Jack on the Rocks

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My mind probably shouldn’t have been wandering but as my tongue rolled over and prodded the swollen nipple it was all I could do to not laugh out loud. You just never know where life is going to take you…

Last week I volunteered to take my neighbour out to the Syracuse airport to pick up her sister-in-law who was coming in from Ireland. I took Terry out and we picked up Margaret and had a nice visit in the car on the way back. Sounds like a simple good deed doesn’t it? And like all of them are supposed to be, it was rewarded on Friday when the same neighbour invited me along with her husband, some of his work friends and their wives, and Margaret to the craziest bar downtown.

As the night wore on it became clear that Irish Margaret was not a drinker like her sister and brother in law and their gang. Those people drink. Hard, often and heartily. As the designated driver (again) I was in a great spot to see them buy shot after shot and try to get her to match their bar tricks. She finally gave in and leaned over and somehow got her pretty mouth around a polar bear in a shot glass. Without touching the glass with her hands she leaned it back and downed the entire contents. Much cheering and clapping of hands and backs.

From that point she made me wade through the crowd and buy her a glass of water that the bartender fitted out with ice, lemon and swizzle stick so it looked alcoholic. She stuck to my arm like glue and we had great fun watching our other women dance on the bar beside the dance floor. All the while we fended off the body checks of half stewed patrons as they wandered endlessly around the crowd looking for that magic hook up.

I didn’t mind. Margaret was very above average in the looks department with full hips, large breasts a full head of long Scottish red hair and a few cute freckles to boot. She also smelled fantastic, and I’m always a sucker for that. Her body touched mine in all kinds of ways and I was having a blast with her.

My pride in having her on my arm didn’t matter though and after the bar closed and I delivered them all home, I was in her sister-in-law Terry’s house with Margaret. While the drunks raved on, we sat on the deck and shared lingering glasses of 14 year old Clynelish from her brother in law’s stupidly large liquor cabinet. She told me about her home and after showing me pictures of her prized dog she moved on to pictures of her husband and her two children. She had never been away from them in the 15 years since her older daughter was born and while she really wanted to have a good time in the States she was obviously missing her family.

After a couple of glasses we were having a great time and she was touching my arm a lot and bumping my hip with hers at frequent intervals. I flirted enough amatör porno to be polite then around 3 in the morning I finally begged off. Her sister-in-law had hugged onto me and kissed my face a few times before stumbling off into the darkness of her dining room. Her husband is huge and he scares the hell out of me so it was obviously time to go. Margaret followed me out and the goodnight kiss was warmer than I expected but I really wasn’t even contemplating a hook up. Nothing happened.

On Sunday my smart phone announced a text from the neighbour asking if I’d take Margaret for a hike in the woodland near my house. It seems that to these Irish imports I’m like a much less rugged and not so hairy Grizzly Adams. I point out all the important animal poop and scary insects and they all follow along like tourists.

Taking it all very seriously I put on my best bush gear, threw a blanket and matches and a few bottles of water into my packsack, strapped on my short axe and watched as Margaret and her sister-in-law wandered up to my porch. They had decked her out in khaki bush pants and a lightweight red plaid flannel shirt and she had one of those across-the-body god knows what you call them bags over her shoulder. The strap went down between her breasts and really showed them off to good effect. Her red hair was tied back and she had a scarf over the top of it. She looked great.

I led her around the bush and hills at the back of the area where a great spot overlooks a small lake. It was a fantastic cool autumn day with red and gold leaves in their best fall display. We talked and laughed and wandered till I sat her down on the blanket in the best spot on the hill. It was in a natural rock seat with a rising moss bed right behind it. You can lay back almost flat and look up at the trees and the sky or sit up and poke the fire in the pit right in front. It all overlooks the lake perfectly.

She put down the shoulder bag, put her arms straight up, let out a loud, long sigh and lay back on the moss. I started a fire out in front of her and settled in and laid back beside her. We didn’t say a word for a long time. Suddenly as if a decision had been reached, “Sod it!” she said and sat up and fished a stolen bottle of Jack Daniels from her bag. “This was the smallest bottle in his stash” she said before twisting off the top and taking a long slug from the bottle.

I politely declined a drink from it. I mean, its only Jack but from a bottle? She shrugged and took another drink. Over the next half hour she drank and talked more about Ireland but ignored any questions I kept bringing up about her family. Her hand went on and off my knee and thigh several times and even rubbed a bit from time to time. I was very glad I was sober and had my wits about anal porno me.

