little girl to support and I was going to college. A lot of guys offered to pay me for sex while I was dancing, but I only accepted once. He was much older and a successful businessman. I met him once a week for about six weeks before he asked if he could give my name to some of his friends. They became clients, too. Eight of them. I was their girl of choice for almost two years. The last time I had sex with any of them, he paid me to go on a fishing trip. I arranged for another woman to go with me, and there were two men. Dancing and hooking paid off my debt and let me finish college.” She smiled. “I’m tight with a dollar, Jack. I’ve still got part of that money in investments.”

“Would you do it again?”

“If you mean then and what my life was, the answer’s yes. If you mean now, the answer’s no, unless there was a reason.”

“Why did you tell me about your life as a pro?”

“I’ve never had a relationship with a man that didn’t include big lies. I didn’t want that with you.”

“If you’re asking for forgiveness, Becky, I forgive you. If you’re asking if it bothers me, it doesn’t. If you’re asking if I want you to do it again, the answer’s no.”

“Thank you, Jack,” she whispered gratefully. She wiped away the tears welling in her eyes.

“We need to talk about the relationship. It’s only started.”

“I know, but it might last a long time.” She had that sexy, all knowing twinkle and Mona Lisa smile again.

“And it might be over tomorrow,” I countered.

“I doubt it. You told Mary the woman ends it by lying to you or trying to change you. I’ll never lie to you and I won’t try to change you. I like you the way you are. So, you’ll have to end it, Jack, because I won’t.”

“Tell me two more things.” I said. I touched her belly half way between her belly button and her pubic bone where she had a tattoo identical to Mary’s. “Tell me about that and tell me what’s going on.”

“I will if you insist, but I’m asking you to please wait.”

“I’ll wait, but I don’t like it.”

“You will,” she replied. “In the meantime, how about a nice long fuck?”

“I’m too pooped to pop,” I said.

“Come on. I’ll give you a bath.”

My tub was designed for two people, although probably not two as big as we were. Her strong hands massaged my back, shoulders, and arms. We dried each other, dressed, and started for Mary’s house.

After halfway there, Becky said, “Jack, I know you play bondage games because you’ve played them with Mary, but have you ever disciplined a woman?”

“What do you mean?”

“Spanked her hard, like maybe with a hairbrush?”

“Never done it,” I lied.

“That’s too bad. Monica will need it.”

“Want to tell me more?”

“No,” she said. “You can figure it out.”

Everyone was waiting for us. Mary kissed me hotly as Jimmy and Tiffany tugged on my pants leg. When I leaned down to pick up Jimmy, the women disappeared and Veronica showed up. With Jimmy in my lap and a girl on each side, I read them a book until the three mothers reappeared.

“We thought we’d have lunch and then go to a movie. There’s a great kids show at the Cineplex.”

They made soup and sandwiches with chips. All of us ate at the table with me at the head again. I don’t know what the women had discussed when they huddled in the bedroom, but there was a strong sexual undercurrent in the room.

After lunch, Monica said, “I want to stay here and talk to Jack. Why don’t you two take the kids to the movie?”

So that was their agreement. After the others left, Monica stood in the middle of the living room. She wore shorts that fit her curves closely and a sleeveless nubiles porno blouse unbuttoned to the bottom of her breasts. She was braless. Clearly, she was dressed to attract attention.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“No, sir,” she said.

“Do I frighten you?”

“You never have, but Becky told me what she said to you.”

“Which was?”

“To punish me, but you don’t need to punish me, Jack.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t need it. Sure, I like big, strong guys who’ll hold me down and make me beg for my fucking, and I hear you’re like that. You don’t need to spank me with a hairbrush.”

“I promise I’ll do it only under one circumstance. That is if I’m absolutely sure you want it.”

She visibly relaxed. When I kissed her, she melted into my arms.

“I want to undress you.”

Those bedroom blue eyes glowed. “Help yourself,” she said sexily.

I unzipped her shorts. She wiggled as I tugged and they fell to the floor. I unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse, pulled it off her shoulders, and dropped it to the floor.

