It’s Good to Be The Queen

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His Exalted Majesty sat back on his throne. The familiar scent of leather rose around him, and his attention turned to the girl, and the flogger. He felt the pile of the fur draped across the armrest running between his fingers. It was a lion he had killed with his bare hands as a boy. He was always aroused by the pelt of a kill.

Across his throne room, a concubine was touching herself, and eyeing him invitingly. She was trying to give him a hard-on. Her little moans of pleasure carried to every ear in range. Hundreds of young, nubile women eyed the scene expectantly from the relative seclusion of the Harem. The Mystics managed the harem, ensuring the privacy of the handsome young king and his queen. But the harem was always close at hand to fulfill any needs they might have. He smiled to himself as he viewed the scene.

His Highness could hear words of encouragement coming from behind a wall of sheer linen. There, his harem waited. He wanted to cum, badly. The young ruler had always been virile. He stayed at a simmer most of the time, but with the scene before him, he was boiling. As if on cue, a long, sensuous hand appeared in His Exalted Majesty’s lap. It belonged to his beloved Queen Jett. She was his partner in all things. She was also becoming as aroused as he was. He loved that his bride was getting horny. Whenever she absent-mindedly stroked his body, like Magick, she hit every spot that sent a jolt to his loins. Her touch alone was enough to make him crazy.

There she sat, at his feet, his beautiful woman. Jett had captured the young king’s heart and soul the very first time he’d laid eyes on her. They had both been sixteen years old, and Jett’s Grande Dame had insisted her grand-daughter attend the “Coming Out” Ball honoring His Exalted Majesty Crown Prince Hammer.

As the fanfare played for his introduction into society, the Prince descended the Grand Staircase. Across the crowd of ass-kissing courtiers, he saw a girl that was so beautiful it almost made him cry. She was pretty, but there was an air about her that seemed a halo of power. She held herself like a queen.

She was tall for a woman, with a stance that showed great confidence. Boy after boy approached her to ask her to dance. Her long red curls danced around her face as she firmly but politely sent them all on their way, one after the other. Hammer smiled to himself.

Then, she smiled. The future king felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck him. Almost losing his balance on the towering stairs, he suddenly remembered the marble staircase. There were hundreds of people waiting for him at the bottom, and his mother would never forgive him if he rolled into his Coming Out Ball on his head.

Still, he could not shake the image of the girl’s face. He had never seen anything more beautiful. Courtier after courtier jockeyed for position at the base of the Grand Staircase. Each one wanted to wish the Prince well, and greet him into society. Every young woman between thirteen and twenty would have given her left eye in order to gain favor with the Prince. The Prince graciously, but half-heartedly thanked everyone. He had to find her. He was supposed to find a wife tonight. As far as Hammer was concerned, ankara escort everyone else but she could go home. Hammer had picked his bride.

Through the throng of well-wishers he sought her out. Hoping each successive handshake or tap on the shoulder would be her. He caught sight of his intended again, and made for her. As he approached, he seemed to notice everything about her. The way her eyes sparkled when she smiled- Oh Mother, that smile! The way she moved her hands when she spoke. The generous way she smiled, and squeezed the arm of every boy that asked her to dance. She almost made them give thanks for her rejection! Hammer had almost laughed at how she knowingly intimidated each potential suitor who gathered the courage to approach. As the future king drew near her, he could feel her. She possessed an essence that permeated the air around her like a mist. Her very female essence would strike fear into the faint of heart. Finally, she was close enough that Hammer could reach out and touch any part of her, and he could suddenly think of nothing else. She turned to face him and their eyes locked. Their instant connection was palpable from that very moment throughout the atmosphere. Silence descended upon the room.

Once their eyes met, it was all over. Everything around them disappeared, and they were inseparable from then on.

As if they’d rehearsed it a million times, Hammer took Jett by the hand. Jett earned more than a few hateful glances from jealous maidens who had been dreaming of becoming a Princess since birth. He led her across the middle of the dance floor, up the grand staircase, and off to his rooms, where they consummated their love, over and over again. then on.

A good and Righteous King must have a harem. Hammer hated the idea, but was obliged by the Mystics to at least give his people the impression he was trying to secure his Legacy, by fathering sons. The Young King grew tired of their whining, and relented. But, before he began buying young girls to come live in His palace and service His needs, he must discuss the situation with Jett. It had often crept into his thoughts, especially when he was alone away from his Beloved, late at night, that she would look beautiful intertwined with another woman, lost in sexual ecstasy, performing for His pleasure.

King Hammer was called away often to attend to his official duties. The separation was Hell on them both. Succumbing to the will of a woman was seen as weakness by his people, and every other king before him in his line. Hammer would never have confided in another man how painful it was for him to leave his Queen. He could hardly believe it himself. He was raised to be a warrior. She was his one weakness. He could never sleep if they were apart. He felt terrible about leaving her behind, alone. He ached to hold her. He knew she felt the same. He missed her female scent, the warmth of her breath, the softness of her milky skin, the warmth inside her depths. He would often take her, almost by force, immediately before he departed on a journey. Hammer would ravage Jett’s body like a starving man takes water. She would submit to his touch completely. If he could get enough of her essence on him, he could take her escort ankara along in a way.

