Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 07

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7.1 Proposal

The four of them met up at lunchtime in the Student Union cafeteria on the following Friday and, over their food, David said ‘Jennifer, I’ve got a dare for you.’

‘Oh, yes. What?’

‘Come down to the seafront with me tomorrow and play a game of mini-golf.’

‘That doesn’t sound like much of a dare.’

‘You’ve got to be wearing just a bikini.’

‘That still doesn’t sound like much of a dare.’

‘Ah, but I supply the bikini.’

‘What, a g-string bikini, I suppose? That still doesn’t sound like much of a dare.’

‘No, NOT a g-string bikini. It’ll, er, “cover” a decent amount of skin. That’s the dare.’


David grinned at Michael and gave him a knowing wink.

Michael then jumped in and asked Alessa the same question.

She accepted the dare at once.

‘Hang on a minute ‘Lessa, these guys are up to something. I can feel it.’

‘Yes, I know they are, but it’ll be fun finding out what.’

‘Well Jennifer,’ asked David, ‘are you up for it?’

‘Ah, erm,’ she said, intrigued.

‘Are you up for it?’

‘Yes, ok.’

7.2 Preparation

Later that afternoon, soon after lessons had finished for the week, they all met in the girls room as though by chance and timed it so they arrived just after the girls had finished their showers as well.

In the course of the conversation, again as though by chance, David asked Jennifer about her shaving of her pubes.

‘You know,’ he said, ‘I would really like to watch you shaving yourself.’

‘Well,’ Jennifer replied, ‘I usually do Alessa’s and she does mine because that way we make sure we get all of it.’

‘How do you make sure?’

‘With our tongues.’

‘This I must see. How about giving us a demonstration now, I’d really like to see?’

‘I bet you would.’


‘Alessa? I suppose it is time we had another shave. What do you think? Shall we?’

‘OK, Jennifer,’ said Alessa, ‘let’s do it.’

The boys were told to sit down next to Alessa’s bed and get ready for a show, while Jennifer went and got a bowl of warm water and the shaving gear.

Alessa went to her bedside table and made a show of rummaging around, looking for something. Once she knew she had the boy’s attention on what she was doing she “found” what she was looking for and produced a slightly bigger double-dildo than the one the boys had seen before.

They both fetched the necessary items to the middle of the floor then both girls took their robes off and sat down facing each other with the bowl between them.

Alessa suddenly said ‘Hang on, Jennifer, if we’re naked then it’s only fair that the boys are too. So come on, Michael, David. Get your gear off.’

The two sexy girls waited until the boys had undressed and sat down again before continuing, Jennifer and Alessa both being pleased to note that the boys were already sporting huge erections.

Alessa opened her legs wide and laid back on the floor while Jennifer knelt between her legs with her head only six inches or so from her mound.

‘Are you watching, boys?’ asked Jennifer.

Jennifer then bent her head down licked all over Alessa’s mound, making sure it was all wet with her saliva, then she got a shave stick, rather than shaving foam, and wiped it over Alessa’s mound like lipstick, making her clitoris start to swell and making her give a soft moan in response.

David now moved to sit next to Alessa’s waist, Michael moved to sit the other side of her and both had their heads craned right forwards, almost touching, so they could have a close-up view of the action.

Now that the area was properly coated with the slick soap-like stuff, better than foam because she could see what she was doing, Jennifer started going over Alessa’s mound with the razor, making sure she didn’t miss any hairs and, even more importantly, making sure she didn’t touch Alessa’s now bulging clitoris with the razor.

‘Now I’ve gone over it with the razor’ she said, ‘I’ve got to do a first check to make sure I haven’t missed anything,’ and she bent her head down to lick all over Alessa’s mound. After she had done that she transferred her attention to Alessa’s now engorged clitoris, licking up and down her slit and casino şirketleri then pushing her tongue deep inside Alessa’s pussy.

Alessa was really moaning now, but she said ‘No, don’t make me cum yet, not yet. It’s your turn for a shave first.’

Jennifer laid back and held the insides of her ankles with her legs straight and spread really wide.

Alessa gave Jennifer’s mound the same tongue-lashing treatment that she had received herself, to moisten it, and wiped the shave-stick over the skin, giving Jennifer’s clitoris a lick as well.

Then she went over every part of Jennifer’s mound with the razor and checked the smoothness of the resulting skin with her tongue, having to go over two bits she said she had missed the first time. Jennifer didn’t complain about her friend’s supposed lack of expertise as it meant her clitoris got a bit of extra attention (and she suspected it was all for show anyway).

Alessa said ‘You’re gonna like this next bit, boys.’

She picked up the double-dildo and pushed just the head into Jennifer’s pussy, to a depth of about a hands width, watching her eyes as she did so.

She put her right knee on the floor by Jennifer’s waist on her left and her left knee on the floor under Jennifer’s right thigh.

‘Now, watch.’

