It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 17

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

The next morning was equally as wonderful, but in a different way. I woke to the delightful sensations of lips on my morning hard cock, and looked down to see our blond enjoying herself with a nice slow lick and suck. That’s when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye, and saw my girl and the sales rep with legs and arms wrapped around each other. Mashing tit to tit while they were deep in a lip lock, pussies grinding against thighs.

I turned slightly to get a better view, but not enough to keep our blond from her task. It was, however, enough to let me get a hand in her crotch, finger up the crack of her ass while I sunk my thumb as far into her pussy as I could. I got a groan around my cock for my efforts, and did my best to wiggle and rotate the finger laid tight up against her rosebud.

We made enough noise to get my girl attention, who promptly rolled over on her back and pulled the rep between her thighs. Still tit to tit, but now mound to mound, the rep started humping away at my girl and groaning up a storm, but when my girl reached around and put a finger in the reps ass she came up screaming and spasming on top of my girl.

That in turn set my girl off, which set me off, grabbing the blonds ass and pressing my thumb deep in her pussy while cumming in her mouth, setting her off convulsing around my thumb. That in turn let the finger that was up the crack of her ass slip in her rosebud. She was shoving her face down on my cock while humping my thumb and finger.

I did all I could do to not shove my cock further down her throat, and it was probably close to a death grip I had on her pussy and ass until she rolled back off me, the last dribbles of cum going across her cheek. I would like to have kept going in her ass and pussy, but she had literally sucked the strength out of me, and the way she rolled made it impossible to keep my fingers in her with no strength left…..

This my have been a super king, but with four bodies on it it was a bit crowded. But even then it was a good kind of crowded, the blond on one side of me and my girl on the other. a sweaty sheen on rising and falling nipples… the sales rep on the other side looking just as delicious.

I did manage to get the blond moving enough to get us to the shower, and she began to come alive once I started lathering her hair… with my soft cock pressed into the crack of her ass. She snuggled back against me, and I lathered her up, running my hands up and down her body, stopping to squeeze and play with her nice handfuls, making her wiggle against me and moan a little.

I turned her enough to give her a nice gentle kiss, my cock now against her hip. That just HAPPENED to make her ass accessible. I slid my soapy finger down over her rosebud, “That was nice this morning,” I began running my finger around and around her ass, pressing in a bit every few circles. “You seemed to enjoy having everything filled…”

She was breathing hard, but not saying anything. “Sucking my cock down while I had my thumb jammed deep in your pussy…” I brought my other arm up in front of her, lifting one tit with my forearm and cupping the other. “And then somehow you managed to twist around enough to get my finger in your ass.”

I pushed my finger firmly against her ass, the tip almost pushing its way in, leaving it up to her to take it further. “Almost like you wanted it invading your ass…”

She pushed back, sliding my finger to the second knuckle. “Mmmmmmm”

“But were you thinking about me shooting down your throat,” sliding my finger in and out slowly, feeling her ass clenched around my finger. “Or were you thinking about when you were on my lap with my cock buried deep into your cervix, having filled you until you felt like it was coming up your throat?”

I picked up my pace, having to take more of her weight on my arm while she rotated her hips back opening herself up for even deeper penetration. “Mmmmm, getting your ass fucked, sticking it out to be services like a cat in heat…” she groaned even louder.

I slid my had even further up her tit, almost to her nipple. “Mmmm that nipple looks like it needs to be played with… does it need to be squeezed and pinched?”


I picked up my pace even more in her ass, almost like I had her bent over fucking her. “That’s it…oh that ass is enjoying this isn’t it?” she merely nodded and gasped. “Are you going to cum for me? Hmmm, going to flood that pussy when I drive my finger in deep and pinch your nipple?”

She was starting to tremble. I started counting as my finger made deep thrusts, but not completely going deep. ” One….. two….. oh it’s sooooo deep….here ankara escort it comes…” I had my fingers on her areola. “THREE!” I slid my finger as deep as I could, wiggling the tip, while I grabbed her nipple between my fingers and pulled it out away from her chest.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH…..” she was convulsing on me finger in her ass, twitching back and forth making it almost impossible to keep a hold of her nipple, but I did manage even though I thought she was going to rip it off if I kept my grip. I kept her going a bit, but she was getting heavy and I had to pull my finger from her ass.

