I Blame It on the July Heat

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I blame it on the July heat.

It was hot, very, very hot; making me sweat in gallons and making my shirt stick to me like second skin, and making me think of hot nights and silk sheets.

In the infernal heat wave that swept through the town, I wasn’t the only one trying not to succumb to the battle between sweating to death and roasting to death. Schools and colleges were closed down for the summer, and everyone was trying to find some shade in the blasted furnace of a place that was our town.

It was in my own forage for some cool shade that I saw him past the oak tree, all of him, in glorious detail, rising from the water of the stream, like a Greek god, all wet and bronze and muscles, and NAKED.

I had wandered off to the secluded portion of our land that housed a large part of a slightly dense forest. Almost half of the forest fell upon our neighbor’s land, whose son I was friends with since the time we were toddlers; the same friend who I was ogling at, with not just friendly thoughts in my head.

In all the years that I had known Jake, I had not really thought about him in any other way than as a buddy, that I could share jokes with, pour my heartaches out to and rely on in times of need. I had never really seen his wide naked chest, lightly speckled with soft brown hair, or his broad shoulders that I had used many times to cry on. I had never noticed how his abdomen muscles rippled as he moved. Though I had stepped on them quite often, I had never seen his long, lean legs that seemed to stretch forever into the one secret place that made him all male. I found myself unable to tear my eyes from the junction between his long legs that held the most beautiful piece of manhood I had even seen. Granted that I had not seen many, it was still beautiful. I also knew now why the guys called him “stud”.

“Oooooh…,” a small sigh escaped my lips as I admired the superb male form in front of me. Jake must have heard me, as he looked around trying to find the source of the noise. As he turned his body, I was presented with full frontal view of his erection; Long; just thick enough; smooth and utterly mouth-watering. I mentally kicked myself again. What was I thinking, this was my best friend, friends don’t think about their best friends that way, they don’t think about kissing them, or licking them, or taking them into their mouths and…. I kicked myself again, this time, really.


Stupid me, had cried out LOUDLY, and Jake swiveled around to where I was standing.

“Katie, what are you…..” Jake started. His face registered surprise at seeing me standing there. Surprise turned to a sly glint, as he put two and two together. When I realized that he knew I had been watching him naked, my face grew hot, and not just because of the weather.

“Katie…” Jake slowly waded out of the water, water streaming from his wet hair, onto his muscled chest, down to his chiseled stomach, towards…

I tried to close my offensive eyelids, as my eyes again migrated southwards. I tore my eyes away to look at his face. He was looking at me with a strange expression. He eyed me with a barely noticeable hunger in his eyes, and softness in his face that put me at ease inside. Whatever it was, I couldn’t look away. I felt blinded, blinded by the beauty in front of me. I knew I should turn around and run away. My brain was screaming at me to run as fast as I could. But I was stuck to the ground unable to move or take my eyes off his, like a deer frozen in front of an oncoming truck, with its blinding headlight.

He was standing close, so close I could count every freckle on his nose. If I took my tongue out, I could lick up the small droplets of water on his chin.

Without taking his eyes off mine, Jake reached out and took my face in his hands. I was so embarrassed and aroused; I couldn’t face him, and closed my eyes.

“Open your eyes, Katie”, he whispered against my skin. I shivered. I could feel his hot breath on my heated face, tracing my jaw line to rest near my lips. I could almost taste him. He was so close.

Something warm and soft touched my lower lip and my eyes flew open. Jake was staring at my lips and his finger was rubbing my lip so lightly. I barely resisted the temptation to take that finger into my mouth and suck it like I wanted to suck something else of his.

He seemed to tear his eyes away from them to look into my eyes. His grey eyes, usually filled with mischief and merriment were dark, stormy and hungry, and I wanted to drown in them. I wanted to lean forward and touch my lips to his. But the rational part of my mind that was screaming at me to turn away, this was my best friend, made me hesitate.

He made that decision for me as he lowered his mouth and touched my lips gently.

He felt sweet, and soft and everything I had ever wanted my first kiss with a guy to be. He didn’t push me to open my mouth, he was not insistent about moving his lips, and he didn’t try to grope my body. He simply touched his lips to mine, and in doing that stoked the fire that had been building inside my stomach since I had spied him in the water.

After what seemed like days, he moved away slightly and looked at czech pool porno me with a question in his eyes. I was still in shock and steadily burning up and looked back at him with slightly confused eyes.