“Stand right there. I want to look at you,” I said. I plopped down in a chair.

Monica’s face was the most beautiful of the three in the classic sense of the word. She had high cheekbones, alabaster skin, and beautiful blue eyes. Her figure was an hourglass of excellent proportion. She knew how appealing she was as she stood wearing only panties, her shorts bunched around her feet. She played the game, pouting and looking up at me through her lashes.

“What are your measurements?”


“Take off your panties,” I said.

“Yes, sir,” she replied in a little girl voice. She stepped out of her shoes and shorts, wiggled her panties down her legs, and kicked them away. On tiptoes, she slowly turned around, stopping once to give me a Coppertone-girl pose.

Her pubis was hairless and there was a gold ring in her outer labia. And the tattoo was there, identical to and in the same place as Becky’s and Mary’s. I wiggled my finger and she came to me. With hands on her waist, I drew her closer to explore her hills and valleys before I pulled her down to sit on my lap, with her legs outside mine. She put her arms around my neck to kiss me and her tongue played with mine.

“I’ve got some questions,” I said.

“Go ahead.”

“Is your pussy permanently hairless?”

“Yes, Jack. I had electrolysis.”

“Who put the ring in your pussy?”

“My husband, Del.”

“Can it be removed?”

“No. It would have to be cut out surgically.”

“Why did he want you to have the pussy ring?”

“Sometimes he attached a leash to it. Sometimes I wore a chain that would hang below my hemline. The other end of the chain had a medallion, you know, like a dog tag with his name on it to show he owned me.”

“How often did he make you wear the medallion?”

“Often enough.”

“Did you like that?”


“Do you like being owned?”

“Yes. Well, I don’t know. Maybe. Sometimes.”

My hands slid up her thighs and over her hips to cup her ass. I pulled her closer and she ground her pussy into me. My cock was growing. When it bumped into her crotch, she put her hand between us and tried to get him in her, but I pulled away.

“Let me have him,” she said.

I struggled to my feet with Monica hanging onto me, lay her back on the floor, and slid my cock into her. Mary had been hot and ready. Her eagerness and joy brought pleasure to her and her man. Becky knew how to please a man. She didn’t care whether she came or not as long as I was happy. But Monica was cool to the touch, as if letting the man have her body was reward enough for him. I’d seen that before in beautiful women. By the time I came, I knew Monica was the lousiest lay of the three, and one of the worst I ever had.

Monica and I scurried to get into our clothes when we heard the van in the driveway. Within minutes, I was on the couch with my feet on the coffee table, watching a kid show on television. Monica was sitting on my right with her hand on my leg and Tiffany in her lap. Becky was on my left with her hand on my leg and Veronica beside her. Mary was on the floor at my feet, playing with Jimmy, but she stroked my leg intermittently.

At dinner, I sat at the head of the table for homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, with ice cream sundaes for dessert. I read the kids a story before helping put Jimmy to bed.

“We drew straws, Jack. I get you for tonight,” Becky announced. We left for my apartment with Becky’s suitcase in hand. Again, she sat in the middle seat with her hand on my leg.

When we walked through the door, she asked, “How about a massage?” She stretched a sheet of plastic across the bed. I removed my clothes and lay face down on the plastic. She removed her clothes, opened the massage oil container, and began to work on me. Her hands were strong.

“You’re good,” I said.

“Thanks. I took some training in it, but I can do a lot of other things too.”

“Such as?”

“Cook, nurture children, repair household appliances, prepare olgun porno a budget and stick to it, balance books, select pension plans. A woman for all seasons.”

“Don’t forget fuck like crazy.”

“That, too. I enjoy it, Jack. I enjoy you.” She kissed me on the cheek. “That was the first orgasm I had from a man since before I started hooking, and it was the best one I can remember.”

“Thanks, but I’m surprised you don’t have them all the time.”

“Don’t be. I can fake it with the best of them.”

“Do you date often?”

“I usually have one or two dates a month, but I haven’t screwed any of them in a long time.” Her hands stopped their rhythmic massage. “I’m having an affair with my boss. We slip out one afternoon every week.”