Finally she asked why I wouldn’t drink. I explained that I love Scotch and just can’t stand he thought of simply taking a hit from a bottle of it. She looked kinda evil then took another drink. I was laying back and she swung her upper body over me and brought her lips to mine in gentle kiss. Her tongue slid between my lips and warm Scotch flooded into my mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and kissed her back hard. Our tongues slathered each other and the Jack flooded my senses as we nibbled and kissed. She took another drag on the bottle and when I saw her coming back I opened my lips and she let a long stream of it drop to my mouth and flood over my lips and tongue. We finished it with other sucking kiss and I raised up and gently lay her back as it ended. Her eyes were closed and I reached down and opened a couple of her buttons, I kissed around the freckles that speckled her neck and upper chest. Her breathing was getting quicker and her eyes squeezed shut as I pushed the shirt open with my face until I found her purple bra.

I nearly lost it then. It was not a sports bra. It was lacy and sexy. My cock jumped and my tongue pushed under the bra a bit as it headed up the swell of her breast. My hand moved over her khakis and I tugged the shirt out as my tongue slid further under the bra and touched her nipple. She was whimpering as I hooked my finger in her bra and pulled it off her nipple. God help me it was not a hard pointed one but one of the puffy full kind that make me absolutely crazy. Still, I hung on to my self control while my hand roamed her tummy and slid as far into her pants as it would go. I could feel a bit of silky warm panty. Her hips pushed up toward my hand as my mouth sucked that puffy nipple in and my teeth squeezed it gently.

Her hands were on my ass first then pulling my shirt up. One freckled hand sank down and cupped my hard cock over my briefs. She tried to rub me but like hers, my pants were too tight. She swore softly and her hands left me to open her pants. I moved up onto my knees beside her and I pulled her breast out of her bra and ravaged it with my mouth. She moaned loudly and started to push her pants down but I stopped her when they had moved down enough for me to see the purple panty. It covered a lovely mound of soft fur that I was dying to touch.

But I’m meaner than that. As I she took her other breast out of the bra I grabbed the top of her panty at the front and gently pulled it up. Grasping the whole front I squeezed it together and pulled up until is slid into her slit. She was constantly moaning now and her hips pushed up looking for contact that wasn’t yet there. I slowly licked and sucked the other amazing anal breakers porno nipple as I rhythmically tugged on the panty so it sawed up over clit with each pull.

My cock was pounding but far from losing it, I was playing. Those puffy nipples were like candy and I sucked them and licked them and felt them swell and rise in my mouth.

She cried out when I let go of the panty and put my hand flat on her belly. I pushed it down into her panty running my fingers through her hair. I opened my fingers and then gently squeezed her hood and clit along with the strip of panty. Fuck I wanted to suck on that clit but that was out of the question. Looking down at her panty I pushed them so they came free of her slit and my hand cupped her entire mound. I could feel the slick juices as I massaged and rubbed around it. My fingers played in her lips and she pushed her hips up to grind on me.

Now I was sitting up more and looking down at her. Her red hair was spread on the moss, her scarf askew. Her eyes were closed and her mouth wide open with her breath coming in gasps. Her shirt lay open almost to her waist, her pale skin and freckles ending near her breasts where they lay on top of the purple bra that was still fastened at the back. Her chest heaved. I dipped in her and she bucked like she had been hit. I spread her slick juices up over her clit time and again. Turning my hand and sliding down just a bit I pushed my thumb deep into her pussy and my fingers flew over her clit. She let out a string of “Oh”s and “Fuck”s and her back arched as she came on my hand.

I cupped her again and glanced around to make sure we didn’t have an audience and gave her my other hand to bite on in a vain attempt to keep her voice lower. As the waves of cumming rolled over her she heaved and finally let out a long sighing moan.

I kissed her chest between her nipples, realized that was in the middle of the sea of freckles and quickly moved up and kissed her softly and warmly on her swollen lips. She half laughed and kissed me a bit and we both moaned.

I pulled her shirt over her breasts as she reached for my belt to undo it. Denying her, I pushed her hands back down by her sides and I pulled her pants up over her ravaged pussy and did up the zipper for her. She looked at me questioningly.

“I just can’t. I can’t”

Her head flopped to the side looking away from me and I got up and tucked my shirt back into my pants. She sat up deftly tucking her breasts back into the cups of her bra. I had one last brief glance at those amazing nipples.

It was a bit awkward for a few minutes but as I tamped down the fire and poured a couple bottles of water on it she sat hugging her knees. Her head was cocked to the side and she had a big smile.

I was tempted to feel somewhat proud of my restraint with this loving and beautiful wife of another man but it was tempered by the knowledge that if she had had any other colour of hair and no freckles, my cock would still be fucking her senseless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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