He must have found what he was looking for, since he made a muffled groan, and pulling me tightly into his arms, pressed his lips to mine. This time there was no gentleness about it, as I readily accepted his lips. Our lips sucking and teasing the other, dueling with each other, just like all the times we had argued and competed. But he still was not using his tongue; the pink tongue that was teasing me by softly touching my lips and then retreating into his mouth. I didn’t want to wait longer and boldly licked his upper lip while biting his lower lip gently.

He gasped, giving me the perfect opportunity to slip my tongue into his mouth and search for the elusive tongue of his. With a deep moan, his tongue found mine and we dueled, for supremacy, to taste all the riches inside his mouth. He tasted so sweet, like honey and I wanted to eat him up altogether.

It was at that moment that I found myself disappointed I was human and had to come up for air. When we finally pulled apart, we were both breathing heavily, like we had run a mile in a minute. His lips looked red and swollen and mine felt thoroughly kissed. His arms were still around me and while we were kissing my hands had found their way around his neck, into his hair.

“Vixen…,” he breathed. “What are you making me do Katie? What are we doing?”

I didn’t have any answer for him. I didn’t know what we were doing. I didn’t know what this would do to our relationship. But it felt so right, and I knew that I couldn’t turn back now. Not after I had gotten a taste of him. I had to have all of him.

“I don’t know, Jake. But I’m willing to find out, together, with you….”

Jake looked at me like I had just handed him a billion dollar check.

“Katie, are you sure…”

I interrupted his question with a kiss to rival that last one. I knew he wanted to give me an out if I wanted, give me a choice. But I also knew that I was not going to change my mind. Consequences could be dealt with later. At that moment, I wanted… no, I needed him.

I buried my hand in his wet hair and pulled him closer to me. He responded by sliding his hands that were resting on my waist, upwards. His hands, slowly, so slowly they were beginning to torture me, crept up from my waist, along my sides towards my breasts, not quite touching them, but teasing them. I am not a very patient person, especially when it comes to my pleasure. I placed my own hands on top of his and guided them to where I wanted them, on top of my breasts. When his thumb grazed my erect nipples, I gave a slight gasp against his mouth. This seemed to unleash something elemental in him, and he started to knead and caress my breasts with abandon.

My nipples have always been sensitive and with his hands and thumbs rubbing them, it was wreaking havoc on my remaining senses. A deep moan started in my throat as his fingers pinched my nipple lightly, changing into a scream as they pinched harder. I arched my back to press further into him. I could feel his erection pressing against my crotch, hot and throbbing. I remember absently thinking that it must be rather uncomfortable being that hard. Almost unconsciously I shifted my hips against his to rub against his erection, causing him to jerk and moan loudly. It was all I could do not to come right then. But suddenly he removed his hands and moved away from me. I felt bereft without his body and I must have made a sound to express my displeasure, because he chuckled and lifted my face up to his with his hand.

“Katie, you have me at a slight disadvantage here. Here I am, naked as the day I was born and you are still fully clothed.” I felt his smile more than I saw it. “I want to see you, all of you…” he added softly.

I was not one to disappoint him. I untied that knot below my waist that tied my shirt together, and slowly undid the few buttons above it. I was deliberately trying to do a strip tease, as revenge for his earlier slowness. I did a little grind and rolled my hips as I slowly eased the shirt off my shoulders. I could swear that his eyes were burning my skin, because it felt like his eyes were scorching every bit of pale skin that the shirt was revealing. I patted myself mentally because I was wearing a purple lace bra that molded to my breast like second skin and didn’t really cover much of it. Seeing his eyes darken and his cock twitch, I made a promise to myself to buy some more Victoria’s Secret.

As I moved to the music in my head, I slowly pushed the straps off my shoulders and reached behind to unhook the bra. Still holding the front in place with one hand, I removed the straps from my arms. I could see his hands balled at his sides trying not to reach for me. I could see when he lost that battle and stumbled towards me to take the offending piece of clothing away. I jumped, quickly sidestepping him, and shook my head slightly to indicate that he should not try to hurry me. He was visibly losing control but nodded his head to show that he understood czech sharking porno my purpose.

I languidly stretched my hands above my head, letting my bra drop to the ground. His eyes never left my breasts. Typical male! I saw him lick his lips in anticipation.