As soon as I did she collapsed against me, both hands now going to her ass to hold her up, my firm cock between her thighs against her pussy.

“About time you two finish in there….”

We turned to see the rep standing behind my girl, one hand cupping a tit and the other down on her belly like she was reaching for her landing strip. Our blond did have enough energy to flip her off…. LOL

Since we had been in there long enough it didn’t take much to rinse the last of the soap off and give them the shower. I did get out past the two groping women and into the middle of the bedroom. I took my time drying her off, holding her to me while I did her back. Gently drying her tits and nipples, lightly caressing them and watching them stand up just a little.

Kneeling down to do her hips and legs, her shaved pussy at eye level. Seeing a hint of stubble glistening with the moisture in the morning sun. Making her gasp and shake a finger at me when I ran my tongue between her wet lips, her pussy still oozing a bit from her shower orgasm.

I just smiled up at her and leaned forward slowly to lick her again. This time she smiled and put her hand on my head as she kicked her knee out. I slowly ran my tongue up and down between her lips, feeling her stubble on the edge of my tongue while her juices flowed over it. Grabbing her ass and pulling myself in snug to get every drop I could.

I wasn’t trying to make her cum again, just enjoying her body. I pulled back a bit, them kissed her mound and then the crease between it and her thigh before standing up and holding her tight for a nice kiss.

We wandered out to the kitchen and something caught my eye. I stopped up short and turned to the living room. There against the TV was a large poster, at least five foot tall, of the picture of me and my girl kissing out on the dance floor at the banquet,

I stood and stared at it….she looked absolutely stunning.

“You two do look pretty good together…”

I kept looking at it…”She looks stunning, I just look good next to her.”

She nudged me and giggled. We made our way to the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and some cereal, and was digging in when the girls made their way out of the shower. They had the same reaction I did, and turned to me. “When did you do that?” my girl asked.

I merely pointed to the blond since I had a mouthful of cereal. She looked between the poster and the blond a few times, then it was all hugs and thank you’s. God it is such a drain to watch naked women pressed to each other with such enthusiasm…

A few minutes later our black girl came bounding through the door, dropped a bag, and made a bee line to the bathroom. From the relief sounds from the bathroom she had been holding it for a while. She came back out, still dressed, but the jeans weren’t buttoned back up completely, just enough to keep them from falling down.

So here I was listening and watching three naked women, and one braless black woman, discussing various things. I was paying absolutely NO attention to what they were saying, merely enjoying all the jiggling and wiggling flesh in front of me.

There was a bit of a lull in the conversation, so I turned to my girl, “Did you still want to go to the mall later?”

“Um, I hadn’t really thought about it…”

“No reason not to if the ladies want to. I mean I would just hate to walk around showing off four delicious women….”

My girl looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, ‘You just want to parade us around the mall with our nipples standing out.”


That got me a slap on the shoulder from our blond, “and we don’t have anything to wear….”

I turned back to her, “You have dresses in the closet,” I turned to the rep, “And you just made a shipment of your stuff. I’m sure you have a few things in there you can wear,” I turned to the black girl, “and you…have a magnificent set of tits…” her eyes flashed open at that, “We’ll figure something out.”

The blond turned to me, “I what?” I pointed to the hall closet where my girls nice dresses were. She ran over there and flung the door open. “I wondered where they went to, I suppose you also stole all my underwear and bras too!”

I smiled and shrugged. “I just put them away here after finishing your laundry the other day. Thought you should have a few things here…”

She grinned and sauntered over to me like cat in heat. “You just escort ankara wanted to go through my things…”

I cupped a tit and pulled her in for a quick kiss. “Mmmm, and maybe even what’s inside of them…” and gave her another quick kiss.

“If I had know we were going out I would have shaved,” pulling my hand down to her stubbly mound.

“Me too.” The rep piped up.

