I Want You Now

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I want you. You press my body against the wall and pin my wrists to it with your strong hands. Your steaming lips kiss my neck and nibble my ear. I am becoming terribly excited and I know you are too.

I can feel your hot member in your pants pressed against my leg. My hips are bucking into you. I move what little I can because of your strong grip, up and down. Even with just centimeters between us. I need you closer, I need you deep within me. I moan and exert my hot breath into your ear and lightly bite the lobe and suck on it. You move my arms and wrists near my sides and move your mouth onto my right breast. You bite it through my shirt.

I am trembling and shots of pleasure flow through my spine. I can smell our sweat and sex in the air.

You toss me onto my bed and start tearing off my shirt. You take your tongue and outline my bra on my trembling skin and take it off. I pull your shirt over your head, massaging your muscles as I go. I get on top of you and sit on the bulge in your jeans. I trace it with my index finger and sweep my hand back and forth. I slowly unzip your zipper and unbutton your jeans. I pull it out and start caressing it. You are already hard and your throbbing cock is pulsing in my hands.

I straddle your legs and lick the head of your cock. I trace one of the veins down the shaft with my tongue. I take it in my tecavüz porno mouth. You run your hands through my hair. I squeeze your pulsating sack and pinch it together. I run my other hand down your side past your hips almost to your knee and my fingers dance the entire way. I can barely fit your massive cock in my mouth, it is so wide. I can imagine you in me; my pussy would feel so full! I take you deeper into my mouth. All nine inches would be quite a feat. Mhmm…

I start pulling back, slow at first and then faster and faster. Your cock becomes redder and I know you are about to cum. I take your hands in mine and hold them to the bed. I stop sucking on you and you moan for me to finish. I lick the tip of your dick and I can tell that you are in pain.

Once again I take the first few inches in and circle the tip with my tongue. Your face is red and your hips are bucking. How good it would feel to have you in me now, me riding you hard and fast. Your enormous dick fucking my tight, wet pussy. I take it back in and finish sucking you off. You cum in my mouth and then pull out and finish off on my tits. Your hot load tastes so good. You get on top of me and kiss me. I can feel your dick still erect on my stomach. I reach for it and start stroking it again. You take my hands and hold them near my head on the pillows. You move your travesti porno head down between my tits and slowly move your tongue from my sternum to my jugular which makes me moan.

You pick a spot on my right breast and suck on it. I can feel your hot breath on my tits and I can feel the wetness between my legs. You stop and a red mark has appeared, hmmm… You circle my nipples in a spiral pattern until you reach each one. You out your lips onto it and circle it with your tongue until I beg you to stop. You do the same on my right nipple, both are red and erect now. Oh how bad I want you to pound my wet pussy. You move down my stomach to my clean slit. You run your hands over my stomach and over my thighs. You pull me to the edge of the bed and kneel on the floor.

I feel the first light lick of your tongue on my hot pussy. You move your way down my stomach kissing it. Your hot breath hits my clit and I begin to quiver. You lightly flick the tip of my clit with your tongue. I keep reaching down to touch myself because you are teasing me so. You tell me to stop. I don’t.

You stand up and walk toward my closet. I moan because my pussy is longing for your touch. You take a white silky scarf from my closet and smile at me. You tie my wrists loosely together by my sides. I squirm and buck my hips off of the bed. You know tumblr porno want I want. You lift my legs and set them on your shoulders. You take one hand and spank my hot, wet cunt. I moan and shriek into a pillow near my head. At each hit my hip buck up to you just begging for more. After each slap, I become wetter and wetter. Tiny shots of pain mixed with pleasure shoot through my spine.

I love the feeling and I want more. My moans get louder and more intense. You kneel down again and lick my clit, then stroke your tongue right over my wanting hole. Back and forth and back and forth you go, occasionally sucking on tender spots which made me shiver with delight. You circle my clit until you reach the very tip. Ohm! Pure bliss.

You lay your hot tongue on it and then flick it over and over. I can feel it gathering within me, I am so close to cumming. You slowly insert one finger into my sweltering slit. In and out, in and out, slow and gentle at first. Then you insert another long, muscled finger. I feel my muscle grasp them like a vacuum. Still slow and gentle you go until I start to moan.

I moan because of the trills your fingers are sending through me, like little shots of electricity. You go faster and harder and I begin to cum. You lightly lick my clit and suck on it. Then you flick it repetitively with your fiery, wet tongue. I start to twist and twirl. I can feel it coming. Like lightning strikes through my veins, a warmth envelopes my body. My toes curl under and my muscles contract. My hands are outstretched as if I am reaching for more. I shake and moan, I bite into a pillow to muffle my screams of ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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