Interviewing The New Girl

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I straightened my skirt and checked my makeup in the mirror before going to answer the knock on the door.

Waiting patiently on the other side of the door stood a woman I had been getting to know as a surprise for Derek. Katy and I had met for coffee earlier in the week and I wanted to bring her to the house to have a more…intimate… discussion. Greeting the other woman with a quick kiss I turned and gestured her into the house. I directed Katy to the library where I had snacks laid out and it would be easier for them to talk things over before going through with anything.

Directing the other girl to one end of the sofa I handed her a photo of Derek and sat at the other end of the same sofa.

“That’s Derek, if you’re still interested in doing this.” I reached for a cup of tea so she could have something to do with her hands.

Katy placed the photo on the table in front of them before folding her hands on her lap. “Yes Mistress, I am,” she answered demurely.

I crossed her legs and set the cup back down. “Show me.”

Katy slid to her knees, her simple brown skirt sliding up as she leaned down to kiss the toe of I’s shoe. “What would you have me do Mistress?”

“Stand and strip.” I smiled a little but kept my face mostly blank as she watched the girl move to her feet. Slowly Katy stood back up and moved to the center of the room. Keeping her eyes lowered she raised her hands and started unbuttoning the bright red blouse she had been wearing. Starting at the top button she slowly undid each one, separating the sides of the blouse as she worked casino oyna her way down. Beneath her blouse she was wearing a simple black lace bra cupping her milky white breasts. After letting the blouse slide to the floor in a pool of bright red silk she slipped her hands behind her and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor to join the blouse. Beneath the skirt she was wearing black lace panties to match her bra and stockings that stopped just a few inches above her knees.

I held up a hand to stop Katy as she started to reach around and unsnap her bra. Standing, I slowly walked to my new slave, my heels clicking on the solid wood floors. Taking the girls hand I led her across the hall to the master bedroom and had her stand on a small octagonal platform that was surrounded on four sides by mirrors. Without a word I turned Katy to face the mirrors and stepped up on the platform behind her. Slowly I reached up and ran my hands over the girls shoulders with just enough pressure for her to feel. Running my fingertips down her spine I stopped at her bra and unclasped it, reaching up again to slide the straps from the girls shoulders. Watching the girls face in the mirror I slid my hands down Katy’s sides and soon the panties were following the bra, leaving the girl in only stockings and heels.

I moved Katy’s arms straight out to the sides and indicated silently for her to hold that position. Teasingly I ran my hands over the girls sides and up towards her breasts. As one hand teasingly slipped around a nipple the other dipped down to slide into the girls soaked pussy. slot oyna One hand closed on a nipple while the other one circled the girls clit, causing her to cry out.

After the girl started breathing again I led her off the platform and through the door into the Master Bathroom. I reached up to unbutton my own pale blue blouse, and found Katy’s hands stopping me.

“Let me Mistress.” Katy’s hands worked at the buttons, slowly sliding down my front, going out of the way to brush against the tops of my breasts as the blouse slid open. When the blouse finally slid to the floor the skirt wasn’t far behind and I found myself standing in front of the mirror with Katy behind me unfastening my bra and sliding my panties down my legs to the floor. Turning me around she leaned me back against the counter and knelt down in front of me. After helping me slip out of my shoes Katy started rolling down my own stockings, trailing the edge of each with her lips as she worked them down. Once my feet were bare Katy slowly kissed her way back up the inside of my leg.

When she reached my pussy she dived right in. I could feel her tongue working it’s way inside of me, her nose brushing against my clit. I leaned back against the counter and found myself moaning in pleasure. As two of her fingers slipped inside me I braced one hand on the counter behind me, using the other one to grab onto her dark hair. At some point she pulled one of my legs over her shoulder to open me even more to her ministrations. When one of her fingers slipped out of my pussy and pushed at my ass I couldn’t take it canlı casino siteleri anymore and collapsed onto the counter crying out her name.

While I’m catching my breath she slips off her own heels and stockings and turns the shower on. Once she’s got the temperature set she returns to me and gently leads me into the shower. Stepping in behind me Katy closes the shower door and grabs the soap. I can feel her hands on my back, slowly rubbing in the soap and loosening muscles I hadn’t known were tense. Her hands slide along my arms, stomach and legs before finally reaching my breasts. Once she has me moaning again she slides a quick hand down to wash my dripping cunt before turning me to rinse off the soap. Once she’s sure there’s no soap left on my body she turns me towards the back of the shower and the small bench we had installed. I may be the Mistress but this girl is in full control right now.

Katy moves me so my hands are resting on the bench with me doubled over. Reaching into the basket in the corner she grabs one of the larger dildos I keep there and slowly starts sliding it up and down my slit, teasing me with it. As she plunges the toy deep inside me she leans down and kisses me, swallowing my gasps and moans as she works it in and out. I stop her for a second and sit her down on the bench between my arms, still kissing her. She grabs the dildo again and as it moves I reach over for another one and slide it into her. We’re moving the toys in and out of each other, our tongues dancing in time with our hands as we both spiral into orgasm after orgasm.

Finally neither of us can take anymore and we both move to finish getting cleaned up. Stepping out of the shower I produce two large fluffy towels and wrap us in them before leading her to the bed to cuddle and take a nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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