James and Rachel

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There she sat, waiting for her boyfriend to show up. She had gotten to their regular meeting spot early so she could fix her hair and makeup before James got there. Sadly, he had texted her about ten minutes before they were to meet saying he had gotten stopped by some friends who tried to get him to party with them. “Well, at least he let me know he was going to be a little late,” Rachel thought to herself. “Though, I do wish he was here now.” With a sigh she flipped through her iPod, to the playlist James had made for them and sat down to wait.

James, meanwhile, had managed to part ways with his friends and was heading to the fountain in the center of town to meet up with Rachel. “I hope she’s not upset that I’m running late,” he mumbled to himself as he came around the corner and saw the fountain from down the street. His heart was pounding with anticipation of seeing his loving girlfriend and he quickened his step.

“James, you’re here,” Rachel exclaimed when James came around the side of the fountain. She got up and ran into his arms, hugging him tight. “I’m so glad to see you, babe. I missed you all week.”

“Baby, I missed you too. I hate that your classes and job and my job don’t allow much time to see each other often.” James held her tight, kissing the top of her head before continuing. “Are you hungry, sweetie?” Rachel nodded her head against his chest and squeezed tighter.

“You want to go get something or would you want me to cook something? I’ve got some pasta, rice, chicken vegetables and eggs, I’m sure I could whip up something.”

“Okay. We were going to your place anyway, right, James” Rachel asked as she stepped back.

“Haha. Oh yeah. I kinda forgot,” James laughed as he took her hand. “Let’s go, love.” With a kiss, they were on their way.

After dinner, Rachel and James lay in his bed watching a romantic movie when a steamy sex scene began. After not seeing each other for a week, both were quite horny. James could feel his dick swelling and stiffening as he watched the couple in the movie make love. Rachel, meanwhile could feel her pussy getting wet and her clit hardening. James turned to her and kissed Rachel deeply and pulling her closer. She responded to his passionate kiss with a quiet moan.

When they broke from the kiss, James began kissing and lightly biting Rachel’s neck, pausing to flicker his tongue around her earlobe. His finger tips were slowly tracing little big ass porno swirls around her stomach, slowly sliding her shirt up towards her breasts and sliding along the waistband of Rachel’s skirt. Rachel’s hands were wrapped around James’ neck, pulling him tighter to her.

James slowly kissed a trail of soft kisses down from Rachel’s neck and into the valley between her supple breasts. Here, he then kissed along the tops of her bra cups, alternating sides with each kiss. James then slowly licked and kissed up from the center of Rachel’s chest and neck to her mouth and lifted her shirt, breaking the kiss to get the shirt off followed by her bra.

As soon as Rachel was free of her shirt and bra, James attacked her nipples, sucking and licking them passionately. Rachel’s moans inspired him further and as he moved back up to her neck, his hard member pressed against her softness. They lay like that for a while, grinding against each other as they kissed.

Then James whispered to Rachel, “I want to taste you” and slowly kissed his way down to her skirt, which he reached under and pulled her underwear down and off. He admired how smooth she was shaven and marveled at the wetness he could see leaking from within her. Slowly, he ran his tongue from just below the opening to her up to the little nub of pleasure. “Rachel, your pussy tastes so good!” James began licking her inside and out, thrusting his tongue as deep as he could or flicking it around on her clit like a vibrator.

All Rachel could respond with were her moans of pleasure. Within a few minutes of James beginning his oral ministrations, Rachel could feel her first orgasm building and was starting to moan louder and her breathing was more rapid. James took note of all this and slowed his tongue’s assault on Rachel’s sweet pussy, letting her climax subside.

Shortly, her breathing had slowed enough that James felt it was time to pick it back up and went down on her with more energy than before. Licking, sucking and fucking Rachel with his tongue. He brought her to the edge of another orgasm and slowed his efforts, just keeping her from it then slowly letting her calm down a bit before working her up again.