Guiding the dildo in, she sank slowly down on it until she finally came to a stop with a couple of fingers width still showing.

‘Now we do a final check on the smoothness of our shaving efforts by rubbing our clitoris together,’ and she sank down the rest of the way. Michael stood up to feed his cock into Alessa’s mouth and she sucked him in deep, licking his balls as well.

David moved to kneel by Jennifer’s head and pushed his cock into her mouth.

The cries Jennifer and Alessa made as they came was muffled by the cocks in their mouths, but the extra suction as they reacted to their orgasms caused both boys to unload into the girls willing mouths at the same time.

Alessa lifted herself off the double-dildo, saying ‘David, I think Jennifer needs a cock in here. Michael, I need fucking as well.’

‘Move it boys, or the dare’s off,’ she said when they didn’t react to her instructions fast enough.

That was sufficient impetus and David went to kneel between Jennifer’s legs, his cock pointing at her pussy.

Then he suddenly got an idea, rolled Jennifer over onto her front and pulled her to her knees.

‘Alessa, get onto you elbows and knees beside Jennifer, and Michael, come over here between Alessa’s legs.’

Once he had them all in position he said, ‘Now, Michael, do whatever I do, ok.’

He pushed the head of his cock inside Jennifer’s pussy a little way, Michael following suit in Alessa’s, then he leaned forwards to cup each of Jennifer’s breasts in his hands.

That was when Jennifer realised David was going to fuck her the way he had on their first night together. She raised her arm, put it around Alessa’s neck to pull her close and whispered ‘You’re gonna like this’ in her ear.

David flexed his hips slightly, pushing a bit deeper then a bit deeper still and, even though she knew what was going to happen, Jennifer still felt as though she would go into ecstasy-overload.

But this time, with Alessa there and knowing her best friend was experiencing the same total pleasure that she was, the agony of the ecstasy was heightened and she orgasmed almost immediately. But her orgasm didn’t stop when David was all the way inside her.

He pulled out, feeling her vaginal muscles pulsing in orgasm around his cock, and pushed in again a little at a time, Michael doing the same to Alessa, and Jennifer still cumming. Out and in again, then again and again a few more times, never speeding up, always at the same slow pace.

When Alessa came, a few seconds later, she screamed as much as Jennifer had done the first time, setting off Michael’s and David’s orgasms and increasing Jennifer’s.

They finally finished and fell forwards in a heap of sweaty bodies.

‘Did you like that, Jennifer?’ asked David.

‘Need you ask?’

David lifted himself up enough so that Jennifer could roll over onto her back then lowered himself down again, his cock automatically finding its way into her pussy. casino firmaları Michael raised himself so that Alessa could do the same, David commenting with a grin ‘You don’t have to do what I do now, you know.’

‘Hey, Michael, why don’t we swap partners this time, if that’s alright with you girls?’

‘Yes, ok’ and ‘Right, do it’ were the responses.

The boys changed places and David edged his cock into Alessa’s slightly tighter pussy while Michael pushed into Jennifer’s.

Jennifer turned her head to look at Alessa and smiled gratefully, she realised this was all due to Alessa’s matchmaking, and then the pounding of the cock in her pussy banished all extraneous though from her mind as she got lost in the pleasure of her fucking.

Both girls came, the orgasmic pulsing of their pussy-walls drawing every last drop of semen from the two cocks, and the boys finally withdrew, fully satiated.

Later that evening, as the boys were leaving to go back to their own rooms, David said ‘It looks like you two are ready for the dare tomorrow.’

‘Ahh,’ said Jennifer, ‘so there was a reason for us to be shaved smooth, was there?’

‘No comment.’

With that tantalising remark, the boys made their farewells.

7.3 Promenade

David and Michael arrived at the girls room the following morning at about 10 o’clock, carrying bags which they said contained towels and the girl’s bikini’s.

‘What shall we wear now?’

‘Your own bikini’s will do for now. You can put the other ones on when we get there. I’ve arranged to borrow the Student Union van for you to get changed in, ok.’

Jennifer had the definite feeling that something was up, but she didn’t know what. David had said they weren’t to be wearing g-string bikini’s so it wasn’t that. The suspense was killing her.

‘Come on, David, give us a clue?’

‘I’m not saying anything ‘till we get there, so come on. Here, skin up a couple of joints on the way.’

They went down to the car-park and piled into the van for the five-mile trip to the seafront.

They were about to drive off when Michael suddenly “remembered” that they had left their bags in the girl’s room. David got the keys from Jennifer who was sitting in the back of the van and ran back to their room to fetch what he had “forgotten”. This was all a ploy so that he could get to the girls room and pick up two more bikinis without them knowing.

When they got to the seafront parade and David had parked the van at the other end of the promenade from the mini-golf park, he got into the back of the van with the others and said, ‘Right, now here are your bikinis.’

He pulled three bottles of body paint and four paintbrushes from his bag.

