If I Knew Then… Ch. 11

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On Monday morning the first person I saw as I walked through the school gates was Mike.

I’ve often remarked on his grin. It was without doubt his most typical expression. Of course he frowned and pouted and just looked blank at times, like everyone does. But the default setting for Mike was at a minimum ‘broad smile’. That morning he was smiling so widely I thought the top of his head had detached.

“Yo, Sean.” he called in his booming voice. “Isn’t it a lovely day?”

He had arranged to meet Tara after school. I was meeting Jill. He wanted to introduce them.

“Maybe,” I said. “But a few things occur to me. Tara is Lizzie’s mate. They go to the same school. She might be with her. Could be awkward. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Jill yet. Perhaps tomorrow?”

So I met Jill on my own. Penny was still in Cork, or on the long drive home. Jill kissed me enthusiastically as soon as she got in the car. No worries about being spotted by snooping teachers, I noted.

“God I missed you!” she said

“And I missed you. Where shall we go?”

“Our house.” She said immediately.

It wasn’t quite ours yet. Ten days to wait. But we could park in the drive and walk in the garden, and sit on the back step in the sun. And in the car behind the hedge no one could see us.

We kissed for a long time, and then Jill said “So, Cassanova, tell me about the party. Did you score?”

“Well, the big news is Mike scored. Big time. New girlfriend called Tara. Quite cute little red head. Who dragged him upstairs and into a room full of other couples, pulled his clothes off and rode him silly. He had a very good time.”

“Really! My goodness! How come I miss all the best parties?” she grinned. “And what were you doing while they were engaged in this orgy?”

“Well, Tara’s friend Liz was at a loose end, and I had to keep her occupied. So I took her off for a run when I dropped Len and Owen home, and she diverted me down Duncan’s Dam car park on the way home.”

“Ooh. And was she very diverting?” asked Jill, with, I was glad to hear, not a trace of annoyance.

“Indeed. You’d like her. She has no navel,” I said.


“No tummy button. Nothing there. Not hidden anywhere else. I checked. She’s small, dark, lithe, and open to the idea of an afternoon in bed with you. And me, of course. She has never been with a girl, but she had no problems stripping off in the bedroom with Mike and Tara and all the others.”

“Including you? You were in on the orgy?” said Jill, perhaps a little peeved.

“Yes. But there was no-one from school. Or your school. It was all University students. And I don’t think anyone will talk about anyone else. It was sort of spontaneous and rather nice. Just lots of couples together. I’m sorry you weren’t there. It would have been lovely with you.”

Jill looked at me a little strangely for a minute, and then said. “But then you wouldn’t have been with her.”

“Yes. But I would have been with you. Oh it was fun with Liz, but I missed you. Jill Wyatt, there is no one like you. No one who makes me feel this way. It was something that came home to me again this weekend without you. I like Penny. I love her. And sex with her is fun. And sex with Liz was fun too. But it isn’t the same as making love with you.”

I kissed her then and whispered “I’m not allowed to talk about the future with you for another four months. But my feelings haven’t changed, except to get stronger. I want to live my life with you, Jill.”

She kissed me then and said “Oh Sean. I wouldn’t believe you, except that I feel the same. Even though, and this seems strange to me, I’m excited by the idea of this new girl. Liz? Yes? I ought to be furious. I ought to feel betrayed and hurt and dump you right now. But instead I want to hear all about what you did, and what she did, and what you think she might do. And when can we meet her and find out. And that sounds awful!”

“No it doesn’t. It sounds like a confident, loving, liberated and horny young woman. Who is adored and desired, and about to be ravished.” I said, gathering her in my arms and holding her so her lips were almost touching mine and I could see into her eyes. I smiled and added “If she doesn’t object?”

She brushed my lips with hers, making a little “No” gesture with her head. Then, smiling, she did it again making a nodding, “Yes” gesture.

I asked her which it was. Her tongue touched my lips to silence me. She squeezed her thigh against me. I took that as a ‘yes’.

The kiss was long and soft and warm. I didn’t ravish her. But I did help her undo her buttons and loosen her bra, slide off her tights and panties and loosen her skirt. I took thime to admire her crinkled up nipples, her smooth tummy with its little indent in the right place, and the soft springy bush below with just the hint of the slit beneath.