After James’ repeating this torture a few times, Rachel felt like she would lose her mind if she didn’t cum soon. Just as she felt her orgasm building up again she grabbed tight to James’ hair and didn’t let him back away from her pussy. big tits porno James didn’t back away, but instead flicked his tongue over her clit with renewed vigor. Then she was crashing over the edge, feeling waves of pleasure wash over her.??Rachel needed a break, so she pushed James from between her legs. He crawled up the bed and lay beside her with his arm across her stomach and his pulsing member pressed against her hip. Rachel slid her hand down and ran her finger nails lightly along the underside of James’ dick, delighting in the soft moan that escaped his lips. Having James sit leaning back against the headboard, she lay between his legs and took the stiff tool before her in her hands.

Rachel admired the thick shaft, the soft and smoothly shaven skin and the curve that let it rub just the right places inside of her. Slowly, she stroked her hand up and down its length, pausing to spread the drop of pre-cum around the swollen tip on each up stroke. Rachel found her licking her lips each time she finished a down stroke, picturing her mouth around James’ big tool, trying to get it into her throat. Soon, she was licking around the mushroom-shaped head while her hand caressed the solid cock before her.

The way James was moaning encouraged Rachel to take more of his pole into her mouth. She could feel her pussy getting even wetter than it had been. James loved the feeling of Rachel’s hand sliding on his saliva coated cock as her head bobbed up and down, her mouth gradually accepting him further.

Within a few minutes, James could feel the tip of his dick bumping against Rachel’s throat and he could feel his balls start to tighten. “Oh, Rachel… Your mouth feels so good,” he moaned. “If you keep sucking me like that, I’m going to cum.” Rachel moaned with James’ cock in her throat, the vibrations nearly pushing James to orgasm. She slowly took her mouth from him and licked it from balls to tip, took a deep breath and swallowed his cock down to its base. Rachel started bobbing her head, sucking James’ throbbing fuck-stick from shaven balls to precum leaking tip and back moving fast and moaning in her own arousal. James couldn’t handle any longer and with a loud moan and calling her name, he came, forcefully shooting his jism into Rachel’s mouth and throat. Once she felt James’ dick stop its spasms, Rachel licked and sucked the last of his cum from his still hard member then crawled up to lay on top of him.

They blacked porno lay like that for a while, just kissing and touching each other’s bodies. James never got limp. In fact, he got harder and was now throbbing against Rachel’s wet pussy lips and up past her anus. Rachel could feel it pulsing against her and it only served to further turn her on. She went from moderately wet to dripping all over James’ cock.

James could feel her pussy juices flowing out of her and down his dick. Slowly, he humped himself along her, spreading her moistness around and better coating his dick. Rachel had begun moving against him too, and soon they had the round head of James’ cock just within Rachel’s hole. Very slowly, making sure she felt every inch and every vein, James worked his tool in and out of her inch by inch until all seven thick inches were gliding along in her tunnel.

From the angle James was stroking into her, Rachel could feel his cock rubbing against her hard little clit. She felt full every time he pressed in as deep as he could, up against her cervix. When he pulled nearly all out, she felt empty and wanted him back within her.

James had started slow, but was gradually thrusting harder and faster. Shortly, it was too difficult to keep such a pace from below and he lifted Rachel up and rolled them both over without pulling out of her. He then lifted her legs over his shoulders and went back to pounding away inside her.

From this position, Rachel could feel James’ cock head pushing along the front of her vagina, rubbing against her g-spot with each stroke in or out. Her orgasm was getting close and she pinched and twisted her hard nipples while James kept fucking her. Each time his heavy ball sack slapped her ass, she felt his dick sink deep inside her. Suddenly, her orgasm exploded, flooding her pussy with her juices as she screamed out, “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames!”

James was fighting with all his might to keep from cumming yet, trying to extend Rachel’s orgasmic pleasure as long as he could. Finally, as she was coming down from it, he pulled out and with a few strokes of his hand, shot his cum all over his girlfriend’s stomach, tits and face.

“Damn, babe,” Rachel laughed. “I thought I sucked all that out earlier.” As she said this, she scooped up some of his cum from her stomach and sucked it from her finger.

“Lover, I’ve always got more for you,” James said with a smile as he finished wiping his dick with a tissue and giving it a few strokes as a joking emphasis.

“Oh, get over here and hold me, you horny bastard” Rachel said, laughing as she pulled him back to the bed where they cuddled long into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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