‘WHAT?’ Jennifer exclaimed. ‘You expect us to parade all the way along the seafront with only those on?’

Michael chipped in with ‘Well, you girls accepted the dare and you can’t back out now.’

Jennifer blushed a bright crimson and looked desperately at Alessa who gave her a wry grin, saying ‘We did accept the dare, you know.’

‘So this is the reason for making sure Alessa and I had a shave last night, isn’t it?’

‘You got it.’

‘Why have you got three bottles of paint?’ asked Alessa.

‘This is a red one, this one’s black and this one is a sort of pale skin colour because I thought we’d a bit artistic. We’ll make what you aren’t wearing a bit less obvious and paint in some patterns and tan-lines.’

David said, ‘Here are two more bikinis for you to put on. They’re larger than the one’s you’ve got on now to give us a shape to paint round for the “tan-lines” first.’

Once lines were painted on around the edges of the larger bikini tops the girls removed them and the boys filled in the spaces between the lines and the smaller bikini tops the girls were now wearing.

As he was painting Jennifer’s “tan lines” on her large breasts, David noticed that her nipples were becoming very swollen and her breathing was much heavier. He glanced at Michael and saw that he had noticed the same thing about Alessa.

‘You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?’ he said.

‘Oh, yes’ the girls both replied in unison.

Then they did the lines around the girl’s outer bikini bottoms.

When the güvenilir casino girls removed the larger bottoms, they laid down on their backs with their legs spread open ready for the gaps to be filled in.

David started painting and grinned when he saw the wet patch over Jennifer’s pussy where her juices were soaking the material.

He and Michael finished that part of the “paint job” and he said ‘Right, now for stage two.’

The two buxom girls took off their bikini tops, ready for the boys to paint their boobs.

As David was running the brush over the upper part of Jennifer’s left boob he could see that her nipple was fully erect, sticking out almost an inch, and commented ‘Oh, dear. I’m afraid we can’t do anything about that now because it’ll smudge the paint.’

Jennifer’s hand strayed down to massage her aching clitoris through her bikini bottoms, but he caught hold and moved it away saying, ‘I said ‘No, you’ll smudge the paint.’

Jennifer suddenly realised that this little exhibitionistic dare would be harder than she had previously thought and her pussy began producing so much fluid that it formed a pool on her seat.

‘Now for your bottom half, girls.’

The girls took their remaining bikini bottoms off and, now naked apart from the body paint, laid back with their legs wide apart and the boys started painting.

The boys began at the inner edge of the “tan lines”, slowly filling in more of the space, the brush strokes getting closer and closer to the girl’s clitorises, which were now more swollen than they had ever been before.

‘David, if you don’t get finished soon, I’m going to cum.’

‘Looks like I’m just in time then, because I’ve finished. Here’s a mirror so you can see what you look like.’

The girls had to admit that David and Michael had done a good job with their “artwork”, agreeing that the “tan lines” added quite a nice effect.

‘Ready now?’

As they walked along the seafront, Jennifer noticed that they were getting quite a few looks from other holidaymakers. She was sure her total nudity was obvious and was getting more and more turned on, helped by the joints they had smoked. In fact, both girls found it really difficult not to masturbate themselves to orgasm right there in the middle of the crowd.

They got to the mini-golf, played a game and, as they strolled back along the seafront to the van, both Jennifer and Alessa were becoming more and more convinced that they were exacting an unusual number of stares.

When they got back to the van, having stopped at a street café for a cold drink along the way, Alessa turned to face Jennifer and they both saw the reason why they had been getting such a lot of stares.

They had got so turned on that their juices were running down their legs, leaving trails of black and red and almost no body paint left on their clits.

But both girls were so desperate by now to get fucked that they didn’t care and almost couldn’t wait for David to open the van-doors so they could get into the back of the van with it’s smoked glass windows.

When David had finally got the doors open, after deliberately taking his time, the girls almost literally threw him and Michael inside, jumped in with them and slammed the doors shut.

The boys trunks were ripped off, the girls straddled them and impaled themselves on their cocks without so much as a “by your leave”, all of them fucking to almost instantaneous orgasms, the two girls screaming at the tops of their voices, so desperate had they become for their orgasmic relief.

‘Wow,’ said David, ‘I think that dare went better than I expected.’

They couldn’t resist one final bit of exhibitionism.

They got out of the van and walked around the car-park, enjoying the looks they were getting from all the strangers at the sight of these two beautiful and obviously naked females who, because they had great globs of spunk running down the insides of their legs, had equally obviously just been fucked.

As they got back into the van, David muttered to himself, ‘Next stop, Trafalgar Square.’

‘Did you just say something, David?’ asked Jennifer.

‘Er, I just said “Shall we go home?”‘


This was the original Chapter 8, changed to 7 because I realised I have run out of ideas since I have got almost no actual experiences to base the stories on. I’ll write the Chapter 7 (now 8) if I meet a “Jennifer” because I’ll know what I’m writing about.

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