I Love You, Mom!

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Description: M/F/Erotic Coupling: A son does what he can to make his mother happy.

Disclaimer: Contrary to any implication by the title or description, this is NOT an incest story! By the way.


Ashley had a rough marriage to Alexander Hastings, so loved it when her son Justin brought his friends over; she wouldn’t fuck them, just talk, any man’s better than her husband, she connected better with them. One in particular, Jason Lennox, was a standout. Even at 12, his eloquence made her pussy moist; he was so confident and sure of himself Ashley easily lost herself, but due to his age, she knew she had to wait till he was older. Eventually, the father left and took with him a lot of memories and life; Ashley and Justin had to move to another neighborhood, but Justin still went to the same school, had the same friends, however, Jason didn’t come over anymore.

Ashley was a knockout at 38, huge 39DD chest, 32″ waist, and an ass to die for; she was built for fucking, which a lot of men did regularly, none of them made her feel at ease like little Jason though. She fantasized about Jason a lot as the older man of her dreams and masturbated frequently. Unbeknownst to her, so did he.

Over breakfast one morning, Justin looked at Ashley:

“I’m going to Carl’s to jam on his new Playstation, could you get my CDs from Jason?”

“Jason, the one from our old neighborhood?”

“Yeah, he’s supposed to bring em over this afternoon.”

“No problem, Justy. When should I expect him?”

“Should be by noon… I’ll try to get back by 1 or 2, depending on the game. Tell Jason I said hi. Hope you enjoy yourselves “

Ashley looked at the empty room.

“He left awfully early; it’s barely 10. Wonder why?”

She stood in front of the mirror for a while before getting dressed. Getting a Kleenex, she dabbed her extremely hot, wet pussy and put on some sexy-yet-casual clothes, a mobil porno pair of short cotton shorts with no panties and a loose top that showed off her hard, prominent nipples. Then she worked for the next hour getting the house ready for seduction. The moisture on her slit made her shorts cling sexily to her mound as she moved around the house; she nearly came from the activity and the anticipation.

Around noon, Jason rang the doorbell and nearly dislocated his jaw when Ashley opened the door, looking scrumptious with her long sinewy legs and timeless voluptuousness:

“Jason, it’s been a long time. Must be at least 5 years”

He leaned forward and gave her a big hug.

“Too long, Mrs. H, I’m 19 now… the town’s not the same without you there.”

“How so?

“Well, there’s not as much beauty and stuff to look forward to. I’ve gotta say, you look even better than I remember.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say, Jason. I take it you like the outfit. Come in, let’s catch up.”

He took a seat on the sofa beside Ashley. She leaned closer to him, giving him a whiff of her perfume, then she arched her back and stretched, jutting her heaving breasts out to his appreciation:

“I think I’ll go get something to drink, you look thirsty too, wha’cha want?”

“I am somewhat hot, could you get me a Coke please?

“No need to be so formal, I’ll get you whatever you want.”

A wet spot at the back of her little shorts caught his eye, “she must be roasting; it’s gotta be ninety degrees outside.” She wiggled her hips slightly for him.

A few moments later, Ashley came back from the kitchen with water for her and a Coke for Jason. She sat sideways on the couch, giving him a good view of her damp crotch. He could see her sweaty slit through her shorts, and his mouth watered as the overwhelming scent of her enflamed pussy hit his eager nostrils. Ashley smiled mofos porno and placed her hand on the bulge in his pants:

“I see you still get a hardon when talking to me, just like when you were little –you were impressive then too. Now lay back and take your pants off; let’s have a look at that big boy.”

He lay back and undid his jeans; she helped take them off, and kissed his ball sac when his veiny cock sprang free. Ashley licked up the length of his perfect shaft and smiled up at him as she kissed the head, rolling it around in her mouth a second or two; she looked up at him sexily and lowered her lips around his length, sucking and slurping on his cock ravenously. Jason was delirious while Ashley expertly fucked him with her mouth. She slid her hands up under his shirt and pinched his nipples, caressing his chest as she bobbed her head up and down on his sweet cock. She pressed another finger against his asshole just enough to not enter him, and he came hard in her mouth. Ashley kept sucking till he emptied his load and savored the flavor, swallowing every drop. She leaned back on her knee and rubbed her tummy satisfied:

“Mmm, that was better than I could’ve hoped for; I bet you’re a big hit with the ladies!”

Jason just smiled as Ashley took her shorts off and gave her overheated, moist pussy a squeeze. She offered her juicy fingers to him, letting him lick and smell her delicious nectar. Then she sat back and opened her legs further, offering her hotness to him. He literally drooled as her cum dripped from her sopping holes:

“Good God! I’ve never seen anything so appetizing. I love your hot bod, Mrs. H!”

Ashley moaned loudly when he licked from her asshole up to the top of her slit and back down, massaging her swollen delights with his tongue She threaded her fingers through his hair and ground her pussy into his face and thrashed her head wildly back and naughty america porno forth:

“uunnnhhh oh god… that’s it, baby, lick mama till she cums all over that face of yours… oh god yes…unh.”

She panted heavily as Jason’s tongue whipped her into frenzy. He slipped two fingers into her tight ass and pumped them as he licked and nibbled her aching pussy. Ashley nearly passed out with pleasure as her dream was finally coming true; Jason was tongue fucking her better than any other guy ever had, bathing her entire pussy, ass and thighs with his amazing tongue. She drove his head into her as his lips and teeth pulled at her throbbing clit”

“Oh my god, baby… I’M GOING TO CUM… ubh unh unh.”

Ashley whimpered as her orgasm raged through her body, violently crashing in her stomach; her holes clamped on his tongue and fingers, and she shrieked at the top of her lungs as his face was flooded with a torrent of pussy juice . Jason pumped and sucked till Ashley came down, milking her glorious cum almost completely. He kissed her excited perineum as he withdrew his fingers from her well-fucked hole. They sat up and licked Jason’s hands and face clean of Ashley’s appreciative juices and sat there a few minutes, catching their breaths:

“Let’s go to my bedroom now, Jason.”

“You’re certainly energetic, Mrs. H.”

“Call me Ashley… did you bring condoms?”

“Hahaha, of course I did… wait… PLURAL?”

Ashley just winked and led him to her down the hall.

Justin got home at about six that evening, just as Jason was leaving:

“Hey Justin, thanks for letting me borrow your CDs.”

“Did you enjoy her… um, them?

“Oh very much, and your mom’s even prettier than I remember!”

“Yeah, she’s great, so you two had a good time?

“You’re mom’s a dynamo!”

“Thanks for not being a jerk, Jay!”

“My pleasure.”

Justin went inside:

“Hey Mom, you awake?”

Ashley stretched and squirmed in her bed:

“Oh, hey baby, how’d the game go?”

“It was great, how was your day?”

“Absolutely perfect!”

“Glad to hear it, mom,” he leaned forward to kiss her cheek, “I love you!”

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