Jack , Jill – The Real Story

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[Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got, and home did trot as fast as he could caper;

To old Dame Dob, who patched his nob with vinegar and brown paper.

When Jill came in how she did grin to see Jack’s paper plaster;

Mother vexed did whip her next for causing Jack’s disaster.]

Jack and Jill did indeed go up the hill to fetch a pail of water. They had been fetching water together for as long as they’d been old enough to carry a bucket.

“Jill, the barrel is almost empty, fetch more water.” Mrs. Dobs shouted out the kitchen window.

“Mother, I’m eighteen and that’s Billy’s chore.” Jill whined.

“Well it’s not going to fill itself young lady, and your brother is out hunting with your father.” Mrs. Dobs chided.

“It’s not fair, this is a child’s chore.” Jill whined as she picked up two buckets.

Jill ran and skipped, empty buckets in hand, towards the Johnson homestead on her way to the community well. The path was well worn and slightly uphill. The nice thing was that when the buckets were full it was a downhill walk. It wasn’t unusual to meet her friends along the way.

It was a warm and sunny day. The sky was blue, and the flowers were in bloom. Jill was wearing a thin cotton dress with nothing on underneath. Her bodice was loose, and she enjoyed the coolness of the air as it flowed down between her unbound breasts.

Jack set the pitch fork down and wiped his brow. He’d been unloading hay off the wagon into the barn all morning. He jumped down from the wagon and walked over to the rain barrel at the edge of the barn. He ladled up a drink. As he looked out across the field he could see the Dobs girl carrying two buckets. She was skipping up the path towards him without a care in the world. Her golden braids were bouncing against her breasts as she skipped. She had not seen him, so he continued to stare . Her breasts bounced in rhythm with her steps and were challenging the bodice of her dress to contain them.

Jill glanced over at the Johnson’s barn to see if Jack was looking her way. She had seen him jump off the wagon. Her heart skipped a beat, it was impossible for her not to return his stare. His shirt was hanging on the corner post of the wagon and he was getting a drink of water. His broad shoulders and manly chest shined in the sunlight. Her nipples hardened, and she slowed to a walk. She wondered if he’d ever get up the courage to take her in his arms.


In school, Jack had sat directly behind her. He recalled watching her body change from skinny and flat chested to the vision walking towards him. They had played together and even wrestled when they were younger. But when Jill’s breasts and hips got bigger she stopped playing with the boys and took up with the older girls. It was about that time when he started fantasizing about her. He enjoyed her flirting and their foolish bantering.

“Well, I see that your mother has gotten some work out of you. I had begun to think your water fetching days had passed.” Jack taunted in jest.

“Good morning Sir,” She said with more respect than he deserved, while totally ignoring his rude remark.

“My apologies fair Maiden, I am but a humble farm boy.” He said bowing at the waist with a smile.

“You owe me no apologies. Does a cow apologize for being a cow; the sun for being so bright and warm; or a pig for wallowing in the mud?” She said with a smirk. She considered herself his equal and always reminded him that she wasn’t one to be trifled with. She tugged on the waist of her dress. His gaze had alerted her to the looseness of her bodice.

Jack scooped a ladle of water and offered it to her.

“Thank you.” Jill said as she took the ladle from his hand . Her eyes sparkled mischievously as she sipped from the ladle and allowed water to spill between her breasts. The cool water exposed her pokey nipples thru the wet cotton fabric. Jill acted as if she hadn’t noticed the tentpole forming in his loose-fitting pants.

“How many trips will it take you to finish your chores?” Jack asked as he adjusted his stance to try and hide the obvious.

“Too many,” She said. “But we never count the trips, türkçe altyazı porno remember we just sing and skip and walk and talk. Fetching water has always been our chance to be away on our own.”

“Jill,” He said hesitating as if to say something serious. “I need a break from all this hay, let me help you fetch the water.”

Jill knew that he wanted more than to walk with her on a sunny day. She boldly stepped up to him and whispered. “Do your lips want for anything more than water?”

Jack took her in his arms and kissed her softly. Jill pushed her breasts against his bare chest and her thigh against his erection as they kissed.

“Mmmm…” She moaned with pleasure.

In a move that would have been inappropriate a moment ago, Jack boldly pushed the shoulder caps of her dress down to her elbows.

Jill’s breasts sprang free and frolicked against his bare chest. She pulled her arms free of her short sleeves, stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck. Their mutual excitement was boundless, and Jill was giddy with desire.

Jack moved his hands down and cupped Jill’s butt with both hands when she wrapped her arms around his neck. He could feel her nakedness through the thin cotton fabric. He scooped her up in his arms and she maintained her grip around his neck. His cock had all but ripped through his pants as her thigh rubbed against it.


“Grab my shirt.” He said as he carried her past the corner of the wagon. She snatched it off the post with a free hand while maintaining her grip around his neck. Then he carried her into the barn. He let her down and she stood before him topless and wanting.

