Jamie Ch. 05

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Thank you to all of you voting on my story. I truly hope you’re enjoying it’s progression. Please, leave any comments and suggestions for their future. It’s taking me longer to get chapters out now because I want this story to be well written and to be about more than just great sex. I’m always open to constructive criticism and opinions of how the story is coming along. Thank you for your support! And a personal thank you to Scott_Free for his kind words of encouragement. If you haven’t checked out his series “A Back Rub For Julia” and “Three Is A Magic Number” I greatly encourage you to!


I was woken by her stirring and then noticed she was getting out of bed. The bathroom door opened and then the light turned on and for one glorious second, I saw Jamie’s beautiful silhouette before she quickly shut the door behind her. Smiling contentedly, I slipped down into the bedcovers into a more comfortable sleeping position. I glanced at the clock and it announced it was 11:30. With a drive to Albuquerque in the morning, some sleep would be a good idea.

Just as I closed my eyes, Jamie’s smartphone on the nightstand began playing some sort of folksy acoustic song I didn’t recognize. Jamie liked a lot of indie type musicians I hadn’t heard of. She would sometimes post YouTube videos on Facebook, and I would check them out. She definitely had some good taste in music.

I turned on the light, got up and saw that it was her mother calling. Being fairly close with her family, I answered it.

“Hey Cynthia,” I said.

“Oh, hey, Jason. Is Jamie there?”

“She actually just stepped into the bathroom.”

“Oh,” she laughed. “Could you have her call me when she gets out?”

“Of course!” I said.

“Thanks. How’s the trip going? We haven’t heard from you guys. Have you called or texted your mom?”

I froze for a second. “No, I haven’t. We’ve been having a great time, though. I guess we just sort of lost track of things. I’ll shoot her a quick text in a minute.”

“Good. So…” Cynthia said in a knowing tone.

“Yes?” I pretended to be confused.

“Oh, never mind, I’ll just talk to Jamie,” she said, laughing again.

“Okay,” I said, confused this time. I heard the toilet flush and then Jamie stepped out of the bathroom. “Oh, here she is.”

“Oh, thank you, Jason.”

“You’re welcome, Cynthia,” I said and handed the phone to Jamie.

Right as I had said her mother’s name, her face went from a confused scrunched up look to a look of understanding of why I was talking on her phone. She also looked a little nervous about her mother calling.

“Hi, Mom, what’s up? ….Oh, I’m sorry. We’ve just been having a great time on our trip, we’ve been a little distracted….Yes, he’s been a perfect gentleman…”she laughed and then stopped for her mother’s next question. “Actually, yeah! It just kinda came out the first night,” she continued and winked at me. “I’m happy too, Mom….I’m sure she will be!” She mouthed, “Your Mom” to me. I grinned and let her continue her conversation with a little more privacy.

I retrieved my phone from my pants on the floor and saw that I had two missed calls; both from my mother. The last one had been just a few minutes ago. My phone was on vibrate, so I’d slept right through it. I saw the time on the previous call and it must have been while Jamie and I were pleasuring each other orally. I hit send on one of her logged missed calls and she picked up after the third ring.

“There you are!” she said happily. I knew just a few minutes ago she was probably a little worried, but knew that I was 30 years old and didn’t need to tell her about every stop we made. She just worried, knowing this was a long drive with a big truck.

“Hey, sorry I missed your call. My phone was on vibrate and I slept right through them.”

“You never put your phone on vibrate,” she playfully accused. “Were you not wanting to be disturbed from something?”

I smiled widely and looked at Jamie. “Well, I put it on vibrate when I took Jamie out to dinner tonight.”

“Oh? And where did you two go?”

I sat down on the bed and leaned against the headboard. “We found a very nice sushi place. It was good, Mom, you would have loved it.”

“Where are you guys?”

“Oklahoma City. We don’t want to push ourselves too much to get back.”

“Don’t miss too much work, now,” she warned.

“I have the week off for this, Mom. So no worries.”

“Oh, okay…So, is there something you wanna tell me?” she teased.

I chuckled. “Yes, Mom, we’re together now.”

She laughed. “That’s great news, sweetheart. You know how much we all love Jamie.”

“I know, Mom.”

“Your dad would be happy too.”

