Jerome takes me in front of my hubby

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Jerome takes me in front of my hubby
My Black Master Jerome had arranged a meeting at a dirty motel in the
middle of the highway. He told me he was on his way to the airport that same night, to catch a flight abroad. Jerome said that my loving husband could be present in the room as he fucked me.
Victor drove me to the motel and we arrived a bit early. He sat down on chair at a corner and I stood on my stilettos close to the filthy bed…
Soon my toned long legs tensed as the door opened and my handsome Black Master entered the room. Jerome smiled at me; but he did not even give a quick glance to my husband sitting at the corner.
Staring at that huge black man just made my nipples get hard…
I fell to my knees and my wet mouth was at his crotch. I purred like a cat as I unzipped his trousers. Soon I released his thick swollen ten inches dick.
Jerome smiled as I opened my glistening red lips and throated his entire rod in just one swallow.

His heavy dark hands instinctively went into my curly hair. He grabbed my head and I purred and moaned while bobbing up on his stiff dick.

I gently stroked his swollen black monster with my fingernails, güvenilir bahis as I sucked him deeply. I caused him to explode in my waiting mouth, his warm semen finally filling my craving for a black cock’s cum.
He came and I stood there on my knees, swallowing every drop of that cum.
Jerome then brought me up standing and he pushed me on the bed…
He lay back on the bed and I began to worship his cock again. My black lover made me turn; so I could put my mound right onto his face. Then he slid aside my tiny thong and I felt his tongue invading my horny cunt.
The bastard made me cum right on her mouth and soon I had his rod stiff again.

All of a sudden Jerome made me turn over my back and I spread my long legs for him. Then I began to cry tears of joy, as I finally felt that huge piece of black meat invading my wet cunt.
Jerome pushed hard to the bottom and then he stood quiet, feeling my stretched cunt was trying to adapt to his size. I leaned forward and grabbing his bald head, I pulled it towards my hardened nipples.
I looked around and saw my loving hubby staring at me in the eyes…
Jerome’s mouth grabbed the offering türkçe bahis and then I had a shattering orgasm as he sucked my nipples and fucked my cunt. I moaned and cried in ecstasy…
He began to pound me mercilessly and I responded with deep moans and moving my hips to meet his pelvis.
Suddenly I felt another wild orgasm growing in my belly. I screamed in pleasure as he rocked me even harder. Then he grunted as he felt my sticky hot fluids hit his hard cock as I came again. My hungry cunt gripped his rod with my vaginal muscles, causing him to drive deeper inside of me.

Then Jerome exploded inside of my hungry cunt. I could feel his warm semen oozing and slushing around his cock and squirting out of my pussy.

He tried to pull out; but I begged him to stay in. He smiled and kissed me.
But finally his dick softly popped out and I sighed in relief.

But then, before I realized it, he was rock hard again and I found myself whispering in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me again.

Jerome made me roll over onto my belly and he stuffed a couple of pillows beneath my flat body. I spread my legs wide and he plunged into my wet cunt güvenilir bahis siteleri again; making me gasp and cry out as it was much deeper than ever.
He rammed me hard, thrusting and pounding my buttocks as his huge hard cock invaded my cunt. He grabbed my hair and made me see directly at my hubby sitting on the corner.
Jerome then laughed and said he would take my asshole now; just in front of my cuckold husband. Victor stared at us, but he stood quiet…
Then my Black Master slid out from my cunt and in one soft swift motion he entered my asshole from behind. I felt the thick cockhead passing my tight sphincter and I screamed loud in pain; but Jerome just laughed again and pumped my ass even harder…
Soon I started moaning; as I loved him fucking me in my ass.
I accepted that I was at his mercy; I was his sex toy and my body holes belonged to that black bastard. I stared at Victor and I saw he looked a bit satisfied as he was watching me being sodomized so roughly.

Jerome pounded me real badly; he had no mercy in my poor anus.
But soon he came in my stretched asshole. Then, exhausted and panting, he just nested into a spoon with me after he finally dismounted my ass.
He looked at Victor and asked him if my hubby had enjoyed watching her slutty married white bitch being sodomized in front of him.
But then Victor just stood up, looked at me and opened the door to go out of the room…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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