“Jill, I have dreamed about this moment for years. And we’ve been friends forever. Do you feel about me as I do about you?” He asked softly.

Jill untied her cloth belt and pushed her dress over her hips to the ground. She stood naked and unashamed before him. She did not blush, nor feign her innocence. She had never been with a man, and she yearned for the knowledge of his cock.

“Yes, my love. I am yours if you shall have me forever. But if your intentions are just to sample my wares, then I must go upon my way.” Jill answered defiantly, with her shoulders back and hands on her hips.

“My love for you knows no bounds,” Jack said as he dropped his pants. “And my happy cock has yet to know the touch of a maiden’s glee.”

Jill dropped to her knees and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock. She had never seen a cock like his. There was still another fist full of his erection poking out of the top of her fist. She touched her tongue to its tip and savored the strange but unoffensive taste. Her lips followed her tongue’s lead and wrapped around the head of his glorious cock.

Jill with no knowledge of what to do, slowly took just the head of his cock in her mouth and stopped. Her tongue examined every inch of it. The tip of her tongue explored its frim under-edge and probed its slit. She sucked it like a lolly and squeezed it with her lips. Then she released her grip and pushed his cock to the back of her throat. As she withdrew her lips along its shaft she let her teeth gently caress it until the base of its crown stopped her.

“Oh, that feels good…” He moaned as he gripped her head gently in her hands and pushed his cock to the back of her throat. He pulled and pushed her head in a rhythm that she quickly mimicked. He released his grasp on her head.

Jill continued sucking and tonguing his cock while Jack fucked her mouth. She gripped his tight ball-sack with her hand and squeezed. He clinched his thighs together and moaned. She knew he was about to shoot his load. She and her best friend Abigail had watched teen boys jerk off at the lake. The boys had contests about who could shoot their load the farthest. Abby told her that boy cum didn’t taste much different than their own. Abby had laughed an all-knowing laugh that Jill never fully understood.

Jack moaned, as he filled Jill’s mouth with a soft substance that she swallowed without gagging or breaking the seal on his cock. When he was finished she withdrew her lips so that nothing spilled out. She was pleased that the taste of his manhood was as Abby had described it. vivid porno However, she was astonished by how quickly his cock wilted to half its length and girth.

She stood up and said, “Your turn good Sir.”


Jack took her in his arms. Their eyes locked in silence for a dozen heart-beats and then she closed them and tilted her head back and pursed her lips. His lips joined hers softly with the fervor of their previous kisses. His tongue probed her lips and she accepted it readily. He marveled at the taste of his influence on her sweet lips.

“You are everything I have ever dreamed of.” Jill confessed.

“I am yours forever.” He promised.

They climbed up into the loft and he laid his shirt and her dress on the hay for her to lay on. She laid down and spread her legs slightly and cupped her breasts with both hands in anticipation.

“Your beauty could be the subject of a thousand paintings. I wish that I was such an artist.” Jack whispered.

“Paint me with your tongue, I have faith in your artistic abilities.” She chuckled.

Jack spread her legs farther apart and crawled slowly forward like a tiger in the hunt. Jill giggled in nervous anticipation. He ran his fingers through her soft curly pubic hair. It covered her like sparse foliage at the entrance of a secret cave. The curls were a slightly darker shade of her golden braids.

“Oh, my…” Jill gasped as Jacks fingers discovered the hood that arched above her entrance.

“Jack, please be gentle and don’t rush, for no touch save mine has been where you are exploring.” Jill whispered.

Jack slowly stroked the sides of her folds and marveled at the softness of the hair that lined her lips. As he parted her folds pink inner lips presented the essence of her being. He dropped his head between her thighs and licked her from stern-to-bow.

Jill moaned softly as she felt his tongue explore her in a way in which her fingers never had. The softness and warmth of his tongue, his breath and his hands on her inner essence was intense. She had probed and rubbed herself in a similar fashion. But her hand had lacked the independence, ingenuity and the passion of a man’s lust.

Jack inserted his index finger into the milky-white moisture that covered her opening. Jill lifted and wiggled her hips as he probed her. His thumb was pushing against her nub when he inserted a second finger. He began finger probing her with more vigor. He discovered that the more he rubbed her nub the more she squirmed, bucked and moaned. He focused his rubbing on her nub and explored her depths. He curled is fingers inside her entrance and found her special spot.

Jill unconsciously brought her knees up and squeezed them tightly together. She surprised him with a crushing strength that gripped his fingers. She shook and moaned and mumbled unintelligibly.

“Are you alright?” Jack asked apprehensively.

“No, I am not.” She said with a smile.

Jack knelt bewildered with Jill’s knees in his chest and his fingers trapped in her sweet folds.

“Where is that mighty cock that you so proudly teased me with.” Jill said with a mock pout.

