Insatiable – The Wanting

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Nina scrolled through the image gallery, so unimpressed. Click, click, click. She jammed the down arrow angrily, pissed off at the selection tonight.

Nina was bored and extra horny, a very dangerous combination. She knew the next Insatiable event was a whole two weeks away, and it was getting harder and harder for Nina to masturbate away her urge for some new pussy to lick.

Nina knew the blonde she had the three-way with was Bianca since Blake told her after the last event. Bianca was sexy, but Nina had already had a taste of that. Plus, she wasn’t sure how to reach Bianca anyway since her full profile hadn’t gone live on Insatiable’s deep web members only site yet.

Click, click, click.

Nina didn’t get the urge for pussy too often, but when the wanting came, it could be overwhelming. The wanting was especially difficult to handle in the summer, with all the snug fitting, short dresses and the fortuitous breezes that exposed panties and the lucky thong here and there. Nina tried to restrain her drive, especially since her membership in Insatiable required that she limit her sexual activities to other members of the group only, but some nights were tougher than others. She had to keep a handle on it, especially since she enjoyed her wild times in Insatiable.

Click. “Hmmm,” Nina said. “What do we have here?” Nina clicked on the image on her smartphone, and a profile opened up.

Princesa. Voluptuous, 5’5″ Latin Princess w/a taste for sweet chocolate pie.

Damn! Nina thought she might have just hit the freaky jackpot. She navigated the picture gallery, and its seductive selfies of full, wet lips, what looked like a nice C cup in a lacy pink bra, and a delectable ass spilling out of boy shorts as smooth as café con leche. Her lips are definitely juicy, but I wonder what the rest of her face looks like, Nina wondered as she tapped out a brief hello on the chat feature in the app.

JuicyBerry: How are you tonight?

Princesa responded quickly, as if she were just as interested as Nina.

Princesa: Fine, and you?

JuicyBerry: I’m ok. Wet and craving something sweet.

Princesa: Mmm…me too. Just don’t know where I can get the sweet chocolate pie I love so much.

JuicyBerry: I have an idea of a place.

Princesa: You do? Tell me…

JuicyBerry: Between my thighs, if you’re up for it.

Princesa: Show me.

Nina snapped a pic of her juicy mound and sent it through the chat.

Princesa: Mmm…just like I like my chocolate pie. Trimmed and thick. So wettt.

JuicyBerry: It’s sweet, too. Just like honey.

Princesa: I’ll bet. It looks like it.

JuicyBerry: No need to bet, you can find out for real. But only if you’re up for it.

Princesa: I’d love to, soon.

JuicyBerry: What’s holding you back tonight?

Princesa: I’m actually at dinner with my husband. He stepped away to go talk to his friends at the other end of the bar.

Nina wasn’t too keen on sleeping casino şirketleri with married people unless they were in Insatiable. Plus, she was already taking a risk talking to someone outside the group. Nina knew that sexing people outside of Insatiable was risky and prohibited. She was aching with need, so she gave Princesa an exit.

JuicyBerry: Oh, I see. Do you need to go?

Princesa: No, we’re good. He’s not back yet. Hey, why don’t’ you take a look at this.

A picture of Princesa’s bald snatch, save a landing strip, popped up in the chat.

Princesa: Do you like that? Want more?

Nina’s pussy had started to throb when the pic came through. Of course she wanted more.

JuicyBerry: Yeah, let me see more of you.

Three pics came through in rapid succession. An olive tanned ass in the air, fingers spreading her flower with pink showing; a very full set of Cs with dark brown nipples and quarter sized areolas; and another shot of pretty pink lips and a flawless smile.

JuicyBerry: Wow, you’re gorgeous.

Nina had begun to massage her inner lips, moving some of the moist liquid to her clit. She was getting anxious to meet this Princesa in person, to take things offline. The wanting could do that to her. Nina sent a few of her best pics through the chat: chocolate ass, shiny with oil; spreading with pink hole dripping; DDs in red lace. Princesa may have been married, but she definitely seemed up for some side play.

Princesa: I like. A LOT.

JuicyBerry: So, when can we take this offline.

Princesa: Hey, let me get back to you. Hubby’s coming back.

Damn! What a tease, Nina thought. She was still horny as fuck, and needed to get off some sort of way. She saved Princesa as a favorite, then contemplated what to do next.

There’s always porn and rubbing one out, Nina thought. Guess it’ll be self-service tonight.

Nina snuggled deeper into her satin sheets and coverlet, and clicked through her saved files on her phone to find a clip to get her wetter. She happened across one of her favorites: Mocha Lick Fest. Mmm…just what I need to get this one out of me, she thought.

Nina tapped the screen and the video started to play. Mocha, a Brazilian actress with a seriously shapely ass and pert nipples kneeled on the bed, as Dream crawled up behind her to taste her treasures.

Nina fast forwarded through the preliminary bits, the tame kisses and light foreplay between Mocha and Dream. She was aching for release, and needed the explicitly wet, tongue stroking parts of the video to get herself off.

Nina hit play at the point where Dream had her mouth full of Mocha’s box. Dream was using two fingers to spread Mocha open, and dipping her tongue into the slippery wetness of Mocha’s excitement. Dream started to focus her lips and tongue on Mocha’s pearl, then used the tips of two fingers on her other hand to explore the snug goodness of Mocha’s hole. Sound on the video was excellent, so Nina could hear every casino firmaları moist lick.