I smiled at that. He would have been proud of me for pursuing Jamie. I looked at her as she was hanging up her phone. She turned towards me, smiled and then crawled onto the bed.

“Yeah, I think he would,” I agreed. Jamie came closer.

“So, when do you think you’ll be home?”

“In a few days. We’re stopping brazzers porno in Albuquerque tomorrow and then Flagstaff the next day. We’ll finish the rest after that.”

“Okay, we’ll see you in a few days, then!”

“Okay, Mom. Get some sleep,” I said hiding my nerves as Jamie continued her slow approach, her beautiful tits begging to be sucked.

“Yeah, I probably should. I gotta get up at take Milo out before work in the morning.”

“Okay, I love you!”

“I love you too, honey. Tell Jamie I said hello!”

“Will do! Bye!”

I closed my phone as soon as she said goodnight and I dropped my phone to the floor. Leaning forward, I met Jamie with a hungry kiss and then tackled her onto the bed. My dick was already growing, longing to plow into Jamie’s depths.

“Don’t hold back,” she said as I kissed her neck but suddenly fear gripped me, stopping my advances on her. “What’s wrong?”

“What if I get you pregnant?”

She smiled. “Do you remember me saying I stopped by the pharmacy?”

“Kinda, we were kind of in the middle of fucking in the shower.”

She laughed. “I had seen my doctor a month and a half ago and got myself on the pill. I was hoping something would happen on this trip. I stopped by a pharmacy to make sure I’d been taking it long enough to keep me from getting pregnant. He said I had, so, we’re safe.”

I let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m not ready to have a baby, Jason. But, when I am, I’m glad it will be with you,” she said, caressing my cheek.

“I can’t wait to start a family with you one day, Miss Wright.”

“Me either, Mr. Kisner,” she said and then pulled me down to her lips again.

My cock sprang back into action as she pulled me on top of her, demanding I fill her up. We had no idea, earlier, that our foreplay would have exhausted us like it had, bringing us to climax. But, couple that with the miles we’ve been driving and everything else, we were spent after our oral sex. Now, we wanted to pick up right where we left off, and finish the night the right way.

She spread her legs a little wider and then it was as if my cock was on a heat-seeking autopilot, I entered her glorious hole. We both sighed happily, feeling at home as we reconnected like this again. I slid my arms beneath her back, supporting myself so I didn’t crush her small frame beneath my own. Her arms wrapped around my neck as our mouths locked in a deep, passionate kiss. Slowly, I slid my shaft in and out of her tight, warm and slippery pussy. Nothing in the world compared to the feel of being inside of her.

We took our time, not caring about anything else. We had all night to make love. And as far as we were concerned, we had the rest of our lives, so why rush something good? When I would bottom out, I would just lay there inside of her, locked in a deep kiss, reveling in the feeling of her breasts pressed into my chest. Her skin was so soft and smooth as our bodies pressed together.

I pulled away from her mouth and looked into her big brown eyes again. Love turned to lust in her look as I slowly pulled my rod half way out of her and then slid it back in.

“Fuck me, Jason,” she said quietly, just above a whisper. “Fuck me good.”

I slid out of her almost all the way and then back in again with a little more force this time.

I purposely held back, knowing what she wanted. I wanted to build this up instead of just give in to our carnal desires. Her legs hooked around mine as we began to slowly build a rhythm. My eyes bore into hers as I plunged deeper and deeper into her. Then, like a switch, our mood completely changed and a determined type of lust came over us. She bucked her hips up into mine as

I crashed down on her as hard and as fast as we could. Our skin slapped loudly as we fucked. The bed was even moving, causing the headboard to thud into the wall over and over.

I pulled out of her completely and rolled her over. She rose up on all fours and I rose up to my knees behind her. I drove my dick home into her cunt and pounded away. I slapped her on the ass once, just to test what her reaction would be. She looked back with a devilish grin.

“Oooh,” she cooed. “Spank me, baby.”

Who was I to deny her? So, I spanked her every so often, but holding onto her hips for the most part. She propped a pillow up for the times her head would sometimes hit the headboard. I leaned forward over her beautiful ass and grabbed her breasts. She rose up on her knees, leaning against my chest as I slammed into her pussy, my pelvis slapping against her now reddened ass. I gently pushed her forward and took ahold of her hips and picked up the pace. Her moans turned to screaming of unintelligible words as I grunted with my efforts into her.

