I Remember You

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Lynne left the house, kissing her husband, John, good-bye, just like any other day. John was on his way out to a meeting, some merger or other, that would put another diamond ring on Lynne’s hand. Not that Lynne cared about the diamonds or the cars or the designer clothes — that was all John. He wanted everyone to see how successful he was by looking at his wife in all the expensive stuff he could buy her.

Lynne went to the gym for her regular workout; 30 minutes on the Elliptical, 30 minutes on the Treadmill, some free weights to work her arms, and then 15 laps in the pool. Just like any other day…..

Alice finished making lunches for the kids and watched them get on the bus. Finally! Her husband, Brian, was on another business trip and Alice was exhausted — Lizzy, the 5 year-old climbed into bed with her at 1 am and proceeded to take all the blankets, lie diagonally in the bed and kick Alice in the face. At 3am Alice gave up and attacked the dishes from the night before. Then she did 2 loads of laundry and even mopped the kitchen floor before waking up the kids for school.

All Alice wanted to do was fall on the couch and turn on daytime TV and veg, but she knew she should take this opportunity to go to the gym. After getting so much housework done in the wee hours of the morning, Alice actually had time for the gym today.

Lynne finished her workout in the gym and headed down to the locker room to change for her swim. She had a good workout and was sweating up a storm. She could feel the sweat trickle down her back giving her a feeling of accomplishment. She peeled off her sweaty designer workout clothes from the trendy store downtown. She would have been just as happy to wear the old sweats in her bottom drawer, but knew John frowned on her showing her roots. Of course, his roots were just the same, but he would never admit to it.

In the mirror Lynne saw a woman coming into the locker room to change for her workout. Lynne felt she recognized her, but couldn’t place her. Lynne’s eyes involuntarily followed the woman in the mirror as she reached her locker and started to change for her workout.

Alice walked into the fancy locker room of the Gym & Spa and felt very uncomfortable. Normally she went to the Y to workout and swim, but she had received the Free Trial card and decided she deserved a spa day. As Alice took off her maroon sweater to put on her faded T-shirt, she looked in the mirror and saw a woman wearing only her sweaty sports bra and panties watching her. Alice blushed and quickly pulled the T-shirt over the frilly bra that was one of her few extravagances.

Lynne was embarrassed at being caught staring, but couldn’t pull her eyes away from the woman. When the other woman had her form fitting sweater off, her breasts were beautiful in the expensive bra, similar to her own. Lynne didn’t normally notice the other women in the locker room, but this woman seemed so familiar and in trying to figure out who she was, Lynne couldn’t help but look at her beautifully rounded body.

Alice sneaked another look in the mirror and saw she was still being watched. Finally Alice turned around and said’ “May I help you?”

That one short sentence bahis firmaları told Lynne how she knew the beautiful woman. “Alice…is that you?”

“Yeessssssss'” Alice said cautiously.

“It’s me, Lynne, from ‘Eat at the Beach’,” Lynne said, referencing the small restaurant they both worked at during the summers while in college.

“Oh my God, Lynne!!” Alice yelled and ran over to hug her old friend.

Alice lost any feelings of uneasiness she had when she came into the locker room.

Lynne held on tight to her old friend and then stepped back, aware of her sweaty body and Alice’s dry, pre-workout body.

Alice quickly asked, “How is it that we live close enough to go the same Spa and I haven’t seen you around?”

Lynne was embarrassed to point out their different social circles, so she just shrugged.

“How are you? What are you up to? Are you married? Kids?” Alice asked questions in quick succession.

Lynne tried to answer all Alice’s questions, “Doing okay, busy with too many charity fundraisers and functions, do you remember Johnny? We got married 5 years ago, but no kids. How about you?”

After Lynne mentioned charity fundraisers and functions, Alice didn’t feel much like answering her own questions. “Oh, well, you know…I got married 8 years ago to a guy named Brian…He’s in Sales…We’ve got 2 kids…I help out at the school when I can…ummm…” Alice trailed off.

Lynne could tell Alice was embarrassed and was mentally kicking herself for the throw away comment about fundraisers. “Hey, that sounds great, Alice! I was just about to go for a swim. Do you want to get some lunch after your workout?”

Alice knew she wasn’t dressed for lunch at any of the places Lynne frequented, so she came up with an excuse, “Sorry, Lynne, I’d really love to, but I promised the kids we’d make ice cream sundaes after dinner and I need to go shopping before they get home from school. Maybe another time?”

Lynne nodded and the two women made a little more uncomfortable small talk and both finished changing.

As Lynne couldn’t take her eyes off Alice earlier, Alice couldn’t help but watch the other woman strip out of her sweat dampened sports bra and panties. She had always noticed Lynne had nice breasts, about a C cup, and that hadn’t changed in the 10 years since they had last seen each other. Because Lynne could afford to come to the gym whenever she wanted and have spa treatments, her skin, from head to toe, was tanned and the muscles firm.

Lynne put on her one piece suit, smiled at Alice and headed for the pool.

Alice finished changing and went up to the gym to work off some of the humiliation she was feeling.

Lynne did her laps like she was on a mission; striking the water hard with each stroke and kicking the water into a froth. As she swam Lynne berated herself for making her old friend so uncomfortable. They came from the same small town by the ocean, had the same friends growing up and worked in the same restaurant in the summers to make money to help pay for college. Now they were from two different worlds and Lynne missed the friendship she and Alice had shared. There had always been an awareness kaçak iddaa of each other at the beach, but Lynne was dating Johnny and Alice went out with a different guy each summer, but nothing serious. They would occasionally catch each other’s eye and wink and they both felt the heat in their bellies, but it never went further than that.