Jack removed his hand and put Jill’s legs upon his shoulders. He drew her up until her opening was barely touching the head of his cock.

“Is this the instrument of your desire.” He asked with lust filled eyes.

“I’m not quite sure, good Sir,” She teased, “Perhaps you could introduce me to your instrument.”

“Oh, my yesss…” Jill muttered as Jack slowly impaled her to the hilt.

Jack’s strokes were long and full. The tightness of her grip on his cock pulsed as she squirmed and wiggled her hips to meet his strokes. He increased the speed of his stroke until his balls were making a slapping sound as they struck her ass.

“Jaaaack…” She screamed as she began to shudder and shake.

“Jill…” He mirrored as he pulled the head of his cock out of her sweet pussy, rubbed it on the soft hair of her pubis and shot his load all the way to her navel.

Jack collapsed next to Jill and held her close.


“Oh my god, I’m sure to catch a switching.” Jill said as she pushed him aside, got up and dressed quickly. She brushed the straw out of her hair and off her woodman casting porno dress.

“I need your help. My mother will be wondering what’s keeping me and I have yet to finish a single trip to the well.” She said unable to conceal her panic.

They climbed down out of the loft and Jack put on his pants and shirt. He then picked up her buckets and dipped them each in turn into the rain barrel.

“I will carry them for you.” He said as he walked towards the path.

“You have saved me from the wrath of my mother.” Jill replied with relief.

Mrs. Dobs glanced out the small window of the chicken coop and watched as Jill took the buckets from the Johnson’s oldest, unmarried boy. She continued to watch as her daughter ran to the house and back, handed him the empty buckets and they turned back towards the well. They were gleefully swinging a bucket between them. She thought tonight was the night for her to speak of serious matters with her daughter.

Jack and Jill returned to the rain barrel and refilled her buckets. As Jill dumped them in the barrel outside of the kitchen she noticed her mother was staring at her through the kitchen window.

“Jill, one more trip will be enough for today. And if you see the Johnson boy invite him to dinner, we’re having chicken and freshly baked bread.” She chided. “Now get along, I want you home before it gets dark, tell him we’ll eat at sunset.”

When Jill heard her mother mention Jack’s name she wondered how she knew.


“Somehow she knows.” Jill told Jack.

“How could she know anything. Was she angry?” He asked, fearful to be in Mrs. Dob’s bad graces.

“I don’t know, she always seems to know stuff that she shouldn’t. And no, she was not angry, in fact she said if I saw you I was supposed to invite you for chicken dinner, and she made bread.”

“I accept,” Jack answered without hesitating. Mrs. Dobs wonderful cooking was well known in their community. Jack refilled the buckets and set them on the ground.

He embraced Jill and they kissed passionately.

“We have a little while before dinner, do you want to go back up into the loft?” She asked excitedly.

“Last one up the ladder is an old man’s goat.” He childishly taunted, as he turned and ran for the ladder.

Jill squealed with laughter and grabbed his ankle firmly as he ascended the ladder. Not realizing how fragile the ladder was, the rung broke from beneath his upper foot and they both crashed back down to the ground. She broke his fall with her body and it knocked the wind out of her lungs. Pieces of the ladder rained down upon them.

Jill was the first to fill the barn with laughter. Jack moaned and tried to laugh along with her. She scooted out from under him and was aghast by what she saw. A piece of the ladder had struck him on his head and he was bleeding from the small wound.

“Come, let my mother tend to that cut before it gets infected.” She demanded, as she ripped a piece of her skirt and dipped it in the water. She rung out the cloth and placed it over his cut.

“No, I’ll be alright.” He countered.

“Nonsense, she said as she picked up a bucket full of water. Come with me right now.” she insisted with a hint of anger.

Jack reluctantly picked up the other bucket and followed her home.

Mrs. Dobs was watching from her window when the children came into view. She could tell that Jack was injured by the way he was holding something against his head. But she noticed that he was still doing her daughter’s chores.

Jill saw her mother exit the house on the run towards them. She looked with scorn upon her daughter as she said, “Jack, you poor boy, put that bucket down and come with me.” She said compassionately.

Mrs. Dobs made a vinegar plaster and patted it gently on his small cut.

“Let this plaster dry and do not touch it until after dinner.” She said to him sweetly.

When Mrs. Dobs turned her back on Jack he looked at Jill. With a sheepish smile he stuck his tongue out at her.

Mrs. Dobs watched as her daughter stuck her tongue out at Jack and smirked.

Mrs. Dobs grabbed her daughter’s shoulder with one hand and spanked her tight ass hard enough to leave a welt with the other. Jill muffled a startled cry and held a hand over her stinging right butt cheek.

“Ow! That hurt. What was that for, I didn’t do anything.” Jill complained.

“Let that be a lesson girl, from now on do your own chores.” Her mother fumed.

[Mother vexed, did whip her next, for causing Jack’s disaster.]

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