I looked at my girl grinning at me. “Well we could take care of that….”

I looked over at the black girl, her nipples standing to attention. “And you’re over dressed. Get out of those clothes and get over here for inspection.”

The girls looked at me a bit, and t black girl had a shocked expression on her face for a second, then smiled and stripped. And I don’t mean a strip tease, but a shuck it all off and get naked strip. She took a few steps to get close to me, then put her arms behind her back to thrust her chest out, leaving her legs spread a bit.

I slid my hand down over the quarter inch of curls covering her mound and slid a finger into her soaking wet pussy. I crooked the finger, and used the grip on her pussy to pull her the last step closer, putting her nipple inches from my mouth. I took a quick nip at her nipples, feeling her pussy clench around my finger. “Hmmmm looking forward to all the guys staring at your nipples standing out are you?” as I rubbed the heel of my hand against her mound and clit.

She gasped as I pulled my finger out and licked it off. “But right now I have a pussy to shave. Go grab a couple of towels and the disposable razors from the bathroom.”

The black girl nodded and disappeared. I turned to my girl, “Ready to do some shaving?”

She leaned close enough to give me a quick kiss. “DEFINITELY!”

I turned our blond to the couch and sat her on the edge, my girl did the same to the rep, sitting her beside her but over a bit. The black girl came out with two razors and a couple of towels. “Now a pan of hot water from the kitchen.” She merely nodded and turned to get them while we each spread the legs in front of us.

I took a corner of the towel, dipped it in the pan of hat water, and dampened the stubble in front of me, my girl doing the same to the rep. Since they were still soft from the shower I didn’t bother with any shaving cream.

“Nice…. a few light strokes and we’ll have you baby smooth.” I pulled her skin to one side and slowly slid the razor along the crease of her mound and leg, then reached over to swish the razor in the hot water.

I was getting a few nice moans and gasps as I continued running the razor over her mound, and my girl was getting the same response from the rep, although a bit louder.

When I stretched her wide enough to do the inner edges of her pussy she started flowing, and my finger just HAPPENED to flick her clit. “OH SHIIIII…..”

I looked over at my girl grinning. She was grinning back at me, the rep with her head back and a death grip on the couch cushion.

We did the last few strokes together, getting hisses from both of them. “Just have to wipe you down to make sure we got everything.” We wiped them down gently, still making them groan a bit.

I looked my girl in the eye and winked. I stuck my tongue out like I was going to lick the blonds pussy, and she grinned and nodded. “Now all that is left is the inspection.”

I dived for the blonds pussy, sucking her clit in and put two fingers in her pussy. The blond screeched, and then the rep so I’m assuming my girl was doing something similar. We had two screaming flailing women on our hands while we enjoyed dribbling pussy.

We didn’t take to long, just enough to give them a nice orgasm. When we stopped we heard noise from behind us. We turned to see the black girl with her legs spread and three fingers stuffed in her pussy in the throws of her own orgasm.

My girl leaned toward me, and I met her half way to share a pussy flavored kiss, both of us enjoying the flavor of another woman on each others lips.

Our three orgasming girls began to stir, so we took out towels and wiped the ones in front of us, and I turned to wipe the black girl, licking a bit of her juices from her fingers before letting her finish wiping herself.

I gave my girl another quick kiss, then sat back and enjoyed them going through things. Our blond went through the dresses I had hung up, and found one that looked nice on her and didn’t have a built in bra. It was a bit longer than I would have liked coming down to just below mid thigh, but the low neckline and nipples popping out made up for it.

The rep and my girl were doing the same, and came up with a couple of nice dresses that let their nipples stand out and left their pussies available. The black girl looked like she was being left out, so I went over to her, cupped her tits and hooked my thumbs in her rings, lifting and twisting them a bit like we had seem her do the other night. She gasped and groaned when I did.

“Hey babe,” I called over my shoulder, “you think our sales girl ankara escort bayan down at the dress shop would have something to show these beauties off?”