“Lucky dog.”

“He is a dog. We were having a cutback at the company when he gave me the choice of being laid off or laid.”


“Well, it wasn’t so bad. It’s a good job.”

“I mean that hurt.”

“Sorry. You must be tender there.”

“I wasn’t. Don’t take out your anger on me. I’m a fragile little guy.”

“Oh, poor baby,” she laughed. “There’s nothing little about you. Wait a minute. Roll back on your face. I’m not finished.”

“I want to see you.”


“I like looking at you,” I said.

She poured more oil in her hands and started on my thighs. “I like looking at you, too, sweet talker.”

“Tell me about your boss.”

“Average everything. If he’d romanced me a little, I might’ve had an affair with him, but he didn’t give me a chance. I think making a demand of me and having me comply with it was a power trip that played with his head. That power is more important to him than the sex.”

“Is he a demanding master?”

“He thinks he is,” she said with a laugh. “But I set strict limits. I don’t wear any man’s collar.”

“Do you want to continue it?” She gave me that enigmatic Mona Lisa smile again. I changed the subject. “What about women?”

“What about them?” she teased.

“Don’t be coy. Inquiring minds want to know.”

“Occasionally, I meet another woman who catches my interest. Maybe three or four a year.”

“What appeals to you?”

“You do.”

“In women.”

“That young mother at the pool appealed to me, but I couldn’t have pulled it off.”

“I could have. Is that the reason you pointed her out?”

“No. It really was a test,” she said.

“If I failed the test, there could’ve been an interesting side effect.”

“Jack,” she said intensely. “You have no idea how much I wanted you to pass that test, and you did with flying colors.” Her face was a good face. Pretty, with strength and character, and beautiful in its own way. More than that, she had a natural sensuality that glowed. “Have you figured it out yet?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“About us. Monica, Mary, and me.”

“Yes,” I replied smugly.

“Oh? What is it?”

“The three of you are going to try to get me to marry one of you, but it won ‘t work.”

“We understand that.”

“You’re welcome to keep trying. I’m enjoying myself.”

“I hope so. Did you spank Monica?”


“Then she was lousy in bed,” Becky said in a matter-of-fact tone. Her hands passed over my middle and started on my chest.

“You’re right. How did you know?”

“That’s the way she is. After you demonstrate your strength so she’ll feel safe being under your control, she’ll be as hot as Mary, but you have to take her, Jack. I mean in the old fashioned sense of physical domination.”

“Why do you hang out with her?”

“I love her.”

“Love her how?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t. Do you mean do I love her like a sister, which she is to me? Or do I love her like she was my child? That’s different than a sister, but sometimes she’s like my child, too. Or do you mean do I love her like a woman loves another woman, which can mean either platonically like very closest friends, or as lovers with face to pussy?”

“Which way do you love her?” I asked.

“All of the above.”

“You and Monica have sex.”

“Yes. I’m a true bisexual, Jack.”

“When you said you’d be faithful, that didn’t include women?”

She had a big grin and a mischievous twinkle. “The right man wouldn’t ask me to give them up. He’d enjoy them, too.”

“Makes sense,” I said. “How about you and Mary?”

“In bed? Sure, but not regularly. Usually it’s when some man insists. Mary enjoys it, but she’ll never admit that. If a man tells her to pleasure a woman, it removes her guilt.” She put more lotion on her hands and her thoughts were introspective. “I’m like Monica in some ways, like Mary in others. I was a bitch.”

“What changed you?”

“Growing up, I guess. I’m ready to settle down.”

“I won’t marry you, Becky.”

“I didn’t ask.”

“What the hell is going on?” I said firmly.

“Make love to me, Jack.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.”

“Can’t you wait until the weekend?” she asked. “Please. For us. For me.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Which part has been so bad, Jack? Three women making love to you day and night? The cuddling and cooing? The home cooked meals? The water park, where we had to practically drag you out of the place to go home? The kids, which you enjoy more than you’ll admit? What didn’t you like?”

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