In His Possession

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I stepped into our apartment and dropped the keys on the coffee table, and the brown bag of groceries on the kitchen counter.

“I’m back!” I didn’t have to raise my voice much, it was a small apartment. “Babe?”

“In here,” he called from the bedroom. His voice was pitched low, kind of growly. I shivered. I knew what that voice meant. I set the bag on the kitchen counter and dug out the cheese and carton of milk and shoved them into the fridge. The rest could wait.

I peeked into the bedroom, trying to keep my excitement off my face. He stood within arm’s reach, wearing jeans, no shirt, his feet bare and a wolfish grin forming on his lips, hunger lighting his eyes. His hair was damp from a shower.

Electricity zipped along my spine. A sense of danger and my own vulnerability shivered through me.

Lifting one arm, he slowly shut the door behind me. With a dominant push of his hand on my stomach, he backed me up against the door, his eyes intent. Without breaking my gaze, he gathered my wrists above my head in one of his hands, and buried his other tightly in my hair, angling my face upward for his kiss.

Keeping me still with the press of his body, he moved slowly, he was in no rush. His prey wasn’t going to get away. He kissed me slow and forcefully, his eyes remaining open and hot. He licked the seam of my lips. When I didn’t open for him, he tightened his hold on my hair, forcefully dragging my lips apart with his and thrust the tip of his tongue into my mouth. My breathing hitched. It was a good thing he had a tight grip czech taxi porno on my wrists, because I swear to god I almost hit the floor.

I moaned, and he pushed his tongue deeper. I sucked on it, and he growled deep in his throat, pushing his hips against mine. I moaned again, hooking my knee up around his hip, to better feel the hardness in his pants. As hard and heavy as he was, he would have permanent zipper tracks tattooed to his pride if he wasn’t careful. God, he felt so good.

He trailed his lips to my ear, and on down my neck, leaving his shoulder bare and vulnerable to me. I took the opportunity, my teeth gripping the muscle roughly. Enough to leave a faint mark but not breaking the skin.

He growled louder this time. He pulled me away gently by my hair, and spun me around to face the wall. He placed my hands firmly against the cool surface. Shivers ran through me and heat suffused my blood. God, I loved it when he got like this.

Beneath my shirt, his hands slid up my stomach, cupping my breasts. He moved my bra out of his way, and flicked his thumbs over my nipples.

I bucked in his grasp, taking my hands from the wall and tried to turn around. He released his hold on my nipples, placing his hands on my hips, not allowing me to turn around. Instead, he placed one of his hands between my shoulder blades, bending me forward until my cheek and forearms laid against the cool wall, my hips still several inches back.

He slowly undid the button on my jeans, then eased the zipper down. I gasped as defloration porno his hand eased inside the lacy waistband of my panties. He pushed my legs further apart with his feet, maneuvering his hand more firmly against me.

“I knew you’d be wet,” he moaned in my ear, circling my entrance with one finger. I whimpered, from both the feel of what he was doing and from the explicit nature of his words.

He latched his teeth onto the back of my neck, not enough to hurt but with far more dominance than I had done to him. At the same time, he sank one of his fingers inside me, and my eyes threatened to cross. As it was I couldn’t stop the cry the broke from my lips as he flexed his finger inside me and added another.

He clamped his other hand over my mouth to prevent any further sound from escaping, and my excitement only increased. Three fingers. Always moving… In, out and in a come hither motion that sapped all the strength from my legs.

God, I was so overwhelmed by my own desperate need that tears had formed in my eyes, trickling down my cheeks and over his knuckles. Then he rubbed his thumb roughly over my clit, and the world exploded into a star studded dankness that ripped through my body and stole all my strength.

When my vision finally cleared, he picked me up, and laid me gently on the bed. He climbed over the top of me, his jeans shed, mine quickly joining his as well as my shirt. My flip flops had been lost long ago.

My body was still shivering from a aftershocks when he pushed himself deep fake agents porno inside me. My body clenched around him, trying to suck him in deeper. He groaned like a dying man, and tried to stay still a minute, panting and shaking from the effort.

I loved that I could drive him to this.

Without withdrawing from my body, he rocked against me, his cock bumping into something deep inside that brought back all my need for him. I lifted my hips, pushing against him and something in him seemed to snap. Bracing himself with an arm on either side of my head, he began to move, thrusting into me so hard and fast that the bed was banging against the wall.

I needed more, “please!” I begged. I was close, so close. I was going to die if he didn’t DO something. I couldn’t stop the small screams that ripped from my mouth. My nails were scraping his back, and he raked his teeth along my neck and shoulder, threatening to renew his mark of possession.

With a primal growl, he sat up, lifted my hips, and slammed home, over and—Lord Almighty, what was he hitting?

He didn’t bother to cover my scream this time. I splintered into so many tiny pieces that my soul would forever look like shattered glass.

As I drifted back down, I was vaguely aware of his teeth latched onto my shoulder, holding me still while he spent everything he had inside me. He collapsed against me, tremors still shaking our world. After a minute, he pushed his weight off me, lying half on me, half on the mattress, our legs still tangled.

Ducking his head down a bit, he latched his lips over one of my sensitized nipples, drawing it into his mouth and sucking, hard.

I jerked and moaned, shoving my fingers into his hair. He released me when I tugged, laying back down and drawing me into his arms. “I love that you’re a screamer,” he sighed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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