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Kassie Spade was bored and horny, when she opened her dating app. Her last few dates were less than stellar and now she was up to thirty-one different men she had gone out with and none of them really interested her. Kassie knew it was thirty-one because different men because she kept a text file in her phone cataloging her various encounters. Kassie was discovering that she either found certain men physically attractive or she found them intellectually attractive but had not found the holy grail of physical and mental magnetism she craved. Kassie looked at her dogs and said.

“God, why can’t I be bisexual it would double my dating options and give me so many more choices.”

Kassie was forty-nine and stood 5’2″ with the build of a gymnast, she exercised regularly, and ate right to maintain herself, and it showed. Her shoulder length auburn hair framed her petite facial features well. Kassie had decided on another strategy for dating she would simply Frankenstein the perfect relationship. Her goal was to find a few men that she could date with from time to time, two or three would be ideal one to seduce her mind and one or two to seduce her body. Of course, there would be a little overlap, but she craved both and yearned for something more.

Kassie began swiping left and right. One rule that Kassie always followed was that she only swiped on respectable profiles, she was after all a professional and a lady. However, tonight after a glass or two of wine she saw a profile that intrigued her a headless bare-chested profile, known simply as Brutus. She stopped for a second to read the Brutus profile he wrote.

“I enjoy going out and seeing new parts of the city, having dinner and drinks and then heading home for really great sex.”

“Who is this headless douche, and what kind of Ichabod Crane tactic is this?”

Kassie said again to her dogs after reading the sort but blunt Brutus profile. She liked the looks of his body tall and lean with the build of a swimmer, on a whim, she swiped right immediately the app notified her that Brutus and she were a match.

Kassie laughed out loud immediately and again saying to the dogs.

“Just my luck, pups I would match with this douchey profile.”

Kassie opened the dating apps message feature and wrote.


Within a few minutes Brutus responded.

“Hello how is your night going?”

Kassie thought this guy is most likely married or ugly or both which is why he did not put his face in his profile pictures, but she was bored and a little curious as to what this mystery man looked like from the shoulders up. Kassie supposed that if he was at least semi good looking, he could be her shagging partner, she knew based on his profile that is all this guy could EVER be.

Kassie and Brutus chatted a bit more on the dating app then Brutus asked for her phone number he would text her is full pictures including his face. Kassie reluctantly gave up her number figuring she could just block him if backroom casting porno her little social experiment did not work out. After sending Brutus her number and a few seconds later her phone happily chirped.

“Hello this is Brutus my real name is Rod Wolf here are a few more pictures of me.”

A few seconds later the pictures came in and Kassie instantly thought he is gorgeous so he MUST be married. Kassie sent Rod back a text.

“Are you married?”

Rod responded back.

“NO, I just like my privacy online.”

Kassie and Rod ended up texting for almost an hour. Something did not seem right Kassie expected a major douche bag, but thus far Rod was, funny, charming, educated, and well-traveled. Moreover, his grammar and punctuation were excellent which was a big deal to her.

After a few more messages Rod asked Kassie out for the upcoming weekend, she had already made plans all weekend, though she could pencil Rod in for an early happy hour Friday night. Friday night rolled around, and Kassie showed up to the bar to find Rod already sitting comfortably at the bar with a beer in hand. She was pleasantly surprised that Rod looked exactly like his pictures. Kassie ordered a beer and started to get to know one another. Most of Kassie’s meet and greet dates lasted anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. The conversation with Rod was so easy and they had lots in common from going to grad school, places they had traveled, the various beers they both enjoyed, and just similar life experiences. After two hours Kassie, had to meet up with her friends and she reluctantly said that she needed to go. Rod walked Kassie to her car gave her a quick hug and he was off. Kassie was hoping for a kiss and had a hard time reconciling in her mind the dating profile with the person who she had just met.

As Rod walked away Kassie wasn’t sure what would be next, but she was optimistic. When she met up with her friends, they wanted to hear all about her date. Kassie’s dating life had become fodder for a good laugh or two for all the various men she had dated and the stories she had to tell about her first dates. As she was recanting her date with Rod her phone chimed and she saw it was from Rod.

“I had a great time; I hope to get together with you again soon.”

Kassie responded back that she looked forward to their next rendezvous, it was then she knew something was different about Rod.

The next night Kassie had a second date with Doug, who of all things was a mortician. Kassie had setup the date with Doug before she had met Rod and felt obligated to go, but she couldn’t help but think of Rod during her entire date with Doug. After the date it was a quick hug and she was off.

Later that night another text from Rod came in and she and Rod texted back and forth for over an hour, lots of witty banter and the conversation flowed easily. Several days had passed and they were finally able to get together. Rod had suggested bangbros porno an Indian restaurant and they were going to meetup after work. Again, Rod was already at the restaurant waiting, this was becoming a theme and she liked it. Kassie was wearing tight plaid pants that accentuated her perfectly round ass, Rod had to concentrate so that he wouldn’t stare. Kassie came up to him and gave him a quick kiss hello.