After another couple of minutes I felt that all too familiar sensation building in my cock as I knew my seed would soon be filling her love tunnel.

“Yeah! Give it to me, baby! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuuuuck meeee!!” she screamed and as I exploded inside of her, castingcouch-x porno we shuddered together as our orgasms took complete control of the moment. We collapsed together on the bed, completely spent from our romp. We laid there spooning as we caught our breath.

“Holy shit,” I whispered, barely audible.

“Yeah,” she agreed, scratching the back of my head with her long fingernails.

“I could get used to this,” I told her with an exhausted chuckle.

She laughed a little too. “Me too.”

We didn’t say much after that. We eventually drifted off to sleep, not waking until the sun was up.


I dreamed of Jamie that night, or morning, whichever it was. We were happily married, living in a cozy two-bedroom condo in Orange County, California. It wasn’t too long after we tied the knot and she was waking me up with a blowjob. It was so vivid I could actually feel her moist lips sliding up and down my cock. Then reality began to sink in, but the feeling wasn’t going away. I blinked my eyes a few times as I woke up from my slumber and realized she actually was giving me a blowjob.

She released my cock from her mouth with a pop and smiled at me. “Good morning, lover,” she said, stroking my length.

“Yes it is a good morning,” I chuckled.

“I woke up a couple minutes ago and noticed how hard you were, so I thought I’d give you a little surprise.”

“Well, it’s a great way to be woken. Don’t let me stop you,” I said with a wink and she took me into her mouth once again. She was getting really good at giving me head. Before it was all based on instinct, now she was beginning to learn where my most sensitive areas were and teased them with the tip of her tongue.

Her head bobbed up and down quickly for a few seconds and then she would slow down and give my shaft a good licking, like cleaning up the side of a dripping ice-cream cone. Then she put just the mushroom head in her mouth and lick around the head only, teasing the pee hole.

“That’s enough, love. Come here.”

She let go of my penis and crawled up to me like a seductive cat. She then straddled me, impaling her with my spear. Cowgirl seemed to be quickly becoming our favorite position. I held her by her slender waist as she gyrated her hips with my cock buried deep inside her. I could feel the tip of my dick press and slide against each wall of her pussy as she circled my member. I slid my hands up to her tits and squeezed them. Her head fell back in ecstasy as she let out a low moan. I pinched her nipples, rolling them between my index fingers and thumbs. She held onto my hands, pressing them harder into her perfect breasts.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her chest closer to my mouth. I took her left tit into my mouth, sucking on as much of it as I could. Slowly I backed off of it and sucked, licked and nibbled on her nipple. I loved the taste of her in my mouth. It was in this moment that I truly believed that two people could be specially made for each other. I didn’t think I could love anyone more than I loved her. It was a thought I’ve thought many times since then, but it was confirmed for me first in that moment; and when she pushed me back, the look in her eyes said that she was thinking the same thing. She locked her lips on mine and then I rolled her onto her back without leaving her pussy.

Grabbing my pillow I placed it at the top of her head for extra padding since I knew our fucking would only grow more and more intense. She gave me a sexy smile as I held myself up over her, plunging my cock into her pussy over and over.

“Fuck me, Jason. Fuck me good.”

I doubled my efforts, picking up the pace and rammed into her harder.

“That’s it, lover, fuck me, just like that. Yeah, right there! Yes! Yes! YES!”

Her breathing became more labored and her eyes closed and at the same time, I could feel my orgasm building. I was amazed at how often we came together. She bucked her hips into my crashing ones, fucking harder and harder as our climaxes built up to release. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she used that to pull herself harder against me. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer, so I let it explode, splashing her insides with stream after stream of cum. My explosion pushed her over the edge and caused her to tighten her grip around my waist with her legs until her strength left her and she collapsed with me on top of her on the bed.

After a minute we caught our breath and I said,

“Good morning.”

She laughed. “Good morning.”

“We should get cleaned up so we can get some breakfast and get on the road,” I said but neither of us moved.

She looked over at the clock. “We have four hours until check out. There’s no rush.”

I loved this girl so much. She was beginning to make me forget I had ever been married before.

