Impulsive photoshoot

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This is a true story and it happened to me around three years ago. I still find the memory extremely exciting and hopefully you will too. . . .

At the time I was a thirty year old straight guy living in a town in the South of England. Straight, but curious and with an appreciation of the male body, a curiosity I had held since my teenage years, but had never acted upon. However, despite my admiration I suffered from a lack of bravery, or maybe even certainty and it is this that had held me back from acting upon my curiosity for all those years.

That was until one November morning when I was clicking through the personals on Craigslist. The majority of listing are crude one line requests suggesting little or no imagine, intelligence and certainly not offering a gentle exploration of one’s bi-curiosity. However, on this morning and I came across an advert posted by a man in my town sixteen years my senior looking for men to pose nude for him. This, I thought, could be the perfect way to explore my bi side, pose naked for another man and let him admire and direct. I immediately replied to the advert and was relieved to receive an intelligent and grounded response.

Despite my nerves, thirty minutes later I was standing knocking on his front door. It was opened by a tall unassuming man, timid maybe, but certainly not the predator I feared. After a short, initially awkward conversation in which I think we were both trying to confirm that we had made the right decision, I suggested we make a start on the photo shoot. I was led into his living room and waiting whilst he readied his camera and flash.

The shoot began and the first couple of shots involved me standing and sitting fully clothed whilst I tried to relax in front of the camera. After several shots the man suggested I removed my shirt and pose topless for him. This is I did and immediately the tension and anticipation in the room increased. The room was silent except for the clicking of the camera, the occasional shuffle of feet to reposition, and casino şirketleri our shallow, nervous breathing. Next I was asked to undo my belt, the top button of my jeans, and the zip so that a hint of my shorts was displayed. The photographer’s nerves and awkwardness had now left him, and the excitement had clearly set in for he put the camera down, walked over, knelt before and started to reposition the opening to my jeans so that they were splayed open at the front. I stood there like a manikin, having never before had another man so close to my body, lightly inhaling as I felt the side of his hand brush across my thinly covered cock.

The photo shoot resumed, and as the camera clicked on earnestly I was directed to start to ease down my shorts to expose a glimpse of my pubic hair. This I did and after several more shots were taken I was instructed to slip my hand down my shorts and hold myself. The tension again increased and the speed at which the shutter was now working had gone dramatically up since the beginning of the shoot. Further shots were taken of me reclining on a chair, the top of my hips clearly exposed, my gaze trained upon the hand down my shorts, and then I was asked to stand and remove my jeans. I did, but as I slipped them down I was embarrassed to see my pre-cum had seeped through and discoloured my black shorts. There was no hiding it, so I stood tall and locked the gaze of the photographer. Several seconds passed before he slowly lifted the camera back to his face and the motor was urgently called back into action.

The photographer was now more animated in his movements, shuffling between angles, keen to capture my every side. Suddenly he stopped once more, put the camera down and knelt in front of me. He took one side of my shorts and slipped it down exposing much more of my pubic hair and the top of my cock. He pulled and edged the shorts about, not satisfied with their positioning. His movements were quick. nervous even. All of a sudden he gave my cock a squeeze. I stopped breathing. He did casino firmaları again, this time squeezing down the length. He then stood up and went back to his camera, avoiding eye contact.

The shooting restarted at a frantic pace and again I was directed into a variety of poses to maximise the capture of my new state of undress. What’s more I could clearly see a bold outline painfully restricted in his jeans. I knew what was coming next and when the request to remove my underwear came I did so without even thinking and resumed my pose. The sound of the shutter didn’t even, but now the angles and proximity changed. Shots were taken all around me, some from distance, but many now close-up focusing on my slightly swollen cock. Shots inches from me were taken, shots from behind, from between my legs, shots below to capture my balls. All the while, the pre-cum that had previously embarrassed me was glistening on the tip of my foreskin.

‘Ok, let’s try and get some shots of you harder,’ said the photographer, dropping the camera to his side, wrapping a hand round the head of my cock and gently stroking. The feeling was electric and unexpected. I felt comfortable, but my heart was racing. He stepped back and started to take shots of my swollen cock, bobbing in front of me.

‘Can you stroke yourself?’ he asked, whilst clicking and re-positioning. I clasped myself and began to slowly stroke myself back and forth. More photos and then a declaration that he was feeling too restricted. The photographer put down his camera and quickly slipped his jeans and underwear off. What I saw I was not prepared for. His cock was enormous! I don’t consider myself to be small by any means, but his cock was truly huge, a good two inches on me and thick to boot, solid and erect. I had never seen anything like it. He gave himself a quick couple of strokes and then picked up the camera to continue photographing me, all whilst my line of sight was firmly fixed on his cock.

Several shots later I was asked to sit on the sofa and continue güvenilir casino to slowly wank myself. As I did he moved closer to capture more close-ups. Whilst he continued to shoot my eyes were transfixed on his cock, now much closer to me. I was in awe.

‘Can I touch it?’ I asked, surprised my own bravery.

‘Yes, of course you can,’ was the calm reply.

The photographer dropped his camera to his side as my hand reached out and delicately wrapped around his shaft. This was the first time I had ever touched another man’s cock. The skin was initially soft, but beneath the skin the flesh was so firm and strong. I slowly began to ease my hand back and forth. He rolled his eyes and neck and resumed capturing the moment. I have to admit, I was not convinced that I was any good at this, but curiosity soon got the better of me. . .

‘Can I lick it?’ I asked.

‘Yes, of course.’

I sat forward and with some trepidation began to trace my tongue around the giant glands that now stood before me. Slowly I fed the whole head into my mouth and attempted to roll my tongue around it. However, it was just too big and I soon had to remove it. Disappointed and feeling guilty I looked up, but was reassured, ‘That’s ok, it’s not easy. Now let’s try and get a cum shot of you.’

He perched the camera on a stool, pointed at my me, picked up a remote shutter release and sat next to me on the sofa. He took my cock in his hand and with far more expertise than me began to stroke me all the while clicking the remote shutter control to capture every stroke. I could feel my cock grow harder and felt a familiar lightness surge through my groin.

‘I’m going to cum!’ I warned.

‘Good….’ he purred back in response, re-doubling his efforts.

Seconds later my body lurched and a stream of cum erupted from the tip of my cock. I sat there as several more photos were taken of my spent cock and the cum covering my stomach and legs. The photographer then took his cum covered hand and began to vigorously wank himself with an energy that was new to me. Soon his body lurched and out shot a jet of pure white semen. He collapsed back on the sofa, spent.

The photo shoot had ended, but I was determined one day to be on the other side of the camera. . .

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