My girl came up behind me, then gripped my hand under the black girls tit, hefting it a bit and making my thumb pull even more on her nipple. “Yea, I think so. I saw quite a few ladies in there with some huge knockers…” she gave me a quick kiss, turning me enough to make me tug on the other nipple.

I turned back to the black girl, pulling and tugging a little as I did making her come up on her toes and suck air. “I’ll give her a call and see if she can pull a few outfits, you never know what she’ll find.” …”Go help the girls while I make the call.” I told our black girl.

I released her nipple rings, she let out a sigh, nodded, and went to help my girl and the rep.

We lucked out and our special sales girl was working. I told her what I wanted, and I could hear her grinning on the other end of the phone.

Since our black girl had a bit of a slave fantasy, I gave her some specific requests. First off was a corset that would hold those black beauties up and out, and I mean OBSCENELY up and out. Then I asked her to pick out two outfits.

The first was a nice dress that would show her off, but the neck line was not as low as the rest of the girls, and the hem would come down to almost the knees. It would be nice, but not as hot.

The second would be more along her fantasy. A thin white top, just sheer enough to let the shine of her nipple rings show, and a size too small preventing it from being buttoned up over her tits. Couple that with a short, mid thigh at best, grey maids skirt with the center flap to be pinned up to the shirt. The sides of which would be folded in enough to leave her nipples standing out through the top.

I went back to our room to get dressed, the girls were about done and were putting the final touches on.

“Uh uh handsome, how about those special slacks since we’re all getting dressed up?”

The girls gave her a look, for which she had to explain about my special slacks with the pocket cut off. I was being teased into wearing them with the girls cupping and bouncing their titties.

OK, ok, I’ll wear the slacks…on one condition.”

“Name it!” my girl shouted.

I grinned at my girl, “Since I know all of you enjoy having your ass played with or filled to one extent or another…” it got real quiet in the apartment. “all of you are going to the mall with plugs in your ass.”

The blond began to protest, but I put a finger over her mouth, then kissed her. “Just a little one for you, about the size of my finger. The one with the red crystal.” I pointed to my girl and then the rep. “The blue and yellow,” I said pointing to each as I said the color.

I turned to the black girl. “I’m assuming you have a nice sized one in your bag?” she gave me a surprised look and nodded.

“And since I’ve been coerced to into wearing my special slacks, I’m going to take great pleasure in putting them into each of you.”

The rep put her hands on her hips, “And just how are you going to do that?”

I strolled over to my girl standing beside her, and cupped my girls ass. “When you four are ready to go, you’re all going to bend over the back of the couch and bare your asses. Then I’m going to slide my hard cock into your pussy until your plug is trapped between us. Then in one slow push, I’m going to slide deep into you as I push the plug into your ass.”

My girl was breathing a bit hard from the description, and the black girls pussy was about ready to drip from what I saw hanging from her lips. Before the others could react my girl pipes up. “You got a deal mister…” and gives my cock a squeeze and turns back to finish her hair. I looked at the rep, who just shrugged, then at the blond, who gulped and nodded slowly. I smiled back at her, getting a little smile in return.

I stepped to the black girl, “Let’s see what you have.” She grabbed her bag and set it on the back of the couch to start going through it herself. I pulled it over and opened the bag. She tried to grab it, but I didn’t let go.

I opened it wide, looking at a nice collection of toys. Almost no actual clothes in the bag except for one change of clothes. I reached in and hefted the big white one we had seen her use the other night. “Hmmm, I bet that one stretches you out pretty good.” I pawed through a few more, seeing several plugs, some with battery packs.

There were two decent sized ones, a monster black one, and a bright pink one a little bigger than the largest of my girls new set. I hefted the black monster, and her eyes flares with a nervous look. She exhaled when I set it back down and selected the bright pink one.

The girls were about finished, and in getting dressed my girl had to demonstrate the access provided by my modified slacks, which the blond and black girl had to verify. The rep didn’t seem to want to take advantage. I was guessing she was more lesbian than straight, but oh well.

The girls were about ready, and I had grabbed the plugs for my two girls from the set the rep had sent. I was going to grab the yellow one for her as well, but she dug into her bag and produced her own yellow plug.

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