All their texting and communication along with a few more pictures had gotten Kassie very excited to see Rod again. The waiter came over drinks were ordered, and another great conversation was had. As dinner was wrapping up Rod asked if Kassie would like to come back to his place and help him pick out a tile pattern for his bathrooms since he was getting them redone. Kassie knew that if she went over to Rod’s house there was a strong chance, they would be doing more than looking at tile. She agreed Rod gave her his address and off they went in separate vehicles. As soon as Rod was out of sight Kassie texted her best friend Annie with the Rod’s address just in case anything happened, better safe than sorry she thought. Then Kassie plugged the address into her phones GPS which notified her that he lived just ten minutes away.

Kassie pulled up to Rod’s house a nice midcentury modern and got out of her car. Rod arrived just before her and Kassie followed him inside. Once they were both inside Rod offered her a drink as Kassie looked in the refrigerator, she saw various bottles of Moscato and couldn’t help but think this wine must for all his women.

“Those are all chic wines.”

Kassie teasingly prodded at Rod.

“The wine is just for guests”

Rod said while smiling ruefully.

When offered a beer Kassie said yes and then Rod offered her a tour of the house. They started in the bathroom looking at the various tile patterns, then finished walking around the house. As they were walking around Kassie was not able to concentrate, she was only thinking of one thing and that was those early pictures Rod had posted of himself half naked. Kassie politely and intently listened to Rod. They finally settled on the couch in the office and continued chatting and finished their drinks.

Rod took Kassie’s empty beer glass then reached over and ran his fingers through her hair. Kassie closed her eyes and Rod pulled her in for a kiss. The kiss was deep and passionate, and the only thing Kassie could think was he is a good kisser. After about ten minutes of heavy petting Rod stood up and took Kassie by the hand and led her back to his bedroom.

Kassie laid down on the bed and Rod lied next to her and they started kissing again. Hand and fingers were exploring bodies longingly. A moment later Kassie’s top came off followed by her plaid pants now she was down to a black bra and black cotton panties. Kassie worked to undress Rod, she cursed that he was wearing to many clothes, she threw off his sport coat, sweater, removed the tie, then the shirt, beurette tour porno finally his pants until all he had left was his boxer briefs. Kassie stared lecherously at Rod.

“It has been twenty years since I have seen a body like that she said.”

Kassie laid back on the bed as Rod came for her. The kissing continued then Rod removed her bra unleashing her large firm breasts. Rod quickly put a nipple in his mouth and began sucking and lightly biting. Kassie arched her back and let out a soft moan. Rods hands reached for her hips and slid down the tiny panties. He began kissing down the right side of Kassie’s body until he reached her hips, where he stopped. Kassie spread her legs and Rod began kissing, then sucking the biting the inside of Kassie’s thigh. The pain mixed with the pleasure Kassie was feeling was highly intoxicating. After a few minutes Rod began to slowly lick Kassie’s pussy, slowly and first teasing her playing with her. Kassie, wanted to grab his head and push him into hard she was so horny now she needed to cum. Rod kept at it slowly at first letting the anticipation build and her pussy got more and more swollen and wet. Finally, Rod began applying more and more pressure to her pussy moving his tongue up and down her clitoris pressing harder and harder into her, he reached up with his hands and grabbed Kassie by the wrists. At this very moment Kassie arched her back driving her pussy into Rod’s hungry mouth, Rod pulled her into him, and she had her first orgasm of the night.

As Kassie was lying on the bed trying to recover from her orgasm Rod stood up and removed his underwear. Kassie looked over to see a nice cock right in the Goldilocks zone not to big not to small but just right. Rod positioned himself overtop of Kassie and she spread her legs, his cock was so stiff and hard, and Kassie was so wet from her oral session that with a bit of positioning and one thrust his cock slid right into her awaiting pussy. Kassie let out another soft moan.

“You feel so fucking good.”

Rod kissed her again and then started pumping away rhythmically. After a few minutes Rod’s thrusts grew harder, deeper, and rougher, a few times his thrusts pushed deep inside of her and then a pause, it felt amazing she didn’t want it to stop. Then the pumping motion would start again slower softer and then build, he defiantly knew what he was doing. The rougher harder pumping action started up again then Rod leaned down and bit her hard on the shoulder it was all too much Kassie’s vision blurred around the edges she grabbed ahold of the back of Rod’s arms and started to have a massive orgasm her body shook and her pussy clenched around his shaft as she came.

Rod relaxed for a second and then to Kassie’s amazement started up again four deep hard thrusts later she started having her third orgasm. This cycle of pumping continued for another twenty minutes and Kassie had several more orgasms, it was all a big sexy blur. Rod proclaimed that she was going to cum. Kassie welcomed his orgasm as he exploded into her. They were panting, sweaty, bruised, and scratched from the night’s activities. The sex was exactly what Kassie had been craving, finally a man who would listen to her desires and this was just the beginning she thought as a lustful smile crossed her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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