Nina’s panties were more than wet, as she slid her hand inside to flick the hardening nub of pleasure between her pussy lips. Nina closed her eyes to listen to the rhythmic slurping and sucking with moans of pleasure mixed in, and imagined Princesa between her thighs, in a lick fest of her own.

Nina reached up to caress her full right breast, nipple dark and at attention. Nina used her tongue and lips to suckle her own breast, fingers below exploring deeper, getting wetter between her thighs. Nina focused on pressing and kneading her clit, dipping into her wetness to keep her fingers gliding in and out, around and down into her wanting hole. She needed a good licking, and imagined she was receiving one from the full, soft lips and thick, wet tongue of Princesa.

The moans from the video got louder, more urgent, as Nina neared the brink of satisfaction. She imagined Princesa, lowering her perfect cafe con leche ass onto Nina’s face, lips spreading to reveal a perfect rose pink, ready for a licking. Nina imagined Princesa inserting a probing finger into her own pussy, before leaning forward to taste the wonder of Nina’s juicy mound. That last thought sent Nina over the edge, her climax a blend of wet and quivering walls.

The video ended just as Nina climaxed. She heard her phone vibrate, and picked it up to see the message. It was an instant message from the app, from Princesa.

Princesa: Want to play?

Nina was spent, satisfied, and only interested in sleep. She turned the screen off, and snaked down into her coverlet. Tease, she thought. Too little, too late.


Nina did well the next day. She managed to keep herself from mentally drifting into lick orgy land in her mind for most of the day. She had gotten off very well the night before, and that orgasm had tamed the dragon momentarily. She made it to 3:27 PM, which was the time the latest message from Princesa popped up on Nina’s phone.

Ah, she’s a naughty one, Nina thought as she opened the message. The message was an image, a picture of Princesa’s round C cups, with moist tongues on each nipple. The caption said, “Three-ways are the only way.” Nina felt that tell-tale tickle in her panties, the calm before the throbbing.

Before Nina could respond, another picture came through. This time, it was a lusciously creamy tan woman with black hair with her legs spread wide, a brunette buried between her thighs and a blond straddling her face. Nina was excited. A little too excited, given she still had an hour and a half left at work.

JuicyBerry: So, you like it in groups, I see.

Princesa: Definitely. Only.

JuicyBerry: Are you for real? Or just teasing?

Nina didn’t want to get too excited again, especially since Princesa bailed on their conversation at exactly the wrong time the night before.

Princesa: 100% real.

JuicyBerry: Prove it.

Princesa: güvenilir casino How?

JuicyBerry: Send me a pic of your panties right now.

Nina waited for the response, convinced Princesa would flake out, yet again. Two minutes passed, and Nina was about to put her phone down until the message came through. Wow, Nina thought. Wow. Princesa’s picture was hot. Smoking hot. She had on a pair of fuchsia boy shorts. The crotch was pulled to the side, and one end of a double-headed dong was inserted into a perfectly pink slit. The other end was in her mouth. And she was gorgeous.

Nina’s panties immediately became moist, so moist that she felt like she had to touch herself to be sure she hadn’t squirted from the mind-fuck Princesa had just sent her. Luckily, her door was already closed. Nina lifted the front hem of her summer dress to touch, to be sure. Ah, so wet, Nina thought. She looked at the photo, and let her middle finger tease the outside of her panties. Nina looked at the clock. 3:48 PM. Damn, Nina thought. I will not make it to 5:00! Then she heard her phone vibrate again.

Princesa: Let me lick you.

A million thoughts raced through Nina’s mind. She was so horny, so wet, so wanting. Nina knew what she had to do.

Nina gathered her purse and messenger bag, shut down her computer, and made her way to the door. She briskly brushed past Andrew, who was surprised to see her headed towards to door so early.

“Where are you going so fast?” Andrew wondered what Nina was up to. She rarely left early, and she looked pretty flustered to boot.

Nina said something inaudible, and exited through the side door. Andrew followed her, but didn’t walk out behind her. He decided to wait a few minutes to see where she was headed.

Nina crossed the parking lot at a good clip, unlocked her doors and threw her things on the back seat. She got in the drivers’ seat, cranked the engine, and pulled her car around the building to a shady area in the back parking lot. By the time Andrew looked out the side door, she was gone.

Nina cut the engine and pulled out her phone. She was anxious, horny, and nervous, all at the same time. She hoped no one else decided to take a little breather in the parking lot back there.

JuicyBerry: You want to taste me, right?

Princesa: Definitely. Now.

JuicyBerry: I’m still at work though.

Princesa: I can meet you after, at happy hour.

JuicyBerry: Are you serious, or teasing again?

Princesa: Dead serious.

Princesa: I want you.

Princesa: Let me taste you.

Nina was so torn, so horny. There’s nothing wrong with meeting her at happy hour, she thought. We’ll just have a drink.

JuicyBerry: I don’t know. What’s your number?

Princesa: xxx-xxx-xxxx

JuicyBerry: Cool.

JuicyBerry: I’ll text you in a few.

Nina knew she wasn’t thinking straight. The promise of new pussy from a sexy chick was just too much. She looked at her phone, then put it in the cup holder. I should just rub another one out and forget about meeting her. Just as Nina put her hand under her dress and pushed aside her V-neck to expose her nipple, she heard a knock on her window. It was Andrew. Fuck.

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