I placed my hands on my throat and slowly moved them down, towards my breasts, mimicking his earlier movements, rubbing and caressing my breasts, and then pinching my nipples. I couldn’t help but groan when his own hand reached towards his cock, gripping it lightly, as if he couldn’t help it either.

I moved my hands downwards, towards my shorts, as his eyes followed my hands, and his hand gripped his cock a little tighter. As I reached to unbutton and unzip my shorts, his hand started to move a little on his cock, only slightly rubbing against the purple head. I let my shorts fall to the ground around my ankles. He gasped loudly when he saw that I was wearing nothing under the shorts. Precum dripped from his cock. I wanted to lick it so badly.

I made quick job of stepping out of the shorts. My quick movements jarred him out of the self-imposed trance and he blushed slightly when he saw where his hand had moved to.


He removed his hands and smiled guiltily, as if he’d been caught with his hands in a cookie jar. My heart skipped a beat, he looked so gorgeous.

I was standing naked in front of him, and he was just staring at me. I was beginning to feel a little foolish and self conscious just standing there, open to his gaze. His eyes were everywhere, lingering just a bit more around my breasts and my pussy. I could feel myself get wetter just by his looking. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought I was dripping even. He did nothing but look at me, like he wanted to memorize each inch of my body in his mind. He could have actually; he has photographic memory and doesn’t forget a single thing he sees. After some time, I lost my cool and started to try to cover myself with my hands, but he was quicker. He caught my hands on his own and placed them over his chest.

“No! Don’t hide from me,” he said. “You’re so perfect, Katie.” He was whispering into my ears. I raised my face and saw such sincerity in his voice. His eyes were filled with fire that threatened to melt and turn me into a puddle of goo right where I was standing.

He lowered his head, and I readied my lips for another onslaught, but he surprised me when he dipped lower and went for my neck. He kissed and licked every inch he found, pushing his hands into my hair, causing the rubber band I had used to fall. As my hair tumbled into his hands, he gripped some of it and pulled gently. I let him, knowing how much he liked playing with my hair. He took advantage of my position and started kissing even lower. I gave a slight whimper when he bit that juncture between my neck and shoulder. I could feel him smiling as he moved his lips upwards to my ears. I couldn’t help but shudder as his tongue slid along my ear. I was very sensitive there and Jake knew it, he had spent many afternoons tickling me to death just by touching my ears, until I had to cry for mercy and begged to be let go. I was glad he was using this knowledge for my and his pleasure.

Jake ran his hands over my breasts and stroked my nipples. His lips made their way from my mouth all the way to the open space in the center of my chest. His tongue passed over to my right nipple, circling it delicately. I whimpered as he put his entire mouth over it, sucking. As I began writing beneath him, Jake stopped and switched to the other side. I threw my arms around his neck and held him close to me. His hands gently cupped my breasts, his left hand fondling my nipple. “Beautiful,” he mumbled as my hardened tip slipped from his mouth. He kissed my abdomen and then my navel. His tongue played with my soft flesh, exciting me further as I squirmed with pleasure. He licked the area just above my pubes and I gasped.

He placed light kisses around my mound, sending jolts of electricity through my body. He separated my legs and began kissing my inner thighs. I watched him intently, my breathing ragged. He ran a finger along my slit, and looked up at me as I stared into his eyes. I became wetter by the minute, waiting for Jake to finally feel it. With both thumbs, he spread my lips and covered it with his mouth. I threw my head back in ecstasy, moaning loudly. His tongue snaked up and down my wetness, nibbling on my sensitive lips. Jake licked and sucked my pussy lips and slipped his tongue inside, fucking me gently with his tongue until my knees threatened to give out and I couldn’t stand. I leaned back against a tree trunk.

However much I liked this, it wasn’t enough to send me over the edge. I needed him to touch my clit. It was swollen and hard and standing out against the hood, I felt like I would explode the moment he touched my clit. But he was avoiding it. I knew he was purposely not touching me there, torturing me with his talented mouth. “Please, Jake. I need more.” I was begging him. “Touch my clit please. Lick it.” Jake nonchalantly went on licking around my pussy. Suddenly he latched onto my clit without warning czech streets porno and sucked me hard. I cried out, tears welling in my eyes from the intense pleasure. I was close, so close to a huge orgasm. I could feel a tingling start from my toes and move up. Then just as suddenly as he had started, he stopped and stood up. I cried out my frustration and glared at him.