The young monarch had been pleasantly surprised to find his beloved bride agreeable to the idea. Jett had even said it would be good to have some other women around for company when her King was called away. Hammer could have sworn he saw her smile as she turned to light a candle. When she faced him again, she shot him a mischievous grin. Maybe they could teach his Queen a thing or two while he was gone. Wouldn’t that make a superb surprise upon his return. The Young King could hardly wait to see.

One condition of Hammer’s harem was that all royal concubines be lesbian. More specifically, he required that they totally devote themselves first, the his Queen, and second, to each other. Hammer had no interest in sharing his seed with any of them, Jett was his mate. However, Hammer was a fair and just ruler, and he felt it was not fair to bring a young woman to live in his castle, without making it a pleasant experience. Many of them were here against their will initially. But the atmosphere inside the harem of King Hammer encouraged them to relax and enjoy their experience. Besides, the Mystics had quieted their protests about his Legacy. Jett had given birth to four strong, healthy sons, and secured their future. As far as Hammer was concerned, the harem was more Jett’s than his. Over time, their system evolved into one that was satisfying to both of them on all levels. Jett thought of the harem like a band of sisters, but also as her playthings. She threw herself into every new sexual adventure with abandon. As long as Hammer was pleased, Jett was pleased to take full advantage of the experience….

Here, she sat, stroking his inner thigh lightly with the tips of her fingers. Across the room, splayed out on a gilded chair, was Jett’s favorite concubine of the moment. She was rubbing her clit in a frenzy. With the other hand, she swung a flogger in an arc, over and over again, each time striking her swollen pussy hundreds of times with the flogger’s tiny vicious kisses. She had been instructed to give His Exalted Majesty a raging hard on. So far, she was doing a pretty good job.

Jett rose to her feet. As she descended the steps of the throne, the sheer robe she was wearing fell away, revealing her pert, full mounds with their rigid nipples to both King Hammer, and the girl. They both gasped with pleasure at the sight of The Queen’s ripe body, strong hips, and the secret space nestled in between. Hammer’s mouth watered. He ached to taste his woman. His mind relived the sensation of Jett’s warm, wet mouth enveloping his cock. He stroked himself in response to the memory. He felt a hot shot of blood engorge his throbbing member. Behind the linen drapes to the left of the throne, Hammer could see the harem, writhing upon itself like so many frenzied worms. The spectacle had done more than aroused the King. His entire court was aching to come. His Jett’s amazing carnal effect did not just govern him, but all his concubines too. Hammer could see the Mystics, watching, and ever bitter at being left out of the fray. As eunuchs, they had the means, but no desire. A bitter pill to swallow with two-hundred odd ankara escort bayan nubile women, congregating two-hundred different ways at their feet.

Completely in command of the situation, Jett ran a hand lightly across the breasts of the concubine. The girl twitched and moaned, but continued to ravage her own slit. Her beloved Queen had ordered it. She would give King Hammer a rock hard-on if it killed her. She couldn’t be certain the Queen wouldn’t kill her if she didn’t. Still, she ached to taste her Mistress’ honey, and she could imagine no better death than this. The girl bobbed her head like hungry baby bird, begging to be blessed with the Queen’s flavors.

Hammer ran a hand through his hair. As his hand came around, he traced down his chest and belly lightly with his fingers, coming to rest on the crotch of his breeches. He felt a familiar pulse of blood running to his member. He watched Jett with animal intensity. He was unsure whether to devour his Queen sexually, or literally. The familiar pulling in his loins answered the question. He stroked his full length and exclaimed,

“Oh Mother, Woman, please take my seed.”

His Queen Jett turned, paced the distance between them, and planted herself on his length as she climbed into his throne to face Her King. Hammer felt the full length of his shaft engulfed in warm, wet bliss. He had returned home. Jett commanded the concubine to come close. The girl eagerly complied. The Queen felt that the girl was unsure, and told her to make sure His Exalted Majesty’s asshole was clean.

Upon hearing this, Hammer picked up Jett, almost falling on her reversing their positions. Turning his beloved bride around on the steps, Hammer lowered himself between her legs. The concubine waited patiently to see where they would stop. The King moaned loudly as he face-dived into Jett’s glistening crevice. He could see she was slightly agape. Knowing she was aroused took the King to a new level of heat. He wanted her. He would have her. He pushed her down and pushed his cock in. Hammer had found his bliss! Just as he thrust again, he felt a warm, wet presence in his ass. The concubine was tonguing the King’s backside.


All three seemed to hiss it together.

The concubine began to climax. King Hammer felt her ecstasy dripping onto his muscled calves. His Majesty felt a familiar pulling in his loins. He was building to come. Jett wrapped her legs around his royal waist and pushed right back. Her sopping pussy gushed down the shaft of the King’s cock and rushed his balls. The King convulsed with pleasure as he drove into his Queen, and onto the concubine’s tongue. Pulse after pulse of his seed was spent into the Queen. Hammer reached between his legs and wiped some of the concubine’s juices onto his thumb. Using the girl for moisture, he drove his thumb into the Queen’s puckering little ass as she came. Her most private muscles squeezed his thumb time and time again. They squeezed his throbbing giant time and time again.

All three collapsed. After a few moments, they could hear concubine after concubine climaxing over and over. Satisfied, the sexual symphony was done. The concubine returned to the harem, and the royal couple retired to their private chambers. Upon her return, the girl was ravaged again by the harem. Each of the two-hundred girls longing for a taste of the Queen, no matter how it came.

And the Mystics watched…

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