She had undone my shirt and belt, and zip, and pulled my trousers an underpants down to my knees. She had my cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it as I moved to suck her nipples and spiralled a finger brazzers porno across her mons and upper thighs, slipping ever closer to the little hard nub of flesh that was my target. I wasn’t surprised when she gasped. My fingertip had found her slit and opened it, sliding up to her clit and circling it rapidly.

It wasn’t long before she was clinging to me and panting, and her eyes had that far- away-but-right-here look.

I loved to watch the redness creep across her bosom and up her neck as orgasm approached. I loved the sound of her gasping my name as my fingers went inside her and my thumb took over on her clit. I loved the way she pulled my body on top of her, wordlessly demanding that I enter her, that I thrust deep into her. I loved the feeling of her long slim legs wrapped around me, and the sight of her bush mingling with mine as I felt my balls against her body and my shaft clutched by her slick pussy. I loved it all, and I loved her. Something more than lust or desire was filling me, it approached awe, it humbled me and gave me pride at the same time. It was beyond belief, and ultra real.

I kissed her as I rode her, tongues touching and breath mixed as she pulsed and squeezed and came and pulled me deep.

I held almost still as her climax subsided, my hips straining to move. Then I let them do what they demanded, slowly building hip speed and depth and force. Her breathing was being controlled by my rhythm now, and I revelled in her gasps and the look of lust in her eyes. I was going to come in her, to empty my soul into the most beautiful woman in the world.

She came a second time and it drove me over the edge, her muscles pulsing and sucking on my shaft, her hands reaching for me and hips thrusting up against me. Her legs spread wide and then wrapped around mine, tight, clutching me to her as she spasmed and jerked on my shaft and my cock twitched and shot inside her.

In the aftermath we kissed wordlessly and rubbed noses and smiled. She breathed softly on my neck and I whispered my love and my thanks.

“No need to thank me, it was definitely my pleasure,” she almost purred.

“You are wonderful you know,” I said, and meant it.

“I bet you say that to all the girls,”she murmured.

“No, I mean it. You are special. I love making love with you. You feel different. I feel different with you.”

“So what about your girl with no tummy button? Was she wonderful?” Jill asked, still smiling. I wondered if there was a hint of jealousy.

“Fun. Exuberant. But nothing like this,” I kissed her. “Other girls are fun, and different. Like Penny, she’s not like you, she feels different and does different things, and different is fun. But different is not better. With Penny, or Liz, I don’t feel the way I do with you, or about you. And that changes everything from just fun to something, I don’t know, something sacred.”

“Sacred? You are an atheist,” She smiled.

“Yes. But I feel reverence, I know I’m in the presence of something wonderful. Which is you. I don’t believe in god, but I can recognise a goddess.”

She laughed, gently and in that rich, warm tone that her voice had after orgasm. “Oh Sean. I am looking forward to getting the keys to this place. I would love to lie with you all afternoon and let you worship me. And bestow divine blessings on you. But just now this gear-stick is beginning to be a pain, and it’s getting chilly again. Shall we go for coffee?”

I hadn’t thought of it but of course Mike and Tara were in my café. Liz was not with them, so we went over. Mike introduced Jill as my girlfriend, and Tara was friendly, if shy, and made no comment about my actions on Saturday.

We chatted and the girls got on well, and even disappeared to the loo together. For fifteen minutes.

After five of those minutes Mike looked round at the doors to the bathroom. “Do you think we’re in trouble?” he rumbled.

“Mike, we are always and forever in trouble. But it’s the kind of trouble I like. Jill’s fine, and she’ll be okay with Tara. Don’t worry.”

We talked about his latest discovery in electronic musical kit. He was drooling over a review in a music mag. Something by Korg. I never got the synthesiser and keyboard thing. If you can’t pluck it…

When the girls emerged they were giggling. Always a good sign.

I dropped Mike home, then Tara, then Jill. It was only when we had got rid of Tara that I found out about the cause of the giggles.

“Tara was telling me about Mike at the beach on Sunday – how she had flashed him and he got a hard on that made his trousers stick out like a tent pole. He was so embarrassed she was almost sorry for him”

“Did she say anything about Liz?”

“Yeah. She said Liz had been talking about you. And me. Wondering if she should meet me. Wondering if you are going to call.”

“Ah.” I said, non-committally, “Am I?”

“Oh yes. You are. We are meeting Tara and Mike and Liz at Mike’s house on Thursday, at lunchtime.”