His cock bounced from his sudden movement, catching my eye. I grabbed it as suddenly as he had sucked my clit. He groaned loudly, and tried to move away. I didn’t let him. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given me. I wanted to torture him as much as he had been torturing me. I pushed him into the tree trunk I had been leaning on. He knew what I wanted. He pushed his hips towards my mouth in anticipation. But I had slightly different plans.

“Put your hands behind you back and keep them there.” I told him in a no nonsense tone. He looked somewhat puzzled but did what I asked nonetheless. With his hands behind his back, he looked a little vulnerable and absolutely delectable.

I started with a small peck on his lips. Moving from his lips to his chest, I gently nibbled on his nipples, making him take a sharp breath. I tangled my fingers on the hair on his chest as I continued to place wet kisses all over his chest. Running my hands along his stomach, I traced the hairline towards his pelvis. His cock gave an involuntary twitch as I ran my tongue over his hip bones. I had found one of his sensitive spots. I placed my finger lightly on his left side while licking and sucking his other side. His hands came to stop me, but I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He remembered what I had told him and placed his hands behind himself again.

I pushed his legs apart, lightly encouraging him to rest his ass on the tree. It seemed that I couldn’t get enough of touching him. My hands were everywhere at once, moving slowly, sensuously. I worked his nipples, sucking, licking, biting them until Jake started rocking his pelvis upward. I feathered kisses and nips down his chest and stomach until my breath was washing across his throbbing cock, and then I slid on past.

Jake’s groan of frustration turned to surprised pleasure when I took his balls into my open mouth. While I lathered his jewels with loving care, I also teased the head of Jake’s cock with the fingertips of one hand. When I flicked my tongue up the length of his shaft and engulfed the head of his cock in my hot mouth, Jake let out a loud moan deep from his throat. I raised my eyes to look at him. His eyes were closed and his hands were gripping the tree like it was the only thing keeping him upright. It probably was.

I alternated going all the way down on his shaft with long, slow, slurping licks, like a kid going at a twin-pop in August, with short suction on his head only. Every time I sucked on his head Jake would whimper, and push his ass up, begging me to take more into my mouth.

“Do you want to come inside me, or do you want me to suck you off until you come?”

Jake was incapable of responding coherently. The response he tried rather sounded like a turkey on acid.

“Right then; my choice!”

I went back to work on the twitching member, bobbing my head. Jake took in a huge lungful of air, and froze. He didn’t make a sound for several seconds, he didn’t breath, and the only movement was a completely involuntary quivering in his entire body. I looked up just as the first shot splashed on my chest and Jakes eyes squeezed shut. His mouth was open, but nothing was coming out. His eyes were half closed and glassy looking, with his head thrown back and to the side. With the second blast of cum his hips thrust up, his hands started scrabbling around like a couple of spiders, and Jake let go with a sound that could have been ultimate pleasure, or pain. I continued to stroke his convulsing cock until it started softening.

He stopped my hands when it became too sensitive to touch him, and slid down onto the grassy floor; his knees too weak to hold him up any longer. He hauled me over his body and wrapped me in his large arms.

“God, Katie, you trying to kill me?” Jake was still trying to catch his breath. I couldn’t wipe that silly smile off my face, knowing that I had reduced this big, hulking man into a quivering mass of jelly. Jake placed one of his fingers into his mouth and licked it. Before I could think of what he was doing, he had pushed the finger into my still wet pussy. I cried out and arched my back. He pushed another finger into my pussy and started to fuck me with his fingers. I saw red, when his fingers found my g-spot and pressed along it. I myself had never found it, and here he was, expertly manipulating his fingers and turning my insides to mush. His other hand found my breast and teased my nipple, caressing and pinching it, while his lips moved to mine, to devour me. I could feel the urge to pee and tried to stop Jake. But he just shushed me and went on doing whatever it was he was doing. Then, without warning, my toes curled up and my pussy started convulsing around his fingers. I could feel juice flowing from my pussy into his hand. I had the huge orgasm that had been building since earlier, jerking and shuddering against Jake. I twitched and trembled for over a minute after that orgasm, not able to come down from the high he had taken me to; after shocks were still shooting throughout my body. Jake’s hands were still on my pussy and he was still kissing me, lovingly, as if he couldn’t get enough.

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