Instructions… Ch. 02

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Here are some “instructions” for your “training,” My pet—

First of all, as you read this, I hope you are naked. If not, get naked, NOW (unless you are on your way out, somewhere, in which case, save this for a later time today, when you can devote your full attention to these tasks.)

Now that you are free of the distractions of all clothing, we can begin your assignment.

I want you to masturbate for Me, THREE times, today. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

The first time, using ONLY your FINGERS (do NOT use a vibrator,) should be quick. Do not try to stretch the session out for long, as you are just going for speed, here. As soon as you’ve cum, (I want you to time yourself) you will write Me an email, detailing how intense your orgasm was! (A scale of 1 – 10 will be acceptable, I suppose.)

Also describe where you were; time of day, how long it took, what else you were thinking of, whom you were dreaming was fucking you… Things of that nature.

Now, I want you to relax for an hour or so, before going on to the next step.

Do NOT continue reading this until you’ve completed the first part!!!

* * * * *

The following is how my “pet” described her feelings/ sensations as she read, and completed, part one:

* * * * *

Part 1) i’d put it at about a 6 or 7. my orgasms without the vibrator just haven’t been that fantastic lately. It was 4:27 pm, and it took me only about 2.5 minutes because i’ve been horny all day.

i was on my bed (a double bed with a ladybug bedspread; still perfectly made) and actually, i wasn’t thinking of someone fucking me, i was just getting a general ‘fucking’ image of a girl in a Catholic School-girls’ skirt and no shirt, lying in a bed with her arms tied above her head, with her knees tied up and out to the bedpost, as well, and a guy with a tongue ring licking her like crazy….


PART bursa escort 2 —

Are we relaxed enough yet?


Now, the second time, you will have to use a vibrator, but WITHOUT the batteries again, just like “our first time.” I do not want you to ‘becum’ reliant upon electronic means of stimulation, My friend. (Or, better yet, just use a dildo.)

This is all part of your training, so follow these instructions to the “Tee.”

Get a glass of Ice water. You remember how we did it then, right? Inserting only an inch at a time; s-l-o-w-l-y — getting accustomed to the cock’s presence, then pulling it free and waiting a bit, only to push it in the next time, an inch further! I want you to do the same thing, only this time; we’ll do it with an ice cube up your pussy, too!!!

That’s right, babe, I said an “ice cube!” You were curious about that, then. Well, it’s time to try it out! (I wish I could see your face as you do these exercises. I really do.) 😉

Put a towel under your bare ass as you perform this lesson. You’ll need it!

Now, put an ice cube inside your hot cunt, first! Take note of how long it takes to melt completely, as you will be including all of this in your second email-report to me today.

Once that ice cube has melted to water, put another one inside your cunt! How long does this one take to melt? This is important data, so write it all down.

Now that the second one is water, put two more inside your cunt. These should take a bit longer to melt.

I want you to put two more inside as soon as the previous two have melted!

We’re trying to de-sensitize your cunt, little one, so keep inserting fresh ice cubes as soon as they’ve melted. Remember to record all of this for your letter to me.

Once you are good and numb, down there, I want you to insert the dildo into your pussy, all the way, in one quick thrust!!! Leave him inside, bursa escort bayan for as long as possible (IF you were able to get him inside yourself. If not, then right that down, too.)

I want this orgasm to be a big one, so as soon as you feel yourself getting close, you will pull the dick out of your cunt! Prolonged pleasure is sooo much better than quick, un-earned gratification, so you will NOT cum yet!

I want you, now, to insert the dick into your cunt, then go do your dishes! Do not ask questions; just do as you are told. Keep ‘dick’ in with those Kegel muscles, alone! While you do your own dishes (I picked this chore because I know you do not like it,) you should keep contracting your pussy, holding the fake cock inside the whole time! If he falls out, wash him off and shove him back in, but keep doing those dishes!

As soon as you are done with that chore, I want you to try something else that you’ve wanted to try…

Go into your bathroom and get a glob of Vaseline. I want you to smear it on to, and INTO, your tight, little, virgin anus. We are going to shed some of the stigma and your own, ‘admitted’ fears regarding that orifice!

While squatting in front of your computer (so you can read this and then write me back as you do all this, too,) insert your greasiest finger, up to the first knuckle, inside your anal hole.


But, remember to keep the cock inside! If you have to use your free hand to keep him from slipping out, while you are in the “squat” position, then do so, just as long as he doesn’t slip back out! OK?


Now, my love, slowly shove the lubed finger into your ass, a bit more, up to the second knuckle. I know it feels a bit uncomfortable but I promise, you’ll get used to it soon…!

I will never lie to you about matters of sexual pleasure!!! 😉 I am your Dom, after all. You will do as I say, anyway, sweetheart.

I escort bursa hope your little dildo friend is still in place, because I want you to push your finger all the way inside your rectum, right now! Also, keep track of your every sensation. Include it in your letter back to me.

Now that your finger is embedded into your ass hole, you will start to move it in and out, s-l-o-w-l-y!!! Do you understand? “S-L-O-W-L -Y,” is the word for today, kiddo. Don’t take it completely out of your hole, though, just enough to let your insides get to feeling empty again.

Now, move it back inwards. A little bit quicker this time. And again, remove it s-l-o-w-l-y!!!

Now, thrust it in as hard as you can!!!

Now, slide it back out, s-l-o-w-l-y…!!!

We’re trying to develop a rhythm: Quick thrusts inward, followed by a slow withdrawal…

OK, baby?


You should be almost foaming at the mouth with frustration, if you haven’t cum yet, that is. Remember, you are NOT allowed to cum until it is time.

When I say so…!

With the hand on the cock I want you to begin to thrust him in and out in sync with the finger in your anus. As the finger goes in, dick comes out! As dick goes inside your cunt, the finger comes out of your ass hole.

Keep doing this until the pressure builds up to the point of exploding in your body! When this happens…

…Just let it go!!!


Let your sexual needs flow… All over yourself, if necessary…!!!

Now that you have, hopefully, achieved a mind-numbing orgasm, I want you to write me (as I said before,) a detailed description of what you felt, how strongly you felt it, and at what point it was the most intense.

When you are finished… we shall chat, during which, I will personally conduct part three. So, I want you to write to me, now; or better yet, “IM” me so we can finish your training for today.

Do not delay, pet!!!

Ohhh… you will enjoy part three, immensely, my love. Immensely! I promise you…

Until then, I will forever remain, your Master/ Teacher.

xoxox, -BB

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