After napping for another hour, we got up, showered and packed up our clothing that had been strewn about the room. It was only another hour before clips4sale porno we were eating breakfast at a local diner and then shortly after that we were on the road again. Miles passed by as we carried on in friendly conversation, catching up on more of the past we’d missed out on in each other’s lives. I avoided talking about my ex-wife as much as possible, but it was difficult since she’d consumed two and a half years of my life and it was still fairly recent for me. Jamie was very gracious and understanding, but I continually assured her that I loved her more than I ever could have loved my ex-wife.

She told me about past guys in her life that just never became anything more than dating for a few weeks or even months at a time. She thought she’d loved one of them, but it just didn’t work out.

Part of me wondered if she was holding back, but for as long as I’d known her, she was always very honest. It was one of the reasons she was given the nickname of Angel. So, I took her at her word and trusted that she was telling me the truth. If there was more to the story, I was sure she would tell me about it one day. After all, we had plenty of time, didn’t we?

We pulled off the Interstate somewhere between lunch and dinnertime and filled the gas tank and then went into a small steakhouse for a much needed meal. I insisted on paying again since she seemed to intent on taking care of me instead of the other way around. She would always just find a way to surprise me before I even had a chance to do something for her.

“Fine,” she relented as we perused the menus in our hands.

“Thank you,” I said and gave her a wink. She smiled and blushed slightly. I loved how a look from me like that would make her blush even though we’d been fucking like rabbits lately.

I decided on a ten ounce steak and set my menu down. I figured I’d probably need the protein if things were going to continue like they were with Jamie. It still blew my mind how fortunate I’d become. I went on this trip to help Jamie move back home in hopes that maybe we would end up falling in love. But for us to end up having sex the first night was not something I ever expected. Hell, I didn’t even know she was attracted to me!

My phone chimed, so I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that I had a text from my mother.

“Hope the trip is going well!” she said.

I texted her back. “It is. We stopped for lunch somewhere between Oklahoma City and Albuquerque.”

“Who was that?” Jamie asked.

“My mom, she just wanted to know where we are and how the trip is going.”

Jamie smiled. “Did you tell her you’ve been fucking my brains out?” she whispered.

I blushed and laughed. “She’d die of a heart attack if I told her that.”

Jamie laughed too. “My dad would probably castrate you.”

I didn’t laugh at that. I felt a cold chill run through my body. She was right. He’d kill me for sure if he knew what we were doing every night and every morning; shit, every chance we got!

“Jason, relax. He won’t find out. Plus, we’re both adults. And it’s not like my brother has had the most pure relationship with his girlfriend.”

I thought about it, but even though she was right, fathers often viewed their sons’ actions differently than their daughters’. He’d see me as someone taking advantage of his baby girl. I knew he didn’t approve of the way his son lived at times, but I’m not his son. I’m some guy who loves his daughter. I had his permission to be with Jamie, but not necessarily to start fucking her before we were married.

Suddenly my mind wandered to marriage. I knew I wanted to marry Jamie, but did she want the same thing, or was this just another dating relationship for her?

“Jason, you alright?” she asked.

“Huh? Yeah, I was just thinking.”

She reached for my hands and I gave them to her.

“My dad won’t do anything to you. I won’t let him. I love you and our actions are our own.”

“But you know how he feels about sex before marriage.”

“Yes, and didn’t we both have that same view before this trip?” she asked.

She had a good point. We’d both been raised in good Christian families, so I knew that they would all have something to say about what Jamie and I had done the past couple of days. But, not much matched the love and protectiveness of a father for his daughter; especially one as beautiful as Jamie.

“Yeah, but things just sort of happened.”

“Exactly! And we love each other, right?” she asked in sort of a reminder.

“Yes, we do,” I said, squeezing her hands that were still in mine in assurance.

“Good. What we do in private is none of their concern. I told you I’m on the pill, so getting pregnant is not likely if possible at all.”

I smiled, trying to feel better about the situation. I was still nervous, but she forced me to look into her eyes and all my fear melted away. Even though she had been worth waiting for all these years, I still wished I hadn’t had to. She made me feel like a real man. I was a lot more confident with her, even though a part of me was afraid of her father. But I reminded myself it was healthy to have a little fear of him because it forced me to respect him. And what father would allow someone to marry their daughter if he wasn’t shown respect? I know I wouldn’t.

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