Alice ran on the treadmill faster than she usually did, making it difficult to draw a breathe comfortably. She knew she’d have a stitch in her side if she didn’t slow down, but at this point she didn’t care. She felt her life was nothing compared to her old friend’s. Fancy clothes and fancy cars were probably part of Lynne’s everyday life and Alice was still wearing the same clothes she had before she was pregnant and driving a 4 yr old car that needed an oil change. Alice remembered driving around the small beach town with her friend in their parents’ cars, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. She also remembered when their bare arms and legs would touch in the small cars and the electricity she felt.

Lynne felt worn out from her swim and went into the shower room to take a long hot shower, hoping the water would wash away her bad feelings as well as the chlorine.

Alice got that stitch in her side and decided to bag the rest of the workout and went into the locker room to undress and take a long hot shower, with no interruptions from kids needing this or that.

At the Y Alice showered in a communal shower along with all the other stay-at-home moms and retired housewives. Alice usually felt pretty good about her body then…although rounded, she was the same size as before 2 pregnancies, unlike so many of the other moms. And being younger than the retirees, her skin was still smooth and supple from all the lotion she put on at night. When she pulled the curtain on the shower stall she THOUGHT was empty, all those good feelings went away when she saw Lynne already in there, hot water hitting her face and gliding down the perfect body.

“I’m sorry, excuse me,” Alice mumbled and quickly closed the curtain.

Lynne hadn’t realized the curtain was open until she heard Alice’s mumbled apology and looked up just in time to see Alice’s red face before the curtain was pulled shut. Lynne heard the shower next to hers turn on and waited a few moments, then decided to make the first move.

Lynne opened the curtain of Alice’s shower and stepped in.

Alice looked up, surprised, but then she opened her arms to the woman she had been thinking about over the past 10 years but denying it to herself.

Their first kiss was demanding, their lips coming together hard and tongues probing. Alice tasted the sweetness of Lynne’s mouth, the taste she had dreamed of all these years. Her tongue swept over Lynne’s and she nipped Lynne’s lips with her teeth.

Lynne let her hands wander over Alice’s body, as she wished she had all those years ago. Lynne found Alice’s breast and stroked the globe that fit just perfectly in her hand, then she squeezed Alice’s nipple and felt, rather than heard, Alice moan into her mouth.

Alice let her hands wander down Lynne’s body, the water cascading over them both. Alice found the kaçak bahis curly hair damp with the shower and Lynne’s own juices. Alice began to tease Lynne’s clit, rubbing her finger back and forth across the sensitive nub and Lynne opened her legs to grant better access. Alice accepted the unspoken invitation and moved her fingers inside Lynne, keeping her thumb on Lynne’s clit. Alice pumped her fingers into Lynne, the other woman moving her hips in time with Alice’s movements.

Lynne continued to fondle Alice’s breast and moved her mouth to the other breast, taking her nipple deep into her mouth. Alice pushed her breast further into Lynne’s mouth as she continued to pleasure Lynne’s core. Lynne stopped sucking on Alice’s nipple as her muscles clenched as she came. Her juices flowed over Alice’s hand but Alice didn’t stop pumping her hand into Lynne until she knew she had wrung every last orgasm out of her friend. Then Alice slowly brought her hand up to her lips and tasted Lynne’s juices. “Mmmmmmmm. Just as tasty as I always thought you’d be.”

Lynne gasped for air as she recovered from the most incredible orgasms she had ever had. Never had John ever brought her to the heights Alice had just done. “What do you mean ‘tasty as you always thought I’d be’?” Lynne asked with raised eyebrow.

Alice looked away, but only for a moment. “I had a crush on you all those summers we were together at the beach.”

Lynne said with wide eyed honesty, “Me, too.”

“Why didn’t we do this before?” both women asked at once and began to laugh.

Then Lynne looked slyly at Alice and said, “I think I owe you something.”

Alice tried to look shocked, but her eagerness couldn’t be masked. Lynne backed Alice to the seat in the shower and knelt down in front of her. She opened Alice’s legs to see the wetness showing Alice’s arousal on her thatch of hair between her legs. Lynne started by licking the water off Alice’s inner thighs, close to, but not reaching the apex. Alice moaned when Lynne moved away, only to start the slow torture again. Alice pushed her hips forward, encouraging Lynne to finally give her what she wanted…

Lynne decided to stop the torture and let her tongue move through the soft hair to find the sensitive bud and began flicking Alice’s clit and then pushed a finger into her hot center. One finger, then two, then three fingers inside Alice. Moving slowly at first and then moving faster as Alice pumped her hips. Much to Alice’s dismay, Lynne removed her fingers, but then to her delight Lynne’s tongue found her slit and fucked her with her tongue. Alice was writhing on the seat, barely able to stay on it. Alice knew she was about to cum and held onto the seat with all her strength as her sweet juice squirted all over Lynne’s face. Lynne returned Alice’s favor from earlier by continuing to lap at her clit and cunt until she slurped on every last drop of cum.

Alice held Lynne’s head in her lap as both women tried to catch their breath.

Lynne looked up at Alice with love in her eyes and saw it returned.

They realized at the same time what could have been. There were tears of regret in both their eyes, but there were also tears of joy at finding each other again. At that moment they knew they would be spending lots of time together, getting to know each other again in their new lives and getting to know each other’s bodies as they both dreamed of over the years.

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