“Oh, yes, half day start of Easter hols. What about clip4sale porno Penny?”

“Another day, perhaps. Although how you think you can handle three of us is beyond me,” she squeezed my knee as she said that.

“Yes. I’ll need extra coffee that morning. And what does Tara think of this arrangement?”

“Well, she was curious to find out if I was really up for it. And I said why not – and she said ‘well, why not indeed.’ I think she was almost taken with the idea. Knowing Mike he may suggest we all get naked together again, and she won’t object.”

“Will you? Object I mean. You seemed less than keen on being naked with Mike the last time. And that’s not a problem for me, of course, if you want not to.”

Jill pondered that for a while. “Well, I sort if went off the idea of being in the room with Mike and Penny because once Penny had been with us, with you, I thought that she might want to play with one or both if us again once she got turned on. I wouldn’t mind you playing with her, but Mike would want to join in and maybe want to touch me. Which I just didn’t fancy. I don’t know what it is about him. I mean he is a nice guy, and pretty good looking, and, well, I just don’t fancy him. I’m not shy around him, its just I didn’t really want him to see me because he might get tempted. So I suppose the same applies if we go to Mikes on Thursday, really. I don’t want to lead him on.”

“Fair enough, if you don’t fancy him, I’m happy to leave him and Tara to their own devices. If you want to be with Liz. And me.”

She paused for thought again and then said “Yes. I’d like to meet Liz. And if there is a spark then we’ll break off from Mike and Tara. And see how it plays out.”

“And if there isn’t a spark, we can jump ship, and leave Liz with Tara, and Mike. No problem.”

Tuesday saw the return of Penny. She had caught up on the news with Jill in school, so the first thing she said on getting into the car was “Casanova Carver strikes again, eh?”

“Don’t I get a kiss?” I asked, smiling. “Didn’t you miss me?”

“No you don’t get a kiss. That’s Elaine Hogg across the road and she is watching. So kiss Jill and I’ll sit here and not look too jealous. And yes I missed you both.”

I glanced across the road. “So that is the evil Elaine. Interesting.”

Jill got in the front seat and we kissed gently and, I have to say, very arousingly.

She whispered “That’ll give her something to think about” in my ear after moving her kiss to my cheek and neck.

“It certainly gave me something,” I replied.

“Well why don’t you start driving, because the sooner we get to my house the sooner we can do something about it,” said Penny from the back seat.

Her parents, having got back from Cork, had to go up to Coleraine to visit an elderly and infirm Aunt who had been unable to get to the funeral. So we had the place to ourselves all afternoon and evening.

In the car on the way it became clear that Penny was not annoyed about my fling with Liz, but she was a bit annoyed about the planned encounter for Thursday. She agreed that it would be a bit much to drag Liz into a foursome with her and Jill and me, but she argued why not get Liz to go with me to the spare room in company with her and Jill? The two girls could make out together, while I seduced Liz again, and once it all got heated, they could move in on her if it looked okay. Penny even suggested it would be less intimidating than just Jill and me inviting her to a threesome.

I thought the argument had merit.

Jill wondered how it would play out with Tara. Firstly, Penny was Mike’s ex. Or at least, had slept with him. She might find Penny’s presence awkward. Secondly, Tara and Liz both thought that Liz was going to play with me, and Jill would be playing with me too, but not that Liz would be with Jill, or that Jill might like that sort of thing. As she put it “It’s one thing to invite a girl to share your boyfriend, it’s another thing to show her you fancy girls too, and expect her to take her clothes off while you watch.”

In the end we all agreed that we should stick with the plan as outlined. We promised that if Liz went for Jill then next time Penny could play too. Penny grumped a bit, but then Jill said “Okay, to make up for it, Sean is all yours for the afternoon, and you get me, or both if us, for the evening.”

“Deal,” said Penny

I laughed and said “Don’t I get a say in this?”

They chorused “No.”

As soon as we got through the door Jill said “I’ll put the kettle on.”

Penny grabbed my tie and said “You are coming with me,” as she lead me down the corridor to the stairs that lead to her bedroom. “Just not too soon. I want to come first.”

