Janna 4

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Janna 4
She was looking at the sea leaning to the railing next to the beach.She was wearing my wife’s thin black tulle shawl.She hadn’t noticed me.Janna’s ass was so notable because she was leaning on the railing. The Janna’s sexy bikini was being seen easily under my wife’s black tulle shawl.She was wearing a white bikini under this black shawl’s.There hasn’t been much between us and Janna in a long time.It was summer time last year. My wife,my wife’s sister Janna and me were staying at a hotel in Sochi.We would stay at this hotel for one week.
I had my breakfast at hotel and went to the coast.I saw that Janna was watching the sea.She had put her elbows to the railings.She was watching the beach and the sea in a bent over position. I watched her ass for a while.
I wanted to fuck her ass just over there. Janna’s ass had made my penis erect.
I approached her quietly.There was nobody around. I touched her ass slightly from behind.She didn’t expect that.She looked behind with nerve.
What are you doing! my sister may see.
There were a few persons at the beach.People were having their breakfast at hotel.My wife was still sleeping at hotel.
By pointing her ass, I said;
I want it too much..
I looked at her ass hysterically.
I desire it.
No, go and do it with your wife.This is not true, she is my sister!
I bahis siteleri was standing near her in front of the railings.I slowly touched her hip.
That black shawl made me crazy.Under this black tulle shawl your ass looks so sexy.
I looked at Janna’s ass again.
Please..I will just touch a little.From over my shorts.Even ,you needn’t’ to take this shawl off.
You are already touching now.
No, you know very well what I want.
I looked at her ass again..
Janna please!
Do you have to touch it? My sister may come.
No, she is sleeping. You know that.
How will you do, where?
I pointed the dressing rooms of the beach.
You are really crazy.
Let’s go there..please..
But you promised. You will just touch.You will do it from over the shorts.You will not take your shorts off. If you attempt to take it off I immediately leave the change room.
Okay, I promise..But I want same position.
You are a real maniac. Change rooms are narrow.
Just, bend over.Just put your hands on the wall.We’ll do it while we are standing .It will not take long already.Your ass made me crazy.
Have you got napkin? Because, I don’t trust you.Never ejaculate over me.Look, this is your wife’s shawl.She can notice easily.
Why are you torturing me? It would be easier ıf you could take your bikini off.So, your bikini and black tulle won’t get bahis şirketleri wet.
No !!
Alright. I’ll ejaculate in my shorts.
We walked till the change rooms.I was watching her and hips while she walks.
All rooms were empty.Because, it was morning hours.
What room should we go to?
She got angry..
Does it matter? All empty !
She entered one of the change rooms.And, I followed her staring at her ass.
Change room was so narrow for two persons.I locked the door.
Inside,it was dark and moist.
You are doing very dangerous things..
I did not speak.I directly kept her hips and turned her face towards the wall.
She directly put her both hands on the wood wall of change room..The room was so narrow..
I slightly touched her from behind.
She warned me with a low voice when she felt my stiff penis.
Be slow. Don’t ejaculate on tulle!
Don’t worry..(my voice was shaking)
I was not speaking..I began caressing her legs and hips from over the tulle.
I placed my penis exactly onto her ass from over her tulle..And, I began to rubbing my penis to her ass.I was moving my penis over her ass up and down.She had noticed my stiff penis.She had felt my stiff penis between the cheeks of her ass.
She was holding the wood wall of change room’s with her both hand.When I began pushing my penis to the ass of hers,she moaned with illegal bahis a high voice;
Ahhh.. be slow!!
I began rubbing my penis against Janna’s ass. Her hands were on the wall.She was looking down and waiting for my ejaculate. I was pressing my penis against her ass.I was pulling her hips towards me. That lasted for a few minutes.
Come on , now! Haven’t you come yet?
I think I’m about to cum….ahhh..Janna..!!..ahhh..I’m coming..
Ahh.. you maniac..
She was taking pleasure..She began to press her ass to my penis.She was moving her hips left and right..
Ahh… Janna ! I’m ejaculating badly..! ohhh
She was screaming low and short.
Ahh.. crazy!
I was ejaculating in my shorts.She was moving her ass like crazy over my shorts.
I had ejaculated completely.My shorts were full of my sperms.
You done?
Yes…But, I wasn’t satisfied.
That’s enough.Now, I’m ashamed of my sister.
I know you take pleasure too..
Perhaps, but this is wrong.She is your wife and my sister.
Janna please..this is not enough for me…when and where can we do again?
You are forcing your chance..
Meanwhile, she wanted to open the door and leave the change room.
I stopped her.
You know what I like..
I caressed her leg towards down.
I know what you like..you crazy foot fetishist.
Please..Janna please..We must do that before our holiday finish.
Okay..but not now..
I don’t promise ..where will we do?
I can come to your room tonight after my wife slept?
Milena stays with me.
Perhaps in the sauna of hotel?
I got promise from her and we left the change room together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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