She backed up the stairs, still holding my tie, undoing her blazer and then her blouse with one hand, teasing me, saying “I haven’t been kissed or stroked or touched or licked or had a lovely cock to play with for five days now. I have been sharing a family room in a B and B with my parents, so I haven’t even been able to play with myself colette porno to get to sleep, and the shower was en suite, so with them in the room next door I had to be quick and quiet and couldn’t do it there. And I have spent all day in school, with dozens of lovely young women, and spent lunchtime with the loveliest of them all sitting a few feet away, talking to me, telling me about you having an orgy with Liz and Mike and this girl Tara, and how you made love yesterday, and I could smell her sweet skin and couldn’t touch her, and I wanted so much to kiss her, and you did, in the car and I couldn’t. And then we have spent the last twenty minutes talking about threesomes and foursomes and more somes with Mike and those girls. So I have to warm you that I am horny as hell, Sean, and I want you to make love to me right now.”

She said the last word as she let go of my tie and threw herself back into her bed, pulling up her skirt with one hand as she reached and beckoned to me with the other.

Penny had such a complex look on her face when she was in that mood. Lustful, playful, determined and insistent, mixed with uncertainty, fear and bravado. In her heart she still heard the preachers talking about hell-fire, and despite her obvious charms, she never really believed that she was attractive. Damnation and rejection scared her. But when I smiled and threw my jacket aside and launched myself upon her, growling, “Your wish is my command, sweet lady” those fears were swept away.

Every girl is different to kiss. Penny’s mouth was narrower than Jill’s, her chin was more pointed. Her lips were quite full, and she tended to graze my lower lip with her teeth. She had a thicker tongue, and didn’t advance it into my mouth as much as Jill would (although she was very active with it on other parts of my body). Different, but still wonderful. I enjoyed kissing her. That afternoon I took some time to do it thoroughly.

We were still almost fully clothed, although her blouse was open and her skirt up, her bra was on and so were her panties and thick grey school tights. So apart from the soft bare skin of her stomach and throat, my hands were running over cloth as I stole her breath and closed her eyes.

There is something exciting about the feel of the rough ribbed wool of school tights over soft teen-aged inner thighs. You can sense the transition to the elastic seam of panties and the thickness of a cotton gusset beneath the seam of the knitted hose. The softness of the hair and the opening below are in contrast to tension in the material as the legs are spread and hips thrust up to grind the eager crotch against your hand.

There is something wonderful as well about the feel of the elastic at the waist of the tights, and the texture of the inside of them as your fingers slide down over bare stomach, and the material scrapes over the back of your hand. The resistance of the fabric as you pull up on another elastic seam and penetrate further in, beneath the smooth cotton of her panties, over the slightly rough hair, pushing the material down and away from the sticky flesh which moments earlier you had pressed it so firmly against. You have to make room for fingers to move and curl around, and settle the elastic on the back of your wrist, using it as a sprung fulcrum to lever your finger tip along the hairy slit inside, and open up the wet and welcoming lips.

Finger-fucking schoolgirls in uniform. As ‘things to do on a Tuesday afternoon’ go, it is hard to beat.

And I was certainly hard, and beating a rhythm that Penny could dance to.

She came quickly. She gasped and tore her lips away from mine, and I tried to pursue them and keep kissing her through her climax, but she was out of air and gasping. I had to content myself with holding my lips just above hers and looking in her eyes as her legs thrashed and her hands gripped my elbow and my wrist to hold my hand still inside her knickers, two fingers curled inside her, my thumb on her clit.

She was a million miles away. And then her eyes closed and her hips lifted and I felt my fingers move a little further into her, and she pulled on my arm to make me grip her harder, and she breathed out slowly. “Oh gosh, oh gosh, Sean, oh my goodness. Oh that is…Ooooh,” she said, and subsided, relaxing her legs and hands and her whole body.

I let her rest, and kissed her lip, and her cheek, and chin, and neck. My lips grazed her shoulder, and followed the strap of her bra down and across the top of the cup to the centre. The angle of my wrist inside her underwear was getting difficult so I released her pussy and pulled my hand up, making her sigh again.

I followed the route down over her solar plexus, her stomach, skipping over the rucked up band of her skirt, and pausing to dip my tongue tip in her navel. That made her laugh a little, but I moved on, until my lips found the top of her tights.

By now I had moved so I was kneeling on the bed between her legs, and I could put a hand on each hip to take hold of her waistband. She lifted her bottom off the bed so I could pull down her tights and knickers together, over her knees, down to her ankles in one long movement. I left them there, and ran my hands back up her naked calves, then down the backs of her thighs, and up into the cleft between them, pulling her unresisting legs apart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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